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  1. There is one later episode that will make you lean more towards what whoknew is saying. It is one of the most interesting, but also one that is so personal you kind of feel like you're violating this man's privacy.
  2. Better will be a matter of opinion, but the entire story changes in episode 2, so I'd try episode 2, and see if you enjoy that. If so continue, if not, probably move on.
  3. I binged the entire thing at work yesterday, definitely not what I expected, but found it fascinating and riveting...I'm not sure I can even explain why. Also, the uncle with a bullet stuck in his head is the MVP of unintentional comedy....YUUUPPPPPPPP!
  4. On a related note, there is apparently a LINE group for selling accounts, a guy in my alliance with a rank 4 agent venom is up to a 4 figure offer for his account. Got to think that is an easy way to get burned by either side of the transaction but the entire "underground" LINE groups are pretty interesting.
  5. Just some apparent chat screenshots with apple, but they could easily be faked. I'll send you the one someone posted of a $1,456 refund. Someone else in the alliance I'm currently in saw a similar post in some LINE chat group with a $5k refund. But again, these are far from concrete evidence. Multiple people in my alliance have gotten their 3 month refund back. Everyone who has tried through the online process has failed, but by calling Apple directly (sometimes trying a few times until they got a "friendly" rep) they've been having luck.
  6. Any of you guys had luck getting refunds? I've read a few things online and some appear to have gotten lifetime spends back from Apple, but I don't know how much of that is photo-shopped or bs. I don't have any purchases in the last 90 days but wouldn't mind getting my $150 bucks or so back from previous purchases last year.
  7. He's in grade 1. He picks up social cues fine, he's a little shy but engages well with kids. We've never had or noticed an social issues through all of pre-school or kindergarten and grade 1. Due to the speech delay, we've both looked through the autism spectrum symptoms pretty extensively. Other than this new tick, the only other warning signs that worry me are the recent fidgeting, the fact he had speech delay as a baby, and maybe the fact he can be a little shy and sensitive at times, but again, he makes friends in school and has multiple close friends.
  8. A few months ago, out of nowhere one day, I noticed my 6 year old tap both his wrists against the bannister of the staircase. At first I didn't think anything of it, but then I noticed some more. Basically, if his hand or foot hit something accidentally, he would tap it with the other side. It literally came out of nowhere. I guess I just thought this was a phase, but it's been a couple months and he hasn't stopped. It's not all the time, and doesn't seem to be impeding him in anyway at school or in his life, but I notice it and I'm prone to overly worry about these sort of things. He doesn't do it when he's busy with something active, like when he's at hockey or playing outside, more so if he's in the house. I've been researching on the internet (which I should never do as I completely freak myself out) and it appears to at the very least be O.C.D., but that can be associated with a host of other things such as ADHD, Autism, etc... My son was a late to talk, so we were worried about autism early on, but he showed no other symptoms and with speech therapy caught up so the doctors were not concerned, but now with this I'm, stressed about that again as well. We've also noticed he's been more fidgety when sitting on the couch in correspondence with this need to touch things evenly with both hands. I sat down and talked to him last week, let him know he was in no way in trouble or doing anything wrong, but we've noticed and wanted to know if everything okay. Basically he knows he's doing it, and he's not sure why it's started. He just started to feel the need basically to touch things with both hands or feet when one accidentally touches the other. He's otherwise a sweet healthy kid, doing really well in school, has some close friends, shows normal emotions, understand social cues, doesn't show many of the other symptoms for something more serious, etc... We've made an appointment to go see his Doctor and see if we need a referral and should be doing something about this, but at this point I'm just completely freaked out and basically just want to see if anyone has any experience with this. I'm literally a nervous wreck and can't stop watching him do it and progressively worry more and more. I'm hopeful it's just a phase, but worried it's anywhere from an OCD tick to something much worse.
  9. Chao just drastically updated his assessment, now mcl best case, Navarro bowman worst case.
  10. Chao only mentioned mcl sprain as the concern based on video, the guy is almost never wrong, I wouldn't panic or be overly worried about his dynasty value yet.
  11. Dr Chao only saw mcl sprain as concern, reserve panic, he's correct 95% of the time.
  12. The stuff we used was an anti-coagulant and per the pest guy it minimizes the smell and greatly speeds up the deterioration process. I believe it was called jaguar. We never had any smells, although as it works slowly the other up is he dies while out of the house.
  13. We had one in the attic this spring. Technically rat poison doesn't necessarily work on squirrels, theyre less likely to actually go and ingest it. The pest guy recommended a specific rat poison, they were little red pucks. He threw a bunch in the attic (vaulted ceiling and can't actually get to where he was). That night we heard him find them and he went to town, sounded like he was playing a 3 on 3 hockey tournament with the puck. Each night we'd hear him, moving slower and slower. Day 6....dead.
  14. Sorry Harry, you're group is just too inactive and the AQ groups stall out right away. I'm looking to check in a couple days and smash through a few sections and not sure that is going to fit in.