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  1. That's probably on the very low side of his value. I would take a mid-late 2nd at this point.
  2. As a Cooks owner hoping to sell this offseason, that has me salivating.
  3. Devante Parker [ex] owners should be checking in shortly.
  4. This has also been one of those rare "would you do this trade?" posts that turns into actual, meaningful discussion around the players/picks involved and proved valuable to the thread.
  5. Tend to agree. I acquired him in 2 different dynasty leagues 3 seasons ago for 1st rounders after buying into offseason hype. Continued to hold and pray - and now that the shine's back on him, would love to get out and maybe get an ROI out of it.
  6. Obviously way too early, but anybody have an idea of what his exit value may be after this run? Own both him and Preston as WR3s.
  7. Flip a 7 sided coin. Jets have 3 of their top 5 DBs out (might prove to be an upgrade?) so I can see Gesicki continuing his TD streak at worst. That's who I'm rolling with this week at least.
  8. Seriously. One less "need" for Douglas, let him focus on the 24 others. We already let a perfectly good KR and PK walk last year. It's the little things.
  9. The fact that this ####bag coach was 2-0 against our same ####bag team last season is a testament to the overall sentiment that it doesn't matter who is coaching, playing, general managing, scouting, taping ankles, etc. if it's in green, it SUCKS. Having said that, let's be rational gentlemen. They won't be firing Gase this year. Not with the salary that they'll be on the hook for, to go along with burnt money on Mac, Bowles, Enunwa et al. I think Boomer said they would owe $20M. But most importantly, the ability to attract any future competent coaching candidates goes even further out the window with our willingness to just light it on fire half a season in when it's clearly beyond JUST the horrible coaching.
  10. Lung capacity is just one of many factors that makes up conditioning or endurance as it pertains to an NFL running back. Another factor is the efficiency in which your muscle cells can produce and utilize energy, while also ridding itself of the metabolic byproducts (lactic acid.) This is effected by quality of nutrition. Cutting out processed sugar from the diet CAN have a positive impact on overall performance in general, and endurance specifically.
  11. The lungs are organs, not muscles. They improve in performance via the optimization of gas exchange in order to oxygenate the blood. You've completely generalized the body without understanding cellular metabolism (IE energy production). What you put inside your body matters as to how the body will convert it into usable energy for work, or in this case conditioning/endurance. Consuming highly processed sugar - the absolute lowest quality form of fuel known to human biology - WILL impact the capabilities of the mitochondria within the cells to produce ATP (cellular energy), and further, WILL increase reactive oxygen species production within the cells which causes inflammation and from an athletic perspective, decreases tissue quality and performance. Just cause you see dudes drinking gatorade on the sidelines and they still have a ripped six pack doesn't mean their bodies are functioning optimally. A guy who is taking the time to fuel his body properly is someone trying to stack the deck as much in his favor as possible - as he should (see Tom Brady, TB12 etc.) Whether all this has the desired, quantifiable impact Aaron Jones is looking for remains to be seen, but a blanket statement that your dietary intake doesn't effect athletic performance is patently incorrect, regardless of what your Phys Ed teacher might have told you 30 years ago.
  12. I know nothing about him, but a friend is mentioning him for the same reason. And I counter with: what respectable GM candidate who is in a successful position with a stable franchise and can wait it out and pick their opportunity in the near future, decide to come to this a**backward dumpster fire, knowing full well he'll probably be looking for a new job in 2-3 years himself? These stupid moves have resonating impacts across the league. It's this type of BS as to why we can also never find a half decent offensive coordinator either.