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  1. This logic is how I traded Wallace for him yesterday in one of my leagues. I'd agree with you if it were standard but in PPR he's a high RB2/low RB1. He's currently third in points for RBs in PPR for a reason. I think SCT means he is #3 overall RB in PPR, not an RB3 (3rd tier RB).
  2. What percentage of snaps did he play in the first game compared to the second game?
  3. Where can I watch season 5 episodes for free. Just watched seasons 1-4 on Netflix and need season 5 ASAP!!
  4. Made the call yesteday, spoke to Timothy. Basically told him my wife wants us to switch to Dish as the package they have is $20/month cheaper and I could get RedZone channel instead. Currently, we are paying $60/month for our package plan. He said he could give me $20 off for 6 months. I told him I wanted it for 12 months because I didn't want to call back in 6 months just to extend the discount. He said that was fine, so $20 off for 12 months. Then discussed the Sunday Ticket and asked what he could do to lower that as I still wanted to keep the ticket. He offered $20 off x 6 months for the ticket - told him I'd seen better discounts, and preferred a one-time credit instead. He came back and said he could do $125. I told him I'd seen people getting upwards of $250, and he countered that the best he could do was $150 one time credit. I told him I could probably swing that, but thought if that was the best he could do, I'd like him to throw in the to-go for free. He checked, and said that was fine. Ended up getting a $200 one-time credit off the bill. In total, $440 in credits towards the bill. Not as huge as some of the deals in here, but to basically lower our monthly bill by $5-6 over the next year and get the Ticket was well worth it.
  5. For those of you speculating on who the next Bachelorette is, see box below. has the inside scoop, the winner of this season (he had that about 2-3 months ago I think). I obviously am not going to spoil anything in the post, but for those curious about who the next Bachelorette is, see below:
  6. So is it still closer by committee with Stanton/Weathers?