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  1. thanks culdeus. how much D do you think I can build without getting a high war rank? im thinking only infernos and maybe an xbow or two? can i drop walls?
  2. hi all - looking for some FBG COC advice. my main account is a th10 with 900 + war stars. I have an alternative account that I'm messing with and looking to have fun. Main purpose behind it is to have weak defense but overpowering offense for war. Currently a TH8 with no walls, no d and just working on offense. My current thought is get BK to 5 (at 4 now), then go up to TH9 and get queen to 5 and then go up to TH11 and get warden for war. May or may not drop some infernos for fun and still debating if i should drop walls (how mu ch do they count against war rank now?) . Any thoughts / ideas would be appreciated.
  3. Someone just published the holy grail. Give us some time to digest this. thanks sounds good
  4. do you guys suggest building ANY defenses/traps for the 9.5 strategy? I've been doing it for a month now and haven't done any but i noticed some 9.5s do add the extra archer and cannon ( and traps?)
  5. what trophy range would you guys recommend for th10? My th10 finished upgrading last night and I'm struggling finding loot at my level (1600)
  6. culdeus - how do you see the clans that are level 5?
  7. If you war a lot, no reason not to do 9.5. You are still a th9 until you get those extra camp slots so you don't want all the added defenses pulling a harder matchup. ok thanks - can I build any defenses or none at all? Can i build the extra traps?
  8. has anyone here tried the 9.5 strategy? I am about to upgrade to TH10 and am considering it. I am not in the FBG clans as of now (been in a clan with close friends since i started), but I am a max th9 defenses with 220 Lvl 9 walls and 30 Lvl 10 walls. 15 AQ/15 BK. We are a constant war clan who only has 2 other TH10s right now. thanks for any advice/input.
  9. I know there has been talk on this thread of possible off-camera action between Shaun T and Tania. Well, my girlfriend has Shaun T's other video, hip hop abs, and boy was I surprised. I'm pretty sure Shaun T plays for another team... I couldn't even believe it was the same person.
  10. I'm here to and the gf are taking this full week off. After the 35 min. fit test #4 + 59 min workout video back to back this past weekend we were both just over this for a while. Just got to be too much and our bodies need to recover a bit.As mentioned earlier, we're both a little frustrated at this point that after 7 weeks of doing this religiously we haven't seen DRAMATIC results. Of course it's not hurting us in any way, but we personally aren't seeing the results that match the effort needed to keep up with this 6 days a week for 1-2 hours per day. We're going to stop INSANITY for this week and just do our regular elliptical + pushup routines to just rejuvenate our bodies. And then finish out the final 2 weeks of INSANITY, just basically to say that we completed it and didn't quit. Don't want to be a downer here, because it definitely is a good workout and everyone just starting should stick with it cuz your body could see great results. Just saying it hasn't been happening for us personally (note: both of us were in pretty good shape to begin with so I'd imagine those coming into this pretty raw to fitness would see great results) i thought you guys were actually making nice progress. didnt both of you lose over an inch on the waist (close to 2 inches for one of you)? perhaps the overall weight isnt going down, but i'm sure your fitness has improved ?
  11. day 1 - fit test completed that was a painful experience
  12. Last night's?I thought it was rather good. Perhaps a bit slow paced, but it is all about establishing the plot lines for the rest of the season. Now that Vince isn't earning, Ari showed his true colors by being a real ##### to E when approached about the indie script. E's end run to the Carla Gugino character nicely sets up some good conflict down the road. Drama and all his neuroses are a bit over the top and I'm thinking he's primed for a fall here. Some classic Ari blasts last night, but I think Tony Bennett had the line of the episode in regard to Vince not doing Aquaman 2, "Well, I'm sure you had your reasons."Maybe it was my mood but I found myself losing interest. I know it was setting up future story lines etc but it just seemed flat to me. Usually I watch and I can't believe 1/2 hour went by. I felt last night I couldn't wait for it to get over. I'm sure there are other episodes far worse, I've been waiting so long for it to comeback on , I wnat it all i thought last night was real good and was pretty upset it ended so abruptly. Ari never fails to crack me up.
  13. what would the general consensus advice be out there for a guy who WAS looking to move out and buy a place? i'm located in northern nj. from reading this i think holding out longer and not buying yet?
  14. just passed the garden state plaza on the way home... best buy had a line halfway around the building.