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  1. Own guns, wear furs and eat beef made us great.
  2. 0
  3. Depends on who the dem president would be,Hillary, Sanders, then I take the recession, otherwise I go Trump.
  4. Nope someone who is doing well under TRUMP
  5. My financial planner told me that stocks increase to a positive average 87 percent of time after mid-term elections and during the third year of of a presidents term. He said 14 percent average increase. But what does he know he had me invest 100k in an even split between apple and Facebook at under 100 per share. I sure the good sheriff has inside information on this.
  6. x2
  7. Thank you TRUMP
  8. Mods can this be moved to the Trump Year’s thread
  9. K Noem won the SD GOP gov primary. When she wins in Nov she be the first women gov in SD history. Great break through for both women and the GOP. The dems have not won the gov race in SD in the past 20 years and will not happen this year. D Johnson GOP won the open SD house seat held by Noem. Campained on the right to bear arms.
  10. Best post in this thread!
  11. In november I be looking at How much my 401k has increased how much my house has increased in value What to spend my increased tax refund on in 2019