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  1. This is exactly the issue I have as well. The new desktop app is just so limiting in the access to information that I can have on one screen at any one time that it makes the app a non-starter. Our auction draft moves quickly and I need to be able to see, at a glance and without having to go into a separate screen, Player Pool, Draft Status, Draft Summary, Team Data. Right now as I look at the Player Pool in DD Classic, I can see 77 players Vs. 29 in the new Desktop App. And what is key for me about the Classic player pool is the "Notes" section, which I use to highlight players I want to target so that at a glance, I can see every player that I am specifically targeting. I realize that there is a "Watch List" in the new app, but it's binary nature vs. the three notes fields in Classic make it much less useful, not mention that the green star used when added to the watch list gets lost in all the other fluff (news, injured, rookie, etc) in that column. Honestly, even if the new app was somehow able to connect to the future and pull down info from the the 2016 completed season I still wouldn't use it as I can't see how I would be able to track our auction draft (as the commish) while also making my own pics.
  2. I just took a dump and it ran for more yards than Ivory.
  3. I got offered Blake Carrington for Sammy Jo Dean Carrington. Yeah, I passed.