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  1. I think it comes from tax payer dollars, but if you have s link showing it doesn’t I enjoy reading.
  2. Checked my insurance today no illegal surcharge, just 76,00 a month for single health insurance no surcharge for illegals.
  3. No you’re wrong I bleed blue, Democratic all my life. Your an avid Trump supporter right?
  4. You don’t know me, but it appears you are a Trump supporter, you can do better dude
  5. Like I say maybe I am out of touch, I miss the Humphrey’s, Carter’s Presidents.
  6. I don’t know how to answer what you are stating, I guess I always felt that unions were a fair wage for hard days work, now it seems like everyone only cares about is price, build my car in Mexico if it Will save me a $1000.00.
  7. Good question, have we lost focus of our labor unions, does made in America matter anymore
  8. I have always voted Democrat starting with Jimmy Carter. To me it was about labor unions, farmers and the working class. Now it seems to be about socialism, open boarders, busing, free college, and medical insurance free to everyone. It seems be the party of entitlement. What ever happen to working to improve your life. I don’t understand why the socialist candidates don’t have their own party. I am amazed that 70 percent of our farmers support Trump. I agree Trump is bad for America, However AOC and Omar are not the Values of the Democratic Party. Maybe I am out of touch, I don’t want this to be a thead about Trump, but are the Democratics losing touch with America. I sit back and listen.
  9. When you are the highest taxed state, everyone will want you. No one has more taxes then CA, just saying.
  10. Agreed a lot of articles/support stating this may happen👍
  11. If Warren is the candiate I vote independent, I ,live in WI so I don’t think my vote matters