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  1. I have never used the fbg app. I always use Safari when posting to FBG
  2. if you download iswifter, you should be able to play your flash games on FB.
  3. Started the Official Thread for the AMC series. Production stills look incredible and the interviews with the makers show a love of the source material. Can't wait for this one. oh cool. Thanks for the link, I will check that thread out.The graphic novels has to be one of the most uncompromising stories I have ever seen. They almost have to take a slightly different tactic for the series else
  4. Since this thread was started I have read a few items. 1) Watchmen - Excellent, have read it twice now. 2) Darkness - Fantastic drawings, but the story was kind of meh. More like a bunch of short stories with only minimal ties between them. Was meh enough to not invest any time into The Witchblade 3) Y - The Last Man - Very nice story. Read all 10 books 4) The Walking Dead - By far the best of the bunch. Have read 9 books so far and am awaiting 10 and 11 from local library. I can't wait for the series on AMC!
  5. This is almost exactly how it works out where I am from. Lacrosse in Mass. is very big(relative to some parts of the country), and the teams are predominantly a mix of soccer and football players.
  6. Any recommendations for getting rid of clover in the grass?
  7. I always give the lump a good stir before I use it. This stirring should allow some of the ash to fall down. For the side holes though you sometimes just need to look down at them (move the lump) and then unplug them. It takes about a minute or so to do the stir and clean the side air holes but its worth it.Every few cooks, clean out the majority of the ash from the bottom. Every month or so (depending on how much you cook), do a deep clean. This is as simple as putting in a small amount of lump, putting the grill and the fly wheel inside the grill and opening up the bottom vent completely. This will create a very hot fire which will clean the grill, the grates and the fly wheel. Let it burn itself out.In the morning or when it cools, do a good cleaning of the ash to remove as much as you can.
  8. As a new homeowner, I've been doing some reading on the subject and it seems that a misconception exists about spring fertilizing. From what I've seen, use a pre-emergent for crabgrass when forsythia blooms and then fertilize later, mid to late May. Apparently this has something to do with root growth and feeding versus just promoting a quick top level growth from an early spring fertilizing. This is exactly the correct thing to do in the New England area. I have been doing this for 15 years and every year with out fail my lawn has very little crab grass, especially compared to neighbors. See the very first post in this thread and first tip listed in that post and I mentioned this.One key though is to find a forsythia that is as close to your house as possible. If you don't have one, they are cheap enough to buy and plant along a border. You can either shape them or let them run wild but run wild they will. Very hearty bush.
  9. I wan to seed and fertilize with a crabgrass protector - what is the right order for doing this?I was wondering the same thing as I think the crabgrass preventers will also prevent your grass seed from germinating. a few years ago this was near impossible to do as almost any crab grass preventative fertilizer also blocked seeds from germinating.However, Scotts, and other now have a crabgrass preventative that allows for seeds to germinate although I have heard is it very expensive. I have not tried the product so I am unsure how well it works.This issue, amongst many others is why seeding in the fall can be preferable to seeding in the spring.
  10. I my experience with them has been excellent. Just call and politely explain the situation and they will likely remedy it. An item like yours should have lasted obviously longer than 6 months. I have the same model and its still working from 3 years ago under heavy use.
  11. While the BGE does a nice job on simple items like burgers and dogs, its real power shines through when smoking ribs, port butt, chicken etc or for making items like bread, pizza, or for doing intense high heat cooks for steaks.So I think its fine to make the burgers and dogs on the gas grill and then take your time breaking in the BGE with some fun items to cook outside of burgers and dogs.
  12. I'm in a similar situation. Finally talked the old lady into getting one for combination Valentine's Day/birthday/next year's birthday, but now I have to talk her into a Large instead of a Medium. The biggest question for me is Large vs. Medium. I went looking at Ace Hardware the other day, and I'm pretty sure the XL isn't a necessity. I'm just thinking that if this really is the last grill I'm going to purchase (or not for a very long time at the least), then I'm going to regret settling for the medium even with the price difference. I want my BGE to be able to handle whatever grilling needs I'm going to have, and I have my doubts about a medium size doing that.I would also vote for the large. The medium makes for a nice second grill IMO if you want some day.
  13. Fear, if you have any specific questions, just post and we will answer. Also try here for a ton fo info
  14. I saw this in the store as well. The book was also enormous. The drawings did not catch my eye initially but maybe I should give it another look.Is this the guy that wrote Stardust?
  15. I am looking for something different to read. I recently read Watchmen and enjoyed it. This weekend I was at the book store and came upon a comic called The Darkness. It was compiled into a 1280 page tome. My daughter could barely lift it Any recommendations or cautions for this story?