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  1. With Higgins OUT tonight, who takes his place? Ratley, Taylor, Thomas??
  2. Might seem that simple at a glance but don't dismiss the fact that Watkins had 13 targets Week 2 and is tied for 3rd in NFL total targets (24).
  3. If you still have a draft left... where do you take Bell?
  4. I ran into the same thing. I did around 25 $5 head to heads and won 22 of them. Most of them posted 150+ with some above 180. Damn Rotogrinders show talked me off of McKinnon and D Adams and onto Buck Allen and Humphries. I know, I make my own choices. yada yada...
  5. Wouldn't be the first time I dropped my load on someone I regret later
  6. I'd pay good money to see Sergio interview Belichick
  7. Twitter comments re: Serdio Dipp made me ??? #realtears
  8. Feels like ESPN has been planning this since lunch
  9. Halftme... "Now here's William Hung with week 1 highlights..."
  10. ESPN/Disney should just turn it into a complete bit and have Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater in the booth and throw it down to Miss Sally on the sideline.
  11. I bet this is Sergio's first American football game
  12. Feels like ESPN is trying to check afew PC boxes with this crew