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  1. Ohio States offense has been interesting, to say the least. I think this season and in future Ohio State has used more of what looks like Mike Leach's concepts to our base offense. The transition from Meyer to Day has become very noticeable to me. Much more crossing routes as you could see in Michigan game to create space or pick on a matchup they liked. Picking spots for long downfield throws and mesh point plays that reminded me of Oklahoma and Texas Tech. The receivers seemed more of the focal point than the running game last season but the offense in itself was a more intermediate passing game than the longer downfield game. It's very hard to judge and scout the receivers in this offense. I do think Campbell and McLaurin are both probably better players than given credit for and McLaurin seemed to be progressing more at the end of the season. I think Day is going to start going downfield a bit more this season as he fully takes the reins. I think we are heading down the path of an Oklahoma style offense with Justin Fields and Day transition which should help the receivers in the future.
  2. As a person, I wish only the best for him. I can't imagine waking up every day knowing that you want something so bad that helps you feel normal and complete but also know can cause you any chance of succeeding in your career and life to have this on your mind 24-7 must be horrible. I have never been addicted to anything but can see the path to addiction for anyone. I know in my life there have been times when I was not doing the right things and was able to look in the mirror and say this is the path to destruction and alter my behavior but I think for someone with addiction so bad the story is much different. I'm an investigator of sorts for a living and spoke to someone who claimed to be getting over addiction for drugs and alcohol and the path to getting clean for him was choosing video gaming but now is addicted to that. He replaced his addiction with something else because the other addiction was too hard to beat. He was not being honest with me which I already knew but could see how addicted he was to the booze and drugs just by his tone and mannerism. He seemed like he was living in a hell. I want to see Josh Gordon break the cycle and bring a story of hope for others and that's it. I honestly believe and think the NFL sees just how much wants to be clean. I think he has convinced Roger or someone else because of the NFL's efforts of giving Josh so many opportunities. I could care less if he ever plays another down in the NFL just hope he gets clean and provides a platform for others to see it can be done. Josh has all the resources in the world to help him get clean if he can't do it how do you think a person struggling in the real world feels? Would be a great inspiration to see Josh succeed just for the hope it could bring others.
  3. The difference for me is the difference between the defenses in the Big 12 compared to the defenses in the NFL. I don't think the two compare but that said the Mike Leach offense could be very good for fantasy QB production so if that can work and it does then yes Murray could be special that said though defenses and defensive coaching at the NFL level is another animal altogether. Either way should be fun to watch. My concern if I'm looking for Murray to be my QB for 10 years will he is he able to hold up and will the offense be viable in 10 years? You should be looking for the most production for fantasy in the first 3 years as a true NFL GM evaluation the waters get a heck murkier.
  4. He went for 2020 first in one of my Dynasty leagues. Probably a 1.9 to 1.12. Not sure I would be trading for him for a 2020 first prior to the NFL draft but to each his own. Lots of unknowns in that situation in my eyes.
  5. The bottom line is all of you are right and all of you are wrong. We all have opinions. Murray is a talented athlete and dominated in the Big 12 but that does not mean he is a surefire franchise QB. I do think he is talented and has a role in the NFL that said I would not be selecting him number one overall or selecting him as my franchise QB. I'm not so worried about his height but his frame does concern me. I don't think the Big 12 defenses and the defenses he will be facing next year are anywhere the same. Franchise QB to me means he is my guy for the next 10 years. I'm not convinced he will last that long. Murray for many in the NFL is the man and have no worries and think he is a can't miss prospect and I point to Baker Mayfield more than Wilson for that opinion. I'm also pretty sure many in the NFL have the same concerns as myself and others that he won't hold up over the long haul. I hear some like chocolate ice cream and others like strawberry. To each his own. I'm also concerned if he goes to Arizona that offensive line will get him killed. The Cards better get that fixed in the next year or two.
  6. But the rest of the contract is so affordable. Basically, get 4 years at 20 million and that includes picking up the option. You can't beat that.
  7. Kind of my thinking and the price you buy has to be cheap. That said he is in his fourth year which is a make or break year for him. Contract year and sometimes players that know they are playing for their NFL careers play better. I don't think that is enough but for a cheap price and if you have the room it's worth the dice roll. I think it's a crap shoot but sometimes it works. If it does not work out you lost a bit of roster space for a short period of time. He is at the bottom of the roster and can be cut at any time. Short leash if needed.
  8. No doubt they need a WR. Would be nice if Doctson clicked with whoever they bring in. Doctson going into his 4th season and contract year I think. I actually just traded Delaine Walker straight up for Doctson on an orphan team I just picked up. Spitball against the wall but you never know. Walker coming off an injury and being 35 figured why not. Solid TE starters on the squad. QB more important than WR regardless but at this point, the Skins have tons of holes. Unless the plan is to tank for next season not sure Snyder would go for that. If your plan was to tank not sure why you get Case Keenum.
  9. Makes a ton of sense for the Redskins need wise and money wise. Compensation would be a question and the Redskins being the Redskins might wait to see how the top ten goes. I would think the Cardinals would hit the accept button tomorrow if the Skins offer the 15th for him. Colt now maybe having a second procedure on his leg? Allen just needs to get this done. Of course, goes back to fit with Gruden. I have no idea how that would work and don't pretend too. I assume Rosen fits the scheme pretty well but who knows. Murray and Rosen becoming a nice storyline for this draft.
  10. Well considering he really wanted to go to Stanford but blew his chances by being overbearing is the words used or something to that effect. So yes he has some history. I really don't mind him being a bit of a questioner of how things are done and why. I like my QB to be smart but you have to be able to work with people on that and to say he has not rubbed people the wrong way in his football life seems to be wishful thinking. My opinion is there is no way they keep both. I think the market is a question mark. A team that misses out perhaps due to a trade up or whatnot might be willing to pay more then than before the draft. If this is a smoke screen by the Cardinals hats off to them. The Cards have me convinced they are taking Murray but passing up on Bosa might be very difficult. We are not in the building so very hard to judge how he interacts with the coaching staff and players. I assume keeping both would be an issue. And if they draft Murray as the number one pick this is not a competition it's Murray's job and Rosen is smart enough to see that. I like the kid just hope he lands somewhere he get's his shot.
  11. Can Josh Doctson be better with Case Keenum, Colt Mccoy, Josh Rosen or one of the QB's in the draft? Make or break year for Josh Doctson? And what part of the draft do you think the Redskins address the WR position? This offense needs playmakers and yet there are a ton of holes to fill.
  12. I don't see Rosen taking well to Murray being drafted. I can see Rosen pretty much demanding a trade and being an issue in the room if Murray was drafted and Rosen would not fit the new offense that the Cards would install for Murray. Make no mistake if they decide to draft Murray they are trading Rosen. Cards can wait till draft day or during the draft to move him so to give them all the options available to them or maybe get the best deal possible. I like the idea of trading him before the draft if you have decided on Murray why wait? I don't think the price is going to change that much for Rosen. The fact that we are not in the room with the coaching staff and front office of the Cards we are all just in a wait and see mode.
  13. Pretty good topic and not much to add since I don't have a specific site or publication that I subscribe too. I listen to a lot of podcasts and take to scouting the top 24 prospects in my mind on youtube/other video sources to get eyes on the players after that I'll look at mock rookie drafts and pick out windows of players for my late draft picks and then randomly look at opinions through internet research of those groups of players in the later rounds as my rookie drafts are in progress. I find this has been pretty effective for me and saves me a lot of time. I will say this I have eliminated some noise when it comes to players because I feel some just want to be entertaining more than informative. I have learned to spot that type of analysis of opinions and being entertaining. Give me your opinions and the reasons why and then I take that information in and go from there. I'll then come up with a pre-draft board(top 24) and score those players with a score chart I created for myself of those players. After the draft, I grade landing spot of the players and I try to not have a bias but sometimes that creeps in. I enjoy the process and for the most part happy with the results. I also keep those scores in a file and look back at them later to see how I did. If you do have a group like PFF do you outright trust them and draft accordingly? That would save tons of time. However, I do like the process of what I do because feels more like it was my process.
  14. First reactions in free agency signings are sometimes not very good but when you give it some time the perspective changes. I like the signing for both really if anything Coleman owners had to be hoping he ended up elsewhere but really not sure this is bad for either player. I definitely think they roll with 3 backs.