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  1. Another consideration is deciding your auction strategy is the quality of free agents throughout the season, and your ability to snag them. The greater the number of free agents you can count on getting, the more you want to spend on stars.
  2. For the new guys, you can put your cell number in the wireless section of your contact info and get texts of the picks, so you can keep track of when you are up.
  3. Thanks for doing these.
  4. League 6 - in BLC- -in Can take a third if necessary
  5. Sorry, didn't see your June 9th post until today. I though it would send me an email notification. Anyway, another owner and myself are interested in a local league. Can you send me the league specifics or point me to the league website, so we can decide if this fits our interests? You can email me at ravens3077@yahoo.com



  6. Might want to see if this guy got campaign donations from Fan Duel and Draft Kings: http://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/bill-could-sideline-season-long-fantasy-football-in-virginia-open/article_e73ad76c-03ca-5552-ab9e-ab06019a4704.html
  7. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/744067-start-em-once-25-can-win-550/ Using Pay MFL
  8. As a perennial playoff loser in this league, I very much recommend it. The depth of 14 to 16 teams makes the auction very competitive, and best ball makes the free agent bidding and claims key throughout the season. We added a couple of good owners last year, and welcome even more, as long as spots remain.
  9. Not a keeper, but auction, and it has been meeting in Clarksburg the last couple of years. Always room for more. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/726644-fbg-2015-mid-atlantic-best-ballauction-league-looking-for-owners/?page=2
  10. Two seasons ago someone from this board set one of those up for the last half of a season at MFL, which doesn't charge for midseason leagues. But I imagine you'd incur its standard charges for a full season league. I'll pm you the link to that league.
  11. Probably because teams did not play an equal amount of division games. Good scheduling summary here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canceled_NFL_games
  12. I guess that is what happens when you click on the first Manning in the ADP list. I've changed it. Or can I just have Eli's last Super Bowl appearance stats?
  13. Took Tolbert and Gano, and Manning and Denver D are preloaded so I'm done. You'll get McManus, a TE, and a flex. With my second pick, I figured that it was better to foreclose you from a decent TE than to try and figure which of the Car WR would have the best day.