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  1. Speaking of beaches, they are packed this weekend. Wonder if we see a large uptick in cases starting around June 7th.
  2. And yet Walmart/Target/Lowe’s/HomeDepot have been packed since day one. Same rules apply there as would a church opening up.
  3. Faith is a strong drug, die hard believers would most certainly feel this way. As a believer I’ve seen some truly miraculous things but I’m pragmatic. Does that make my faith any less? Yes in my eyes but judgement isn’t up to me or you but Him. Unbelievers will question why God let this happen, best I can put it is it doesn’t really work that way but it’s difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t believe. I’m not particular good at discussing faith, there are far better on this board than I to have this discussion.
  4. This is what my church has been doing and while not what I would consider optimal, it works. We’ve been lucky (blessed?) with good weather but this weekend might throw a curve. They advertised last week upcoming tent services which I’m not particularly a fan of regardless of social distancing. We’ve seen it already in the parking lot services that folks get closer than they need to. The wife is much more religious than me but I think she’s with me on the continued social distancing if the church decides to go away from parking lot services. Come back to us GB, we have competent testing facilities in the Mill
  5. He knows you run trails, just strengthening your lateral abilities.
  6. The problem this creates, especially in today's "need info now" society is that as soon as one wrong answer/statement is proven, people tend to discredit every thing else from whoever produced the false answer/statement. In regards to the CDC, this creates a dangerous precedent as they do put out good info but it's disregarded because of something that was proven incorrect 3 months ago by the "see? look!!!" crowd.
  7. 'Fam' is a local here in Charlotte and just a total badass. He was attempting to break 4 minutes at a timed event over the age of 40, not sure if he is still chasing that or not. He won every race he would enter in the area before that got old and he started focusing on coaching and this sub 4 minute mile thing.
  8. There is only one person qualified to comment on this show, where is @stbugs?
  9. TP and water too? We did this once, didn’t really pan out. I read your follow up regarding the area you are in. If you need a generator because of fires/earthquakes/floods/locust sure but you don’t need one for COVID.