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  1. Hillary!!!!
  2. Eagles have such a good locker room, do they really need to add this to the mix
  3. Agreed, but he will be a big asset to the eagles locker room?
  4. Then don’t run, seems simple if you don’t have anything to hide
  5. Sanders becoming president in 2020!
  6. X2
  7. Adams will lead with targets, followed closely by Graham, depending on who the Packers add at WR, Cobb could be number 4 in targets. I see him as 4/5 WR for FF.
  8. She needs to be careful America needs her in 2020
  9. Vikings looking to very special with cousins and now Richardson. Don’t see any weaknesses on this team, just a chip on their shoulder to win big.
  10. I moving to AZ no time change their or snow
  11. No tanks to be allowed, worried about street damage
  12. Announcement coming this is on for vets day, cost 30m!
  13. The kid is not alone been a l o n g. Time