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  1. Gopher State

    Any truth to Kennedy and the Green Berets

    Never knew this, cool
  2. Gopher State

    I’m with Pelosi

    I wonder if she would ever consider running for president
  3. Gopher State

    marijuana winning big at the polls. CO/MASS/wash pass

    The movement continues
  4. Gopher State

    πŸ¦… EAGLES @ 🀠 COWBOYS: Cowboys win

    Last team with the ball wins. Game of the week, looking forward to it!!
  5. Gopher State

    Moving to Florida (updated)

    Fargo ND the hidden gem of the Midwest
  6. Gopher State

    LGBT - LGBTQ Thread

  7. Gopher State

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    Great president and great American
  8. Gopher State

    I LOVE Elizabeth Warren: All aboard - WOO WOO!!!

    Still best candidate Dems have for 2020.
  9. Gopher State

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    Glad you agree
  10. Gopher State

    TRADE WAR discussion thread

    Bargain purchase