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  1. I haven't heard specifics on him in a little while, but it seems he's gotten to a pretty bad stage. I don't live anywhere near him. He's had a couple of surgeries and some other treatments along the way. They know and appreciate that he's beaten some odds.
  2. It allowed him to see the birth of his grandchild.❤️
  3. I know someone in year 3 of fighting this, which is , sadly, apparently a long time. He's not doing too well, lately,though. He travelled for work and used his cell a lot and does wonder.
  4. Brian Flores,DC Patriots, seems to be on everyone's interview list. And, on the other side, Packers seeking to interview Josh McDaniel less than a year after he couldn't follow through with leaving for the Colts.
  5. I tuned in at the end of Joe's call-in, so maybe he mentioned this. Coughlin ripped Fournette (and Yeldon) for disrespectful, selfish sideline behavior. So, definitely sounds like he could be available.
  6. ^ If oil bottoms, that could be a solid pick.
  7. Very moved by your story and writings, Keep fighting the good fight and use this space to vent, scream, whatever you need,
  8. I'm not familiar with Broadridge, but it looks like they facilitate buying from the company, so could take longer.
  9. @proteus126 Unless he changed it, changes have been allowed til contest closes
  10. I knew Monday was an over-reaction to the downside, but didn't expect a 1k points bounce back on the Dow. Andrew put up the 2019 Stock Contest. Come join.
  11. SENS- Eversense implantable glucose monitoring system got US approval this year and now building approvals for who can insert (now includes PAs and Nurse Practitioners) and insurance reimbursement. S&P 500 2520 Thanks for keeping this going Andrew.