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  1. Chaos Commish

    Chromebook -- Highly recommend

    Funny the whole idea behind these (for me anyway) was super cheap virus free internet surfing. Now I'm spending 700+ after just spending 400 months ago. I miss the 99 specials that started this. I am excited to get this thing.
  2. Chaos Commish

    Chromebook -- Highly recommend

    My kid took the refurb Asus Flip 302 that Otis recommended months ago. So I just followed him with another refurb because I'm cheap. $699 Pixelbook
  3. I go to 786 degrees north of LA and beg Ali the chef for 1/3 Tikka, 1/3 Tuscany and 1/3 Istanbul. He's the Pizza Nazi* and my imminent death will not persuade him so Istanbul it is. *has turned away my business because "You've had too much pizza to enjoy more properly" and "I only let trusted customers take my pizza home."