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  1. Cayucos, CA Cambria, CA Morro Bay, CA Newport, OR Depoe Bay, OR
  2. Answering here. I didn't mention these because I haven't played them. BiL fully endorses the 27 hole plan in Truckee and thinks you are on a perfect itinerary. So, your research was solid.
  3. and load your bag with twice the amount of balls you normally lose.
  4. 12. Holy Wars - LEGEND all caps, female lead... i am getting the hang of this.
  5. 11. Silver Snakes - Smokedance This is new to me in the last 24h. I caught it on the radio and it made me think of you headbangers.
  6. My sis retired in Incline and I have been 20 times in the last three years. I will be there again in two weeks. BiL is a golf junkie, the type who hits into a net with golf channel on for hours. North Tahoe makes for a pricey but awesome golf trip. The championship course in Incline is spectacular. It is a must. I've played it a half dozen times and watched a couple tourneys there (followed Steph Curry and Aaron Rodgers for 18 last summer). The mountain course is also a nice time. It is so stunning on that hill. The Old Brockway Course in Kings Beach is a simple 9 hole track in the heart of north lakes biggest tourist trap. Fun history and great time. Favorite restaurant nearby is Garwoods (just go). Northstar course is hit and miss. Sometimes a little brown. Sometimes the back 9 needs work (fairways impossible and greens like fringes). I've played it twice and experienced both. BiL is done with it. Tahoe City is another 9 hole track that can't match the mountain course in Incline, but it's still spectacular if the winter didn't rip it up too much. Cheap, fun. But just a click up the 89 is Squaw Creek in THAT valley. Just an awesome Robert Trent Jones championship ride. Go. So stunning.There's a cluster of courses 25 min down the hill near Truckee. Martis Camp is probably the only one worth driving for and it is a very special course and community. We tubed the truckee, caught wild rainbows in a little stream, shot 18 glorious holes and promised to go back but haven't. Casinos are at Stateline, 4 of them I think. Can't miss them. Usually a pretty good band is playing. But we use the Hyatt in Incline for just about everything, SUP, kayak, boat, food, and gambling. Can't wait to go. PM for more. I hate long posts.
  7. 1 PM at Bagby in Oceanside CA. Having coffee with my beer. A delicious Ethiopian and a fresh American Cream Ale. Will be attempting to surf near the Harbor in 30 minutes.
  8. eating some ny style cheese pizza with a giant but weak margarita. 98 degrees in the desert, about to jump in the pool
  9. Way behind listening. Below is the best Earth Wind and Fire song in 40 years. Philip Baily covers Curtis Mayfield over some... good music. Philip Baily - Billy Jack 10? only five to go? 😢
  10. I have to many I want to draft, but most of them really don't work with this playlist. Should I worry about this? How many rounds we go? 30? Narrowed 9 down to some sloowwww downbeat triphop and this. 9. Ride — Repetition
  11. The Lumineers hate being compared to Mumford&Sons because of opposite approaches. Mumford brings all the instruments. Lumineers keep it sparse. I too find them similar. If it wasn't for the ten track story, I wouldn't care for the song. Hopefully some of you follow the story too. I agree they're too often redundant since Ophelia.