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  1. I feel like Higgins & DPJ are fools gold this week. I'd put more stock in the TE than either of them. Not sure if Hooper is back this week (kinda looking like nah) but I wouldn't shy away from Harrison Bryant. Seems like he and Baker have a nice rapport.
  2. Our bathroom has double sinks, over each is a light fixture with 4 cans. Each has a different bulb in them currently, you'd love it.
  3. Can we talk about this? I feel like I was sold a bad bill of goods on LED. I've replaced every single one I've ever bought multiple times when I was told, by the President of these God Bless United States of America no less, they would last hundreds if not thousands of years. I have found this statement to patently false and in fact...IN A MATTER OF FACT I SAY! I have incandescent bulbs that have far surpassed the paltry lives of these johnny-come-lately LED's. Methinks ole Tommy Edison was on to something 💡
  4. Well wa-#######-hoo Sorry to hear man, hope it's quick and easy recovery and the family doesn't tear each other up too much. Go Browns?
  5. Mother Nature is smart...sneaky, devious smart and I'm pretty sure she hates pretty much each and every one of us for what we've done to her planet but you're going to be hard pressed to convince me she engineered this beast all on her own without just a little help from man.
  6. Same same although family doesn't get one either.
  7. Congratulations man! That's impressive, be the example And you're right, we promote all that as a country. Go try to eat healthy and watch how your weekly/monthly food skyrockets...not jumps but skyrockets. In suburban settings in particular. The more rural you get the better the produce and selection (IMO) but when your dependent on having it trucked in, you're at the mercy of the supply chain and you're going to pay through the nose for it. Our local Walmart (where a huge portion of the population shops) regularly puts out lettuce that is brown right out of the box. It's terrible the produce they put out as fresh that I would pitch before it got off the truck.
  8. As a Cleveland fan, #### you Heard a really interesting stat on the radio today that is meaningless except in this conversation. Baker has a 110% rating against the Bengals, 83% against the rest of the NFL. Plan accordingly. Just joined Fanduel for first time, have no clue what I'm doing but will start following along here.
  9. Ok then Agree on the baggage part, I don't want Thomas anywhere near this team but there's no denying he would be an upgrade over Sendejo. I follow you on Strava, you would be an upgrade over Sendjo. Reid has been my pick since day one, brings different baggage but that's all being embraced now so I would think he'd be an easy, low risk pick up.
  10. You telling me Eric Reid (my pick) or Earl Thomas isn't an instant upgrade over Sendejo Clark? C'mon man
  11. Personally I think Hunt has been hurt since about three games ago, between the hamstring he had earlier and ribs he's playing hurt and gutting it out. Sendejo was not supposed to be anything more than a spell player, giving guys a breather when needed. Injuries put him into the starting lineup unfortunately. Think there are options out there in FA that we can bring in and instantly upgrade that position to at least expected as opposed to turrible. All reports from Stefanski yesterday said Hodge will be active this week. That will give us 4 healthy (sorta) WR's. Think there will be plenty of snaps to go around.
  12. Going to start it tonight Was watching Barbarians and it's just dreck, turrible. Might skip tot the end to watch the battle but the build up has been #### so far.