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  1. Check in Settings > Projections > RB tab. Is he listed and does he have stats? This is what his stat line looks like based on my scoring. Williams Damien KC/12 180 774 1.7 7.0 44 330 0.0 2.3 1.9 0 0.00 0 0.00 208 In the Player Pool, he shows up as my RB22 (33 overall). RR
  2. I've had that issue sometimes when trying to get projections on an older version. For example when updating the "J" version now that the "M" version is out. I think it may be because the players have moved around on the position tabs. I just downloaded "M" and updated it with no errors. Then, I imported into "M" version of Classic DD also with no errors. If the issue is in Classic DD, verify all place kickers have a position of PK. If the issue is in the VBD spreadsheet, another thing to check is on the Input tab. Go to Column BV and look at the positions around place kickers near Bullock. Is one JK instead of PK? (For me, Randy Bullock is BW169.) Change any incorrect positions to PK. Hope that helps, RR
  3. I don't necessarily think that's way off. After the top 3, AFAIC the next 11 are essentially the same guy. In my scoring, QB#4: 271 points; QB #15: 261 points. (About .5 pt difference +/- per week over the season). Given that, VBD will push QB's down after the top 3 are drafted. If you really disagree, change the # of starting QB's in your league to 2.5 or 3.0 and that should prioritize QBs even more than what you are seeing. In my thinking, in a 12-team league, you could get two of the top 15 QBs back-to-back, even in later rounds and be fine, while scooping up other position players while other owners are grabbing QBs in early rounds. RR
  4. Download the VBD Excel App. Click each position tab at the bottom. If any notes exist in Notes1, delete them. Save sheet. In DD Classic, on the "File" menu, click Import. Select "VBD Excel Spreadsheet". Choose the spreadsheet you cleared the Notes1 from. Ensure that the "Import Player Notes" check box is selected. Click "Start Import". After the import finishes, check that Notes1 is cleared out and click "Get Latest Projections" if desired. RR
  5. I understand the concept of not putting all your eggs in one basket...smoothing out the peaks and valleys in projections by averaging. Which does and has worked for me in the past. But, it also smooths out some of the hunches too. I've won with Dodds 100% before. I've also taken a beating using only Dodd's projections. I find that I like a lot of Jason Wood's insights. He has good analysis and sometimes zigs when others zag. I don't want to smooth out all the players projections too much. Example: Player 1 Projections Expert 1: 230 pts. Expert 2: 175 pts Expert 3: 180 pts. Expert 4: 250 pts. Avg: 208.75 ----- Player 2 Projections Expert 1: 210 pts. Expert 2: 200 pts Expert 3: 210 pts. Expert 4: 215 pts. Avg: 208.75 If I strongly believe Expert 1 and 4's projections, I should go with Player 1. (240 pts is the average of MYTWO experts' projections, even though the four-expert panel's average of both players is the same across both players) Even though Player 2 is the "safer" pick...more consistent according to all four experts. Player 1 is the guy I want. Because he aligns more favorably with my two guys' projections. Just looking at the average of the 4 experts, you might think that both players are identical and you could select either one interchangeably. I think this shows that a composite isn't always best. So, I will likely use a mixture of the two. (Dodds and Wood) RR
  6. Have I made up my mind? Not completely. But, until there's an option to input my leagues actual drafts from years' past, I think you have to take the good from each product...and the Classic DD still has value! As always, I will purchase the app and decide which to use as I go. As a two-man team on my main league, we can use both and still not run out of time on our pick. I like that the app now addresses the desktop/laptop crowd. I have a lot going on as Commissioner when I'm drafting and my iPad just doesn't cut it. RR
  7. Would love to see this discussed in April/May this year, not August! There are still a lot of very valid reasons to use Classic! I actually use both the app and Classic DD for prep. But, at the Draft, Classic DD still rules! The ability to plug in your own league's previous draft tendencies is invaluable! The mock draft capabilities of the app is invaluable too. I really think you need both! RR
  8. I believe that DD by default is 100% Dodds. I base that on the fact that Projections Dominator is 100% Dodds for offensive positions until you adjust it. As has been mentioned many times, the algorithm for the app is radically different than the one used in Classic DD. FWIW. RR
  9. Hey angryelvis: There is. But, it involves some work. I add a couple of columns in on the VBD spreadsheet. I put my custom formulas in where I want the breaks (tiers). Then, I copy that to Player Notes 2 on the Positions pages. When I import to DD, I import the "Notes" columns and my tiers come in. Rank Pos Player Team Points Note1 Note2 1 RB1 David Johnson Ari/8 306 1 Tier 1 2 RB2 LeVeon Bell Pit/9 268 1 Tier 1 3 QB1 Aaron Rodgers GB/8 401 1 Tier 1 4 RB3 Devonta Freeman Atl/5 241 1 Tier 2 . 52 RB23 Tevin Coleman Atl/5 163 2 Tier 4 I've been doing it for so many years that I can download the new VBD G1 (or whatever the next version) and customize it in about an hour, but it took me a long time to get to this point...and many excel errors. I also populate the Note1 column with the depth chart for RBs and WRs. That takes much longer as I have to manually enter the DCs by position into the Notes 1 column in the VBD spreadsheet on the positional pages. But, it imports nicely into DD when I do. (I usually only update the Depth Charts a couple times a season.) My brother (and co-owner) uses the printed out VBD sheet and I keep DD up on my laptop during our main draft. RR
  10. Save it DURING the Draft too. In the past, DD has locked up during a draft and I had to re-enter all the picks. If you save periodically, you will go back to that point, rather than to the beginning of the draft when you restart DD. RR
  11. Hey Spike: Sorry...just saw your post. For what it's worth, with a 10-team Superflex league, 1B/1RB/2WR/1TE/2 non-QB flex/1 QB flex, I'm seeing 20 QB's in the first 60 picks based on our scoring system. Actually, I don't think that's too far off the mark. Last year's 6 would definitely not be close to what will happen in the draft. RR
  12. Hey oldschool18: Sometime after the Saturday Night / Sunday Morning Waiver run, as Commissioner, I manually change the Transaction policy to allow owners to freely pickup, subject to the league restrictions of 3 moves per team per week. After the games start on Sunday, I manually change it back. Not elegant, but it seems to work for us. (It keeps the waiver order from Saturday Night / Sunday Morning Waiver run for the following week.) RR
  13. Hi lilmink: I think we have to see what Dominator looks like this year. There were big changes from 2015 to 2016. I can only assume the same will be true for 2017. There was a lot to like about 2016 Dominator, but in the end, I went with Classic due to its greater ability to be flexible with the projections. I will work with both this year and make a similar decision a few weeks before my main draft. RR
  14. Hi jamesinaz: I've been using DD since as far back as I can remember. Practice definitely helps quite a bit. There are so many "tricks" for finding players...Player Pool - choose appropriate position tab, or in "Player Name" box, type a letter or two of last name, or in "Weekly Points - Player Pool" sort by NFL Team name, etc. Get comfortable with all options. But, the three biggest things that help me... 1) We still use a Draft Board with labels. I can ALWAYS find the player before the person running the draft board can even find the label. As we get the labels for free with our draft kit, I am a big proponent of it, even though I never even look at the label board. Also, take breaks at 1/3 and 2/3 of the way thru the draft. It will give you time to "catch-up". 2) Have a partner. One can be putting in the players taken while the other can keep your draft strategy current. If your partner has their own draft, you can reverse roles when you "attend" their draft. 3) Position the important windows on screen so that they are always displayed. Any tangential data can always be called up and dismissed. For me, it's "Draft Status" , "Player Pool" , "Team Stats" , "Best Value Pick" , "Weekly Points - Player Pool" and "Team Data". As you say, there are additional challenges are with the online drafts. If possible, extend the pick times to 60 seconds. It's amazing how much the extra 15 seconds helps. A partner still is invaluable. One calls the pick out loud while the other inputs it. Use the biggest screen you can find for DD. Oh...and use GoBears "How to use DD on Draft Day" for some other tips. RR
  15. The projections are more up-to-date than what the spalsh screen says when DD is launched. Back around 8/5, Kevin White was around WR60. If you update proections today in DD, the screen still says current as of 8/5, but White has dropped to about WR115 in DD for my main league due to his injury. I know there have been posts about this previously, hoping that when new projections are loaded, DD would show the updated date, but it hasn't happened. It seems that the date is only updated when a new release is published. E --> F for example. The projections are updated more frequently than that. RR