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  1. Matthew Thomas mentioned yet? Didn’t see him anywhere
  2. Oooh I can't believe I forgot about my Honda Can Am. That thing was so awesome. Except my wheel well was warped, causing the tire to leak air. I could drive up and down the block 1 and a half times then back to the garage to hit the air compressor. Took out a few mailboxes learning to ride that thing. Got a nice scar on my hairline also. Awesome times. Helmets? Please.
  3. Anyone ever rent video games at Blockbuster? I vividly remember when Super Tecmo Bowl came out (with all the teams) I rented that SOB and kept it for like 6 months. When my parents tried to go rent a movie, the bill was in the hundreds. The arcade by my house gave out quarters for report cards. 4 for an A, 3 for a B. Putting those suckers on the edge of the game name plate to signify "next", and then having older kids bully me out of my time with Donkey Kong Jr. Once my dad stepped in and gave them the "what for" so I could get my turn. Getting three other friends and wearing out the Gauntlet machine at the local Convenient store. "The Elf shot the food!" Stupid Elf. Fireworks were big in my neighborhood. We would drive to Indiana and load up the trunk, then keep them in a friend's shed or tucked away in a closet. M80s were the greatest, blowing up anything we could find. Bottle rocket tag was also fun. If you put one in a toy gun, it was like you were actually shooting people. Using a magnifying glass to melt all my action figures so their face would look like Toht's face when he saw the Ark of the Covenant. The toys were so much better. Today's toys are so cheap. My kids' Transformers are the worst. Complete junk. The old transformers were all metal and never broke, they just got loose so they didn't fit right anymore but it was after a year of tough play. I remember getting a new Megatron because the gun barrel wouldn't stay up. The library's water fountain had the coldest water imaginable. I used to wake up early to catch cartoons everyday before school on the Bozo show. On Monday they'd play half of a Transformers or GI Joe cartoon, and you'd have to wait until the next morning to see the other half. Saturday morning cartoons were the greatest. I still remember when the video game cartoons came out, and the Rubik's cube cartoon with the little Hispanic kid who was the only one who could solve it, and then the cube sprouted legs, arms and a head and solved crimes and ####. The 3 Stooges was also big in my house, as was the Son of Svengoolie and the cheesy monster movies. Spectreman... power from space, he'll save the human race. HORSE and knockout were fun. Summer was baseball, fall/winter was football. Basketball was when we didn't have enough for baseball. Trading baseball cards was fun too. Friday Night Videos for me was just like taping songs off the radio once we got the good ol' Betamax. Dang that sucked going to the video store when all you had was Beta. The section was about 10% that of the VHS selection. When CD's came out the first one I bought was GNR - Appetite. Playing gangster rap so quietly on my stereo so that my parents couldn't hear. Swear words??? For shame. Do kids today ever light stuff on fire anymore? Playing catch with a gas soaked fireball Nerf football with garbage can lids was the epitome of the type of stupid a group of kids could get into with no supervision. Stealing wood from construction sites to build tree houses. What about sneaking around with the remote control and peaking through your buddies window and changing their channels, completely perplexing them for a few minutes was fantastic fun.
  4. Korey Robertson - MIN (So Miss) 6'2" 212 Robert Foster - BUF (Alabama) 6'2" 196
  5. Go for it. I'm always open to letting others do work for me...
  6. So your rookie draft has ended... who are you looking to pick up and stash until after training camp and rosters have been set? Here is who I have snagged so far: Gus Edwards - BAL - I base my fliers on situation and the tape, and this guy looks good to me. Strong enough to handle the inside game and has burst. I'm not a believer in any of the guys in Baltimore right now... the next Alfred Morris? Terry Swanson - HOU - Good acceleration and again, Houston seems to be a place where a no namer could come out and make a name for themselves. The Texans have had this situation happen in the past. Robert Foster - BUF - Alabama WRs tend to play pretty well at the next level and I wonder if Bama's running attack hid his ability a little bit. Why not. Korey Robertson - MIN - Big boy. Breaks tackles well and runs strong for a WR. Also seems to have really good hands but I haven't watched all his tape yet. Tegray Scales - LAR - After Barron, the Rams don't have much proven for the other ILB spot. A monster at Indiana and lots of good press about his character and work ethic.
  7. Date the new girl for sure, the ex had her chance and she blew it by breaking your heart. New girl is exciting and just that, "new". Give it a chance as she is genuinely interested in you. I'm not sure you can say that about the ex, as it seems like she can't be alone if she is running to another right after getting out of a long term relationship.
  8. My kids would rather play Horse outside than Fortnite anytime. Maybe the fact that I do let them play the games makes them not as interested as if they were banned altogether? ~10 minutes is funny to me. I think I played 15 games after the kids went to bed last night and 14 of them I was crushed in under 2 minutes. Essentially right after I am done parachuting in. We rotate every game, if you die in 1 minute, too bad, next man is up. It sucks when you die right away! I almost exclusively drop in as far away from the action as I can, and try to build up resources and weapons alone and then sneak up on folks from behind. The new update changed my typical landing spot, and put some nuclear rocket silo there. LAME.
  9. Most of the parents at my kid's school are not allowing Fortnite at this point. Some are, most are not. I have always played video games with my kids. Mostly Lego games, fighting games like Tekken, Injustice, etc... They watch me play Tomb Raider and it's a little scary for them at times. That being said, we let both our kids play Fortnite. There's no blood and guts and when players die they just *poof* and disappear. I don't really subscribe to the theory that these games are bad for kids, but I WILL keep games like COD and GTA away from them for a looooong time. I think the cartoony aspect most have already mentioned make this harmless but what do I know. At our school (private Catholic) I seem to def. be in the minority. My kids are 6 and 8. Fire away at what a terrible parent I am. The 6 year old loved to smash stuff with the axe and build, but if he encounters another player he is smoked almost instantly. He's probably played less than 50 times, he's got 2 kills. My 8 year old is more interested, but after an hour or so she loses interest and moves onto something else. She is slightly better, but still gets killed 9 out of 10 times if she gets in a fire fight. I'm a little better, but I've never won. 2nd place is my highest. Edit: the dances and taunting are probably the feature they like the most.
  10. Pre-draft rankings are listed on the post draft rankings, just in (parentheses).
  11. The YMCA told me they run background checks on everyone who applies for membership. He didn't show up... this time.
  12. If you're doing pizza, Pequod's is the place to be. I crave it daily. My favorite food in the world is Pequod's pizza.
  13. No chance of this, but I get where you're coming from. No way I am letting this dude make my kids miss lessons. If dude is there I'll be ready and plan on searching the parking lot for him in a car before I enter. I have no doubt I can whip his a$$. Need to make sure he doesn't know our car also. I don't need the family truckster getting keyed or splattered with baby batter. If he's there I'll call the cops immediately and send the family elsewhere.
  14. That's what I say too, and had a cop saw him do it, that might have helped. The fact that he was showering and not legit stroking off makes this a grey area he told me, and one he wouldn't get a charge to stick to as he was showering. Cop says he is a definite creep, but not breaking any laws.