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  1. I have been going back and forth on subscribing to them. I'm almost one 100% Film Grinder but looking to get into some analytics for player evaluation more as a compliment to what I do now but not sure the starting point. PFF and Underworld Player Profiler. Are the two I have heard of the most.
  2. That was quick. The weird fact about this means no doctor checked him out prior. Someone either convinced them his knee was good for this season or 5 million does not mean that much to the Falcons.
  3. A lot of this was due to money. 4 years and 57 million was a mistake for a running back in the first place. Gurley could not be traded due to this. The Rams also have a bunch of money wrapped into Goff. Gurley would have been owed 10 million yesterday had they kept him. I don't really think anything has changed since yesterday. He's not a RB1 and was not before being cut and he's not now. I do think he is a solid to high end RB2 though. He's a hold or buy. I don't think you are going to get his value in a trade which is the same reason he is a buy. The question is if you are okay with the risk or not.
  4. As a Bengal fan. I'll go Burrow. Not sure Winston even fits the offense Taylor wants to run.
  5. I really could see some very real possibilities with a Virtual Draft. If done right could be as exciting. You could add polls to who the public think is getting picked next and keep track of what percent you got correct in real time. The later rounds would be a lot of fun for the real draftniks.
  6. I was typing my response when you posted but looks like we were on the same page.
  7. I could see it now. The first pick of the 2020 NFL Draft "Presented by Charmin" because you never know when "Poop" happens the Bengals select Joe Burrow QB LSU. 😂 All jokes aside if virtual draft could happen I think it could be a wonderful break from the virus. I'm no expert but I think this is going to be a longer process with this virus then a shorter one. I'm no doctor but April does not seem possible to me. A draft like the one planned with hundreds of thousands of people also seems like a pipe dream.
  8. The NFL draft first round is set to start on April, 23rd in Las Vegas but this is looking more and more to be wishful thinking. Can a virtual draft work for the NFL? What would this look like? What are the interesting possibilities with this option of a virtual draft? Advertising? What would the logistics be for something like this and the pros and cons of a virtual draft? The question of when sports in a whole can actually resume? The safety of everyone involved is the most important thing and I understand that but just as an exercise of just having a conversation what would something like this look like? I think the conversation of when to actually play games is more doom and gloom at this point. Just for the purposes of this exercise let's leave the when to actually play games on the back burner for now. Boards for NFL teams are pretty much set at this point. War rooms are already virtual for the most part. The real decision-makers are really 3-4 people at the most. I think the rest are there to clap. No rookie visits would hurt teams a bit but we are talking difficult times here and teams will all be in the same boat and must adapt. The real problem is there would have to be people filming and of course, people will want to see the break down of the picks. How many people are we talking about? Can by this time these people be tested so that something like this could be put together? I think this would be a huge stumbling block and I have no idea of the logistics. I know the money would be a loss but can advertising somehow pick up the slack? What do you all think?
  9. One thing I know is that no one knows except Bill and Tom. I see all kinds of speculation out there with all kinds of sources. I think what New England does if Brady leaves is more interesting. If they believe in Stidham then I can see them signing a free agent in the 8-10 million range say like a Case Keenum type to mentor and compete with Stidham and the other quarterback they draft like Eason or Fromm maybe Love if he lasts that long. I can see them going with 3 QBs on the roster if they chose this route. Pats could sign Teddy Bridgewater or trade for Andy Dalton if they wanted a longer-term option but these options are not as cheap and would mean a longer commitment. New England has no one to blame but themselves. Should have replaced Brady with Jimmy G instead of trading Jimmy G and they would not be here right now in this tough situation and I know Brady won another Super Bowl after the trade but really Jimmy G could have maybe won that Super Bowl. I think in the end the Patriots coin up and pay Brady and draft another QB. I think they will let Brady know this is the last contract and everything will be fine. I kind of hope he leaves just to see the "poop" storm it would create.
  10. 75% chance New England. 20% chance Tennessee. 5% San Francisco. But hoping he leaves for the "crap show" that would follow.
  11. Case Keenum can be had for 8 million. Just sign TB12 for 25 million if you can instead of paying for Teddy at what Teddy would cost. I mean the dudes leg almost fell off. I'm no doctor but I would think that has to shorten a career. The cost for Teddy just seems like a lot for what he is and I like Teddy as a player. I have concerns regarding long term health.
  12. Real football and fantasy football (dynasty) are two totally different beasts. Player cost and rosters requirements/limits will make a difference but the direction the NFL is going with running QB's and players that can operate outside of the play design when it breaks down makes a player like Taysom Hill that much more of an attraction and creates value. You must have room on your roster if you're going to stash him (Captain Obvious) however with that said he will never be this cheap on the open market again. The cost of obtaining Hill and the reward if he hits makes the needle move for me in the direction of picking him up and stashing him without a ton of analyzing the move but let's look at the player. Hills size and speed are off the chart at the position. Just because he has not attempted a lot of passes does not mean he can't. He has all the intangibles you want in a player and maybe more important is Payton loves him. I think the Saints believe he is a franchise QB enough to tender him at the first-round pick level ( I think that will happen shortly). I picked him up for 2.00 of my waiver wire two weeks ago. If he falls on his face I have lost 2.00 of bid dollars and the roster spot for the time I hold him. I can afford that. If he takes over the Saints QB in 2021 then the "return on my investment" should be well worth the cost whether I keep him or trade him for additional assets. The downside would be if they keep Teddy. I see this as unlikely but could happen. The questions I have about Hill or factors that could be considered the downside is his age along with injury risk. I would include experience and yes the passing question though I personally think I have seen enough to say he can throw the football and complete passes well enough for the NFL. I believe if given the chance by the Saints he can succeed. It's going to be a long hold though but again if at anytime you need the roster space due to injury to players on your roster or any other reason the cost you paid makes him a painless cut.
  13. No. The Redskins are doing their due diligence and baiting to see all options that might come to them in trade for the #2 pick overall. Any of this would have most likely been discovered in last season's draft process had there been a learning disability. I would think it would have been pretty easy to discover in a basic investigation and when you use the #15 overall pick on a QB prospect I assume that would have been done. Haskins is solid just not experienced. The Skins are taking Young and not sure anyone in the NFL believes different but if some team wants to overpay to take Tua at two why not at least pretend that QB could be on the table.
  14. The feeling on Lamar is something to each individual and I think opinions on him are going to vary to the point of polar opposites. My view is that he is someone to keep and hold onto if your in Dynasty or a Keeper format. The possibility alone of what he can do with his legs is my main reason. Injury as always been my main concern however he seems to avoid the square hit on him directly. I'm willing to take the risk of making him my QB for the future solely on the possibilities of what he can do. If he fails I'm okay with that and the decision I'm making now. Would he be my franchise QB as a real GM most likely not but in Fantasy?? Heck yeah and for me it's not really that close.
  15. Can you still pickup anyone on the Free Agency? You could pick up Driskel and wait to see on Stafford this would give at least and emergency option if Stafford is ruled out. Detroit is going to be throwing the ball and have some weapons to throw too. If you can not then I suppose investigate a last second trade option.