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  1. Fun fact more Trump Make America Great Flags in the stands then America Flag.
  2. I think as people see dem front runner candidates like Sanbers and Pete, their going to give Trump a second look. I know I would never vote for either one, but I would vote for Bloomberg or Biden. People vote with their pocketbooks and Bernie and Pete just want to get some of everyone’s pocketbooks for their programs.
  3. They showed Trump at the Daytona 500 on the news. More Trump flags in the infield then American flags. The crowd went crazy when they played his 2016 campaign song you don’t always get what you want. No protesters or boos, he’s getting stronger.
  4. Were in trouble none of the candidates running for the democratic nomination meet the requirements of this list.
  5. I see Trump is having a keep America great rally Wednesday in Phoenix. My neighbor claims all the tickets are already taken. I guess this is why everyone wanted the Trump clothing.
  6. That’s what they said in 2016 that Hillary would beat him. No confidence in polling. Ask Biden how the polls are treating him after being an early favorite.
  7. Spending some time in AZ. I went to an outdoor market today, lots of vendors, clothing, food, etc. The vendor with the longest line (5+ people) was selling Trump t-shirts, MAG hats, etc. I guess he is loved in AZ.
  8. I voted for Hillary. I think the market would be significantly lower under her. The tax cuts did spur stock buybacks by corporations, all the deregulation by Trump has helped make corporations more profitable. not saying the above is good for America. bernie and Pete scare me on what they would do the economy and stock market, I would never vote for either, hoping Bloomberg is the guy. I am an older democratic and I do vote with my pocketbook, mainly because I grew dirt poor and have carved out a good life with a lot of hard work and no handouts.
  9. Ten years is a good window. Don’t feel good about the markets if Bernie is driving the 🚌 bus, but you would be buying cheap.
  10. If this was the case Trump would not even have to run for re-election, we would never let him leave. Amazing what Trump has accompanied despite the above shortcomings.
  11. So catholic democratics and catholic republicans both stay home along with black voters how does that work for Pete? I think it is a real possibility.