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  1. I think it is hard not to project your own views on what will happen esp in a polarized situation like we have now. "Candidate X is so awful, surely the American people will see that and vote for my guy" Would be interesting to do a poll here of who we think will win subdivided by who we're voting for.
  2. Got it. Though, in the Philly area. maybe those numbers count as red.
  3. I think that is eligible vs registered. That would get you to the 60% that's been quoted. Looking for what the theoretical max is for votes.
  4. Estimates are for about 150 million votes, so 2/3s voting early doesn't seem that crazy to me. Do we know the number of total voters registered?
  5. Delco is actually 49%D, 38%R. SInce the 2016 election there was a 9% increase in D registrations, 7% loss in R, 6% increase in Other (See link in Groovus' post above)
  6. That sounds like the map Sneegor posted yesterday from McCullough, which was purportedly based on Trump and Biden internal polling.
  7. The fracking counties went for Trump in 2016 by a margin of 2 or 3 to 1. I wouldn't really consider those "gettable" by Biden regardless of how his debate comments went over. Top Counties For Fracking PA 2016 results by county
  8. Thanks, but I had 10 also and he only made it to 4. And now, as Faust posted, Carson is supposedly GTD, but, of course, the late game.
  9. Obama and Biden will campaign together in Michigan on Saturday.
  10. Nice graphic of their ratings.
  11. I looked around earlier and did't find anything. I'm trying to get Hyde, but I don't think he'll last til my waiver position.
  12. I mentioned Kenney; should have included Outlaw. Wolf has mobilized the PA National Guard. It seems like there was a problem with the response team. As mentioned, the family called for an ambulance, not police intervention. Also, this from the article I posted yesterday: "Philly We Rise and other groups have called for reducing police spending to free up dollars that could go toward non-police responses. Unfortunately, city leaders have not developed similar plans and continue to rely on officer training programs and some co-response. Commissioner Danielle Outlaw has noted that this approach is not working as planned and in a recent event at the University of Texas Law School told me that she would ideally like to see non-police response capacity increased, though she remains concerned about potentially violent encounters and, not surprisingly, opposes any reduction in police spending."