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  1. I like this trade for you. You are getting the best player in the deal with Thomas. It hurts to lose Ertz and Hilton but if you can't keep them past this year then I would pull the trigger.
  2. I would go with Mahomes and Johnson. I like Winston's weapons but with Mahomes you don't really need him. I like the upside of Johnson. Please see mine.
  3. Barkley and JuJu. Please see mine.
  4. I agree with the above. Keep Evan's. Please see mine.
  5. Sorry it was 10.5, I had a typo in one spot. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I would Williams and Michel for the upside. Please see mine.
  7. Kelce, Evans, Mahommes, Cook, A.Brown. Please see mine.
  8. This is a 12 team keeper/salary cap league. 1/2 point ppr. We protect players based on salary cap. We can protect as many players as we can for 10.5 million. Salaries are in brackets. Right now I am looking at OBJ(3.77), Ertz(2.47), Michel(2.0), and Edelman(1.93). I also have DJ(4.86) but would be looking at him, OBJ, and the Bears D(only other option that would fit under 10.5 mil). My other option would be to trade Ertz in a deal to get Zeke but would be in the same boat as DJ. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. 1/2 point ppr., I need to start 3 out of these RB's, D.Johnson, Michel, White, Edwards, Ware, J.Jackson. DJ and Michel seem like obvious starts but not sure which other RB to go with? Also start Lockett or Sutton? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Leave a link and I'll answer yours.
  10. I am going to go with Johnson due to volume. Please see mine:
  11. I would go with Ingram due to his ability to score a TD. Please See mine:
  12. Cooks and Golladay. Please see mine:
  13. Sutton, Crabtree, or D.Thomas, 1/2 point ppr?
  14. Stay put. I don't think this trade benefits you. Really weakens your RB position and does not really upgrade your WR's. Obviously having Kelce would be nice but not at the expense of Barkley.