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  1. We live in strange times. It seems like we are rapidly heading towards a society that readily condones crowdsourced retaliation limiting freedom of speech. Or worse yet, a collection of murky algorithms based on arbitrary criteria determining what is acceptable speech. The more people that pile into a particular narrative on social media, whether true or not, the more it propagates and quickly evolves into mass hysteria. It's past the point now where the pitfalls of having a social media account far outweigh the benefits of having one. And neither side has a monopoly on this echo chamber on steroids.
  2. For some issues, peaceful protests clearly have not worked. Are non-peaceful protests the answer? No. But that's unfortunately what happens when you keep allowing the same abuses of power to happen over and over again. People have been locked down for months, high unemployment, tired of failed government (both parties), and not much hope for the future. Powder keg. Boston tea party on steroids. It will probably subside in the next couple of weeks but yeah it might get worse.
  3. It's true. Same for other sports in that time period too like baseball, although steroids not EPO. You still need the underlying skill and athletic ability, but this type of gear provides a level-up that humans just can't achieve naturally.
  4. For $4500 a month, you could hire Mary Poppins at this point.
  5. Would love to see an elite NBA player like Lebron play keeper for the USMNT. He could keep his NBA job and just show up for games and still dominate.
  6. I prefer the Vive Pro and run a Razer gaming laptop with NVIDIA RTX 2080. There are so many great games now in VR like Half-Life Alyx. And you can have meetings in VR which has been a nice change up from video calls during this pandemic.
  7. agree with all of this. Maybe he ends up being the Nolan Ryan of football and can still throw a proverbial no-hitter at 44. But at 43, the body starts to break down a bit for most folks. And all the diet, training, fitness, yoga, meditation, and money can't stop it, you can only slow it down at best. He just has to play smart and stay healthy and he will put up a decent season.
  8. He is 43. He could throw for 5K yards or he might throw his back out. I hope he sets some records and wins in the playoffs.
  9. Oh look another example of political hypocrisy. Neither side has a monopoly on this game. So tired of it. Once again you'll get to choose between two deeply flawed candidates. End of story.
  10. This is true. We don't really know for certain yet and it's all just estimates.
  11. I used math not my personal experience. NYC unfortunately had multiple introductions of the virus from Europe due to all the international flights and did not implement social distancing measures quickly enough. It is also the most densely populated city in the US with large numbers of elderly and poor underlying health conditions living in close proximity. And yet we are still probably looking at a rate close to 1% in the worst hit city in the US.
  12. I keep an apt in NYC. It's pretty accurate. One of the saddest parts of NYC is all the aging people that live alone and have nobody. About 1 in 3 older adults live alone. New Yorkers over the age of 65 make up 13% of residents.
  13. Because it's densely populated and had all the international flights coming in. Lots of elderly folks with poor underlying health conditions living in densely packed apartment buildings, which is essentially the same situation as a nursing home. If someone on your floor had covid, you probably got it, even if you only left your tiny apartment to check the mail.
  14. Preliminary sample study of NYC residents showed ~20% tested positive for antibodies. There are over 8M people in NYC. If you apply the results from the sample study, that's 1.6M that would have antibodies. There are just over 18k deaths reported in NYC to date. 18k is just around 1.1% of 1.6M. And that's in the worst hit city in the country. Once you factor in the rest of the country, the actual rate will likely be lower.