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  1. It's pretty much how I do this anyway. Also, I am in the middle of an 8 live album tournament to make one pick in a needed category. Notable: The pre-tourney favorite is unavailable on Spotify. A situation that created the tournament anyway. This is exhausting work. I'm taking a nap before the semi-finals.
  2. I could be wrong but I have a distinct memory of @cosjobs and @Eephus taking English Beat or The Beat, but I don't see them on Spotty or the spreadsheet. Ska is pretty regular in my rotation. Particularly this band. Earlier in the draft this did not appear on Spotify or I was high. Super happy to find it. Brings back great memories. Think Cos took Mirror, but no idea what other tracks are off the board. Oddly for ska, this lacks the energy of studio recordings and a couple of the toned down songs are disappointments, but overall it's solid and what I have been seeking. 38 The English Beat - Festival Hall Hands off She's Mine Spar Wid Me added to spotty
  3. If I could have 5 Beethoven symphonies or all 41 of Mozart's, I take Beethoven. But I don't listen to symphonies much. It's the rest of the music that makes me prefer Mozart. Oversimplified, but he's lighter, happier, easier to listen to and more predictable. He wrote perfect compositions. Nothing can be added. Nothing can be deleted. (Who am I, Saliere?). Beethoven experimented, challenged listeners, broke new ground, built in surprises... which sometimes for me are awkward moments. I always want to hear a pianist skip the clunky part of Fur Elise, as an example. I'm simple.
  4. I wanted some different soul to pair with Donny Hathaway. I knew who I wanted, but his live stuff is beyond disappointing. Hope a studio album makes the draft. So this Marvin live might be better than his studio stuff. Depends on mood, I guess, but it destroyed anything similar for me. I guess there can never be enough Marvin. 37 Marvin Gaye Live (expanded) Trouble Man Flyin' High/Mercy Me
  5. I share spotify with my daugther. She loves the bold, but it's Anderson.Paak, The Weeknd, G-Eazy, Vampire Weekend, Childish Gambino for her. Btw, Childish Gambino's March release is something "I" love. He went "out there" like Sturgill did. Works for me and channels Prince.
  6. Yes. I am there. I have a built in seismograph from last summer (1000 quakes in a week). Guess it's off a little.
  7. just felt a decent earthquake in the cali desert. no idea where the epi was, but let's hope it was here. 4.5 to 5.0 i would guess. waiting for the next one... ooof.
  8. Since the 70s Los Kjarkas has been the most famous band in Bolivia. Second is a boy band formed by sons of Los Kjarkas. It's Latin American folk music that would work in any spaghetti western (love Ennio). When I said I used to listen to Django every morning; it's used to because of a bunch world folk music I play now. Not every day, but slow days for sure. Some gypsy music from the Balkans and some Italian folk from Calabria too. English annoys me in the morning. There's a back story here, but I don't feel like storytelling. Briefly, my nephew married a Peruvian girl 15 years ago. At the wedding I was the only one from my family who spoke Spanish. So I interpreted. I also spent a day showing the Peruvian contingent Las Vegas. This was the bride's mom's music. I liked both alot. All three of us bonded. I'm serious about taking this to the island above all available. I might take something similar if this goes 50. Happy to find this live recording sounding great. The hits are Vuelve and Wayayay. The wind instrument gets me everytime. It's a Ronroco. Except for the lead singers flamenco guitar the rest of the instruments are traditional Bolivian instruments. A couple variations on ukele/parlor guitars and a drum made from a hollowed out stump and wrapped in goat skins. 36 Los Kjarkas 2017 The hits are Vuelve (sad love song) and Wayayay. But Eeph prefers deep tracks and I want to feature the ronroco. Ella Es Phuru Runas added to playlist
  9. What's missing is ska. Ska shows are a blast, like Jimmy Buffett shows. But live albums are a mess. I am not above asking for help.