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  1. I think Moore should be the Democratic candidate for president!
  2. The strong economy will keep the blue wave from being to big. Many people still vote with their pocketbooks. I want to see the Dems win states like S.D., TX, KS, ND. The dem governor candidate in S.D. picked a long term GOP as his running mate, what message does that send?
  3. I don’t know. When I was in college I went to a toga party. A young lady pushed me into a bedroom and tore my sheet off. What happen after that has haunted me. But I have forgiven her actions, an moved on with my life.
  4. Best post in this thread
  5. Stock market hit a record new high yesterday, plenty of jobs, plus interest rates are crazy low around 4 percent on 30 year home loans. My first home loan was 10 percent. He is leaving the mj/pot industry alone and some of those stocks are up 50 percent.
  6. Browns are a feel good story this year
  7. Let the records show this call!
  8. Browns defense is going to win this one!
  9. Well their is talk of a blue wave in November
  10. The market Dow is up about 3300 points since April 2; about the time the trade wars really being talked about. The market should set a new record high today. The us economy is growing at about 4 percent rate, if the average American is in pain their not showing it with their pocket books/spending.
  11. The markets understand that the trade wars will be resolved in the next 12 months. Somebody has used the recession word for the past 8+years of the bull run, nothing new. Market up 200 today, maybe we need to start a trade war with another country,
  12. So cool keep us updated