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  1. My barometer for future success is how the rookie plays against the lowly Lions. I remember when Anquan Boldin was a rook and debuted against the Lions to the tune of 10/217/2. He never did it again, but still had a long and productive career. Taylor went 11/22/0. So he will probably be out of the league in 3 years.
  2. Basically the two guys that won leagues last year. You can add Michael Thomas to make it a trio.
  3. If it was my team, I would give the coaching staff the green light to increase the RB mileage to the max if needed. It's a position that no team should invest heavily in regardless. Look at the Rams with Gurley. It made no sense. Pay a guy a boatload of money. He eventually gets hurt again as do all RBs. Then play him sparingly to keep him fresh. Then cut him.
  4. That's true. On the other hand, he is the highest paid RB in the league. And the team doesn't get a return on investment unless the player plays. The RB career shelf life is short enough as it is. If he's healthy, I would expect they play him. If not, he should sit another week for sure.
  5. Who does Ramsey cover in this game? It seems like either Evans or Brown. Gronk smash.
  6. Yes that whole free square thing is overrated but I fell for it too this week.
  7. I have 1 lineup. Light the rest on fire.
  8. Which WR benefits the most here? Does Thomas finally show up? Or is this Lamar Jackson lite, where stacking isn't necessary.
  9. I'm your huckleberry..