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  1. Actually, this was probably the best season of all time to be in his position. With covid and all the injuries due to no preseason, he was in the driver's seat.
  2. Apparently he uses the pencil to write on the laminated play sheets. But I've never actually seen him do it. It does seem like a prop like non-prescription glasses with no lenses.
  3. Mixed bag for me on DK gpp. Had some good lineups, broke even for the most part. It will depend on the SNF results.
  4. It was the last possible contest you could enter to win a ticket. Showdown. I didn't have max entries and it was around 20 lineups. I also finished as close you can get in week 2 with only a single entry in a $5 contest, a catch and run by Kupp beat me by less than a point. Bottom line, I entered hundreds of lineups during the season chasing a ticket but did win in the final week. Maybe 1% of my lineups came close, 1 winning. It's almost impossible to win without max lineups and playing in the higher priced contests that have fewer entries. But it can be done. It looks like a single entry won last week's $5 contest. Look at the winning scores in week 1 in the $5350 contest (~151pts) vs the $5 contest (~240pts) and you'll see what I mean. The higher up you go, the scores get lower with fewer entries down to a single entry at the top. But if you play a single entry in the $5350 contest, your chances of winning a ticket are much better than playing max lineups in the $5 contest. For example, you would pay $10,500 over 14 weeks for max entries in the $5 every week. Not that you plan to do that. But I would argue a player would be better off entering the $5350 contest twice, instead of max entries in the $5 contests during the season. You basically get 2 shots at winning where your odds are 1 in 13 each time or 14 shots at winning where your odds are 1 in 108 each time. Both options cost around the same amount.
  5. I won a ticket to King of the Beach last year. It's possible but it was not easy.
  6. So far my only questionable pick is AJ Brown. Really went back and forth between Brown, Metcalf, Ridley and Kupp for that spot.
  7. Yes. But they have some decent matchups on the schedule and will probably count towards a total score at least a couple of weeks this season.
  8. Yes he's a 'brilliant offensive mind' when he has Peyton Manning. We all know Peyton was a bum on the street before Gase reached down from the offensive coordinator booth heavens and bestowed a laser rocket arm upon him. But somehow his brilliance disappeared when he tried the same magic with Darnold, Tannehill, and Cutler.
  9. I was actually surprised to see MM go for it. In the past, he would have settled for 3. But with that much time left, it was absolutely the right decision and actually the least risky call as well.
  10. It was almost a reverse choke by Gostkowski. Denver really didn't do enough to win that game. And both those defenses are pretty good.
  11. Yes GPP results were not great. Tried every trick in the book, nothing worked this week. I don't see any pros in the top standings either, at least none that I recognize. MNF is not going well either. Too much exposure to Conner in the first game tonight and not enough Fant in game 2. It just sucks to set all your lineups on fire before the first quarter even ends. Week 2 will be better.