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  1. Since I don't use a computer during the auction, I try to create a realistic auction spreadsheet as follows: (1) have the last year or two's auctions as a model, as far as allocation of dollars among the positions, and for distribution among the players at those positions (this may be available from the league site and/or its commish); (2) use the Excel app on here, as updated regularly, but this is the important part---keep playing with the the starting position and flex settings so that it results in a spreadsheet that will look something like the league's historic auction results, especially at the top quarter or so of the auction (for instance, if QB values looks low, instead of having teams start 1 QB, have them start 1.5); (3) look at rankings and ADP in allocating dollars, decreasing the dollar value of players as you down the position lists, pushing extra dollars towards players you like and taking extra ones away from players you don't at that ADP; if the last 30 or so players taken usually go for $1, have your list mirror that. For ADP, focus on similar leagues; I'm in a 16-team redraft auction, which results in QB values higher than normal,so I look at the ADP from recent 16-team drafts.
  2. I pm'ed Kam2, since there is no indication on the site that he has checked into the league yet. Hasn't been on here since Sunday.
  3. Agreed. There is more than enough room for varying levels of the hobby. Even my local library is getting in on it, trying to start a league for young teens: https://librarycalendar.fairfaxcounty.gov/event/4100399
  4. The Rams are a late bye, but likely will be costly. KC looks good for this strategy. Both have decent playoff schedules too. I'm liking Denver's schedule both to start the season and playoffs. NO, Pitt, and Sea also have good Sept. schedules if you are looking to sell high. Det, GB, and NE good playoff schedules if thinking about buying low a month in.
  5. Since I didn't say it before, GoDCYourself is available to fill in leagues other than 6.
  6. In if you do them, though I'll be traveling July 23 to 27 and not sure of access from Canada on my phone. Edited to add that I was in league 6.
  7. I think this is down to one available spot, and it looks like we have a venue.
  8. I've been in this league every year but the first and heartily endorse it, even though it took me nine years to finally win. The live auction, going over 200 players deep in the middle of August, before roles are firmly established, is worth the price of playing by itself. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Also, roster management via FAAB during the bye weeks is challenging.
  9. Congrats to Grigs, look like he's wrapped this one up.
  10. You mean MBSL1 MBLS2: Go DC2 294.30 Crippler 224.50
  11. I'll need to be replaced as well. Surgery on Thurs. 1/11 and no idea of how I'll feel the following few days.
  12. Gurley was on neither of my championship teams Core of 12-team draft, bestball: AJ Green, Brees, Lynch, Ertz, Graham, Theilen, Jax D, KC K. Bortles and K. Cole helped for the playoffs. Core of 15-team auction, bestball: Bell, D. Thomas, Duke Johnson, Ben, Witten, Goodwin. Jmmy G. and Min. D helped for the playoffs.
  13. Hopkins incredible TD catch yesterday the difference: http://calcomatic.com/EntryLive/109256 v. http://calcomatic.com/EntryLive/108711
  14. So if Foles gets his bell rung with the Eagles up 14 in the fourth quarter they should shut it down? Getting Sudfeld a couple of series so he gets his feet wet isn't going to kill Foles' development.
  15. The objective is not to rest Foles, it is to get his backup, Sudfeld, experience in the event he is needed during the playoffs. IIRC, Sudfeld was picked up by them when he was cut by the Redskins, and he's never played a down in an NFL regular season game.