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  1. As the owner of Dion Lewis this week, IMO you did not make a mistake discounting last week's results, at least when it comes to the Pats.
  2. What he said.
  3. Not entirely sure you can consider NE the top defense. They built their ranking playing the worst offensive teams in the NFL. Things change this week. Pitt. has a higher ranked defense under some metrics. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teamdef
  4. 9.4 Ben R Pit QB 10.1 Boswell Pit K Too many Steelers. @FUBAR
  5. 5.4 Ladarius Green Pitt TE 6.1 Christine Michael GB RB @FUBAR
  6. 3.4 Sanu Atl WR 4.1 Jordy Nelson GB WR @FUBAR
  7. 1.4 Dion Lewis 2.1 Randall Cobb @FUBAR
  8. First with the worst keepers: AB and NE D. Pick 4th. @FUBAR
  9. (SH) 9.7 Cairo Santos PK KC Me 9.8 Brock Osweiler QB Hou Me 10.1 Nick Novak PK Hou (SH) 10.2 Marcel Reese RB Sea (Crippler) 10.3 Atl Def pm'ing @BassNBrew
  10. My reading is that we should have stopped at the end of the 6th so that @drunken slob could get his 8th rounder, since he only kept one, and then gone back to @bro1ncos to start the 9th round. Right, @FUBAR ?
  11. 5.8 Christine Michael RB GB 6.1 Ryan Griffin TE Hou and, since everyone else has a QB, 9.8 Brock Oswiler, QB Hou pm'ing @Stephen Holloway
  12. The start of the 4th in this is essentially the equivalent of late 5/early 6 last week, and Houston went 5.8 then. I didn't see NE lasting much into the 4th, much less the 5th.
  13. @bro1ncos James was picked already.
  14. 3.8 James White RB NE 4.1 NE Def pm'ing @Stephen Holloway
  15. 1.8 Dez Bryant WR Dal 2.1 Travis Kelce TE KC pm'in @Stephen Holloway