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  1. I'm game to play one or more. I don't start paying much attention to NFL until this time of year, and use these to catch up on the offseason stuff. But I understand the hesistancy of putting in the work, as I am going through the same thing with local roto baseball leagues right now. Can you designate someone in each league as co-Commish, and at least have him do the contacting of last year's owners, and determine vacancies in in each league? I'll co-Commish one of them.
  2. The Iranian hostage situation initially boosted Carter's approval numbers 20 or so percent.
  3. To lose the "Florida Man" theme would just be too much for the country to bear at this time.
  4. Well it is kind of true now, once you consider "the average American" is holed up in his house and seldom leaves.
  5. Here's why:
  6. That letter sounded better in its original German.
  7. The people who believed the first won't be asking themselves the second. It is simply not in their nature. They'll simply move on to believing the next lie.
  8. Did he provide a timeframe over which he is forecasting the shortfall?
  10. NY won''t be able to spare him in time for that to happen.
  11. Most of the relevant agencies were only staffed at the leadership level on a skeletal basis, and many of those there are only there to engage in the grift. Thus it will take weeks to do what used to be done in days, and months to do what used to be done in weeks.
  13. Jimmy Carter's numbers went up after the Iranian hostages were taken.
  14. I read that as a request to not report the numbers to the media, just to DOL, which then released them in the aggregate. If someone messed with totals, we will hear about it soon enough.
  15. That Trump had no interest in the non-televised aspects of the presidency was apparent throughout the campaign. It was basically playing Russian roulette to hope to get through four years without something like this happening.