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  1. I've been in this league every year but the first and heartily endorse it, even though it took me nine years to finally win. The live auction, going over 200 players deep in the middle of August, before roles are firmly established, is worth the price of playing by itself. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Also, roster management via FAAB during the bye weeks is challenging.
  2. Congrats to Grigs, look like he's wrapped this one up.
  3. You mean MBSL1 MBLS2: Go DC2 294.30 Crippler 224.50
  4. I'll need to be replaced as well. Surgery on Thurs. 1/11 and no idea of how I'll feel the following few days.
  5. Gurley was on neither of my championship teams Core of 12-team draft, bestball: AJ Green, Brees, Lynch, Ertz, Graham, Theilen, Jax D, KC K. Bortles and K. Cole helped for the playoffs. Core of 15-team auction, bestball: Bell, D. Thomas, Duke Johnson, Ben, Witten, Goodwin. Jmmy G. and Min. D helped for the playoffs.
  6. Hopkins incredible TD catch yesterday the difference: http://calcomatic.com/EntryLive/109256 v. http://calcomatic.com/EntryLive/108711
  7. So if Foles gets his bell rung with the Eagles up 14 in the fourth quarter they should shut it down? Getting Sudfeld a couple of series so he gets his feet wet isn't going to kill Foles' development.
  8. The objective is not to rest Foles, it is to get his backup, Sudfeld, experience in the event he is needed during the playoffs. IIRC, Sudfeld was picked up by them when he was cut by the Redskins, and he's never played a down in an NFL regular season game.
  9. MBSL 2 Finals: 1. Crippler 2 353.40 2. Go DC Yourself 2 311.35 Duckboy 2 eliminated with 291.15
  10. In general I like northern defenses playing at home against so-so southern teams in December, but Cutler played in both Denver and Chicago in the past, and Miami looked awfully good running the ball the other night and will be unlikely to have to get into a shootout with Buffalo. My league is best ball, so I'm thinking see how what Detroit gets me, and if they don't produce, I have a player I can probably cut and pick up a second defense among Buff, Mia., Minn, and TB (which has had a few productive games this year) to see if they out produce Detroit.
  11. Dumping NE for the week, and have first choice on defenses in a 15-team league: Det., Minn., Buff. look to be the best available. Minn. looks to be the quality one, but they haven't scored a TD all year, whereas Det. has scored five, so leaning towards Det.
  12. In MBSL 2 Crippler booted, leaving the remaining three the top three: Duckboy 2--2049.35 Crippler 2 - 2005.05 Go DC Yourself 2 - 1982.10
  13. MBSL2: Duckboy2 Go DC Yourself 2--Immunity for Week 13, the last week for such, correct? Crippler 2 Crippler
  14. I updated MBSL2: Duckboy 2-Immunity week 12 Crippler 2 Go DC Yourself 2 Crippler Stinkin Ref
  15. BasketballMonster.com