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  1. Minka wasn't a Flores type of guy so he was shown the door, same for Stills, Reshad, etc. The best thing to happen last year was Flores changing the culture of the franchise. Now we can sit back and enjoy the next 5-7 years. Fins Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. When is the last time NE finished last in the AFC East. might happen starting this year and for the foreseeable future.
  3. I'm buying him everywhere I can, this is the move that wins leagues.
  4. Awesome move by Miami, very underrated move.
  5. STEAL!!!!!!! Grier grew a set on day 3, way to go Chris
  6. Tony Nathan on roids, just stay healthy!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Great move Miami. It's deals like this that go unlooked.
  8. Fell because of his route tree, all he has now is the go route as Grove mentioned. Still a good pick at this stage...........
  9. I, like 95% of the fan base have been clamoring for a QB since you know who retired, but this team has holes all throughout the roster. I still say we trade back throughout the draft and accumulate more draft capital and pick for value at every given chance. This team has a chance to really load up on talent for the first time since I can remember. If it's means we don't get a shot at Tua, JH, or Love so be it. Let's get an infusion of talent at every position possible while we can. Fin
  10. College Dynasty owner here for two years. Lower body injury in the making. Every other week it was something on limited snaps. I will be passing in a faster, harder hitting league. My .02
  11. I know we have spent wastefully through the years on FA, but this year has a different feel to it for me. Last year was rough even though we really accomplished our goal in we found our next Don Shula so IMO the season was a success...............
  12. The win this week really didn't change our long term outlook in my eyes. They were all in on Tua before the hip injury and probably still could have snagged him at 5. I have been and still advocating putting that pick up for trade. This team has a plethora of holes to fill and no one player is gonna make them rise from the dead. Trade back and accumulate more draft picks in 2020 and 2021. We need to add more talent to the O and D lines, get a RB, an edge rusher. WR/TE is in good shape if PW comes back from the knee injury. If 2020 goes wrong then we combine our 2021 draft capital and go get Lawrence.
  13. Agreed Rock. Miami had that game in the bag and the choke allowed Dalton and Boyd to pad their stats. Imagine if the Chargers would have tied the Raiders late at 24. Ekeler, Allen, and company could have gone Bengal stat crazy as well. It's basically come down to game flow and luck in this hobby.........
  14. I'm down 17 and have Aaron Jones, Adams, and Bailey. He has Harrison Smith. Feeling pretty good about it unless Minny wins 28-0