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  1. This irony is so thick it could stop a bullet.
  2. Insane people have rights too... until they commit a crime or get diagnosed.
  3. Actually, no I don't. I'm not self absorbed.
  4. If the answer is yes, then gun owners look like idiots for not being willing to give up a lot less. So yes, I'll take a 25 MPH max speed limit if it also means we rid the country of guns.
  5. Pretty sure you could do a top 75 songs commonly sung by groups of drunk guys at a bar.
  6. Really disappointed that @shuke and @General Malaise did not collaborate on a thread ranking their 1000 favorite foods from 1000 different restaurants.
  7. The utility I was referring to was Srealthycat saying no car should go more than 25 MPH.
  8. It's true that people would give up a TON of utility use with such regulation of cars. The same does not hold true for guns at all. I don't believe this is true. If we said all cars would be speed limited by satellite tracking to the safest speeds in each area or just speed limited to 55mph. Very few would go with it and the excuses would look the same as we see in these threads. Also, if you made a breathalyzer test required before each start. If we banned large trucks without a license showing you needed it for daily work. Your taking away blah, blah, blah. The bottom line is no one wants to take away things THEY like or use. Given your response, I don't think you understood my post at all.
  9. It's true that people would give up a TON of utility use with such regulation of cars. The same does not hold true for guns at all.
  10. If this was work done for a music history class, he'd get a C- grade on it at best, given how much of the work reflected his own experience and perceptions of the songs and the artists, that he then projected on the public. But yeah, as a work of his opinion, and his opinion alone, it was entertaining and a good thread.
  11. So collective stats are meaningless because of anecdotal evidence. Hmmmm....
  12. Wouldn't take much work at all. We already have the resources needed to accomplish it.
  13. Being the best team doesn't always result in winning. As they say.... "that's why they play the games". At least the NCAA plays them in basketball.... in football they still have some work to do. Given the 4th seed has won 40% of the time, it's a shame the 5th seed gets left out.