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  1. Malcolm Jenkins will be the keynote speaker for Phila schools virtual graduation ceremony. I know many think it was a good move to let him go, but the Eagles lost a lot of heart and soul.
  2. If 100% of the games in any week are non-conference, I guess it would still work as a cut. And they can still push everything back. Too much unknown now to speculate, I guess...
  3. Actually, ALL the Week 1 leaks I've seen are division games: Phi/Was. Chi/Det (and GB/Det Week 2). TB/NO, Jets/Bills.
  4. The league just issued some guidelines around re-opening facilities.
  5. I just found out Austin died two months after this visit. For those that like this stuff here's another (long) video with Melissa Stark about his sister with CP and loss of his newborn.
  6. 1st, have to have enough of a supply of tests that this is not pre-empting anyone in the public from getting 2nd, there's the issue of false negative, which, in one study was close to 15%. They also have to be in compliance with the individual state's regulations and it wouldn't be a level playing field to have some play out-of-state. Maybe there will be a workable way to play at least some of the 2020 season, but I'm not that optimistic as of now.
  7. From When Wanogho was flagged for medical reasons at the Reese’s Senior Bowl, he was surprised. He didn’t realize his knee would be that much of a problem, but he and medical staff decided it would be best if he took the time to rest and rehab. Wanogho decided to hold his own pro day once he was healed, but the coronavirus kept that from happening. Wanogho was drafted much later than many expected. Some draft predictions had him going as early as the second or third rounds. The lack of Combine stats and a pro day as well as questions about his knee may have led to the drop.
  8. Wanogho is a quasi-Blind Side story. Came from Nigeria in high school and lived with coach's family that became family. (long)
  9. Thanks for sharing that. He has another new fan with me, traded to Eagles or not. The only one (subject to how this may have been edited) to not just walk by and "Hey, Buddy!" him.
  10. Free Fanduel contest where you predict the 1st ten picks. They will donate $85k plus $1 for every entrant to Frontline Foods and other Covid-response charities.
  11. He also said McManus worked out with him in his home gym. And then he mentioned "three of us" worked out. And mentioned his brother being with him in the car. He potentially had a lot of exposure.
  12. He's the 2nd player to test positive (or at least publicly disclose) after Rams Center, Brian Allen, who had two positive tests.He couldn't even smell ammonia. Miller has asthma, so has elevated risk.
  13. ESPN and NLFN will be combining to do a single broadcast that will run on both networks. Sportscenter Draft Special actually ran on NFLN (and NOT ESPN, though maybe earlier in day) Daniel Jeremiah was one of the panelists, so I guess they're practicing... They will also be raising money for six charities throughout the draft to help healthcare workers and first responders.