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  1. My kitchen is pristine and I don't want to touch it. I ordered local guys Memorial Day Pizza special. Bacon, walnuts, apple, sweet onion. Walnuts are a great topping.
  2. I might get two in today. I'm glad Funeral was put on the playlist because it doesn't work here. Everything else does. Another hat tip to recording quality. Spotify better than YouTube here. 16.26 (thanks JZilla) 2014 Band of Horses Acoustic at the Ryman Several bands have done their independent unpluggeds. Few that I know impress above their pluggedins. A few are in my dugout, like the Eagles, which would have been a funny choice atm, Eeph. But I like this too much. Played it to death. They turned themselves into some of the best live Alt Folk available. No One's Gonna Love You Factory
  3. 4 times now Spotify doesn't have the live album I seek. Google Play/Youtube premium guys. It crushes lyricless/videoless Spotify. More importantly I am leaving early tomorrow - isolation vacation. For at least a couple days, I'll be beyond data, no internet, fly fishing. I will pop in from bed late at night from my sister's place the other days. I'll probably fall asleep just catching up. Once I get my house something I want to come home to, I can send some safe picks to someone. Or I can catch up in June. I have a pick ready for today, but after that Permaskip.
  4. Ouch. You suck. Thought this would be way off the radar. Sniped. Happy to have it on the playlist. It's a storied performance and recording, so I should have known better. Fun to put your balance far left and listen to just Paco, then right for Al, and some left for John. As incredible as John is, he was bested by the other two and felt bad for a few mistakes. I've written a few times about having acoustic guitar playing in my office 24/7. This type of Spanish/Flamenco is maybe 20% of hours and hours and hours of acoustic guitar on that playlist. Nothing tops these guys in that genre. There is no wrong track for the playlist. Hope others appreciate this highest of highest levels of virtuosity. I didn't see this show. My love for this stuff came 20 years later.
  5. To whoever picked that Idle Race I never heard of and asked if any of us liked them; an hour ago my answer was an ignorant no. But Pie in the Sky is a great addition to the playlist. They need exploring. All the likes.
  6. only argue with your tie Favorite Kinks deep cut National Health Wayo Wayo! Valium helps you for a while But somehow Valium always seems to bring me down There's no pill I can recommend where side effects Aren't guaranteed to send you round the bend You gotta let out the tension With a little bit of exercise Loosen up your muscles And feel the knots in your body untie Wayo Wayo! Oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah Oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah It sure beats Quaaludes It sure beats cocaine Even Freud recommends it Cos it relieves the strain Altogether now Oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah Oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah Some people say it sends you deaf Some people say it sends you blind Some people say it makes you old Some people say it blows your mind
  7. A salty salute - Bass made me good dizzy. Love. A minute and a half of perfection. Which is easier than 10 min +. 9.999999 Blast - cute giggle. dizzying bass. super cool. 9.9999 All I want - where's the bass, Joni? Oof, travelingtravelingtraving hateme loveme. Made me dizzy. 9.999999999 Smile Please - Oh Stevie. Cured the equilibrium. 99.99999999 Gun - Electro groovy baby voice singing. I have to go back to bed. 9 Don't drink and shuffle I have a ghost who apparently has a thing for weed and muddie buddies. Interesting combo to misplace. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. Chablis, good stuff from... Chablis... gave it a shake in a mason jar and let it breathe an hour because I am not a barbarian. Drinking from the jar.
  9. Since Eeph wussed out I will take a live compilation to carry his water another round. 15 Stax/Volt Revue Live In Norway 1967 (linking to Amazon cuz Spotify doesn't have it) It does have the London show, terribly abbreviated from the Norway below, so I link tracks from London: Booker T and the MGs 1. Red Beans And Rice 2. Green Onions The Mar-Keys 3.Philly Dog 4.Grab This Thing 5.Last Night Arthur Conley 6.In The Midnight Hour 7.Sweet Soul Music Eddie Floyd 8. Raise Your Hand Sam and Dave 9. You Don't Know Like I Know 10. Soothe Me 11. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby 12. Hold On! I'm Comin' Otis Redding 13.Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) 14. My Girl 15. Shake 16. Satisfaction 17. Try A Little Tenderness
  10. thanks. don't wait for me. I am on a phone call that typically lasts an hour or more. I have several choices ready. Need to flip a coin.
  11. In consideration since the 4th round. I want my island under 50% rock, and I try to pick acts I have seen live do reduce the you had to be there issue. Still, this is vbd gold and as curious an omission for me as who@leeds. I have not seen either live is my weak excuse.