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  1. Now he is sitting out practice for an undisclosed reason. This is crazy. I hate you CJ.
  2. I don't like to sell low. I've seen him play at a high level during his rookie year and produce good numbers. I just looked back and he was #12 overall in my league last year and that would still make him a LB1 so maybe I am being hard on 'ol CJ.
  3. What's this guy's deal? I dealt for him in my main dynasty (not cheap)... just in time for him to settle to mediocrity last year. Now he begins with a 1 solo 1 assist? I hate you C.J. Does anyone who watched the game have any insight?
  4. Kansas City Chiefs inside linebacker Justin March did not play against the Green Bay Packers in the fourth preseason game, a strong indication that he has won the starting job over Ramik Wilson. Fantasy Impact March will start opposite Derrick Johnson in the regular season with Josh Mauga on IR. He is unlikely to have a three-down role, but could still prove to be a nice depth player in most IDP leagues. He is worth scooping up if he is still available in your league.
  5. In return yardage leagues, the slot corner role can equal a big points with return yards factored in.
  6. I had to google this. WTF?
  7. Great response and I tend to agree with much of what you said. I definitely think you are higher on Ajayi than I am, but that's really a moot point. You clarified your point well, and I would agree. I think the opportunity is there, and even though it is a small sample size, Drake has some nice things down on film. When I am in the 3rd round of a rookie draft, I can't think of many better fliers to take a chance on. I would agree, sometimes the doctors get it wrong. See my Marcus Lattimore posts from a few years ago. I was listening to the wrong doctors then. I also drafted Jaylon Smith in the 2nd round this year. I never learn.
  8. By owing him something, I'm saying that coach didn't draft him. He didn't hand pick him for HIS system, he is a player he inherited. You can say Ajayi was the 3rd best back, but I would disagree. I would have put Gurley, Gordon, Yeldon, Abdullah, Coleman, and Langford ahead of him last year. The injury concern only strengthens my opinion in my eyes. He had the injury and whether it's bone on bone, or improperly repaired surgically, or perfectly fine, you or I cannot be sure. I do know that the Bears were in the market for a running back last year and Gase was in the war room. The Bears decided to take Langford a full round ahead of Ajayi. Is this because Gase was worried about the knee? Or was it because he liked Langford better? I think as the OC in Chicago he had some pretty important input regarding the players they picked on the offensive side of the ball. I am reading between the lines here. Maybe they took Drake in the 3rd round because he's great on ST. I doubt that, but maybe. I see it as a prime spot for a guy like Drake to overtake a "starter" who has really not earned anything. He's the "starter" because there wasn't anyone else. Now Drake is there only time will tell who gets the touches. RE: your fantasy team, I think this is pretty poor rationale. Were you going to lose your team if you played with those guys and didn't win? Of course not. There is no "system" for ANY guys to be "your guys". Your livelihood/job did not depend on those players performance. Drew Brees just had a surgery that was supposed to fix a possible career ending injury. I think the risk of giving him a 10-12 million dollars is much larger than drafting a 5th round running back who was guaranteed pennies compared to the contract Brees was looking for. Ajayi averaged 3.8 YPC last year. That isn't exactly Earth shattering. I never said new = push all this is out the door unless the new is an obvious upgrade. I would say that Ajayi did NOT cement himself as a starter last year. He had some nice runs, but Gase sees something in Drake enough to draft him so high. The opportunity is there for him to snatch the job away from Ajayi, and opportunity is a huge factor to help NFL players succeed. ETA: Didn't the fish just offer a big contract for CJ Anderson? I don't think that is a great sign for their belief in Ajayi either. The opportunity for Drake is there, you can't deny it.
  9. Don't forget it's a new regime in Miami with Gase in town, and they don't owe Ajayi anything. This is why I targeted Drake. Ajayi and Drake will compete for the job this year IMHO.
  10. Jeebus. Lots of negativity in here. I have to disagree, but I can't say I love the pick. I certainly don't hate it though. I was at the draft last night and there were a LOT of Bear fans in the same state of shock. For the life of me I can't understand why? Can people not understand what a risk Tunsil was, and how using a top 10 pick on a guy with that sort of question mark coming down on him with little to NO time to research and prove validity would have been a terrible business decision? If he fails a test in training camp after the Bears sign him, then you all rip Pace for making such a dumb move with that question mark hanging out there. As a former O-lineman, a current line coach, and a love of all things blocking, I wanted them to make the pick at the time. After they passed, I can justify them going in another direction. Maybe Tunsil had some hints at this type of behavior and the video was the nail in the coffin of proof. This draft appears to me one that is severely lacking in top end talent, but is very deep in general. There were 15-20 (20!!) guys who are still available who were at some point mocked in the first round. That tells me that there is an awfully large group of players in this draft with very similar potential/value. They fell in love with him, and they made their move to get him and I respect Pace for that. He didn't give up a lot for him either. We had an extra 4th. As far as the tape is concerned, I see a pretty talented kid with a non stop motor who plays HARD. I don't get the previous poster who said he didn't play hard. He played vs top flight competition as well. I think he looks light in the a$$ but no one can deny we need a speed rusher to make this defense go. Fangio did great identifying and selecting Aldon Smith in SF, off the field trouble notwithstanding. From what I hear, he loved Floyd also. Let's keep things positive guys. Pace has done awesome so far, let's ride the snake and see where he takes us.
  11. Won't your commish add him into the database manually?
  12. Justin March Zach Vigil Ben Heeney Zachary Orr
  13. I would NEVER go over the coach's head to the varsity guy without first talking to him. If it didn't go anywhere or the coach pissed me off, I would then maybe go over his head if I really thought my kid was being treated unfairly or that the coach was a Richard. Also, re: complaining about coach not arguing with the refs. I coach O-line and I never argue calls. Other guys on my staff do, but I don't think it helps. If I was a ref I would never give a make up call to a complaining coach.
  14. Thabnks Acer. The kids are all 10th graders and the coach is new to the school, which is unfortunate as the former coach was great. The "new guy" is at his first gig and I think he's just winging it. I'd put his age at about 23? Don't discount the fact that he is a new coach, and is very young. It may have been an oversight. Young coaches make mistakes too. I coach HS football and there are times I go into the game thinking I want to get a certain kid some time, but the flow of the game takes over and I completely forget. Once the buzzer hits and I look at the players at the end of the game, it dawns on me I forgot about them and I feel terrible. Maybe he didn't do something he was supposed to do in the first half, that stopped the coach from putting him in the second half. Maybe the coach wanted to get a longer look at some other kids. There are many factors that could be in play here. I probably wouldn't even contact the coach until I saw what happened in the next game. Agree with other poster about asking the coach what the deal is. I would never care if a parent asked me why their kid wasn't playing. It's the parents who demand things and act as if their kid is perfect and make demands.