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  1. I think those are the top tier of running backs, but what's the harm in debating whether or not more than 4 should be included in that tier? Preseason and training camps may see some from the next tier down receive enough hype to move up. We have questions about Cleveland's offense and whether they will step it up enough to possibly consider Chubb in that tier. How about Arizona with that scheme? I'm all for a dynamic list for tier one RB's and willing to entertain the idea that I may expand that top tier as we approach the kickoff of the season.
  2. Beautiful app. I have the Android version and it works flawlessly. I think most of the guys at our draft used the app last year, so the secret is out 😁. The amount of customization is really nice and the layout is perfect. This year's Dominator is by far the best it's been and I've had it every year. The only thing it's missing for me if I recall is being able to set s TD scoring for distance on defense and special teams. Great work!
  3. Works fine on my Pixel 2 Android. What phone are you using?
  4. They said a crime was committed but there's not enough evidence to prove who committed it. This doesn't clear him of wrongdoing. The fact a crime was committed and he was more than likely the one who did it could still lead to a suspension.
  5. If we take Murray at #4 there would probably be teams offering us a trade to get him. If the offer isn't good enough then we keep him and dump Carr after this year.
  6. I don't think the Phillies will be taking him
  7. Reading a Lone Star thread is a recipe for disaster. We all know he plays in a one team league so all his complaints about rules and commissioners are actually him complaining about himself.
  8. Why not tell us what the commish did instead of beating around the bush. You state the commish changed the rules without naming any rules that we're changed.
  9. Ok I'll bite. Look at the success receivers have had playing alongside Antonio Brown. Now that Brown is with the Raiders I'm going be looking at who wins the job alongside him. Jordy Nelson and Ateman currently, but that may change with the draft and free agency. So whomever wins the other 2 spots I see as having an opportunity to excel
  10. Then you vote to implement stat changes when it's brought up at next years draft.
  11. I think as a commish myself the most important thing to remember is not to make changes in rules or the league in the middle of the season. If a league has ignored stat corrections and no rule or discussion has ever been discussed at the draft among owners then the right thing to do is fix it next year. Now is no time to suddenly decide to implement scoring changes due to stat correction due to two main reasons: 1. Don't change the league scoring rules during the season. Do it next year. Yes this is a new scoring change rule. 2. What happens if you check that box to process stat corrections and it changes previous outcomes. Maybe different teams now make the playoffs. Bottom line is discuss it at next years draft
  12. We have all games go final Thursday morning, so if the stat change hasn't happened by then it won't be applied. In your leagues case I would argue since it had never been discussed or used before then it would have to be something taken up at next years draft. It's too late to implement now (who knows if earlier outcomes would have changed as well).
  13. I'm thinking a dart throw at John Kelly. He has value as Gurleys"s backup.
  14. How would you rank these guys available on my waiver wire? PPR and used only as flex. Aaron Jones, Courtland Sutton and D.J.Moore 1. Sutton 2. Jones 3. Moore