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  1. My turn to return the favor πŸ˜ƒ. QB - I love mahomes, early 4th is as much of a steal as your gonna get for him, I just fear that QB is sooo deep and I think mahomes regresses a little that you could have gotten better value later (he is still easily a top 5 qb and I love the stack with Hill). Stafford should be the steady backup that you need. RB - Conner is your rock. Its dangerous behind that for the first 1/2 of the season though. Guice has AP and Thompson to battle with off of now 2 injuries. Henderson is a monster if Gurley isn't himself, Harris (I love) still has Michel and white to battle with. Sanders has been injured and is part of what looks like a platoon. Hunt can help if Chubb isn't the monster I expect. I like that you have brown and Henderson if anything happens with gurley. Big fan of hill in Balt as well, but he has to work his way up too. WR - Adams and Hill is a great 1/2 combo. I'm not as high on kupp this year as I was last year, still a solid year, but lots of mouths to feed in LA. I think Williams will surprise you and be a solid WR3 this year. I agree with you on stills and Godwin. TE - I see hooper being solid this year, but not a big improvement on what he did last year. He is the 3rd/4th mouth to feed in the passing game along with Sanu with a healthy Freeman as well. I agree that brate may be underrated this year. Any injury to Howard makes him a beast. Problem is that historically Arians has never been a fan of using his TE for much more than blocking(where brate shines) and Howard feels more like a hybrid WR3.
  2. feels like this is my own thread!! $5 pick 11 QB - Newton (10.2) Jackson (11.11) RB - Bell (2.2) K Johnson (3.11) Miller (7.11) Foreman (9.11) Ito Smith (12.2) Richard (17.11) WR - Julio (1.11) Diggs (4.2) Watkins (5.11) Corey Davis (8.2) Sanders (14.2) M Brown BAL (15.11) Deebo Samuel (16.2) TE - Engram (6.2) Reed (13.11) Thomas HOU (18.2) QBs should be fine here. Loved newton in round 10 and felt like I got decent value on Jackson in the 11th. Both have mobility on their sides as well, which is great for best ball if they stay healthy. RB - 3 weekly starters in Bell, Johnson and whoever wins the HOU RB job. Ito smith is a high value backup and Richard should be involved with OAK all year as the "receiving back" WR - super happy here. Julio is a beast, Diggs is (in my eyes) the more talented WR in minny and Watkins (even with hill back) should have a very solid year. Davis and sanders are high floor picks for backup WRs and Brown(to pair with Jackson) and Samuel are high upside picks. TE - Cant complain here. Engram should be one of the top targets on a team playing from behind. Reed is more than likely the top target on a team playing from behind (if he stays healthy of course) and all signs point to Thomas being the #1 TE in HOU. I'm happy with this lineup. High upside players at every position. Best ball, despite its simplicity, its extremely complicated. It sure is fun though πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Yeah, Williams seems to have a lock in the 1 spot. I am curious who gets the RB2 in KC though. Hyde or the Darwin Thompson. I’m hoping it’s thompson. That kid is legit and Hyde seems like he has JAG written all over him the last few years
  4. agreed completely. I'm not expecting a "redshirt year" for him or anything, but it may take him until mid season to truly claim the full #2 RB spot based solely off of this offseason so far.
  5. The only way he takes touches away from sanders is if he were hurt or didn't pick up the offense quick enough. Sproles fills more holes incase of those situations than anyone else can. Its a safe/smart move at RB4 or 5.
  6. $5 pick 11 QB - Watson (6.2) Cousins (11.11) RB - Conner (2.2) K Johnson (3.11)Jacobs (4.2) Cohen (5.11) Samuels (9.11) Richard (16.2) WR - Thomas (1.11) Fuller (7.11) Davis (8.2) Campbell (12.2) Sanders (14.2) Crowder (15.11) Quinn (17.11) TE - Andrews (10.2) Reed (13.11) Thomas (18.2) QB - very happy. Watson has overall QB1 potential and cousins hasn't been under QB9 in the last 4 years. RB - Also very happy. Top 4 are beasts and have the backups to 2 of the 4. WR - Love Thomas, the rest of the group is a balance of high floor and high ceiling players. Should be able to get 2 good scores out of the 6 behind Thomas. TE - Pretty happy here too. Andrews should fall into the #1 roll in Balt, Reed could be the top receiving target in WAS if he stays healthy and Thomas is my late round TE sleeper. Love the HOU stack of Watson/Fuller/Thomas for best ball. As you can tell, I try to stack up somewhere each draft. I also like to back up my top RBs as much as I can. Since I believe in that offense enough to draft the top guy, getting the backup incase of injury keeps the positional player I want from those teams.
  7. I think what it really boils down to is "does Sproles still have enough in the tank to beat out Scott and shows that he deserves to be on the roster", not just for his wealth of knowledge. Currently on the 90 man roster, he is a teacher to the younger guys and insurance that can play in the return game and as a 3rd down back in case of any preseason injuries. Sanders isn't healthy yet. Scott has not done enough to secure his roster spot either. I really hope both of those things change through training camp though. I think currently, Howard/Sanders/Clement are locks for the roster. If they keep 5, Smallwood/Adams are the 2 on the outside looking in I'd think. if they keep 4 its smallwood/adams and either Scott or sproles looking in too.
  8. $5 Pick 5 Sticking with the cardinals theme the last couple drafts QB - Murray (9.5) Trubisky (12.8) RB - Johnson (1.5) Gurley (2.8) ingram (5.5) Henderson (7.8) Edmonds (14.8) D Thompson KC (16.8) Richard (18.8) WR - Hilton (3.5) Godwin (4.8) Boyd (6.8) Samuel (8.8) Tate (11.5) M Brown (15.5) Crowder (17.5) TE - Andrews (10.8) Reed (13.5) QB - Still loving on Murray. Also like trubisky to be a solid weekly contributor with a few big weeks. RB - Beast mode. DJ (+ the pair with Murray) and Gurley could be deadly. Assuming Gurley is healthy Gurley. Ingram is the 1 on a run heavy team. Henderson backs up Gurley if there is a problem, Edmonds for Johnson if injured. Thompson I think wins the backup spot in KC and Richard is a ppr pick WR - Loving this group as well honestly. Hilton and Godwin should produce weekly and 1-2 of the rest should fill in fine if the top 2 flop any given week. A solid mix of high ceilings and high floors should make for solid weekly production TE - Here's the possible weakness. Now, if Reed turns in a healthy season, he should be the top receiver in WAS. Andrews looks like he improved and should lock down the #1 TE spot in Baltimore. If those things happen, this is a dangerous lineup, it could also crash and burn because of the TE's.
  9. $5 Pick 7 QB - Kyler Murray (8.6) Lamar Jackson (12.6) RB - Mixon (2.6) A Jones (3.7) L Murray (7.7) R Jones (10.6) Barber (11.7) Ballage (14.6) J Williams (15.7) WR - Golladay (4.6) Moore (5.7) Kirk (6.6) Coutee (9.7) Isabella (13.7) Quinn (16.6) Boykin (18.6) TE - Kelce (1.7) J Thomas (17.7) QB - Mobile QB lineup engaged. Super high ceiling and a super low floor. Again, I'm bullish on ARI offense and I can only bet on improvement from Jackson RB - Happy for the most part. Love Mixon and Jones as my rocks. Murray is the most valuable backup in the league I believe. I got the TB starter, whoever it ends up being. Ballage is high ceiling with only Drake in front of him and Williams is to lock up GB if Jones gets hurt(I like to try and backup my top guy or two if able, I'm already choosing to invest in that offense, I may as well lock it up when capable). WR - Just like my last draft, no stud WR again, but I'm comfortable with it. Top 2 are low end WR1s in my eyes. Kirk or Isabella will have a good game each week, so locked them up to go with Murray. Coutee is a target hog and high ceiling when healthy. Quinn is a high floor pick and Boykin is a Flyer to go with Jackson. He has the size, speed and ability to start week 1. TE - Kelce is Kelce. Top 3 TE at worst, odds are #1. Worth it to me to lock up the best player at a fragile fantasy position. Thomas is the 1 in HOU and should have the occasional solid game. (I like my last draft at pick 10 with Kelce more than this one) More lineups to come πŸ˜ƒ (3 more $5 to post, still planning to do 5 more 5's and 2 more 25's by mid august before im done. Those #s could go up though. I like improving my odds)
  10. I agree, as long as he is outplayed to get there. I would also prefer for him not to make the team honestly, that means to me the younger ones who did showed they were superior to him. I stand by my point that he has to earn his way on, he won't just be given a spot. We can't discount the knowledge or leadership of Sproles either. Its a big deal for team chemistry. And lets not forget that sanders has been battling injury issues all offseason (our receiving back) and Scotts hype was early(and cooled since) and centered around his returner ability. I think if sproles beats out Scott, its for return duties and as a safety net if sanders isn't healthy or doesn't get up to speed fast enough because of his injury. Clement is what he is, a solid NFL backup. Scott can be put on the practice squad for a year if need be. Knowing this will be Sproles last year and a year to hone his game, maybe he doesn't jump to another offer.
  11. fair enough. His injuries have been more freak than anything else the last couple years, but I wouldn't consider him "injury prone". But I understand what you're saying. I'd say they carry 4 and possibly 5 RB(1 as mainly a returner possibly). I still like the pickup to at least let those younger guys soak up as much knowledge as they can from him. If he is RB4 or 5 come 53 man roster, honestly, so be it, more time for the younger RBs to learn. (I still think he will need to earn it though)
  12. is it though? Despite his age, he could still be good in the return game as well as catching passes out of the backfield. Not to mention the wealth of knowledge he would be able to pass on to the younger backs(no other real vets outside of Howard and his 3 years of action). He isn't going to make the team just because its Darren sproles, if he winds up on the game day roster, its because he earned it. Putting him on the 90 man offseason roster is an easy call to see what he has left in the tank and to bleed as much of his knowledge into the younger players at RB.
  13. Been bored and won a chunk of money at poker recently, sooooo, I did 4 more $5 drafts. Here's the first of 4. I'll post the others a little later. Going to start doing some of my internal analysis like my last post. Give a little depth behind my decisions. Again, take them with a grain of salt, luck will be the biggest factor in who wins these big tourneys. Pick 10 QB - Rodgers (7.10) Wentz (9.10) RB - Conner (2.3) Jacobs (3.10) Barber (11.10) Ito Smith (12.3) D Foreman (10.3) Richard (15.10) Snell (17.10) WR - Edelman (4.3) Moore (5.10) Kirk (6.3) Isabella (13.10) Coutee (8.3) Metcalf (14.3) Quinn (18.3) TE - Kelce (1.10) Everett (16.3) Love the QBs. Rodgers was too good at the end of the 7th to pass on and can be the #1 QB any year he plays a full season. I had other plans at QB, but all of these drafts are different so needed to adjust. Wentz is our boy and I see a big year for him if he stays healthy. RB I feel like I have 2 solid starters in Conner and Jacobs(should be). I think Barber is the lead in TB, Ronald jones doesn't impress me at the NFL level. Ito Smith will be a beast if anything happens to freeman. I think foreman could take the lead role in HOU later in the season. Richard and Snell are to backup my 2 big dogs. WR is a lot of high upside. I see edelman being a target hog in NE, so he should have a very high floor in PPR. Quinn also looks like he should see the most targets in WAS outside of Jordan Reed. Another high floor choice. Moore is the 1 in CAR and I think improves on last years numbers. Solid WR2 with a high ceiling. Coutee and Metcalf are pure high ceiling WR's that if they hit, they will hit big. Also figured if I take both ARI wrs, whichever of the 2 have the big game will play for me. Fitz is on his last leg and I think Kirk will be the true 1 in ARI. I'm very bullish on the cardinals offense (and their not so good defense) to keep points flowing. TE - Kelce says enough. This was taking the best player at the position to not have to worry about it again. I like Everett as the sole starter with the Rams this year. He has worked hard to improve his blocking. He will be serviceable the few times when Kelce isn't. Thats all I need him to be.
  14. did 2 more $5 tourneys. Pick 10 QB - Wentz (8.3) Rivers (12.3) RB - Mixon (1.10) Freeman (3.10) Jacobs (4.3) Carson (6.3) Barber (11.10) WR - Thomas (2.3) M Williams (5.10) Coutee (7.10) N Harry (9.10) Tate (10.3) Sanders (13.10) J Brown (14.3) Deebo Samuel (15.10) TE - Lacosse (16.3), Everett (17.10) Knox (18.3) My TE's kept getting sniped the entire draft. so by round 10 I said screw it, I'm just gonna take 3 at the end. All starters respectively, well, Knox should be by start of the season. Happy with RB, thought about one more depth spot, but they are strong. (I think barber is the starter in TB) Went with the extra WR's to play behind Thomas(beast mode) and Williams(solid with increase in targets with no Tyrell Williams). Some with very high ceilings (coutee, harry, brown, Samuel) and 2 with high floors (Tate and Sanders) Should be able to get 2 solid scores out of the 7 of them. This draft lives and dies with the TE's. If they are even close to serviceable, this roster has a shot to compete. Pick 4 (drunk drafting is always interesting. I was shooting to go against my normal grain of drafting here while riding to a poker game, not my best work, but I don't hate it if the RBs work out) QB - Luck (6.9) Murray (8.9) RB - Kamara (1.4) L Murray (7.4) Donta Foreman (9.4) Ito Smith (11.4) Dion Lewis (13.4) D Singletary (14.9) D Thompson KC (18.9) WR - Cooper (3.4) Godwin (4.9) M Williams (5.4) Moncreif (10.9) Deebo Samuel (15.4) Foster (16.9) TE - Ertz (2.9) Herndon (12.9) Gesicki (17.4) I dunno what happened here. LOL. Love the QBs immensely. Went with extra depth at RB behind Kamara while building elsewhere. Murray is insurance incase anything happens to Kamara, plus NO can put up 2 fantasy starting RBs any given week. The rest are all high upside backups. I think Foreman takes over in HOU at some point this year. Smith and Lewis should be solid enough, becoming starters with an injury. The 2 rookies are pure upside. Singletary on a team that should be out of it by week 8-10 and playing their rooks and Thompson on a team that doesn't mind shuffling RBs. I have no faith in Hyde as the "backup" in KC. Happy with the WR's except for foster. Moncreif looks like the 2 in Pitt and I'm personally high on Samuel in SF this year. I had 2 autodraft picks when we hit traffic. Those turned into Foster and Gesicki. Foster could be helpful in best ball at least. Love my TE combo of ertz/herndon. Would have loved to had a 7th WR instead of Gesicki, but oh well, injury insurance and should be a top 2 receiving option in Miami actually.