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  1. Thanks for acknowledgment but this week is going to be tough. Carson+Hyde injury, Gibson bye, Henry against the Stillerz.
  2. Dak and Fitz are my QB's, so being without a QB is not going to be just a Week 7 thing. Add in my other injuries and I am dead man walking.
  3. They don't have to suspend them all at for the same game or games. I'm pretty sure when MLB suspends a bunch of players for a brawl they stagger the suspensions.
  4. He's had accomplices for years:
  5. Who could have predicted that politicians encouraging "lock her up" chants could have led to this.
  6. People who can are working from home, and are afraid to travel and gather together in large groups. That has led to many of the job losses, and everybody feels for those impacted, but those won't return around until those things are no longer true. "Pols," hypocritical or not, and whatever "virtue signaling" is, have nothing to do with the basic human instinct to not get sick and die. Every pol in the world could stop being hypocritical and this scourge of virtue signaling could cease, and we'd be exactly where we are now.
  7. Think you are getting Cain mixed up with Carson, who is still in the Cabinet.
  8. The piece wasn't about the president getting sick. There were multiple other pieces on the site about that. Still are.