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  1. Bengals RE Michael Johnson is in a walking boot this week after sustaining a toe injury in last week's loss to the Cowboys. Johnson isn't practicing Tuesday, leaving his streak of 61 consecutive games in doubt. He's been excellent in run defense this season, so his absence would be good news for Bryce Brown.
  2. Agreed. Hard sledding getting there but I am happy with the final line.
  3. I hope to be watching when the light comes on and the running game clicks into gear.. I hope it happens this afternoon
  4. Anything useful or relevant to contribute ? Your every comment appears to be made with the sole intent to antagonize.The shtick is getting a little lame.
  5. Have to hold IMO. I can't imagine Tennessee will be able to run the ball as well as they did Sunday again. There was really no reason to get Britt heavily involved with the way the ground game was going.Next week they play Indy. Shonn Greene was able to put up 161 yds and 3 TDs against Indy :unsure:That said, I am holding and hoping he gets his game together down the stretch.
  6. Searching for some optimism and in an attempt to explain the poor showing against Miami.. The Dolphins were apparently the third ranked run defense last year.
  7. Yup. And the Titans did nothing to get the ball to Johnson. Why they don't try to get the ball to him as a receiver 5-6 times every game is beyond me.that's what confuses me. Don't they USUALLY try to get him the ball on the screen more often?I didn't see this game, but the box score strikes me as similar to the way teams play the falcons. 8 in the box and force the rookie QB to beat you. And despite the rookie QB beating you to a bloody pulp, you continue to put 8 in the box. Is that what happened to Chicago? So determined to stop the run, they ignored the fact that the Titans were beating them with the pass?Yup, I watched the game and that's pretty much how it happened. There was absolutely no running room but receivers were being left wide open.