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  1. Pretty much everything that goes down a shaft in Star Wars comes back later. Darth Maul (in Solo). Luke's light saber (in TFA), and Palpatine (in ROS). Heck, even Obi Wan survived a fall in what was essentially a shaft.
  2. There's no answers in the movies. You have to go to the comics. The writers even said this. Like Cappy said.... you're in too deep.
  3. If the #### is still going to fight in the #### fight, I'd like to put $50 on him to win.
  4. Yes. If the use of technology in the game would increase viewers, they would make it legal.
  5. Correct. Without technology to steal them it takes awhile to do, which means signs don't need to be changed that often. When technology is used, it's a lot easier to steal them, which means signs have to be changed often, sometimes even numerous times during one at bat. It slows down the game, and makes it less appealing to watch, which is really the only reason MLB wants it stopped. Of course, if they just let the coaches use a headset to give the pitcher and catcher the pitch call then there would be no sign changing delays at all.
  6. I think he's saying that corked bats aren't a big deal because everyone else swings non-corked bats. Thus swinging a bat isn't illegal. It's just part of the game. Or that spit balls aren't a big deal because everyone else throws non-doctored pitches. Thus throwing pitches isn't illegal. It's just part of the game. Basically, it's just a form of red herring arguing. Just ignore him.
  7. Jake Taylor: I play for the Indians. Chaire Holloway: Here in Cleveland? I didn't know they still had a team! Jake Taylor: Yup, we've got uniforms and everything, it's really great!
  8. Make sure there is a porn scene in every direction that a camera in the stadium could be pointed. The streaming service will shut down the stream.
  9. In the court of public opinion, it doesn't have to be proven. I'm not saying that in public opinion people are guilty until proven innocent (although there is an argument for that). I'm saying that once you are proven guilty of cheating in one form, then in the public eye you are capable of cheating in any form. There is no benefit of the doubt regarding anything that looks like you might have cheated in another form. If you did one form, and it looks like you may have done another, then you probably did the other too in the court of public opinion.
  10. Well, to be fair... "saltsa kima" sounds more like some sort of bacteria than it does a tasty sauce.
  11. Calling it "chili" was just a marketing gimmick by a Greek immigrant in Cincinnati to get non-Greek Americans to think it was something American, as calling it "saltsa kima" would alienate most of his market. Obviously it worked. Something similar happened in Detroit where a Greek immigrant called his new Greek restaurant a "Coney Island" because Coney Island in NY was known for hot dogs, and he was serving saltsa kima on top of hot dogs. Other greek entrepreneurs in Detroit then simply just used the "Coney Island" name too and also put saltsa kima on hot dogs, which led to salsa kima eventually becoming known as coney sauce, despite it having zero history to do with Coney Island in NY. Basically Skylines, Gold Stars and Coney Islands are Greek restaurants in American clothing.
  12. Better yet... make them play all their home games in Montreal.