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  1. chronic unemployment living with their parents
  2. It's pretty rich she describes all of this as her father's creation. Stan was always good about claiming all the credit, seems like his daughter isn't far off from that.
  3. Dan Simmons the Hyperion writer? Is the book good?
  4. Not at all. Probably Norfolk, but you could look at Raleigh or Wilmington as well.
  5. I did as well. The fact that you can identify characters and scene by the music pushes it to the top for me.
  6. I never should have left my magical self-frying bacon pigs. It’s a discovery potentially worth billions and captain ######## is going to steal it.
  7. I've had ####### bacon for a year, I need some eggs to go with that.
  8. If the ##### captain will allow it, I'll ask for eggs and fry one up real quick. Otherwise, I'm probably asking for a block of cheddar cheese or rainier cherries.
  9. I don't understand the "not a prepared food". Does that mean cheeseburgers are out? Can I ask for ground beef, cheese, and buns and cook one myself? Are we not allowed to use condiments, salt & pepper, etc?
  10. Ok you guys are talking me into the .22. My only concern is they're not as fun to shoot. Doesn't feel all that different from an air rifle. But for a first gun maybe that's fine.
  11. Primarily at camp with the boy scouts, he's also gone with grandparents and friends. He'd go with me if I got him a gun.
  12. Great idea. He's shot enough to know he wants something larger than a .22, but I think he's probably shot less than 5 types of rifles and a few shotguns.
  13. He might want to try hunting at some point but just paper for now.
  14. To clarify, it would be his gun but yes I would control access. I'm not just going to throw it in his room and tell him good luck.
  15. Sorry, not at all related to current events. We've been talking high level for a couple months and his birthday is in October so I'm just getting serious about it now.
  16. My son has been hinting around that he would like a rifle. I am not a gun guy, didn't really grow up with them. I had a .22 when I was a kid and maybe shot it 5 times total. So I have little relevant experience. He's had experience with guns through scouts, grandparents, and friends. What is a good starter rifle for a 16 YO? Something fun to shoot, relatively easy to maintain. I'm thinking larger than a .22 and fun to shoot. Anything else I should be thinking of in getting a 16 YO a gun?
  17. I was literally out there this weekend doing the same thing. Didn’t find anything to make an offer on yet though.
  18. Most people wouldn't consider Emerald Isle part of the Outer Banks.
  19. I've been almost everywhere on the Outerbanks, a few things you need to think about. As mentioned, September is hurricane season. It's unlikely that one will happen but not out of the question. If you're going after Labor Day rates will drop and you should have good options on accommodations. There aren't any huge hotels in the outerbanks and almost everyone rents houses. Look on VRBO, HomeAway, etc. or local realtor sites. Weather should be nice, however in September things start slowing and shutting down. The later into September and October you get the more you should expect shops, restaurants, etc. to be closed. Also expect the beaches to be pretty much empty. Four days is not enough in my opinion, especially depending on how you get there and where you are going. Many parts are big drives, especially Hatteras and Ocracoke. I generally won't go if it's less than a week. If she wants the Nicholas Sparks experience she's talking about Rodanthe, so I'd look there first. Nags Head is the most busy and accessible (although least appealing to me) but may be a good option that time of year, Ocracoke is the least accessible (Ferry only) but super cool. For the time of year you're going I probably wouldn't stay north of Duck, there isn't a whole lot to do up there and some of it is 4WD accessible only.
  20. I'm not a fan of most Marvel animated films, but that one they got right.