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  1. A heavy dose of Franklin BBQ should burn the ends off that virus pretty quick. Brisket based vaccine hopefully available by then.
  2. Exactly. I have a close friend that has been DP for some of these reality shows. Its all planned out.
  3. Regardless of which way you lean on this topic, it is 99% the fault of the airlines for reducing passengers' personal space to abysmal levels, increasing revenue across the board while offering absolutely nothing in return except less than before.
  4. Let the Right One In is one of my all time favorite films. And agree the remake was not great.
  5. Parasite felt close to perfect. Every shot was so well done, and it's one of those captivating films that will have you thinking about the metaphors and symbolism long after watching it.
  6. It doesn't really matter if you have a Dalton or a Winston. But some needy team will sign him and pay him a lot of money for brief moments of brilliance surrounded by long stretches of suckiness. Teams do this all the time with coaching retreads too. See Jets.
  7. It's like an NFL reboot of Major League except in this version Ricky Vaughn plays QB and gets Lasik.
  8. Jokes aside, the thing I really don't trust about him is the staying in shape situation. This is the guy that if you hand him a huge contract now, he's never lifting a weight or running on a treadmill ever again. Then on the other side of that equation, you have Cam Newton who did do all those things and still played terrible.
  9. I guess he could just call her Hhaaannn.
  10. I think I'm the only person on this board that compared him to Bruce. Not sure about other sources. I've watched a lot of video and he has that smooth, crisp style that is NFL ready. Bruce is one of my favorite WR of all time and I see similarities in the precise route running and physical ability. He knows how to separate and get open. There are multiple scouts comparing him to Harrison although I don't know of any side-by-side video comparisons on youtube or other. Obviously having an elite, accurate QB like Warner or Manning is the other critical part of the success equation for this type of WR.
  11. Did you like Marvin Harrison's or Isaac Bruce's route running? Because he's sort of like them in that regard. It's absolutely his best trait and calling card. I can't find a single fault with him on that front and he's one of the best prospects at it in recent memory.
  12. It sounds like if the patient makes it through the 1st-2nd week and starts to improve, then all is good. But if the symptoms stay severe in the 2nd to 3rd week, then it's possibly fatal. Even with a strong immune system it could lead to a cytokine storm and then organ failure. It's like this virus is potentially deadly to not only those with a weakened immune system but also those with an immune system that is too strong.
  13. I thought the opposite. It was her way to bring up a controversial topic in the form of thinly veiled statements posed as questions to someone who was a close friend. She already knows how the questions will be addressed. So why put it out there in the first place? It's bull#### journalism. Then she acts all shocked by inevitable outrage from the fire she started.
  14. That's just regular smog. I recall being in Beijing during a pollution red alert and the smog was so bad that you could barely see across the street. It was like being on a different planet.