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  1. Very late. As of now, they have the fourth best record in the league. Better than nothing. Not thrilled about Brewer, but needed to match the salaries and at least his contract doesn't run longer than Williams'. Should help with the tank.
  2. The timing is very strange. I figured Mitch and Jim would get the season. It strikes me as an angry reaction to not getting Cousins, though without knowing what Sacramento wanted beyond Ingram, I can't rush to blame the front office for not getting Boogie.
  3. I hope to God he doesn't think that. I know he's super-competitive and wants to win, but he has to see the bigger picture here. Overall, I find myself more nervous than excited about Magic's hiring, even though he is probably my favorite athlete ever. While his twitter feed certainly does nothing but fill me with dread, the fact that he has been both an amazing player and a successful businessman gives me some hope that he will be a good hire. No idea about Pelinka and what he will do - other agents have made the transition with different degrees of success and, given the disastrous forays (or attempted forays) into free agency the past few years, it can't hurt to have someone who has relationships with players and can see things from that side of the table handling free agent meetings.
  4. Also, it forces the young guys to get more minutes/more reps.
  5. Pelinka, or any agent, would have to give up representing players and coaches in order to be hired as a GM. Now, the relationships he made as an agent might help grease the wheels to future deals with former clients, but he can't represent players and an NBA franchise at the same time.
  6. I couldn't comment as to the Kings-Warriors dynamic, but I don't think the Lakers and Warriors are rivals. They've only played in the playoffs seven times , three of which were in the 1960's and none since 1991, and the teams haven't been championship contenders at the same time. The NoCal vs. SoCal animosity which characterizes the Dodgers-Giants, Rams-49ers (and even Kings-Sharks, to a degree) rivalries isn't as noticeable when talking Lakers-Warriors. Obviously, the Celtics are the eternal rival, and at times I think the Jazz, Kings, and Spurs (and perhaps the Blazers and Suns) have been considered rivals. Now if by some form of divine intervention the Lakers actually got really good in the next few years, then perhaps a rivalry could develop.
  7. Philly can swap picks with them this year. And Philly also gets an unprotected from them in 2019, which looks really good going forward. Wow. Vlade makes me feel better about Jim Buss.
  8. I wholeheartedly agree with this. He has no lift on his jump shot. When he shoots a three, I am genuinely surprised when it isn't short. Even when he has an open dunk, it looks as if he's struggling to get it over the rim. Good guy, but it really looks as if age (and perhaps the wear and tear of 10 years under Thibs) has caught up to him. No surprise, considering it's his 13th season, but it again illustrates how massively the front office screwed up free agency last summer.
  9. I agree, just hoping that some playoff team gets delusions of grandeur and thinks having Williams coming off their bench helps them get further than they really will. Given the choice between a late first rounder or getting rid of either Mozgov or Deng, I would go with the latter. But no front office is that stupid. ...except Buss/Kupchak
  10. He was an NBA Jam character in the 4th quarter. Hope the Lakers can get a first round pick for him.
  11. Nearly X3. Then a big miss from Spurs. No dull moments in this match
  12. Martial goal vs. Watford to give Man U a 2-0 lead. Kind of a hockey goal there - keeper couldn't quite see it. Watford is now a bit more on the front foot, but just wasted a fantastic chance in the 6 yard box. But there's hope for them, as just came on for Mata.