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  1. Can you still pickup anyone on the Free Agency? You could pick up Driskel and wait to see on Stafford this would give at least and emergency option if Stafford is ruled out. Detroit is going to be throwing the ball and have some weapons to throw too. If you can not then I suppose investigate a last second trade option.
  2. Josh Reynolds is a talented receiver. Opportunity has always been an issue. Game script is key here and very difficult to predict. Rams away from home going against a pretty good defense. Can the Ram's offensive line hold up? How many targets will Reynolds get? Will the Steelers focus be on Kupp and Woods? I could see the Steelers trying to take Kupp out of the game with the recent tape of how he lit the Bengals up in London. Will the Rams try to establish the run and lean on their defense? The Steelers are hurting on offense though. I think this has a chance to be low scoring game. No Connor and JuJu dinged up going against Ramsey. Samuels is a good pass catcher but I think the Rams will be ready for the Samuels rushing and receiving game. Could be a solid game for Vance Mcdonald.
  3. The real problem is how long will he last? QB with a bad back on the road against a stout defense. He is bound to take a some shots. He could end up leaving the game and this is a bad time of the year to have a QB leave in the first half. I would say it's a pretty risky play. You might be better off going with Fitzmagic off the waiver wire or a last second trade for someone though you most likely overpay this late depending on the intelligence of your league and your teams situation. The point being I would make other plans quickly.
  4. Rivers fades at the end of every season fantasy wise.
  5. Or not use him very much to avoid injury if they are in talks with teams?
  6. Is there a reason the Seahawks have not placed Dissly on the IR?
  7. Starting him over Terry McLaurin tonight. More about the matchup than anything. Dallas defense and Tampa Bay.
  8. Well the NFL and I mean Roger when I say NFL might think differently on this matter. I would think Roger may take a couple days to think on the matter but AB could be placed on the NFL exemption list(or whatever it is called) till there is an investigation or more details come out. He might play during the investigation if there is one. I doubt it though. If this thing has any bit of a chance of truth to it then he should probably sit till the investigation is at least completed.
  9. Was she working for him? Had he hired her to be his trainer? Could explain multiple times or at least an argument can be made by a lawyer that is the reason why. I don't know. We all know how much Bill likes distractions. Going to be a couple days till all the details come out. I would wait to see what happens in the next few days before freaking out on AB and or assuming innocence or guilt. Give him his due process and let her voice her accusations.
  10. It's Miami everything is a crapshoot from here till 2021. All jokes aside. New staff means really know one is going to really know what they are doing except Bill he knows what everyone is doing.
  11. People it's super early. Long way to go before anything is set in stone.
  12. Probably smart of Rudolph too. 9 million in your pocket is better than waiting all through camp and then getting cut after teams have been set hoping to get at least the money you are due this season. Smart on both sides. Guessing wanting to keep his family in Minnesota went a long way to getting this deal done. But who knows. Not sure how any Irv Smith Jr. owner sees this as just being no big deal. Irv will be used differently than Rudolph but no Rudolph would have been ideal and to try to tell yourself a story that this does not affect Smith Jr. is just that a story.
  13. He really only got about 2 million more for this season guaranteed. Next season is only guaranteed if Rudolph is injured. Vikings killed this deal. Rudolph gets his 9 million for this season but after that, the Vikings control everything from there. Great job by the Vikings front office. Kyle Rudolph really wanted to stay in Minnesota.
  14. Should be interesting to see if Wentz and Jackson can create chemistry together. Wentz has a much better deep ball than anyone Jackson has played with lately. I would not be shocked to see Jackson get back to his 2015 form in this offense.