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  1. I think CB Terrell is a possibility at #19 as well
  2. Except for the bonehead plays and all the losing and not passing the eye test. I never said anything about drafting "some wet dream of a Mahomes clone" to replace him. Did you even read my post? I said we have too many holes to go draft a QB early. We can win with Carr if we have a great defense, great receivers and a great running game. Carr needs all that to make up for his average play. Every year it's a different excuse. This year we'll draft a couple receivers and come next year's draft the blame will be placed on someone besides Carr again. It will be "the young receivers need a couple of years before we can truly analyze Carr".
  3. You bring up 2016 Carr. 2016 Carr is pre-injury Carr. I would argue he's changed as a QB since then. He has happy feet and doesn't see open receivers. I don't consider myself mindless or a member of any mob. I just know what I see. I see a QB in Carr who has 4th down at the end of a game needing to "score now or lose" and take the ball and throw it away. Game over. And then he does it again in another game. You speak about disCarrding Carr without getting a "full analysis". How many losing seasons with bonehead plays like the two I mentioned before you've seen enough. Oh and before you label me as part of some mindless mob like you did the other poster, I do agree we have too many holes to use a first round pick on a QB. Maybe if Tua somehow falls, but if that happens I'd rather see if someone will give us a trade so we can have more picks.
  4. Yeah, but the Raiders have too many holes to fill to trade away picks to move up
  5. The Las Vegas Raiders have the next two picks: #80 Jacob Eason, QB, Washington #81 Damon Arnette CB, Ohio State
  6. After Fulton and Jefferson went I tried trading down. No takers so it was between Murray and Xavier McKinney at safety. I could have gone either way.
  7. With pick 1.19 the Raiders pick Kenneth Murray Oklahoma Since Fulton and Jefferson are gone at CB I picked Murray. Swift linebacker with sideline-to-sideline range as a run-and-chase linebacker.