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  1. So in. This trailer made my day.
  2. I got 1: Cronut Also Cronut is not millennial. It's just a delicious pastry invented by a Gen X pastry chef. A millennial would have quickly given up after about 5 minutes trying to merge a croissant and a donut into a super food.
  3. I played this showdown lineup for the Dodgers - Red Sox game. Even though the game is still in progress, it looks like this lineup will barely miss the cut. I think going forward, I won't try to fit a cheap player at the bottom of the order into the CPT spot. It's typically a losing strategy in other sports too. CPT - Nunez - 0 Boegarts - 21 Devers - 3 Freese - 10 Pollock - 23 Price - 18.45
  4. Cashed in DK tournaments with this lineup: Bieber, Chacin, Realmuto, Cooper, Brosseau, Carpenter, Segura, Judge, Merrifield, Soto. 133.1 pts and no zeroes. I switched out KC pitcher/1B for Chacin/Cooper last minute otherwise no cash MLB savant had me looking at Cooper vs deGrom and Mets bullpen. Got a HR in 9th and it worked out.
  5. BTW, I just want to reiterate how terrible the experts are at pretty much every sport. Like worse than the worst result you could possibly achieve on your own if you didn't even try. Tonight their MLB expert was touting Valdez in the CPT spot in DK showdown lineups which of course would have resulted in negative 16 pts. However, I will say the service is somewhat valuable as a contrarian indicator. I went with Lynn instead who finished with 49+pts in the CPT spot. I just wish I put Odor in a few lineups. He's having a nice game.
  6. The "expert" sites all have Niemann ranked very highly.
  7. It figures Bellinger, Trout, Yelich would combine for zero in the All Star game. I had lineups with them as well. Looks like only my Blackmon/Brantley lineups may cash.
  8. Yes. At a minimum, it's helped me to avoid the clowns that get negative points.
  9. I jumped back in on Sunday and cashed thanks to Nova/Paxton/Trout. For pitchers on DK, I've found mlb savant has actually been pretty useful focusing on K% You doing any lineups for the All Star game? I looking at DK showdown now.
  10. This. Pulisic is clearly a special player. The rest of the talent pool is all hype and false hope. And somehow we still have Bradley running all over the field in slow motion.
  11. He's been the most frustrating player to watch over the last 10 years. I wish he would have retired 5 years ago.
  12. Probably as much as I hate watching them play.
  13. "See you Again" it happened to play on the radio on the drive to my grandpa's funeral and it gets me every time. It plays it in the final scene with Paul Walker in FnF7.
  14. I played one lineup today that has Morton, Lowe, Betts, Soto (over 112 pts from 4 players) and I'm still not even in the top 2000 in the DK $250k mini. I also wasn't able to pull Lopez before the game got rained out and neither did most of the pros. The lineup will probably min cash but I should have just stayed in timeout.
  15. It's 100% true that there was an epidemic created in this country due to pill mills and it has ruined countless lives. The problem is you still have doctors prescribing 50 pills when 5 would do or none at all. Also the "patients in need" is really what this is all about. There were countless people that didn't "need" these pills but got them anyway including children.