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  1. I only play gpp. And yes his ownership will probably be 25%. I think Brown and maybe even Henderson will have a good game against the 49ers.
  2. Does M.Brown really have a tougher matchup? The 49ers have played a soft schedule so far against 4 teams with losing records. No doubt they have looked good, but Gurley had a nice history against the 49ers and Rams will need to run to win. I think the only drawbacks with Brown will be his ownership (which should be sky high) and how much Henderson factors in. But at $4300, he has 100/2TD potential and that's way too good to pass up. I'm actually more worried about Henderson than the 49ers D.
  3. I already like the Jags D and even more if Kamara is out.
  4. It's one of those injuries you may be able to play with during the game it happened. Your muscles are warmed up and the adrenaline is going and the pain may not fully kick in. After the game and the next day, you will wish it never happened and you can barely walk from the pain.
  5. quad bruise sucks. It can take a while to heal depending on the severity. Gronk had one in the Superbowl last year: I'm not a pro athlete, but I did get a severe one playing college soccer and it took at least two weeks just to play without pain. You are basically trying to run with a giant contusion in your thigh. You lose speed, range of motion, and flexibility. It was just as bad of an injury as an ankle sprain or knee sprain, although a different kind of pain.
  6. 👍 If you can't have your friend's back, you're not much of a friend. I read the Kurds have an old saying that they have no friends but the mountains. And I agree we should not abandon them.
  7. The Jets D looked like an interesting option for gpp, but it looks like Mosley probably still out. So I'm less inclined to go there.
  8. Sure but there are young people that can't read and don't know how to spell without a computer. In fact despite having direct access to the sum of all human knowledge at their literal fingertips, many of them have none of it stored in their actual brain.
  9. @Elevencents who is your Will Fuller pick in week 6? Fuller again or someone new?
  10. You should simply ignore the announcement about storing smaller items beneath the seat in front of you. The airlines forfeited the right to make that request after they reduced almost all leg room and personal space.
  11. Bell seems like a good value this week in cash and gpp. Almost too good. Also is the Jets D an option this week, even if Mosley is still out? Gase is a terrible HC, but that D is not bad.
  12. well this is why they usually don't start ace pitchers on short rest.