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  1. 1/2/3 BPA over their first 3 picks would be my plan. QB/TE are obviously out. But after that, i'd be fine taking BPA anywhere else. Always need good O-lineman, but personally, i'd be looking in rounds 4-6 at OL, always seem to be able to find solid lineman later in the draft. Same goes for RB, but it there were an every down RB at the end of RD 1, I wouldn't be angry with them drafting one there. Secondary needs some addressing in the first 3 picks, but there is a lot of youth who played pretty well in the second half of the season. DE is a concern with graham, bennett and long probably leaving and you can never have enough edge rushers. I really think we need another sideline to sideline LB as well. So i guess my first 3 would be (in any order) Safety, LB, DE
  2. I do think they are a team that would go after Hunt. Strong foundation in place, will get him the right help and doesn't care what anyone outside of the organization thinks about their football decisions. Not so sure about Antonio, cost alone seems quite prohibitive, unless Howie "the wizard" Roseman comes up with some more magic.
  3. Just amazing. thanks for posting this. We are a prove it to us city, once you do, the city embraces you completely.
  4. jerseys finest

    FanDuel Wildcard Weekend

    Have a couple decent starts. Need some Gallup magic tonight. Bits of zeke and Carson as well. Best lineup so far. Mack/coutee/Ind def with Gallup going tonight. Also have Trubisky/Howard/AR15, Melvin Gordon and Ertz to round that lineup out.
  5. jerseys finest

    FanDuel Wildcard Weekend

    Going the same route this week. Trying to go the contrarian route mostly as im only running 5-6 GPPs over the 3 slates. My predicted winners are Sea/Indy/Balt/Chi. I very much have a foles stack in one. I think they have a better chance to stun the bears than people think (also, im obviously a fan, so im cheering for them). Fading - Watson mostly. I see Elliott getting enough volume and same with Gordon, even if its in a losing effort. I have shares of each, I have more elliott, but i think most people will be fading gordon, so ill sneak him into 1-2 of my lineups. I like Carson/Howard/Mack too. I have Cohen/Burton in the lineup with foles. (lets go shooooot outtttttt) fading Hopkins, completely. Too pricey and i wanna stack him with watson(also pricey). I'd rather play roulette at the WR position than the RB spot and if I use nuke, thats what will happen at rb. Maybe i throw a .25 lineup together with Watson/Nuke. I like Lockett, Couttee, Agholar and AR15. TE- Got a little ertz, a little ebron, a little burton, 1 vannett, 1 griffin, 1 jarwin Def - I love SEA. I understand using CHI. I have no idea what to expect out of the Balt/LAC game. I think its low scoring without many turnovers. (something tells me to now put together a stack for this game.) Indy helps make it cheap and watson is the most sacked in the league, but aren't great. I have 1 share of philly. Fading Dallas. Playoffs are such a crapshoot though. So go with the gut, have some fun and see what happens. Thats my play.
  6. Is it unreasonable to continue to cheer for your team to win, but accept the fact that you're season may be over? Y'all are used to that, we just need advice. (I kid, but you cant lob a pitch like that and expect it not to get hit out of the park 😂) At that point in our season(5-7), with the way we were playing and our record, it pointed more to looking like the playoffs would be a longshot at best, if even achievable. After just coming off of a superbowl win, I think the fanbase was disappointed in this season, but ok with it. Give wentz a full offseason (acl injuries usually take 2 years to fully come back) and lets have our team that was ravaged with injuries(no denying that), get healthy for next year. This late season charge is amazing and the surprising chance at a playoff berth over the last few weeks is enough to get the fans excited about this season again.
  7. jerseys finest

    FanDuel Week 17

    I put a placeholder in for a couple gpps on wednesday. Haven't looked much and with such a crazy week for low cost player exposure, i have no clue what to do either. lol. Doing very limited research this week and just gonna throw together some fun lineups that make sense in my head. I read all this stuff, tweak lineups throughout the week, before i settle on sunday. At what point have i changed the winning lineup to a losing one and who knows how many times that may have happened over the years. Got $15 left, gonna go with the gut and throw it all at cash+ and gpps. 🤘
  8. All we can hope for is he niners keep it close enough with the Rams that the bears dont take their foot off the gas at halftime to rest players. Cousins isn't known for being a "clutch" qb and if the bears get a little lead, i think they play out the game to win. Oakland beating Pitt for example, shows that anything can happen in this league in any given week. Our game isn't a given, but in this hypothetical situation, we win that game. I cant see the bears dropping a lead to take a loss or just taking the loss because they would rather play the vikings, who i could also be a sneaky dangerous team that people wont want to see in the playoffs.
  9. jerseys finest

    FanDuel Week 17

    maybe that has been my issue all year?!?! 😂
  10. jerseys finest

    FanDuel Week 17

    This should be an interesting week. Turned the couple dollars i had left into 20 for this week. Going to go GPP heavy, I'm either zeroing out or something awesome is going to happen. LOL. I've decided to follow my gut to narrow the player/position down to (5 QB, 10 RB, 12 WR, 4 TE, 3 K, 3 DEF) and use the projected roster %, almost exclusively this week, to help make my final decisions. players that intrigue me(haven't finalized my lists yet): QB - Watson, Ryan, Allen, Foles, Jackson, Winston, Baker, Cousins RB - Barkley, Gordon, J. Williams, D. Cook, Mcguire, Chubb, Carson, Michel, Anderson, Henry, Rod Smith, Edwards, Richard, Freeman, Brian Hill WR - Hopkins, Brown, Jones, Hill, Evans, Anderson, Hilton, Allen, Edelman, JUJU, Thielen, Shepard, Nelson, Foster, Valdes-Scantling, Golloday, Cooks, Woods, Jeffery, Westbrook, Samuel TE - Kelce, Ertz, Kittle, Engram, Cook, Herndon, Ian Thomas, Uzomah, hooper
  11. jerseys finest

    Best Ball (MFL10s, DRAFT, etc.)

    200 in - 150 out for bestball. Turned my remaining 25$ into 275$ for the year in the weekly games on DRAFT. Final numbers, 225$ in - 425$ out. I learned a whole lot this year about best ball (my first year) and really looking forward to next year. I made the mistake of going with 3 TE and 3 QB in too many leagues where i was trying to overcome the possibility of injury. Leaving me 2 quality players left at the position incase of injury instead of 1. Problem is, I had a ton of injuries anyway and it left my other positions weakened. I also went way to heavy on RB (3 starters including the flex weekly was my idea) This left me too thin at WR and too diverse at RB, leaving points on the bench for my rb 4 or 5 that should have gone into my WRs. I think next year, i want to end up with 2 QB(1 established, 1 young player with high ceiling potential) and 3 TE (1 stud early, 2 lower cost, higher ceiling guys that could be flex worthy late) Relying on a few higher ranked WR's (2) and RB's(3) and filling in with younger and/or situational potential. Injuries are inevitable and unpredictable, that was my biggest downfall this year. I dont think i had one best ball team end up with less than 3 season ending injuries and most had closer to 6. I also didn't have anywhere near enough shares of the Rams or the Chiefs. I had some, but not enough. Ideally, my first 7 rounds would be : 1 - RB, 2 - RB/WR(draft dependent), 3 - RB/WR/TE(draft dependent) 4 - RB/WR/TE(draft dependent), 5 - RB, 6 - WR, 7 - QB Leaving me with 1 QB, 3 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE. Filling in BPA after that. with an ideal set up of 2QB/6RB/7(or 8)WR/3(or 2)TE
  12. Yeah, only way we see Dallas before a “hypothetical NFC championship game” is if Seattle loses 2 and Minny loses 1 while we win out. I believe that pushes us into the 5 seed instead of the 6, letting us meet Dallas in the first round. Butttttt, I don’t see Seattle losing to Arizona week 17 in Seattle assuming KC wins this week. Also don’t see minny losing to Detroit, but could to the bears in week 17. All this hinges on the eagles beating Houston of course. It’s gonna be an exciting 2 weeks of football
  13. Feeling the same way. Plus their secondary was a big part of their early wins, but has been an issue for the last 4-5 games. It’s by no means “in the bag” for either team, but I see this game as a coin flip and I just hope St. Nick pulls off another victory!! We are the last team anyone wants to see sneak in to the playoffs. I’m hoping that’s what happens and we get to see Dallas (most likely the rams or bears tho)
  14. jerseys finest

    Post Your Championship Game Roster

    Non ppr - 12 teams 1/2/3/1/1/1 been in this league for 10 years, only missed the playoffs once, been in 5 championships and never won it’s like I am cursed in this league!! On to the matchup!! Team RoethlisbergerHelper Ben Chubb, Gordon, Mixon, Ware (leaning Chubb/Gordon) Hopkins, Allen, Edelman, Anderson, Fitz, Foster( leaning first 3, but only positive about nuke) Ian Thomas or Chris Herndon (leaning Herndon but still debating) Zuerlein Bears Team Clamtrimmers Watson, Mayfield Edwards, Ballage, D Williams, josh Adams Hill, JuJu, Hamilton, DJ moore Samuels, Kittle Badgley Pats, Colts
  15. jerseys finest

    ***Championship Week Thread***

    I can’t imagine obj plays. Season is over, why risk your franchise WR? And yes, if Ware is out, definitely run Williams and Gordon. If obj does play, I’d still run Williams if ware is out.