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  1. Ok not to muck up this thread but the A squad of my son’s rugby team beat the number 2 ranked team in the nation at nationals today! Super stoked. Granted my son is a freshman and doesn’t sniff the A squad but pretty exciting nonetheless.
  2. Won't give you the exact right answer every time. Think of it this way, if the braces payment is due in two days but he gets paid tomorrow it's one....if he gets paid in three days it's zero.
  3. Pretty sure you can get there using the indirect function and range counts.
  4. Yeah pretty sure they found out when they were initially developing the show....that said it's definitely snow. As NPJ pointed out there are ####### icicles.
  5. It wasn't ashes it was snow. A crap ton of snow, you know back when everyone but her thought the others were going to be critical to the end game.
  6. I'm calling BS that she knew how it was going to play out after the first two seasons.
  7. I wanna change my vote. If she can manhandle Brock Lesner like that I'm pretty sure she can take any of these chumps.
  8. He got beat by Iron Man in A2, Thor in Ragnorak, Thanos in IW. Very tiring what they did to him.
  9. They're paired in a planned Disney TV show....I'm guessing the shield actually get's handed back and forth a bunch.
  10. Basically, I don't go to that one but it's in our gym and it's more like a concert experience. Audience is dark but they do all kinds of lighting on the stage, rock band type stuff.
  11. My church literally runs 5 services targeted to different audiences. Granted it's a large church and I'm sure many can't do that. We do the Traditional which is the old school, "uncool" one. I have no idea which one draws the largest crowd. SUNDAY MORNINGS 8:15 – Classic 9:30 – Contemporary 11:00 – Traditional 11:00 – 801South 12:30 – Centro Cristiano Hosanna (Servicio en Español) The Deep Family Worship – 2nd Sunday of each month at 9:30 am
  12. I read what I assume to be the same spoilers and had the exact opposite reaction....they might save the season after all.
  13. They have taken off another Deadpool sequel. Not sure if this means Deadpool is dead. IMO it's the only thing from Fox worth saving.
  14. This is awesome, thank you! I'll try and check out several of these.
  15. I'm assuming this is more of a Shield thing and not Spider-man Noir. But I guess we'll find out.