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  1. You should always have a beer, drink your way through the pain if necessary Last December I had a tooth that just wasn't feeling right, was noticing it affected by cold stuff which never happens with me. Wasn't discomfort just knew it was there, you know? Anyhow this starts around October I guess, progress to December and almost over night I start getting this intensely sharp pain from that tooth. The only thing that provided any relief was swishing cold water over it which lasted about 20-30 seconds then BAM! it came right back just as intensely. Couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't think it hurt so bad, most intense sustained pain I've ever felt. Started on Friday, by Sunday I was ready to Tom Hank's it myself. Got into the dentist first thing Monday, shot me up full of Novocain and confirmed what I knew was coming, a root canal. I was much like you are now, terrified of the prospect because of all the horror stories so by the end of the week when I went in for the procedure I was confident I would be in excruciating pain for years to come from the procedure and probably just die on the spot. I couldn't have been more wrong, dude directionally drilled the roots, backfilled with some super polymer filler stuff and it's been sunshine & lollipops (sugar free of course) ever since. My point? Don't get worked up about the momentary pain you might be experiencing or the anticipated pain you might feel when getting it fixed. It's finite, probably less than an hour and in a day you are good to go again. Small sacrifice for taking care of something you use everyday, all day.
  2. Same with the iOttie I mentioned. The older one I had, had to use a scraper to finally break the suction when I replaced it.
  3. If you're using a watch for HR this would be my guess too but you already know that. 95% I've never had a reason to question mine but every once in a while they get wonky for some reason and read goofy. Don't really pay attention to it now like I used to but on the occasion I do look it seems to be right where I would expect it to be. This should be a #######' plaque BRILLIANT!
  4. Grab some of this stuff and chew on the other side of your mouth until you see the dentist. This stuff won’t solve the problem but will keep your tooth covered with your cap at least. This is assuming you still have the cap & it’s in one piece. I had to go about 2 weeks before I could mine redone, about three days before appointment I crunched it. Didn’t have any problems with the tooth but really babied it until I got it replaced too. You’ll probably need to reapply this stuff once or twice a day
  5. That’s mine. I drive a truck so mount I to the windshield but can also be mounted to the dash. Love it
  6. Mine does, wouldn't sweat it unless your garage is full of water the next time you get a good rain.
  8. Alright, we're tracking here but we're gonna need some faces...unless Grue grows a mustache
  9. He's a FBG, money is a tertiary concern at best. This is a visual I need one of you artist types to make come to life. Seriously...I mean it...really.
  10. You guys will gay up anything on this site. Been rocking a pair of "I have no ####### idea brand" frames for 10 years. Can barely see out of the glasses because they are scratched up so bad, need to schedule to get a new pair just haven't.
  11. Seems to be the next new thing sweeping the nation. Did it ever occur to you that with the move to bio-recognition taking over security access every where this is a simple means to obtain a database of passwords today and down the road as you age? Yea I know but if someone came up to you and randomly asked to get your fingerprints, would you give them no questions asked then publish them all over social media? It also gives the government ready access to your face for any particular reason they may need it and allows them to, with pretty solid accuracy, predict what you will look like in 20 years. Now get off my lawn!
  12. I'm not anywhere near qualified but I piggyback on others membership whenever possible. It's truly like you are transported to a different world within the airport. Hard to explain to people who don't travel regularly. Cool that you get to enjoy it for a year
  13. Like waiting until a month or two before to train for a 100 miler you signed up for? .........
  14. So Badwater 135 is wrapping up and a new course record was set by Japan's Yoshihiko Ishikawa of 21 hours 33 minutes. That doesn't even register on my badass meter because it is so far above any bar I could use to judge. The local I know had a strong showing for his first time placing 5th with a very respectable 28 hour 13 minute finish. 7 hours behind the winner Lee's wife just posted some pics. Super cool that every race he runs he finishes with a Fort Mill Cross Country singlet