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  1. Jawaan Taylor Knee flagged apparently
  2. Styles with a clean win over Orton 😲 Decent match though
  3. glad Seth won but so tired of the "hit Brock in the balls" stuff
  4. Too funny lol.....thankfully wasn't as bad as I thought
  5. Bye-bye Schiano
  7. Usos vs New Day.....HIAC........what a match!!!!! Love it.
  8. A rematch was practically guaranteed from the beginning unless someone got destroyed in a lackluster fight. The 118-110 was incompetent or dirty but likely both.
  9. Teddy usually ends up annoying me but I'm glad he's ranting and raving. 118-110 is ridiculous.
  10. Didn't see a dedicated thread after Sho nuff posted it in DJ's injury thread #AZCardinals are making a RB move. Source says they are signing #Patriots RB DJ Foster off NE’s practice squad. #ASU product is flying now
  11. WWE Hall of Fame tonight has been amazing. Bischoff, DDP, Cornette.....some great talkers/story tellers there. I've been enjoying these speeches immensely.
  12. Charlotte vs Sasha is channeling Foley's nightmare flashback lol. Nice job WWE.