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  1. Galaxy are about to snap the Red Bulls' home unbeaten streak, but neither team impressed at all. LA jumped on them for two early goals and then scrapped the rest of the way. Dos Santos was a non-factor (despite Lalas saying he had a 'solid game'). Zardes still has the first touch of a roofied rhinoceros, but he did work hard. Van Damme was strong at the back, though the Galaxy seemed a bit disorganized regarding their assignments overall. Despite that, the Red Bulls didn't do squat. Kljestan still makes me wonder what the national team sees in him, and Wright-Phillips had one of those days where nothing he touched went as intended. Very strange to see a Galaxy team that needs to sit back and counterattack to generate offense. They couldn't keep possession for much of the match, and when they did, they usually gave it away and put themselves in danger.
  2. Or he could figure out how to hit an open teammate when double-teamed.
  3. Warriors D is still on a break so far. Spurs getting plenty of shots they want without exerting a ton of effort.
  4. Just saw it with the family. All enjoyed it tremendously, even the wife, who isn't a Marvel fan in the least.
  5. Joe Johnson is in a similar zone right now, albeit taking much more time to get to the bucket.
  6. They have about as much consistency as defense this season. Great win today, but I don't see them being able to win out to put the pressure on Madrid. Maybe Ramos being out for a few matches (deservedly so, as a two-footed challenge is as nasty a move as there is) will unsettle the Merengues enough for them to cough up the lead, but I think they'll stumble at least once down the stretch. Brilliant goals today, but I also thought the keepers were fantastic.
  7. He has been ugly in the 4th quarter, just jacking up bad shot after bad shot or forcing it and hoping for fouls that haven't been coming. I know that this has been SOP for the Thunder this year, but how does this poor shot selection make them better? More chances at offensive rebounds?
  8. Have a pulse?
  9. Well this has been a fantastic start to the half for the Zags.
  10. Well, according to him, it can beat the Amazon any day of the week with one waterfall tied behind its back.
  11. Depends on how healthy Anigbogu is, but I'm more concerned with who is guarding Monk. It will be really difficult to hide Alford on D out there.
  12. Nice second half from the Bruins. When they make the extra pass, they are such a better team. Ball is so much fun to watch. Rematch with Kentucky next - should be fantastic.