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  1. TMQB: KC and Atl RB: Kamara, Barkley, Connor, Chubb WR: Adams, J. Jones, Smith-Schuster, Hopkins, Edelman TE: Kelce and Kittle Flex: M. Thomas PK: Zeurlein and Tucker Def: NE and NO
  2. Ben and Jerry's timed and got a 2nd flex instead of the kicker needed.
  3. Here. Feel free to put me down for Kelce since I can't predraft No. 1.
  4. I can jump in and he can have my spot in 4 or 6 if that would move things along.
  5. Been with this league since it's second season and can't recommend it enough. Always very competitive without being cutthroat. Roar does a great job as commish. Using the Fatbox system to get your team over the course of an afternoon (optional) is worth the cost by itself.
  6. Dislike H2H as tiebreaker when teams have just played once, because it could have been a week where one team was hit with many more byes than the other. If they've played twice and a team swept, more justifiable to use it.
  7. Detroit over the past 5 or so years has put up points in the Thanksgiving Day game. Will be interesting to see if the Bears can put a stop to that.