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  1. Sorry guys! ?
  2. Coming out of retirement apparently
  3. I wouldn't do this. I am just now coming down off a 2 day stretch with Hell's Itch. For real. I read all about this as I ran around the house like a madman yelling at everyone as they tried to help me in any way they could. It was maddening. No sleeping. No showers. No touching whatsoever. It is like fire ants under the skin, like a Pinhead from Hellraiser rubbing his spike ridden melon all over my upper torso. I wanted to rip my skin off. Scratching Hell's Itch doesn't help. I wish I had a good answer for you on how to help cope with it. All I did was put every lotion and cream all over it and pray. I tried everything you could think of. Benadryl got me some much needed sleep yesterday and I finally feel a little better today. Good luck. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I thought I understood the importance of sunscreen being 42 years old and having many many sunburns. I can honestly say, this experience has made me see the light and I will never forget to re-apply. These last two days have been completely unbearable.
  4. I'm in the camp of believe White will never amount to anything at the pro level. Full fledged BUST. I hope I am wrong.
  5. Nothing wrong with it at all. Except for paying that much for a guy who 1) doesn't play consistently, or 2) can't figure out what supplements he is taking and if they are legal or not. Seems like the headaches outweigh the positives to me. Let him walk, I say. Let him go die on the Rams for $14 per year. I'd rather have Pryor, Garcon, Stills, or Kendall Wright.
  6. This is where I am at. Don't overpay for him, and let's go all in on D Watson at #3. Let Glennon start and let's give him a spin. Then we can groom Watson for Glennon's inevitable demise as the mediocre talent that he is and has proven to be. Is Hoyer going to be ready for the start of the season? I was assuming he would not be ready, which is why I wouldn't mind Glennon in town as an experienced stop gap. Paying him like Osweiler would make me puke in my mouth though. If Hoyer will be good to go by training camp then why bring in Glennon who is at best, just as good as Hoyer.
  7. I think we need a QB and that #3 pick is where it needs to come from. I see our best options as this: 1a) Pick DeShaun Watson at #3. I think the kid has "it". Plain and simple. I'd love to see him with the Beloved. 1b) Trade that #3 pick for Garoppolo. Some say the pick is too high, but he has been in the league being coached up by great coaches and has had success at the NFL level, albeit in a small sample size. I could make an argument that he is easily worth the shot in the dark QB who has zero experience. Long story short, we need a QB. I would have no issues with Pace picking QBs in the first or second round every year until they get it right. Until we get one we are doomed to 9-7 at the very best. We need that guy who can be the leader. I'd kill for Mike Tomczak at this point.
  8. awesome. Iron Sheik for the win.
  9. didn't last long, but I loved these little guys with their tiny helmets that were so easy to lose.
  10. this bad boy was so much fun.
  11. Alright Doris, come on, hey fix your bra honey. That's better.
  12. I think what it might boil down to for flapgreen, and some of us other Bear fans, is that we aren't going anywhere regardless. I could never claim another team as my own. Ever. Bears fans are loyal until we die. I try to watch every game, but most times it just doesn't end well. By week 7 this year I wanted them to lose out since we obviously weren't going anywhere. The Cutler signing was a death sentence to us. I was so excited to finally get a QB when we signed him. I was walking on cloud 9 for a while, as I am sure many of the others in this thread were. It was pretty obvious after a year or two he was not the answer. The extension was the worst move ever. Unfortunately we were stuck with him and the pain would endure for years to follow. Flapgreen can say he doesn't care or that he has no hope, but he still comes back every year. I've seen his name in Bears threads for YEARS. Heck I probably know the guy in real life, as his posts are almost to a tee what me and my friends talk about when we discuss the Beloved. Having hope is one thing. Seeing the team through rose colored glasses is quite different, which is what I think you are referring to in regards to hope, Hawkeye. We all have hope. We grasp at the smallest bits of hope every year, every offseason, every training camp, every free agent signing, and every draft pick (except the white safeties). However, in the current state of affairs, the Bears aren't going anywhere with Fox and Loggans. Fangio can stay. The defense isn't as bad as people think. However, our offense is a mess. Fox is washed up, and his motivation techniques are stale, to say the least. We need a young guy, like ADAM GASE (ugh) who can bring us into the new age of football. I always thought a guy like Dan Campbell would be a good coach for us, with a guy like McCoy running the offense.
  13. My son had some severe food allergies since birth (dairy, egg, peanut, tree nuts, sunflower, soy, and banana) and we visited a food allergist specialist when he was about 3 years old. She did the blood tests and got his allergy levels, and immediately prescribed him some probiotics. Now the normal culture count on over the counter probiotics is something like 3 or 4 million. These that she prescribed for us were ~25-30 million, so much more potent than the kind on the shelves. We had to mail away for them and they arrived in packing with ice to keep them cool. Over the last 2 years, we have challenged many of the allergies after noticing drastic changes to his allergen levels via more blood tests. He is now only allergic to dairy and non-baked egg. In our experience, these probiotics are a god send. It was the only thing we changed and definitely noticed a drastic change in his levels. Our allergist thinks that he developed these allergies as a result of my wife taking antibiotics during her last month of pregnancy. She developed walking pneumonia and went on the antibiotics a few weeks before he was born. The allergist thinks the antibiotics killed some of the "good" gut bacteria in both of their stomachs, which caused him to be born without said cultures in his stomach. We have kept him on the probiotics and also put my daughter on them as well. Since we have put her on them, we have noticed a drastic reduction in the amount of colds/sickness she has developed this school year. During last school (kindergarten) she was sick A LOT. So far this year she hasn't missed a day due to being sick. Is this a result of the probiotics? Hard to say, but we aren't chancing it as she is doing so well on them. This is what my kids take: