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  1. jerseys finest

    FanDuel Week 11

    Sneaky plays in Detroit : Theo Riddick and especially the TE. Jones already banged up, probably not playing. Scheme will be to pressure stafford and shut down galloday I think, (could still have a big game, just don’t love him for a huge game, price is nice) Carolina is one of the worst at defending the TE. Roberts is the go to if he plays and he’s cheap, 4500 I think. Toilolo is the only other healthy TE on the roster, so would start if Roberts can’t go. Only 4000. Stanford will need to get the ball out quick. TE is a punt play after ertz and Kelce usually. I’m going cheap in Detroit some this week.
  2. jerseys finest


    those are for this week right? Banking on a big game monday night, That trio can do some real damage!!
  3. jerseys finest

    FanDuel Week 11

    Both games have shootout potential. One of the two T/M games is usually fantasy relevant, but I want a lot of pieces of both. I am definitely running more Thursday - Monday games this week and i may not have a single player on sunday besides a defense in a few GPP and cash+, if i can budget it. Will also have players from both games littered throughout a heavier group of cash games for the T-M slate than i normally do. i'll usually do a 5$ 10 man, 2x 2$ 20 man, a 1$ 100 man and a 5$ 50/50 on the T-M slate, probably going to double that amount this week. I'd rather see Jackson as the team is falling out of it fast and that would bring some excitement to the team/fans and show them what they got(also show the next potential HC what he can do since Harbaugh is done after this year). Jackson is not deshaun watson, but a watson type effect is very possible. But I digress, I too think RGIII gets the nod.
  4. jerseys finest


    58 in, 54 out plus a second round for the hype train tourney. Little better than a break even. So on to week 11!!
  5. jerseys finest

    Week 11 Buy Low/ Sell High (Week 14-16?)

    sent Mark Ingram for Larry Fitz in one league. Classic sell low, buy low. lol. Still have Melvin Gordon, Mixon, Coleman and Chubb at RB so losing ingram didn't hurt. Have Hopkins, Allen, Edelman and Shepard at WR. Giants terrible offense had me concerned starting shep and Nuke is on bye, so I added Fitz. WW was picked clean. Like the new offense and ROS for the cards. Just need Larry to keep doing what he did last week. Have one more trade out there in the same league. I am offering Edelman, Shepard and Chubb for Beckham and Scantling. If i get that to go through or not, i think I'm ready for the playoffs. Upgrade at TE if possible (doubtful), better backup QB (had flacco, switched to Lamar Jackson incase he gets the nod) and a second defense with a friendly playoff schedule. Current starters - Ben / Gordon, Mixon / Edelman, Allen, Hopkins / Reed or Olsen / Zuerlein / Bears
  6. jerseys finest


    Not too shabby. Had ben/brown in the 3$ 6 man league too. It was too good of a game to pass up on. If they would have been available in the Hype Train Tourney's i would have had some exposure there too 😃
  7. jerseys finest


    Entered 2 10$ 6 man leagues before Thursday’s games. RB pool loses 2 studs and WR loses 1. QB loses 2 of my top 6. Picked 6th in both leagues. League 1 - Gordon/MThomas/White/Kelce/Big Ben League 2 - Connor/Mccaffery/Allen/Kelce/Big Ben
  8. jerseys finest

    FanDuel Week 10

    Don’t hate mariota for a cheap gpp build with Dion Lewis. Pats will shut down Corey Davis and force short passes I believe. Assuming the titans are playing from behind the whole game... really only like Lewis (cheaper option, revenge game) and Taylor as a possible “curtis Samuel” from last week based on the potential game script. I’ll have them sprinkled through some of my lineups this week. I want nothing to do with Oakland for the remainder of this season.
  9. jerseys finest


    Couple early entries this week . 3$ 6 man - pick 1 - Gurley/Brown/Beckham/White/Big Ben hype train - pick 1 - Gurley/Beckham/D Johnson/Ertz/Wentz hype train - pick 3 - Gordon/White/Mahomes/Woods/Ertz White seems to keep falling. He was picked one before I took Beckham/David Johnson or I’d have him in all 3. Like him this week for top 5 upside.
  10. jerseys finest


    Leave it to zeke and the cowboys to not even get enough points to get me into one second round 😡. Still come out with 108 tho. Gonna shoot for the same style while drafting this week. I like to get a few done early and let other people take the “questionable” players. I know you get a swap if they don’t play, but I want those players on other teams.
  11. jerseys finest


    took first in all 4 cash contests. turning 30 into 108. knocked out of one hype contest, but still have zeke left to go in the other 2. Need him to get him 15 points in one to advance, that one seems achievable. Need him to put up 35.2 in the other one to advance, that seems way less likely. But ill take one out of 3 this week with a solid cash out in my other contests. On to next week!
  12. jerseys finest


    Doing pretty well this week. 1st(no chance of being caught) and a 2nd (that will be a first if rodgers has a solid game) in the 6 man 10$ leagues. Should hold onto first in the 2 5$ leagues (one 3 man, one 10 man) as well. Ran 3 first round hype train tourneys this week and looks like 2 of them have potential for first. Need brady to have a big game but edelman to not be a huge part of that to win one. Need rodgers/Elliott to have big games in another, but brady can only have a big enough game to win me the other tourney since the only other guy in that one has brady running. LOL. Third one i dont have much of a shot in. I have zeke left to play, only other guy to challenge has brady/white, but he had hunt/thomas/woods, so he has the edge on me already.
  13. jerseys finest


    Same to you! And you're right, there seems to be a lot of jumping up for the flavors of the week each week, letting some good value drop into the 2nd/3rd round. Got gordon in my big money league, so hoping he plays as well. Allen just seems due to break out with or without gordon playing. Connor falling out of the first just blows my mind for as good as he's been. But now that im loaded up on him and allen, im sure they crap the bed, so to speak. Julio and Evans have kushy matchups too. I've just been unlucky more than anything on DRAFT. 4 out of 5 players crush it, 5th player puts up a dud or gets injured... Frustrating, but it could be worse than breaking even over the first 8 games. Looking to break out of that funk over the second half of the season.
  14. jerseys finest

    FanDuel Week 9

    with diggs looking like he may not play, and dalvin cook getting limited touches at best, i may throw out a triple stack of Cousins, Murray, Thielan in a big cheap GPP. Rudolph also gets a pretty big bump in the TE category with no Diggs. Diggs isn't officially ruled out, but activating Beebe from the PS indicates to me diggs wont be playing this week. Not to mention Detroit is one of the worst at defending TE's.
  15. jerseys finest


    I've had some luck getting to the second round of those $5 hype train contests. Not every time, but more than half. So its paying for itself. Haven't made it into a third round yet. Got 2 going this week for that tourney. May do one more. Still have 25 left to play with. 25 in play already. I've been up and down budget wise on this site, but at the halfway point in the season, i'm back to exactly where i started.. with $50. LOL. Hype 1 - Rodgers, Elliott/Connor, Julio/Allen (drafted 4th) Hype 2 - Brady, Gurley/Connor, Thomas/Allen (drafted 1st) 10 man $5 - Goff, Connor/White, Allen/JuJu (drafted 8th) 6 man $10 - Rodgers, Hunt/Peterson, Hopkins/Thomas (drafted 2nd) Looking at it now, Lets go James Connor and Keenan Allen!!