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  1. In L5 @Maggot Brain finished almost 500 points of second place, me, and I think like 280 points in front of the next best total in 6 leagues.
  2. Can't get much closer than this: Ryheaps 3303.74+KC D Go DC: 3302.20+Kelce
  3. I'm a KC-GB Super Bowl entry, not sure how many of us there are, or if my 7 total will be enough even it is those two teams. NO getting knocked out hurts because I was counting on a Sea-GB NFC championship game. Devin Singletary $12 16.40 Cole Beasley $12 8.40 Derrick Henry $15 26.90 Patrick Mahomes $36 0.00 Tyreek Hill $26 0.00 Travis Kelce $22 0.00 Justice Hill $4 0.00 Willie Snead $7 0.00 Russell Wilson $26 26.75 Travis Homer $9 2.20 J.J. Arcega-Whiteside $3 0.00 TreQuan Smith $9 0.00 Aaron Rodgers $20 0.00 Jamaal Williams $8 0.00 Davante Adams $21 0.00 Mason Crosby $5 0.00 Raheem Mostert $14 0.00
  4. I know if one of those zero score teams ends up winning, I am going to demand my contest fee back. On a more serious note, I'm surprised at the NO love. I didn't see them doing well outdoors at GB in mid-Jan.
  5. TMQB: KC and Atl RB: Kamara, Barkley, Connor, Chubb WR: Adams, J. Jones, Smith-Schuster, Hopkins, Edelman TE: Kelce and Kittle Flex: M. Thomas PK: Zeurlein and Tucker Def: NE and NO
  6. Ben and Jerry's timed and got a 2nd flex instead of the kicker needed.
  7. Here. Feel free to put me down for Kelce since I can't predraft No. 1.
  8. I can jump in and he can have my spot in 4 or 6 if that would move things along.