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  1. Oh, gotcha. I thought Foles number didn’t fall off until the new year. That does change things up a bit. Here’s a good article on 4 moves that the eagles can make to get to 25 mil under the cap. More can be done to get further under as well. Still wouldn’t be opposed to getting Bell in that case, because howie will make it as team friendly as possible. Also fine with a much cheaper system RB in FA(there are a few) or the draft. As long as they upgrade the position, I’ll be a happy guy.
  2. just sayin, I’m not totally crazy!
  3. Routine pot shots? Been searching for the last 20 minutes and haven’t found much at all. Although I’m not saying he was an adamant professional the whole time about it, especially in the beginning of this season, but overall, there hasn’t been much. Nothing like AB. He wants to be paid like Gurley did, big guarantee and solid yearly money, Steelers gave him a real nice offer, 70 mil over 5 years, but only 10 mil guaranteed. I assume the Steelers could opt out of that contract after 2-3 years too. He had been franchised twice and couldn’t be again. We all talk about this being a business and teams making “business moves”. Leveon Bell made a business move to bet on himself and not have the Steelers run the wheels off him for another year. So I stick to my guns here, if we can acquire Bell and not break the cap in the process, I’m all for it. He’s a young, generational talent, in his prime. I would not let him liking some random tweet(s) supporting how he obviously felt, as the Steelers lost some winnable games they may have won with him. I’ll give you that is a tad childish, but it doesn’t appear to be a routine action in the least. More of a “told ya so...” and doesn’t necessitate bypassing a player of that caliber. In the case of Antonio Brown, plenty of reason to bypass him completely. I’m also completely happy if they don’t get Bell and bring in more of a “cost effective system RB” in FA or draft one in April. Leaving them more money to solidify the lines and the defense, while preparing for Wentz’ next contract. The RB position needs to be upgraded. Simple as that.
  4. I would like nothing to do with Brown, at all. His "me" attitude and/or trade demands from Pitt and/or his contract demands is just a hard NO all around. I was sour on Bell for a while, but I'm a little more friendly when it comes to the idea of bell now. He did exactly what he said he was going to do and sit out the 2018 season. He wanted a new contract and the team wouldn't give him what he was looking for. Selfish? Kind of, but he isn't required to sign a Franchise Tender. He stood by his word, knowing if he played, the steelers would have run him into the ground, with no concern for his future(since they wouldn't Franchise tag him again). He willingly passed on 14 million dollars, betting on himself. Hasn't made a stink about it all season, nothing really. Basically crickets from the Bell camp. Fact is, the guy has rave reviews from his teammates on skill, drive, and work ethic. His numbers speak for themselves. Although Williams and Connor played well, filling in admirably, they are not leveon bell. Neither is giving you a baseline of 300 carries and 70 catches a year, while also being one of the better blockers in the league. A pure 3 down back where there is no reason to take him off the field unless he needs a quick breather. Both those guys need a complimentary back, Bell does not. He is only 26 and wants a big contract with guaranteed money. If the Eagles can clear cap space (they can get 30-40 mil under the cap pretty easily), i'd say its worth looking into. Its also a long shot, I know that, and there are more reasonably priced RB's who would fit the mold of what we do. Mark Ingram(next biggest contract after bell), Carlos Hyde(underrated and my gut feeling of who we get), Alex Collins(underrated and a RFA)... Using a 1 or 2 on a rookie is also a great option. Talent is going to fall in this draft based on how strong the Pass Rush class is(my dream pick is for josh jacobs from alabama slipping to us in the first, or moving up a bit to get him). None of the other FA or rooks would complicate the cap nor bring in any off the field issues, hopefully (which i honestly dont know, or think, would come with Bell. Definitely would with brown though) I guess my bottom line is that we really just need to upgrade our RB position. If they can get bell and not break the cap doing it, I wouldn't be upset in the slightest. Imagine him lined up behind wentz, with Jeffery/Ahgolar/Wallace?/Ertz and a solid o-line. What does the defense do, who do they cover? It would be crazy! Thats a generational talent in my mind, in his prime, that doesn't need to be traded for. That doesn't happen often. If its a lesser FA that fits the mold, or a rookie, thats fine with me too. I dont care, just upgrade the position to give Wentz some more help and round out that offense.
  5. agreed, he is doing everything to force his way out of pitt. To the degree of trying to just trying to get released (which obviously doesn't happen). But if the steelers wanted a 2nd before all of his circus antics, maybe they will take a 4th or 5th at this point to get rid of the headache. Personally, I'm with OSUBuckeyeMan, I'd make his life a living hell if i were the steelers. The problem really boils down to that the steelers hold all the cards. You need to make sure the steelers get what they want, then brown gets what he wants(BIG guaranteed money), then you get a 31 year old WR (best in the league the last 6 years) with whatever(if any) headaches he brings with him. Lots of hoops to jump through, but someone will inevitably do it. Arizona, SF, Buff, NYJ? If I'm the steelers, i dont ship him to a contender. I'd take a lesser pick from a rebuilding team willing to give him the contract he wants, just to spite him for how he has acted.
  6. Why does he need to keep the "masses" informed? Why would he care? Nobody there pays his potential upcoming salary. Maybe he has sent videos to team execs about how good of shape he is in prior to FA opening. It's actually extremely admirable for a "disgruntled" player not to be brandishing himself all over social media in this day and age. The only facts we've seen is from his trainer, who said this rumor is totally egregious, and his teammates, who said he is one of the hardest working people they have ever seen, in the gym, on a practice field, snapping balls out of the air, etc. This is a man who sat out the entire 2018 season with the plan to break the bank in 2019. Do you honestly think he just let him self get completely "out of shape"? Not a chance in the world. This man has taken an entire year to prepare himself for this upcoming moment. You think he was lazy about that? I bet this guy has been working his tail off to get himself the best deal with the best team possible. Rarely does a generational talent hit FA so clearly, this is one of those times.
  7. this. And the cap situation is not as dire as it currently seems. There is lots of restructuring and/or cutting of players that we can, and will, do without much penalty in dead money. Add in the 20 million that nick foles will free up and we can potentially be sitting 30-40 mil under the cap. Making any FA acquisition possible. I would much rather have bell than brown though. Trading for brown isn't as easy as throwing the steelers a pick they will accept. Browns contract has no guaranteed money. He wants guaranteed money. So you need to give the steelers what they want and then give brown what he wants. And you get back an extremely talented 31 year old WR (best in the league the past 6 years) and all the headache he brings with him. To me, he is TO with twitter. We dont need that. Bell gives us longevity at the RB spot, Brown gives us hopefully a couple good headache free years. #SignLibertyBELL #AntoniNO
  8. They aren't going to franchise tag him because we are tight on the cap. Someone is going to pay bigger money than we will be able to. I hope i'm wrong, because i would like to see him back with our birds (I assume the FO feels the same way)
  9. I think that based off of the Flacco deal, its going to be even more impossible to trade nick foles. The mindset is to obviously get better than a 3rd round COMP pick and to keep him away from a division rival. Does a 4th rounder do that? Not sure, but i'd think that its about equal value to a 2020 3rd Comp pick. Then, why deal with the headache of our cap for only equal value? Denver was one of two teams (Jaguars) who i actually thought may trade for Foles. With Flacco gone to Denver, whatever little power we still may have held, disappears. Why trade for, and take on, a 25 million dollar contract at this point, when you could wait a couple of weeks and sign him to your own contractual terms. To keep him out of our rivals hands? I guess. But why keep ourselves in Cap Purgatory, up until the start of the new year, for what seems like an extremely long shot, at best. Never felt like Miami would make a move. All signs point to bottoming out (unintentionally, im sure) for next years QB crop. In my humble opinion, the best we can hope for now is that Foles decides to sign with the Jags over the Giants or Skins(less likely). There are not a lot of other QB needy teams looking to "bridge the gap". Most either have their QB, just drafted their QB, or want to draft their QB and foles doesn't want to be a backup.
  10. I thought the way i understood it was.. If we didn't pick up the option and let him just walk into free agency, we would not have qualified for the Comp pick. This option makes Foles a 2019 FA for the Eagles, allowing the Comp pick to be gained for the 2020 draft. This way, assuming we dont bring in more high profile FA than we let leave, we should now qualify for a 3rd round Comp pick no matter where he signs. If they didn't pick up the option, i believe he would have been free to sign with any team from now until 2019 FA starts and we would not receive a comp pick. The question now, do the eagles decide to use the Franchise Tag on foles. There is a slim chance of this, but if Howie can find a way, he will find it. The belief is that if they do this, they already have a trade partner in play and its believed they are looking for a 3rd round pick in this years draft (to hopefully replace what we gave up for Tate) instead of a Comp pick in 2020 that will be in between rounds 3 and 4.
  11. This is my thoughts when this news broke as well. They’ve got a trade partner already. From now until FA, there will be plenty of offers from teams Foles doesn’t want to play for. I think Foles and the Eagles do truly have each other’s best interest in mind here. Rare to find these days from both parties involved. Nice to see.
  12. I agree. That is the most likely scenario. I am a realist, just an optimistic realist. There is nothing wrong with a 3rd round comp pick if thats the way this cookie crumbles, but if there is even the slightest chance they can do better than that, i trust Howie to find it. If not, there was no better option. But this is a league where anything can happen. Sam bradford has played 3 good season (his rookie year, 2015 with us and 2016 with the vikes) and 5 sub-par seasons. Has had multiple ACL surgeries and has/had chronic knee issues after those ACL surgeries. He has made a ton of money anyways and had recently been traded(FLEECED) for a first and 4th round pick just 2 weeks before the 2016 season. Solid season in 2016 and played one game with the vikes in 2017 and then went to IR for his knee. he then signed a 2 year, 20 million dollar deal... with 15 mil guaranteed and played 2 1/2 games before being pulled. Odds are he is out of the league this year. I'm just saying, crazier/desperate things have happened when the QB position is being discussed.
  13. I'm still heavily in the camp that the Eagles will do whats best for foles and foles will do whats best for himself and to a lesser degree(but not dismissable), the eagles. Howie is a cap GURU, if its possible to tag and trade him, letting foles go where he wants and gets what he wants, they will do it. I still really enjoy the idea of a straight up trade of Foles for Fournette. They get the qb they never had and always needed, to go with the coach they just signed in Defilippo that brought the best out of foles, and we get a top talent at the RB position, but also the headache that comes with him. Plenty of speculation out there. Now, this is still a long shot, but while we are in our "wait and see" window, I'm gonna hope for this to somehow materialize. I agree with the fact that with injuries and other factors, Fournette has fallen out of favor with the Jags. He is still young and extremely talented. It would be a major upgrade for us at the RB position. Yes, we need him healthy and humbled, but if this deal happens, thats almost necessary for him to not flake out of the league or become a perennial backup RB. He's basically faced stacked boxes his entire career. Nobody has even remotely feared the passing game in jax. Although a career ypc of 3.7 isn't great, its not as bad as it seems when you take the inept offense he's been playing in. He can block and is better at passing catches then given credit for. I'm not against the trading of foles for picks either, which is mentioned in two of these articles. Foles + our first and late second to move up to #7 and a high 3rd round pick? Yes, please. The last option is letting foles walk, dropping 20 mil from our cap and making our cap situation wayyyy more manageable. I just find it hard to believe that the FO hasn't run every one of these(and thousands more) scenarios already. This nets us, at best, a 3rd round comp pick. Either of the first two options are way better in my eyes. Of course, the first 2 options are long shots, but Howie "the wizard" Roseman has surprised us before!!
  14. falling to the second page is unacceptable!! I'm having a hard time deciding who to pull for too. I honestly may just roll with the odds, bet on and pull for the rams. A huge amount of the money coming in is on the pats. It was something like 96% of the money was on the pats in the first 3 days bets were being taken (rams opened as 1 point favorites, currently pats favored by 2.5 i think). Its balanced out some since, but last i saw, 82% of the bets and 85% of the money was on the Pats. I also plan to take the over (57 points). My mindset is that if the rams can make and keep this game a shootout, they have a real chance at winning. Now to decide how much money to "play" with and not piss off the wife 🤣