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  1. It's Miami everything is a crapshoot from here till 2021. All jokes aside. New staff means really know one is going to really know what they are doing except Bill he knows what everyone is doing.
  2. People it's super early. Long way to go before anything is set in stone.
  3. Probably smart of Rudolph too. 9 million in your pocket is better than waiting all through camp and then getting cut after teams have been set hoping to get at least the money you are due this season. Smart on both sides. Guessing wanting to keep his family in Minnesota went a long way to getting this deal done. But who knows. Not sure how any Irv Smith Jr. owner sees this as just being no big deal. Irv will be used differently than Rudolph but no Rudolph would have been ideal and to try to tell yourself a story that this does not affect Smith Jr. is just that a story.
  4. He really only got about 2 million more for this season guaranteed. Next season is only guaranteed if Rudolph is injured. Vikings killed this deal. Rudolph gets his 9 million for this season but after that, the Vikings control everything from there. Great job by the Vikings front office. Kyle Rudolph really wanted to stay in Minnesota.
  5. Should be interesting to see if Wentz and Jackson can create chemistry together. Wentz has a much better deep ball than anyone Jackson has played with lately. I would not be shocked to see Jackson get back to his 2015 form in this offense.
  6. Terry reminds me a lot of Terry "rip" Glenn. I will say this. I think Terry will be a better pro than college player. The offense at Ohio State complicates the evaluation process. The offense is more role oriented but I have seen Terry at times show being more a complete WR. Parris is much more than that Percy Harvin role too. I would factor in that these players are a bit better than given credit for. McLaurin might be more complete than Parris. The potential for Terry is more 2nd round in rookie drafts than where he is going. I got him at 4.1 and believe me I feel he will outplay that draft position easy. A smart kid who is a 2x captain at OSU and hungry for success with the opportunity and familiarity with Haskins. Recipe for success.
  7. 12 team league 1 QB is the league I have him. In SF much different situation and if you are in 16-32 team leagues or high roster limit teams supply and demand will play a role.
  8. For Dynasty purposes not sure if he is worth holding at this point. I inherited Rosen on an orphan team I took over and not sure if I'll even let him sit on my taxi squad it depends on my roster after the draft and what I want to do. Rosen will be out there right away and should be so Miami can see what they have and if he hits great and if not great they tank without looking like they tanked. The situation sucks for Josh in my opinion though the Dolphins have some weapons not nearly enough and the offensive line might be just a slight upgrade. He could end up in the same situation that he was in this year with Miami using a top pick and then being shipped out again or just be a backup at that point. I think this happening is about as likely to happen as Rosen being good. I liked him coming out and think he can be good but like anything else, if the situation is horrible and your on a team that has not invested much in you then you are expendable and do you want a QB on the roster that possibly could be starting over on a new team in his 3rd year??? What? You going to wait and see?? Is he even worth the time investment in Dynasty? I feel for the kid he is being humbled a bit and I like how he has handled the situation at least in public. I'll be rooting for him but investing him even at a cheap price? I don't know. I doubt it.
  9. Not even close to a comparison. Parris can run routes for one a lot better than Austin ever did. I will give you the speed is similar. Austin actually is better in suddenness and cutting. Campbell plays bigger and most definitely a better blocker. I think the Ohio State offense is more role focused but does not mean our players cannot translate to the NFL.
  10. Now that it is done maybe everyone should take a deep breath and sit back and watch the show. I mean no one can do anything at this point the picks have been made. Let's stop focusing on what he can't do and focus on what he can do. He seems very smart and has the ability to be accurate in small windows. He has had good grooming and not a ton of support from the players around him. Not a slam on the Duke program but it's not like the Ohio State talent and not the Ohio State offensive line. He has had to play under duress and I would think he will adapt to the speed of the game a little better than most. I'm not saying he is Peyton Manning but I do think Jay Gruden wanted Jones. Listen to some people that have contacts in the building that said Gruden liked Jones and Snyder and Allen liked Haskins. For what it's worth. I'm willing to give the kid a chance at this point. I'm not a Giant's fan and don't claim to be a scout but that being said looking at the college career and looking at his skill set and what he could be as a pro are two different things. He might surprise some folks. I think they could have gotten Allen and then used # 17 and something else to move to a pick between 11 and 14 and got Jones. I'm sure that was explored and I guess not viable but everything on the table at the end of the day if he is the guy then go get your guy. Plus he's cute. I'm in love. Yours truly, Dave Gettleman All jokes aside he is better at football than being given credit for #6 overall better only time will tell. Let's see what happens now.
  11. I think everyone is waiting till Lock is off the board. The Bengals need so much we have so many holes. I think and I hope we are in full rebuild mode. I just don't know enough about Rosen or Lock to say clearly either is better than Dalton. I think Lock has a stronger arm than Dalton for sure but is he better and will develop better than perhaps a QB in next year's draft? Rosen might fit better than Lock but what would the Bengals be willing to give considering all the holes. We need defense(Linebacker) and a tight end and perhaps another offensive lineman if it all falls right. My point is that the Bengals might be better served to kick the can down the road on replacing Dalton. I do think it's time for Dalton to go because he is good enough to tease you and not good enough to elevate a team into the playoffs and beyond. He is the worse QB to have good enough to give you hope but never get you to the promised land. Just not sure that QB is available to us either in Rosen or the draft.
  12. Ohio States offense has been interesting, to say the least. I think this season and in future Ohio State has used more of what looks like Mike Leach's concepts to our base offense. The transition from Meyer to Day has become very noticeable to me. Much more crossing routes as you could see in Michigan game to create space or pick on a matchup they liked. Picking spots for long downfield throws and mesh point plays that reminded me of Oklahoma and Texas Tech. The receivers seemed more of the focal point than the running game last season but the offense in itself was a more intermediate passing game than the longer downfield game. It's very hard to judge and scout the receivers in this offense. I do think Campbell and McLaurin are both probably better players than given credit for and McLaurin seemed to be progressing more at the end of the season. I think Day is going to start going downfield a bit more this season as he fully takes the reins. I think we are heading down the path of an Oklahoma style offense with Justin Fields and Day transition which should help the receivers in the future.
  13. As a person, I wish only the best for him. I can't imagine waking up every day knowing that you want something so bad that helps you feel normal and complete but also know can cause you any chance of succeeding in your career and life to have this on your mind 24-7 must be horrible. I have never been addicted to anything but can see the path to addiction for anyone. I know in my life there have been times when I was not doing the right things and was able to look in the mirror and say this is the path to destruction and alter my behavior but I think for someone with addiction so bad the story is much different. I'm an investigator of sorts for a living and spoke to someone who claimed to be getting over addiction for drugs and alcohol and the path to getting clean for him was choosing video gaming but now is addicted to that. He replaced his addiction with something else because the other addiction was too hard to beat. He was not being honest with me which I already knew but could see how addicted he was to the booze and drugs just by his tone and mannerism. He seemed like he was living in a hell. I want to see Josh Gordon break the cycle and bring a story of hope for others and that's it. I honestly believe and think the NFL sees just how much wants to be clean. I think he has convinced Roger or someone else because of the NFL's efforts of giving Josh so many opportunities. I could care less if he ever plays another down in the NFL just hope he gets clean and provides a platform for others to see it can be done. Josh has all the resources in the world to help him get clean if he can't do it how do you think a person struggling in the real world feels? Would be a great inspiration to see Josh succeed just for the hope it could bring others.
  14. The difference for me is the difference between the defenses in the Big 12 compared to the defenses in the NFL. I don't think the two compare but that said the Mike Leach offense could be very good for fantasy QB production so if that can work and it does then yes Murray could be special that said though defenses and defensive coaching at the NFL level is another animal altogether. Either way should be fun to watch. My concern if I'm looking for Murray to be my QB for 10 years will he is he able to hold up and will the offense be viable in 10 years? You should be looking for the most production for fantasy in the first 3 years as a true NFL GM evaluation the waters get a heck murkier.
  15. He went for 2020 first in one of my Dynasty leagues. Probably a 1.9 to 1.12. Not sure I would be trading for him for a 2020 first prior to the NFL draft but to each his own. Lots of unknowns in that situation in my eyes.