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  1. Miller's Crossing is the surprise for me. It's good but I didn't expect it to be getting this many votes.
  2. Well it's not true, but unfortunately it's the perception the general public has of the entire profession because plenty of lawyers like Cohen exist.
  3. I felt it meant his memories completely disappear as he fades into the jungle. It's like his last slip from reality towards the inevitable journey into the abyss of dementia. He was a tracker that finally found the girl after all these years, but he forgot who she was or why he was there the moment he found her. It was a great ending.
  4. Also this was actually better without a host.
  5. I thought Roma would win too. But Green Book was excellent.
  6. Not that it's a particularly useful factoid, but thanks to this story I will always remember the freezing point for bleach.
  7. Yeah I'm here because I'm not watching the show. Why is that hard to understand?
  8. Bad writing. Silly plot lines. Slow pace. I gave up on this show last season.
  9. It was never like this in this neighborhood over the last decade until the current mayor took over with different policing policies. There is a regular police presence in the area, but the dealers return to the corners as soon as they leave. On some days, you'll see a cop car stationed one block up on Broadway and a group dealing one block down around the corner. And again this is right in the shadow of the Empire State Building, just a few blocks south.
  10. Yeah it's gotten worse over the past year or so. There was an incident early last year where 3 people got shot in midtown just a few blocks from Macy's. It was drug related with innocent bystanders getting hit. Suspects were eventually caught. There has been an increased police presence there ever since. But despite that, there is still open drug dealing on several corners down Broadway between Herald Square and Madison Square Park.
  11. I agree with the Sam Bradford comparison. Flacco is not great, but elite QBs are rare. Guys like Nathan Peterman were still starting games last year.