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  1. Most important signing the Dodgers have made in a long time. He is responsible for creating this monster of a team. He has made the most of the inherent advantages the Dodgers have to make a perennial contender. Ownership needs to make sure that guy is happy in his job.
  2. Mr. "It's just a piece of metal" - such a joke of a commish.
  3. I went to Game 1 of 1978 against the Yankees. Enjoyed that win, but had my heart broken five games later. So very happy right now.
  4. If you had told me before the season that at the end of the year I would love seeing Rondo on the court and feel happy for Dwight Howard, I would have punched you in the face. What a crazy year. What a dominating way to end this bizarre, draining season. I am continually amazed by Lebron, and Davis is such a destructive force on defense. So much fun to watch them lock in at the defensive end.
  5. Green, KCP, Kuzma, Rondo, Morris, and Caruso were 6-24 from 3 last night, with a majority of those being open catch and shoot. That group needs to have a decent-ish (33% from 3) shooting game in one of these next two to get a W. Along with that, they need to not ball watch while Robinson runs to open spots on the floor. The defense on him last night was poor. Props to him for continuing to move and hitting shots, but he got a number of those because his defender decided to stare at Butler with the ball and forget what his own task was.
  6. Me too. One of the storylines I've loved this year is how he has worked to just fit in and be a role player. He was a key part of the Lakers' success against Denver once he stopped trying to punk Jokic and just focused on doing his job. Props to the Nuggets in these playoffs. That was as much of a grind as a 4-1 series win could be. Such a fun, mentally tough squad to watch. They have some really nice pieces in place to be a significant contender for the foreseeable future.
  7. As a team the Lakers were outrebounded 44-25. Lebron had 10 of those, which left 15 for everyone else. Denver just flat outworked them.
  8. That emphasizes why they need to play with more urgency on the defensive end so they can get out in transition and score that way.
  9. I'm not sure if I should thank you or curse you for bringing this to my attention. 😉 Haven't played for a while (the 2015 version), and downloaded this and time is somehow vanishing once again. Such an addictive game.
  10. Pretty much. His defense has been a lot better in the bubble, but his offense has regressed from his rookie year. Part of it may be how he is used, but part of it is his shot not getting better. He's a pretty good cutter, but doesn't do it much (or get to do it much - not sure what the coaches ask him to do) and he has become pretty soft going to the basket. He seems to almost avoid contact to get his shot off instead of attacking and drawing fouls. I do appreciate his hustle up the court to get behind the defense from time to time, since the Laker offense can use every easy bucket it can get. I expect Pelinka to explore his trade value this off-season.
  11. Kuzma was terrible tonight. He needs to learn how to dribble and catch the ball. His decision-making at both ends was poor.