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  1. If anyone serves your animal Blue Buffalo do some research, we fed our dog this dreck since the day we got him. He has a problem keeping food or so we thought until we started hearing about some of the stuff Blue Buffalo was doing. We got him off of this and onto Pedigree and he's been solid since.
  2. Now THAT was a ####### curbstomp...just a week off @MAC_32 And that's about all I gotta say about that.
  3. This started back up? On the fence if I invest further or not.
  4. Just finished this one, very good. Mike Ritland & John Nore. There are many dark elements of our society that we rarely get to see light being shone upon. I sit down with Lt. John Nores of the California Dept. of Fish & Wildlife highlighting the dangerous work he & his teammates have done combatting the environmentally devastating marijuana grow sites in CA. Lots of riveting operational stories in this one. Finished this one a while ago but got the book after and just wrapped it up. I'd recommend reading the book first then listening to the podcast if you plan on reading the book but if not the 5 hour podcast is fantastic. Jocko Willink & Sean Parnell Important Lessons of Outlaw Platoon’s Long and Horrific Road.
  5. I want my husband to remain gainfully employed, anyone that knocks his play is a hater, #GOBROWNS
  6. Follow his wife on twitter, she'll tell you all you need to know.
  7. Bummer: Browns linebacker Christian Kirksey out for the season. Let's see how the rook does, like what I've seen so far.
  8. I had to install it when we started doing business with a company in Korea. Works good for what it is, have used it to call/text/trade pics etc. Was handy when we went there this year and had to contact them for a ride. Was the easiest way to get a hold of them. Not fan of the security breaches I keep hearing about.
  9. He was what LeBron was to the NBA in his day. Jim Brown was as big as most lineman and ran as fast as WR. We are very cognizant of opposing team's hair styles, it's a "new" Browns thing.
  10. Good point, doing that now so I'm living the dream, right?
  11. When I come back in my next life I want to be the cleanup bull
  12. Ok