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  1. BasketballMonster.com
  2. FBG says that Kerwyn Williams will be marginally better than Duke Johnson the rest of the year, and certainly has no less opportunity for playoff points, so wth.
  3. TMQB: Pit, Dal RB: David Johnson, Le'Veon Bell, Melvin Gordon, Jay Ajayi WR: Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, A.J. Green TE: Jimmy Graham, Zach Ertz Flex: Michael Thomas PK: Justin Tucker, Blair Walsh Def: NE, Phi
  4. Setup showing flex: http://www79.myfantasyleague.com/2017/options?L=39912&O=26 Standard format here: http://www64.myfantasyleague.com/2017/options?L=37735&O=26
  5. So we aren't doing flex with this, correct? Because the starting position are still set at flex.
  6. I like Anarchy's analysis format, so I'll steal it. Got a few playoff guys here, so think it's a decent team, though unlikely a great one. 219 - LA Rams TMQB29 . . . Ranked TMBQ32 in 2016 Waited late for a QB, and think that the Rams passing situation shows more upside than the others that were left (Chi, Cle, NYJ), given the coaching and the new receivers. 91 - Duke Johnson CLE RB29 . . . Ranked RB31 in 2016 With the reception volume potential, seemed a reasonable pick after I went WR/WR first two rounds. 102 - Terrence West BAL RB31 . . . Ranked RB24 in 2016 Liked him being there when I took him, not so much later when I saw Buck Allen run better than him with the first teamers in the second preseason game. Thought about stacking Allen as my flex, but think that’s more of playing for 5th than for 1st strategy. 27 - Michael Crabtree OAK WR14 . . . Ranked WR13 in 2016 Is becoming the healthier of the Oakland WRs, and has playoff potential. 38 - Tyreek Hill KCC WR17 . . . Ranked WR25 in 2016 Decided to buy into the hype, and the Alex Smith downfield hope, given the playoff potential. 230 - Chris Hogan NEP WR75 . . . Ranked WR37 in 2016 I understand the drop due to the Cooks hype and Gronk’s return, but with the January games he seemed like a no-brainer WR3 at this point, and well worth kicking the kicker can down for road for. 283 - Kendell Wright CHI WR93 . . . Ranked WR83 in 2016 I went in thinking that, having the 6th free agent pick, I’d take flex last, but the five teams after me had taken a kicker already, so no use waiting on a flex. Considered Boyd here, but I had just grabbed him at the end of a deep auction the day before. Dodds seems quite high on Wright, likely because of the playing opportunity and weak TE situation with the Bears. 155 - Cameron Brate TBB TE25 . . . Ranked TE8 in 2016 It looks like people are slowly realizing that Howard will not be an immediate impact player in fantasy, but are sleeping somewhat on what that means for Brate. The rookie TE are going too high, meaning there is value to be had in waiting for guys like Cook, Clay, and Brate. 166 - Broncos DEN DEF3 . . . Ranked DEF4 in 2016 Add me to those surprised defenses went so late, particularly as compared to past years. Knowing that, I might have gone QB earlier and waited on a defense. 294 - Connor Barth CHI PK31 . . Ranked PK29 in 2016 Seems likely to hold off Aguayo, but if not I’ll be able to grab a replacement.
  7. Allen looked a lot better than West running behind the first team O line. Ajayi looked good catching the ball out of the backfield.
  8. I'm good for both.
  9. This is great concept that you are unlikely to find anywhere else, at least at such a low cost. I think once everyone gets by their normal auctions and drafts, the week before the season it will quickly fill, so I recommend getting in now.
  10. B&J made his picks last night on the turn in League 6. Pretty clear he's not paying attention to this league, despite checking in Sunday night. And we have a replacement lined up.
  11. My favorite twist is when the older guy in a camp competition gets cut, and the another team picks him up and puts on the street a mid-level guy who had no camp competition.
  12. If these are held next year, and I can understand if they were not, I would suggest putting fast drafters together in leagues, and leave the slow ones in a league or leagues by themselves.
  13. Last year Genester ran away with this league with Austin Hooper and Jesse James at TE: nos. 38 and 22.
  14. Last year in these leagues RB64 put up 52.6 points. 111 WR put up more points than that, as did 48 TE. It's a very valid strategy to take RB early in an attempt to avoid getting stuck with the dregs. But with injuries and inseason turnover at the position, you can still very easily get stuck with underperformers, as last year's draft in this league shows: http://www70.myfantasyleague.com/2016/options?L=15728&O=17&DISPLAY=LEAGUE&POSITION=RB&FRANCHISE=0000
  15. Ryheaps is the holdup in at least two leagues, and his footprint hasn't registered in those leagues in over two days.