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  1. My immediate thought was it is better now. Then I read the thread. The bold is why I thought that.
  2. Very different vibe for much of the Jimmy story. The drug dealing parts are BB-esque. It's a great show, but BB was an epic show.
  3. I got caught up in finishing Better Call Saul. Will binge Bojack to the end tonight.
  4. I'm not well traveled so this has only happened to me once. They separated me and my daughter by six or seven rows. I was in the middle hoping to sit her there and take either other. She was 14 or 15. She had a window seat. The guy at the window next to me said no (doosh, they were both windows). My spunky kid asked him, you like my dad that much? The woman next to me on the aisle said, take my seat darling.
  5. Agree. I don't remember exactly, but we did a "genre" draft and I took it first for this genre. It was probably top five chosen.
  6. I would like ARC, firestick, android tv box, and chromecast on it. So arc + 3 hdmi and also bluetooth. I can do this at accessories for less, for $270 on a current 7.2 Denon with atmos ++++. I think that is the right route. Seriously, it is a kind offer and I appreciate it. But if you sent me something that works for all that for free, well, there is probably a better use for it. I expect to get the Onkyo working or buy better.
  7. yes. easier to install in most situations too. you will slow air flow a little. I know people who have walled off vents with drywall and used a space heater. just sayin'
  8. depending on how noisy the vent is, you can get away way with 2-5 pieces. also depending on how much space you have to work with. you run a bead of construction adhesive (liquid nails or such) for the three sides of the piece you want to install. cut the piece to fit perfectly (can be done with a bread knife). slide it onto the bead of adhesive and back about an inch to smear the adhesive for a tight bond. and so on.
  9. yes the wood is needed for the more expensive acoustic foam, not for the hard foam.
  10. Sincerely appreciate the offer, thanks, but I want lots of hdmi slots, current tech, bla bla bla. Hopefully the Onkyo has an easy fix. It made beautiful noise with the nicer bookshelf speakers.
  11. I bought one of these in awful condition for $50 from Goodwill. It has a coveted el84 tube amp in it that works (worth a few hundred on ebay), but something else is wrong (guessing power supply or preamp). I don't know what I want to do with it. It could harbor a couple down firing subs with a big tv on top. I'm not good enough to restore it to original, but I could update it with a turntable and modern electronics pretty easily and join you vinylguys, just not sure I want that. I snipped the speaker wires from the amp, hooked them up to a cheap Chinese amp with bluetooth and the old drivers (4 way with 12" woofers) sounded really warm and really nice. I have a ton of ideas/options, but haven't come close to a decision. I might post before and afters of the whatever I decide to do with. I love diy audio projects and spent more time in those forums than here over the past couple years. I am also building a diy surround speaker system for my office/media room which had a cheap yamaha surround in a box running off the A source and some higher end bookshelf speakers on the B, powered by the dead Onkyo. With NBA down sans all-star stuff, I will probably make tons of headway on both this week.