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  1. Dolemite- The return of Eddie. Hearing Eddie curse is almost jarring since he hasn't done it in seemingly decades. Movie has a Ed Wood type of vibe to it. Bright- Will Smith sci-fi vehicle from a few years back. Had seen bits and pieces but finally saw the entire thing. Not awful but not great either. El Camino- Breaking Bad Coda starring Jessie Pinkman. If your a fan of the series then give this a watch. The showdown in the welders shop is great. Eli- Doctor tries to cure a sickly kid with dire results. Generally liked it. Fractured- Father takes his injured daughter to a hospital where everything is not what it seems. Lots of twists and turns in this psychological thriller. The Sinner (season 2)- Bill Pullman carries this series. I liked season 1 and liked season 2 just as waiting for season 3.
  2. Canelo/Kovalev this Saturday. Few years ago, Kovalev wins this easy, now a prime Canelo (who is already a light heavy by most fight nights) wins this by late-ish stoppage over the now declining Kovalev..
  3. Another good episode...4 for 4 this season. LOL, Frank feeding the waiters mother.
  4. Another good episode last night. Clams ! Dennis hitting on the council woman.
  5. Offensive line hasn't been great but Cousins is killing the team for all the reasons mentioned above. Makes me long to have Bridgewater back as QB.
  6. Excellent fight. As mentioned above, the two Spence cards were too-wide (this was a 2, maybe 3 point fight but a 5 point margin !) with the late knockdown swinging the balance to Spence. Even though Porter lost, he " won " in most eyes. Spence is calling out Paq (obviously, the biggest money fight for him in the division). But would love to see a Spence/Crawford fight in 2020.
  7. Glenn looked off in a few scenes. Kinda looked older but not quite sure. Rob's beard seemed different.
  8. At this stage, if this is anywhere close to Casino in quality, I will be happy. I could have said, Goodfellas but lets get real. Also, the run-time...209 minutes !
  9. Very solid first episode of the new season. Season 13 (last season) was nearly a write-off it was so bad.
  10. After this weeks, Charger kicking fiasco, is it safe to assume Badgley will be back kicking week 3 ? Guess we will find out mid-week or sooner, if the Chargers sign someone to kick.