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  1. I love Tom Brady, not a Pats fan. And it's true. Once he retires, Pats will probably not sniff another Superbowl for a very, very long time unless they somehow luck into another HOF QB in the 6th round.
  2. Well BB always had Brady in the postseason. Reid not so much. But now he has Mahommes. This is going to be fun to watch.
  3. TwinTurbo

    FanDuel Conference Weekend

    TE seems like the ideal spot to go contrarian this week. I think you almost have to fade Kelce in gpp and hope that one of the other TE options gets a score to two. I also think CJ Anderson turns back into a pumpkin this week. Gurley all day. Kamara and Ingram too.
  4. TwinTurbo

    FanDuel Conference Weekend

    All in on Gurley again. Dance with the one who brought you.
  5. TwinTurbo

    FanDuel Conference Weekend

    I am fading CJ in gpp as his ownership will probably be too high. My Rams sneak pick this week is not a RB.
  6. TwinTurbo

    FanDuel Divisional Weekend

    As I figured this was a tough week. I was all over Gurley, D. Williams, J.White, Edelman, Kelce and faded Elliott. But didn't fit the other pieces in as needed. Unless the Saints roll up the score in 2H, this will not be a profitable weekend. Had almost no shares of Rivers, Michel or Anderson.
  7. TwinTurbo

    FanDuel Divisional Weekend

    Yes I like Kamara if Gurley is not 100%.
  8. TwinTurbo

    FanDuel Divisional Weekend

    I think all of the home teams stomp the wild card winners. This is still a tough slate because there are so many players that could blow up. I am trying to start with the defense, leaning towards Rams or Pats. If Gurley plays, he is automatic in all my lineups like Zeke was last week.
  9. TwinTurbo

    FanDuel Wildcard Weekend

    Last week was where it made sense to go super contrarian. This week it seems like what is expected to happen will happen. Still a tough slate with so many options.
  10. I really think the salary cap situation is again mostly due to Brady. Its a lot easier when you have a franchise HOF QB in place.
  11. TwinTurbo

    Playoff Contest is LIVE

    Only went with 6 players this week, but one was Coutee. Just randomly looked at some of the other lineups and many didn't pick any players from a wild card team.
  12. Agree. I voted 30%. It can't be 70% or higher because BB doesn't win a single Superbowl in NE without Brady and he likely won't win another one after he retires. Maybe Brady never wins one either if he gets drafted by a different team. They both made each other better. Also at least 10% credit goes to the perpetually weak AFC East division. Brady + weak division makes it so much easier to get home field advantage every year. Also how many free agents would have signed elsewhere if Brady isn't there.
  13. Not sarcasm. And conversely there have been some good coaches that just never got paired with a good QB. And then sometimes you get a Vermeil/Warner season which is still my favorite ever and I'm not even a Rams fan.
  14. TwinTurbo

    FanDuel Wildcard Weekend

    I am playing DK gpp. This is the wild card week where everything seems obvious, but the best play is probably to do the opposite of what everyone thinks should happen. So I am rolling out some Foles lineups. I really like Watson and Wilson this week too.
  15. It's a good D, but they did give up 380/3 to Brock Osweiler. So maybe Foles goes for 500/5.