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  1. The win this week really didn't change our long term outlook in my eyes. They were all in on Tua before the hip injury and probably still could have snagged him at 5. I have been and still advocating putting that pick up for trade. This team has a plethora of holes to fill and no one player is gonna make them rise from the dead. Trade back and accumulate more draft picks in 2020 and 2021. We need to add more talent to the O and D lines, get a RB, an edge rusher. WR/TE is in good shape if PW comes back from the knee injury. If 2020 goes wrong then we combine our 2021 draft capital and go get Lawrence.
  2. Agreed Rock. Miami had that game in the bag and the choke allowed Dalton and Boyd to pad their stats. Imagine if the Chargers would have tied the Raiders late at 24. Ekeler, Allen, and company could have gone Bengal stat crazy as well. It's basically come down to game flow and luck in this hobby.........
  3. I'm down 17 and have Aaron Jones, Adams, and Bailey. He has Harrison Smith. Feeling pretty good about it unless Minny wins 28-0
  4. Houston is definitely one and done, I still can't fathom how they have won 10 games. Horrible coach, horrible play calling, lot's of luck.
  5. Wish Watinston would play like this when I face him
  6. The only good I mean Awesome thing about the NFLN is KAY ADAMS❤️
  7. Texans should b spreading the formation with Nuk, Fuller, and Stills. in the bank. Idiot coaches
  8. Worst team in the league defending the pass and #1 vs the run, what do the Texans do run, gotta love this game
  9. You obviously have not spent a lot of time in that thread the past month
  10. Nuk haters could be out in full today. Not a good start for a shootout. Fingers crossed 🎅
  11. I know it was doom and gloom 6 months ago, but my feelings were: Is the Flores finally the guy- YES on all accounts Can we find some diamonds in the rough with this weekend warrior roster-YES. Biegel, Needham, Rowe. It's not a lot but I think there keepers. Who will step up this year- Parker looks like he's finally seen the light. Nice jump from Gesicki. Baker is going to be a STUD. Gochaux coming on nicely. Rookies- Wilkins coming on and should be an anchor for years as well as Dieter on the OL. All in all not bad considering we were written off for dead. If Grier can perform his job this team will be set in 2 years, fingers crossed. Fin
  12. Absolutely Chuck. At this point with Tua's injury Chase is the pick or trade back. I don't think Thomas or Hebert are worthy of the # 3-4 pick for us versus trading back and adding picks.
  13. I'm thinking more and more that they should trade back and recoup more picks. This draft is loaded with talent and let's face it we have so many holes to fill. I personally think it's a no brainer to be honest.
  14. I agree that depending on what we get with your pick it's a win-win for both teams. I think it's obvious that our teams are heading in different directions. At least we hired a competent HC finally. Flores looks like a winner for us after years of frustration after Shula. Best of luck to you guys the rest of the year. Fin