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  1. Yes. They are just at their "end of life". No more updates. I read it is a problem. So I jumped through the hoops to set up Neverware. I'm not completely happy and may switch to a linux distro with Chromium. It was an experiment that seemed to work, but without typing a bunch... has major glitches.
  2. I have red zone and every game. Every mma or boxing ppv. Every MLB game. Every NCAAF. Every NBA preseason. I get some buffering on PC with too many tabs open on second monitor. Perfect streams casted to tv.
  3. For the third time in this thread my current Chromebook was "gifted" to my daughter. It was the year old refurb Pixelbook for $699 on this page. I got by with phone, tablet, pc for a few weeks and as an experiment ordered one of the old refurbed "end of life" Pixels on Ebay. "These units are professionally refurbished by a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR)." Yup. $189.99, a little scuffed and dinged on the bottom, still with better specs than any sub $300 Chromebook, but the big cavaet is no more security updates, end of life. According to nerds at ChromebookGuys it's a huge issue and the missing security patches make these non-starters. So I stumbled across Neverware. CloudReady turns almost any computer into a Chrome device (completely up to date with guaranteed updates going fwd). It's free. I just downloaded it on a usb stick and stuck it in the refurb and followed instructions. Looks like a brand new chrome os to me. It was in better condition than I expected. In ran perfect. The battery is only good for 5-6 hours, which works fine for me. So for $190 plus tax I am pretty happy for now.
  4. If you're craving bbq there's a few Bell's Bbqs in the valley. Don't go. If it's pizza, there's a few Joe's in the valley. Go.
  5. for those of you looking for a solid iptv that hasn't had a hiccup, i get mine through a reseller for $15 a month. a little expensive for some of you, and i'm sure you can figure out what he is reselling and get a better price, but the guy is money every time i have an issue. i found him on twitter (@JAH_TVHosting) by accident when i used a vaders reseller, and he helped me fix an issue even though i wasn't his subscriber. good dude, i'm happy to pay a few extra bucks a month for everything with no hiccups.
  6. 10 days seven pounds, good job. Surely you're dropping water. Have you experienced low carb flu symptoms? They indicate glycogen depletion and the switch to ketosis. They can be fatigue, headache, nothing serious. You may be high on protein low on fat. Gluconeogenesis comes before ketogenesis. Too much protein can stall the process. This is why I fast my way into deep ketosis and then start low carbing. Depleting glycogen is different for every liver but the research indicates a 40-50 hour fast works for everyone. Exercise speeds it up. Debauchery and laziness slows it down. pretty current state of the keto union nerd reading
  7. It's $800 at Guitar Center, but $449 from Adorama with a Slickdeals rebate. That's a Gretsch semi hollow double cutaway if you don't want to tap the links.
  8. In 1998 I went through three bottles of androstenedione that I purchased otc. I was such a dolt I didn't know it was an anabolic steroid. Dr Jene Bramel informed me in messages here. I bought the first bottle because the marketing was impressive at a time when I was eating all kinds of supplements. It made a huge difference in my energy levels and performance in the men's open basketball league. I was 37 playing hoops like I was 22. I loved it. It was useful for everything WebMD says it might be useful for. The increased libido was... um... strong. My soon to be wife kept telling me it was something I was taking but I was sure I was just a sex beast. When I finished the bottle, I forgot about it. Until one day in the pharmacy I remembered. A few months without and bam... superman again. Lather rinse repeat. I love the stuff. No moobs, no zits, not one negative side effect. I was probably lucky in the way I purchased the bottles with a rest between, but maybe not. I would use them again if they were easy to get.
  9. Just quoting you because you quoted me and I wanted to update, with a comment. It took me a little longer than I wanted, and I was only ketogenic about ten days give or take. But the weight came off easily. I was 216. I am 192 this morning and have been for a week.. I feel great. I dropped 100 pounds over a decade ago, from 300 to 200. I go up and down annually... if i see 215 I get serious, like this year. BUT. Not bragging. In fact a little sad how much some of you struggle with this. It's easy guys. Man up. Sweets are for girls. Food is just fuel and you never need a full tank. You run better on a half tank. A second alcoholic beverage is counterproductive to everything in life. Booze is for fools. I won't have the first anymore. Gawd I love being the sober guy. Good luck, MEN. Get lean. Fat is ugly and deadly.
  10. I got home last night from an 11 day Nevada golf vacation. We golfed in Incline, South Lake, Carson City, Gardnerville... Vegas and Henderson. BUT, one experience blew them all away. I didn't search to see if anyone recommended this but... I cannot recommend a better day for golfers in "Vegas" than the Paiute Golf Resort about 40 minutes north of town. You're not just far away from the bright lights and hustle of Vegas. You can see the highway in the distance and nothing but desert in every direction as far as you can see. Surreal really. A stretch limo for 45 minutes and your there. $40 bucks each for your foursome. That's both ways. And well, just three great course (i only played the original). This is a really great, really unique experience. Do it golfers.
  11. Gun owners can't support very restrictive gun control laws? I sure do. F the nra.