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  1. On the subject of can you trade a defense.. I just shipped SF defense, JuJu(thank god), mark Andrews (have kittle) and Will Fuller to the last place 1-5 team, who just lost Dissly and desperate for wins.. (10 team league, 8 make the playoffs, so he's still "in it". FOR Nuke, Marquise Brown and DJAX. Now I have too much depth at WR, but I love the upside of brown and Djax when healthy. My starting roster can easily sustain until they get fully back. Side note : this is a league of mostly people who haven't played fantasy before. They talk a big game though, and plenty of s**t talk after I went 0-3, literally losing to the only team who could beat me each week, so that makes it even more fun for me now. Daddy needs the $200 bucks (small money league + big bragging rights, with coworkers). Thats almost half of the kids Christmas budget though! (I have a 2, 4 and 9 year old)
  2. Going buffalo this week at home and SF week 11 at home vs ARI most likely. I like some other team matchups ill have available between weeks 8 & 10(if I survive) where I wouldn't need to use Buff. Don't love SF schedule outside of this game and 2 games vs ARI as games for what should be a pure lock for this SF team. The opposite of that is also doable. SF at WAS this week and Buff at Miami in week 11. This is where I'm torn. My gut it more confident with the teams I think will win when they are at home more than when they are away. Niners riding high against a dumpster fire skins team, who just got their first win, and has a little momentum, and the niners may overlook them with a big matchup against the Panthers the following week, and Buff traveling to a hot Miami in November against a division rival with nothing to lose (except the #1 overall pick that is) These scenarios worry me for long shot, but possible upsets.
  3. already locked buffalo in @ home vs. Miami in 2 of my 3. Down to the final 15 in the local one with a little over 100 entries and a 1k first prize. Also in the 25k free yahoo pool. Odds are I use buffalo in the fanduel one as well. I don't like to submit that one too early though, once its locked in, theres no changing it.
  4. Pretty sure you individually willed this to happen. 🤣
  5. Threw a couple lineups out there for tonight. Maybe a combined 2 bucks? Same as a scratch off ticket 🤷‍♂️. Wanted to see if I get lucky. Got both RBs in them both and galloday. Each one has a qb and a flyer player. Mixed it up at captain between RBs. But go packers!! (My survivor leagues depend on you )
  6. Keep an eye on the TE Oliver in JAX. Looks like he has a chance in week 7 to play. Minshaw seems to like his TE. Swaim got injured this week, after O'Shaunessey got hurt last week. The kid has starter snaps if he's good to go(was drafted to be their receiving weapon at TE). As dire as TE has been all year, he would be a good speculative add and shouldn't cost you your waiver priority.
  7. Yeah, Seattle was my “gut” pick. Didn’t trust it enough to chase it, but hindsight is 20/20. Felt the same with GB and Det being a Primetime game, but not as much. Being down Adams worries me, but having a solid defense and run game + Aaron Rodgers is what had me hedge on the side of GB. Hope it was the right call. Thanks for the well wishes! I’m gonna need them
  8. Used NE in week 2. I went anti Miami the first 4 weeks and took philly over the jets in week 5. wash/mia KC/HOU felt like it could go either way. Sea/cle I didn’t like on the road against an angry cle team. Nothing else felt like even thinking about. GB, even without Adams, felt like the safest game for me this week.
  9. I went Green Bay in all 3, I was torn between them and Seattle. Thought I made the right choice up until Seattle took the W. Now I’m over here sweating it! Let’s go packers!
  10. GPP fail for the most part, a couple hit the money, but 60 in and 100 out total. Still a few entries left, but nothin that should do too much. Lovin these 50/50s as of late
  11. still confidently running Jackson in cash. The dip in ownership only excites me. Cinci is the #2 worst defense (I believe) against running QBs. I think Jackson has a field day regardless of brown playing. I put Snead into a cheap gpp or two, but I'm not bumping the WR's a ton. I think this is a ground game(I also like Ingram a lot this week in cash). 200 and 2tds through the air, but possibly 100 and 1 on the ground.
  12. For cash, I dont think you can go wrong with any of the options in that lineup. Just follow your gut. I like kupp, especially if cooks doesn’t play. But I could make a case for each one of them
  13. Jones/Nuke I think gives you the highest ceiling. Thomas/Kupp give you the highest floor. Cooper is the wildcard to me. my head says kupp, my heart says Jones and my gut says nuke. I see how that’s not very helpful 🤣 what’s the rest of the lineup? That may scream which one to use
  14. I haven't won first in one of the big tourneys but I've been top 10 a few times over the years and made some decent cash. It really depends on how you want to spend your money. I make sure I enter the $5 and under (also a $2 and a $1) single entry tourneys on the T-M slate and the Sunday main slate. I stay away from the bigger multi entry tournaments (I'll enter 5 .05 entries and 3 .25 entries each Sunday for the total of $1 and hope I get lucky). (total weekly GPP entries, $17, usually break even on them most weeks, sometimes turn a profit) The "sharks" are entering dozens to hundreds of lineups in these multi entry tournaments and I don't like being at a statistical disadvantage personally. Only way I enter the Sunday Milly is if I won some tickets for it from an overlay tournament I got into. I've actually gone more in a cash direction this year, focusing mostly on 5 and 10 dollar 100 man 50/50s each week. Its a slower grind, but I'm trying to basically pay for my kids Christmas this year from fan duel and thats the most successful way I've found to make consistent profit. I'm on the right track, but it could come crashing down at any point. Such is DFS.