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  1. Here is my entry. I do feel like it’s a NO/BAL Super Bowl. This leaves me with 5 from Balt and 4 from NO, Kamara and Jackson are my mvps, didn’t love Brees in GB rd 2. Didn’t love Ingram with saints solid run d. Rest of the team is made up of folks I think advance to rd 2 (minus Jonu Smith) and shouldn’t play my expected SB teams until rd. 3. Leaving the most players on the table throughout with a good group for the finale. As long as buff/NE/philly win in the wild card, I got a chance, and that’s all you need. That said, it’s all about luck from here. Good luck everyone!!! Let’s go eagles!! QB - Lamar Jackson - 40 QB - Carson Wentz - 17 RB - Alvin Kamara - 29 RB - James White - 18 RB - Devin Singletary - 12 RB - Miles Sanders - 8 WR - Marquise Brown - 17 WR - John Brown - 13 WR - Greg Ward - 10 WR - Ted Ginn Jr - 9 TE - Mark Andrews - 18 TE - Jonnu Smith - 7 PK - Wil Lutz - 14 PK - Justin Tucker - 13 TD - Baltimore Ravens - 13 TD - New Orleans Saints - 12 Total value: 250
  2. 1 point PPR league, I need Boone and Adams to have a combined 48 points. If miles sanders wouldn't have slid to ice the game(the TD would have done the same thing!!), I would only need 35 points between the two players. As an eagles fan, I loved it, for my fantasy squad, not so much. I think I have a chance. Not a very good chance, but if Minny gets up thanks to Boone and GB needs to catch up thanks to Adams.... Crazier things have happened. 🤷‍♂️
  3. In the same boat as a handful of you. After some underwhelming performances on my team and some overperformances from the other team(thanks Barkley 😡), I'm going to need a combined 48 points from Boone and Adams. Luckily it is a 1 PPR league. Feed Boone and Adams!! Crossing everything possible and praying to any god that will listen!! Possible? Yes. Probable? Probably Not. At least it looks to be 2 focal point players for each team. BE LEAGUE WINNERS!!!! Rule # 76 - No excuses, play like a champion!
  4. same, pulled mixon for Boone. we all ride or die together!! I'd go Boone over Ekeler. Feels like the chargers will get up making it a Gordon game.
  5. really depends how much you don't think Mixon will play. Washington should give solid RB 2 numbers I'd think. Mixon doesn't look great from the little I've seen. I'm debating Boone, Dion Lewis or Hilton for him. Got Boone in now, but ugg. I'll be watching this like a hawk
  6. I’m in a tough spot and lookin to make a bold move. I’m the favorite, but not by much. I need to pick 2 between Edelman, Fuller, Hilton, and Boone. 1 point ppr league. Bold move is going fuller/Boone. Rode Edelman all year, ty has been a key piece at times. edelman - hurt all year with ribs and the knee injury is new, bills are a top def against the pass that should focus to stop Edelman with the lack of other weapons at wr/TE, plus an offense that has been struggling the last 6 weeks against lesser talented teams. hilton - re-injury is always a possibility and will prolly be matched up with lattimore. Hard to trust. fuller - best matchup, Reinjury always possible, high target share with Coutee out, hyde banged up, meh TEs, coverage should float to nuke. boone - does either other RB play? If yes, ouch. I’ll find a gb wr to drop in? Already have Adams. If no, this guy has to be a high end rb 2. Great matchup. Latest news says neither cook or mattison look like they will play, but it’s also not official. argggg good luck everyone, may the gods be with us all!!
  7. News as of this morning say it’s a “long shot” Mattison plays Monday night.. Word on cook was they may shut him down til the playoffs and a high probability he at least doesn’t play this week. being a monday game is the big issue here without either “officially” being ruled out yet. With everything pointing at Boone currently in line to get the bulk of carries against a suspect run defense, he could indeed be a league winner. If he has a dud, cook or mattison manage to play, he could also lose us a league. Really making it a tough choice to make on sat or sun afternoon my problem is I need to pick 2 of Boone(mon night), Fuller (1 pm game today) and Edelman (4 pm game today). Honestly, I may sit Edelman. Injuries, matchup, no help at wr, struggling offense... just hoping for something a little more concrete out of minny before 1 or 4 🤷‍♂️
  8. I'm .5 behind the cutline with just Hunter Henry to go. Gonna need a little magic tonight to get to next week. Lets go hunterrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. Rank 149 currently for the week, still have brieda, Carson and lockett(and gordon) still to play. Solid week and on to week 11. Farthest I’ve made it and I’m passed most of my byes. Week 11 isn’t gonna be easy with my SEA players on bye. But let’s see what happens. Good luck to everyone on the “edge” tonight!
  10. This lineup looks like 🔥 🔥. D Robinson is the only one who remotely makes me go hmm, but he is an obvious salary play. Nice lineup!
  11. There was one podcast I listened to this summer that gave a bit of general advice for cash that stuck out to me and Ive tried to use this year. Its had positive results for the most part compared to my years past, not massive, but noticeable in cash games What they said was, "Paying up at QB for dfs is a luxury, not a necessity." RB and then WR return value on their salary more than any other position(RB the most). So I start my roster construction at RB and then do WR. From there, remaining salary gives me the teir of QB, TE, Flex, DEF I'm looking at using in any given lineup. There are of course players I def want in a lineup certain weeks that tweaks the build process sometimes. For instance, like you said, if Conner sits this week, I will have almost 100% exposure to Samuels in cash in my flex spot or if the Pats DEF is playing any rookie or struggling qb, etc etc.
  12. bell will be in at least half of my cash lineups and some gpps. I get it, he's burned me in random lineups over the last couple of weeks as well. But he still has the best matchup of the season and I love his cost (pairing with cook a LOT). Darnold has a small injury on non throwing hand, looking to get the ball out quicker to avoid hits? Jets defense is down like 5 LB on the year now, just traded their best DT away, secondary is already a mess... should lead to the dolphins being able to keep this game competitive(I can see a potential shootout). I just can't see Bell disappointing at his cost, barring injury. I also like the fear factor pushing people away from him this week, keeping his ownership numbers under what they probably should be. Now, this could all come slamming back in my face with another stinker, but ill take that gamble this week confidently.