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  1. lots of good passing matchups, don't love the running matchups. probably going to go cheap at RB and pay up elsewhere. more analysis later.
  2. 1a. rivers. 1b. Smith - I wouldn't run kizer in cash 1. Gio (if mixon is out) 2. Drake 3. Freeman (ill most likely avoid both drake and freeman in cash) 1. Goodwin 2. Bryant 3. Stills (he would be 1 or 2 if it were Moore playing, but I wouldn't use him in cash) 1. Doyle 2a. Anderson 2b. Henry (prefer doyle for cash here, but I can understand any of the 3)
  3. This is a really weird week and I am looking at a lot of the same problems, especially on the main slate. I need to separate the 60k from my head because when I have a good chunk left over, 2k+, (which I have had on numerous builds for this week so far) I force myself to upgrade a RB or a WR or a TE off of my original build. It gets me a top teir player into the lineup, but I feel like I'm forcing him in there. He wasn't part of my initial build for a reason, but I keep finding myself throwing them in there. T-M for example, I have 8 lineups going. 2 cash, 2 gpp, 4 .25 gpp. I want exposure to this game in every lineup. To what extent is what changes. I'll do a brees and Ryan stack heavy with this game. Currently, have Kamara in 6 of them. I want to pivot, maybe to Ingram, but he worries me. Even though he is playing, I don't know if he gets a full split playing on a short week with an injury and the playoffs a couple of weeks away. If I pivot to freeman or Coleman, I'm left with 2k or so. Same thing if I go from Julio or Thomas to Sanu or Ginn. I can switch those players with a more equally priced player (Kamara to Bell, Julio to Nuke, Thomas to Cooks), but it minimizes my exposure to the Thursday game (which I think is a high scoring affair). I'm just struggling putting together a lineup that I really like that doesn't have 2k+ left over. I'll leave one or two that way to see what happens, but not comfortably.
  4. Here's 2 T-M high $ RB cash lineup in as a PH. Hundley, Kamara, Bell, Adams, Crowder, Lee, Witten, Gould, Bucs Manning, Kamara, Bell, Shepard, Julio, Lee, Anderson, Butler, Chargers First lineup could be way better with no Ingram or Stafford this week. Second Lineup, I just really like for cash or GPP honestly. Its a weird week. Side note : (assuming he starts) I LOVE everything about Eli Manning this week for both cash and GPP. He is in a great spot against a weird Dallas team with a WEAK secondary @ home. Its a revenge game for his benching and breaking of his streak AND its a way to knock a division rival out of the playoffs. Not to mention his price at $6000 is dirt cheap. He may literally account for my qb in well over 50% of my lineups this week. It could burn me bad if he bombs, but all the stars are aligning in my mind for a big game.
  5. decent week for me. 22.5 in, 55 out. Hit on both of my main slate $5 double ups, a $2 triple up and had one $2 GPP give me $30 that scored 159.44. If I had anyone other than McCoy and Shepard, both of whom I figured would get littered with targets/touches, I would have gotten some good money. That lineup was... McCown, Williams, McCoy, Anderson, Shepard, Lee, Gronk, Zuerlein, Rams. Still have one T-M lineup sitting at 115 that has bell and AJ green in it that may make in into the cash of a gpp. The rest of my T-M lineups are dead already. Guess its time to start looking into next weeks slate. I'm gonna try and post some analysis this week of what I'm thinking to bounce off you all. I will tell you this, I entered 6x a .25 contest and made those lineups on the crazier side and it let me focus my cash and main gpp lineups more. I also didn't even adjust the .25 PH lineups until Sunday morning so my tinker time that morning was much less on the main cash/gpps and way more on the 6 crazyish lineups I set that morning.
  6. I wouldn't overthink it. Indy's top CB is out again I believe, leaving Lee with a really solid matchup. I loved Balt defense early, but the more I look at DET, they really don't turn the ball over all that much. May just be a low scoring affair in that one.
  7. keenum, hyde, lewis, funchess, diggs, Shepard, ertz, zuerlein, rams
  8. I know I shouldn't, which makes me think that I should
  9. typically each week I play in the T-M and Sunday $1 & 2 single entry. usually throw in 1-2 more dollars into the .25 bigger tourney as well. round it out with 2 or 3 entries into the big multi entry 1$ game. Putting $10 a week towards gpps. ill do 2 $5 double ups, one on thurs and one on main slate(I have hit one every week and both most weeks, basically paying for my gpps). I'll do a $2 triple up and quintuple up and usually a $1 100 person as well. I float around $25 bucks a week in entries. as TT says below, I think I need to get my core of players and just swap out a couple guys in the .25 one with 4-8 lineups. Problem is, I just don't know what my core should be. I keep missing on 1-2 guys a week which cripples those lineups to miss or just barely cash. The winning lineups always make so much sense after the week is over. A Hundley lineup with no stack would have been great this week. Allowing you to get Julio/brown/gronk/kamara into that lineup. But who the hell would think to run Hundley out there. I think I'm gonna get really drunk before I enter my .25 gpp lineups this week. Maybe drunk me is better at this. lol.
  10. Did not have a good week. 25 in, 10 out. have 2 lineups still to go that could cash tonight. but just barely if they do. threw together a lineup for tonight - thurs to try and get lucky and offset the losses. just a $2 100 person game. Flacco, woodhead, perine, hopkins, maclin, crowder, witten, fairbairn, redskins tried to go against the grain here at some spots. Figured cousins will be highest owned, but with how Dallas is playing, the skins may be up early, pushing the run (why I used perine over miller) I think tonights game could be a sloppy shootout. Hopkins is just so targeted, its hard to fade him. Same with crowder the last few weeks. they say Woodhead won't have a snapcount tonight, so I'm just hoping for a crap ton of dump offs to him and think he is pretty low owned too. Threw maclin in there too for the triple stack. (is wallace the better play? I dunno) Witten because... probably low owned and the skins have solid corners, weak in the middle. Should get a lot of dump offs. I guess Beasley could be a play too, but he keeps burning me when I use him. Fairbairn is in hopes Baltimore stifles the run game for Houston. forcing some FGs Skins defense... again for the lower owned play. people are still giving Dallas more credit then I think they deserve. They have been horrid the last 3 weeks.
  11. I love this. This is my first fade team as I realize I have enough to make another tomorrow. Mccown, powell, Howard, Evans, Anderson, Julio, gronk, Crosby, Titans.
  12. Gronk is due a monster game though, right? I don't think it should be this game against a struggling dolphins team, but that just seems when the players I fade go CRAZY. OMG, we would win everything!
  13. Been a busy week for me with the holidays, but one of my gpp placeholders is built around Brady/Gronk/Antonio, game script for both is turning me off though, so I'm going to keep them in there (remember our new mentality karma, opposite of our guts, lol). Filled in with low cost, high upside WRs, Gostkowski, 2 mid priced, high upside RBs, and ATL defense (thinking they are low owned and hitting their stride against a horrid TB offense) Hopefully I'll have some time tonight or tomorrow morning to throw my assessments for the week on here. Would love to bounce some ideas off you fine folks before game time. I think my problem is, I like to create game scripts in my head that make sense based off of matchups and I can do that for any team in any game. Which typically forces me to diversify my lineups a bit more than I probably should. I feel like I should be better at this than "breaking even or producing a very small profit". Maybe I'm looking at it wrong and should just grind it out in cash games, where I've been relatively successful, but I do that in the stock market and at the poker table, so this is where my "lotto ticket" plays come in to play I suppose. I just want one big win. To prove to myself that I don't actually suck at this and more importantly (and I've said this before), to prove to my wife all my time invested was worth it.
  14. karma, since I feel the exact same way as you do, new plan. We follow our gut and brains and throw together whatever lineups we feel like should be good. Then, we switch that player with the opposite player in the same position on the other team. Then, hopefully, we will win.
  15. I kind of hate this week already. Its crazy how much my lineups have changed since Monday. Injuries, migraines, weather, returning players... ugh. Here's to breaking even! Good luck everyone. We still have an hour and a half until we get underway, but I need to put my phone down and stop messing with my lineups. I probably have already had the winner of one of these GPPs, but I've changed it a dozen times and will most likely not even cash. I'm overworked and sleep deprived (but I still love you 3 little life draining monsters), so this may just seem like crazy talk. It probably is.