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  1. Anarchy is editing the first post to show moves.
  2. I eeked out a victory in this last year, so returned to the same formula: spread out the byes among the top six or so rounds of the draft--Gurley, Maclin, Witten, Hill, Sanders, Shepard, Diggs all are on different byes--and I don't have two byes among my RB group or my WR group. I do with my TE, and they aren't strong, but I got next to nothing from them last year. Happy with my first guys off the bench Alf and Hogan. Where I got caught was on both the QB1 and QB2 runs precipitated by having two more teams. Fitz plus Philly QBs isn't going to compare to last year's Rogers+Cousins. Go DC Yourself Player YTD Pts Bye Daniel, Chase PHI QB - 4 Fitzpatrick, Ryan NYJ QB - 11 Wentz, Carson PHI QB - 4 Barner, Kenjon PHI RB - 4 Gurley, Todd RAM RB - 8 Hill, Jeremy CIN RB - 9 Morris, Alfred DAL RB - 7 Diggs, Stefon MIN WR - 6 Hogan, Chris NEP WR - 9 Maclin, Jeremy KCC WR - 5 Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR 9.90 11 Shepard, Sterling NYG WR - 8 Donnell, Larry NYG TE - 8 Williams, Maxx BAL TE (Q) - 8 Witten, Jason DAL TE - 7 Dawson, Phil SFO PK - 8 Novak, Nick HOU PK - 9 Colts, Indianapolis IND Def - 10 Redskins, Washington WAS Def - 9 19 Total Players
  3. I'm hopeful because of the numbers Eifert put up under Hue Jackson last year in Cincy, but he's the player I spent the 5th or 6th most on at auction so I am hardly unbiased.
  4. My team: 1.21 & 2.12--L. Miller(RB5) and D. Martin(RB11). WR and QB going fast, so figured I'd go the other way; maybe some playoff points from Miller 3.21--J. Thomas (TE12)--not in love with the WR choices (or I already had them enough leagues, like Crabtree), so decided to fill this spot and get it done with. Gates was the oither choice but I'm fearful they'll start transitioning away from him the second half of the season. 4.12 & 5.21--T. Boyd (WR47) and P. Garcon ((WR62)--happy with these given that I waited. Playoff point potential from both, and I view Garcon as the Ironman of the Skin's receiving corps in comparison to Reed and Jackson. 6.12 & 7.21--Tenn ((QB22) and Cincy (Def 9)--wasn't liking the WR3 choices at this point, so decided to not wait any longer on these spots. Playoff potential with Cincy. 8.12--J. James (TE32, my flex)--upside with Green's questionable status too much to pass up at this point, and we had gone 87 deep into the WR. 9.21--A. Humphries (WR98)--Winston was looking his way a lot in the preseason, and they play some tough pass D's to start the season, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him the beneficiary of a lot of targets when Evans are VJax are covered. Doesn't hurt that their TE situation remains a mess. And the same day it looks like the Shorts signing submarines these hopes. 10.12--P. Murray (PK29)--there's not as much risk in this setup in waiting to draft a K last, and the Cleveland offense is supposedly improved. Can't see there being much left out of the 12 slot on the waiver wire, unless someone drops a player he shouldn't for one of the first week wonders.
  5. OM pre-drafted at the turn but Mr. Irrelevant must not have realized it because he made the pick before but didn't stick around to make the pick after.
  6. How often does this guy move?
  7. Can we just give NCFF Calvin Johnson to pair with Malcolm Floyd?
  8. Another consideration is deciding your auction strategy is the quality of free agents throughout the season, and your ability to snag them. The greater the number of free agents you can count on getting, the more you want to spend on stars.
  9. For the new guys, you can put your cell number in the wireless section of your contact info and get texts of the picks, so you can keep track of when you are up.
  10. Thanks for doing these.
  11. League 6 - in BLC- -in Can take a third if necessary
  12. Sorry, didn't see your June 9th post until today. I though it would send me an email notification. Anyway, another owner and myself are interested in a local league. Can you send me the league specifics or point me to the league website, so we can decide if this fits our interests? You can email me at ravens3077@yahoo.com



  13. Might want to see if this guy got campaign donations from Fan Duel and Draft Kings: http://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/bill-could-sideline-season-long-fantasy-football-in-virginia-open/article_e73ad76c-03ca-5552-ab9e-ab06019a4704.html
  14. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/744067-start-em-once-25-can-win-550/ Using Pay MFL