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  1. Does this division really deserve a playoff spot
  2. They have played hard the past 6 weeks, all be it with an NCAA roster. Like I said earlier learn the name Brian Flores when this team gets some talent
  3. There is no pressure to win, Fitz can just sling it and teams know it's an easy W most weeks, when the pressure is on Parker folds like a cheap tent
  4. You guys have a good D Line, I thought the Eagles would dominate the LOS
  5. We have a High School OL at best, you should be dominating
  6. Does it matter, the 49's will eat this team up
  7. He blows chunks, no offense I'm starting him too
  8. Flores was a great hire. When we get some talent look out
  9. Mills basically tackled him, that one was a no-brainer
  10. I picked up your D and Elliott. One for two I guess