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  1. There is one later episode that will make you lean more towards what whoknew is saying. It is one of the most interesting, but also one that is so personal you kind of feel like you're violating this man's privacy.
  2. Better will be a matter of opinion, but the entire story changes in episode 2, so I'd try episode 2, and see if you enjoy that. If so continue, if not, probably move on.
  3. I binged the entire thing at work yesterday, definitely not what I expected, but found it fascinating and riveting...I'm not sure I can even explain why. Also, the uncle with a bullet stuck in his head is the MVP of unintentional comedy....YUUUPPPPPPPP!
  4. On a related note, there is apparently a LINE group for selling accounts, a guy in my alliance with a rank 4 agent venom is up to a 4 figure offer for his account. Got to think that is an easy way to get burned by either side of the transaction but the entire "underground" LINE groups are pretty interesting.
  5. Just some apparent chat screenshots with apple, but they could easily be faked. I'll send you the one someone posted of a $1,456 refund. Someone else in the alliance I'm currently in saw a similar post in some LINE chat group with a $5k refund. But again, these are far from concrete evidence. Multiple people in my alliance have gotten their 3 month refund back. Everyone who has tried through the online process has failed, but by calling Apple directly (sometimes trying a few times until they got a "friendly" rep) they've been having luck.
  6. Any of you guys had luck getting refunds? I've read a few things online and some appear to have gotten lifetime spends back from Apple, but I don't know how much of that is photo-shopped or bs. I don't have any purchases in the last 90 days but wouldn't mind getting my $150 bucks or so back from previous purchases last year.
  7. Chao just drastically updated his assessment, now mcl best case, Navarro bowman worst case.
  8. Chao only mentioned mcl sprain as the concern based on video, the guy is almost never wrong, I wouldn't panic or be overly worried about his dynasty value yet.
  9. Sorry Harry, you're group is just too inactive and the AQ groups stall out right away. I'm looking to check in a couple days and smash through a few sections and not sure that is going to fit in.
  10. Fair point. Honestly, I needed to stop. I can't play that game without it taking over too much of my life. I'd love to be like Dickies and just able to sign in and do AQ/AW, but I couldn't stop myself from grinding every day and trying to maximize every event. When it gets to the point you're ducking out of your son's hockey game to get in a fight before the buzzer, your kids asking you to put your phone down when you're watching a movie together, and losing your mind over people in your alliance not grinding as hard as you, I needed to hard delete again. Not playing that game has been much better for my overall life, but I do really miss being on LINE with all of you guys. Glad you're all over the wall, say hi to everyone for me.
  11. To be fair the first quit wasn't a rage quit, it was more of a ghost quit. I'll grant you my quitting the alliance was a rage quit, but the actual 2nd game quit a few days later was another ghost quit. Grinding like a monkey and winning T4CC is not worth being in an alliance LINE chat where for 2 days straight adult males are discussing who has the better Magic the Gathering deck.
  12. Lol....did you seriously just take it upon yourself to provide an unsolicited performance review on me?
  13. Harry, haven't played in a month or two, and probably won't be on much, but if you need someone in your alliance to occasionally check in and help out in AQ and AW shoot me an invite, KACISBACK.