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  1. A third would go like the first two have. Fury being the busier fighter with Wilder looking for the one-punch knockdown/knockout and being unable to keep Fury away from him. Fury/Wilder 3 likely happens in the Fall of 2020. Joshua has two mandatory defenses in the meantime.
  2. Excellent performance by Fury. Was on Wilder from the opening bell. Used his jab and reach beautifully. Wilder was either gassed/and or injured from round 3 onward. Wilder's huge knockout power has overshadowed his limited fighting abilities (no much jab, very limited defensively but hammer right hand). With two fights in the bag now, safe to say that Fury has won 75% of the rounds in both fights, if not more. Would love to see Fury/Joshua in England before part three of Fury/Wilder.
  3. Wilder/Fury II this weekend. The first fight was close, no reason to think this will be any different. Fury won the bulk of the rounds last time but Wilder had Fury down twice. I'll take Wilder in another close fight this time.
  4. Delhi Crime- crime drama based on the infamous gang rape case in India. Mercifully, the 7 episodes focus on the police chase than the events on the bus. Season 2 will focus on another case. Who Killed Little Gregory- documentary about a 4-year old French boy who goes missing and is found dead in a nearby river in 1984. A tad too long (which Netflix documentary isn't?) and they sort of spoil things at the start of episode one. The Stranger- British thriller miniseries based on the Harlan Coban novel of the same name. Not dreadful by any means but feels like a Gone Girl knock-off. Uncut Gems- the best Sandler film. I know that isn't saying much but really liked him in this. The story isn't anything new but liked everything about this movie. Die Ontwaking- this is the blurb for movie: An inexperienced murder detective joins a desperate search for a deranged serial killer who possesses a deep obsession with young women's skin. Takes place in South Africa and has a Psycho meets Silence of the Lambs vibe. Worth a watch if this is your thing. The Two Popes- Anthony Hopkins and Johnathan Pryce star in this one. As expected , great performances from the two leads. Dragged a bit in spots but I liked it more than I thought I would.
  5. Have seen them all except Little Women. Parasite is the best of the bunch. 1917 seems to have the most recent momentum. Mendes should be a lock for Best Director but I fear/dread Tarantino might get his director Oscar here. Phoenix is a lock for Best Actor. Zellweger is a near lock for Best Actress. Pitt seems to be a near lock in a stacked Supporting Actor field. Dern is a lock as Best Supporting Actress. Only real suspense is the Best Picture/Best Director. Odds site : Link
  6. Giri / Haji- English/Japanese show set in Tokyo and London revolving about a single murder and subsequent butterfly effect that it has on various people. Stars the always great Kelly MacDonald. Well worth a watch. Line of Duty, Season 5- English anti-corruption police procedural. This season starts Stephen Graham (who played Tony Pro in the Irishman). Have I watched the other four seasons ? Absolutely. Killer Inside; Aaron Hernandez doc- has its own thread in this forum. Mercifully short at 3 episodes as opposed to the usual half dozen plus episodes that most/some Netflix documentaries seem to go on for. Spotless- about a trauma cleaner who gets mixed up with the a whole host of seedy people. Sex, violence, suspense...a lot to like in this one. Dont ##### with Cats- another three part documentary about serial killer Luka Magnotta. It your a Canadian , this name is not new. Running With the Devil- movie starring Nick Cage and Larry Fishburne. Rather standard drug cartel type movie. Ghost Stories- Indian horror anthology, more like ghost stories. The stories are not bad and the fact the locale is set in India adds to the whole vibe. The Snowman- starring Michael Fassbender. Avoid...I knew the reviews were bad but wow. Do not watch. Seriously. Roma- Academy award winner from last year (?)...about the life of a domestic worker in Mexico. Might not to be for all tastes but still impressive in its own right. Lion- movie starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman. Movie is about an Indian child who find himself lost and is eventually adopted by a white Australian family but longs to find his hometown in India. Based on a true story. Very good. Crazyhead- English comedy/horror series about two young women fighting supernatural demons. Premise might sound cliche but it is enjoyable. V Wars- Strain knock-off...still good though.
  7. Almost zero chance we see Spence/Crawford in 2020 as things stand now. Even if Spence comes back in early 202 (big if, so far), he will want a tune-up fight making a Fall 2020 fight with Crawford highly doubtful. Dan Rafael from espn floated an idea about Crawford fighting junior middleweight Patrick Teixeira. Link
  8. Close fight for 4-ish rounds before the tide turned for Crawford. At 32 years old, Crawford better start fighting other top guys in the division (Spence, Porter etc...) or he will end up dying on the vine so to speak. I know the current politics of boxing do exactly allow this to happen easily but still.
  9. Pass. Another re-boot/sequel/prequel from a dead franchise that no one is asking for (see: Terminator, Men in Black, The Shining, Rambo etc...).
  10. The Spy- Cohen is great as the lead but found the series a bit of a slog to get through. Paradise Beach- location: Thailand...plot: a bunch of robbers get together, some with old scores to settle. 90 minutes of enough action and scantily clad Asian women to make it worth a watch. Lavender- ghost story type movie but found it slow/boring. Delirium- stars Topher Grace...about a guy under house arrest in his parents old mansion and suspects it may be haunted. Surprisingly decent thriller. Rattlesnake- women's daughter gets bite by a rattlesnake and is saved by a mysterious woman but at what cost ? A liked this ...enough twists and turns to hold your interest. End of the World- great coming of age, dark comedy series. Each episode is 20 minutes long so easily binge-able. Assimilate- friends make a web series about their hometown and realize not everyone is what they seem. Invasion of the Body snatchers type remake. Worth a look.
  11. Dolemite- The return of Eddie. Hearing Eddie curse is almost jarring since he hasn't done it in seemingly decades. Movie has a Ed Wood type of vibe to it. Bright- Will Smith sci-fi vehicle from a few years back. Had seen bits and pieces but finally saw the entire thing. Not awful but not great either. El Camino- Breaking Bad Coda starring Jessie Pinkman. If your a fan of the series then give this a watch. The showdown in the welders shop is great. Eli- Doctor tries to cure a sickly kid with dire results. Generally liked it. Fractured- Father takes his injured daughter to a hospital where everything is not what it seems. Lots of twists and turns in this psychological thriller. The Sinner (season 2)- Bill Pullman carries this series. I liked season 1 and liked season 2 just as waiting for season 3.
  12. Canelo/Kovalev this Saturday. Few years ago, Kovalev wins this easy, now a prime Canelo (who is already a light heavy by most fight nights) wins this by late-ish stoppage over the now declining Kovalev..
  13. Another good episode...4 for 4 this season. LOL, Frank feeding the waiters mother.