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  1. Not to take away from the mortality of plague because lets be honest, it's HOF level and who am I to judge but...but, I don't think the areoplane was around in the 1300's and probably in very limited use in that part of the world in late 1800's. I get what you're saying and you make a valid point. I think we have the ability to move larger quantities of people, from all over the world much easier today than back in 'aught 9 thus making the transmission a little easier than in the day of the plague.
  2. Its much easier to do than you think...or so I'm told
  3. Like a moth to a flame. It's intoxicating sometimes. Then sometimes it's just best to be intoxicated I get bringing in some help for the young front office but I kinda look at it like Mac here, Grigson doesn't have a great body of work to throw on the table if you're looking at the Colts IMO.
  4. Backstory is whatever Comrade Chairman says backstory is. ALL YOUR TABLES ARE BELONG TO US!
  5. Slap it high, we're all gonna...wait a minute! For you it should be mandatory 24/7. Nobody wants to see that ugly mug
  6. A friend of mine just took his family to Tokyo for a vacation/conference. Posting pics all over the city. I'm just going to assume he's going to come back with it. Luckily he lives in FL and I'm in SC so I've probably got a good week or two before it spreads up to me
  7. North Korea 'executes trade official for visiting a public bath while he was in quarantine over coronavirus fears after returning from China' This article. Beijing, along with 80 other cities so I would think, effectively, most of the country. To counter that, I've heard rumors that workers will be going back to work in the next week or so to get the machine back up and running which seems like an arbitrarily bad horrendous idea if you don't have this under control and they don't. Some of ham's doom & gloom yesterday, a 4.7 to 7 infection rate means pretty much everyone in China is gonna get it.
  8. Can anybody talk Ham off the ledge? I'm a little worried he's gonna feel a little warm one day and take the easy out like the dude in India. I'm concerned for your well being.
  9. Wish I could help but Fort Mill, SC is full, sorry We have our own video and everything Disregard the picture of Charleston used as a backdrop
  10. There is some wild stuff being posted so yea, I'd caution & verify most everything you read out there. I think you've hopped over the line but if you sleep better
  11. I pick up anything and throw it in the bed of my truck. I despise carrying change so any time I get some I throw it in the bed of my truck. It's my life sized give-a-penny-take-a-penny. Twice so far I've been hit up for change and told both to help themselves to what's in the truck bed. I think one guy pulled about $6
  12. Does his wife know? You two are becoming quite the item