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  1. Pretty awesome statement by Marta after the match - love the passion on display here.
  2. Debinha just needed a fraction more on that toe poke. Great run on goal by one of my favorite names in futbol.
  3. Dodged a bullet there. T&T should have probably scored there. Great counter by them, terrible transition by the US
  4. Kerr with a dangerous chance for an early goal sent into the side netting.
  5. Paso also has a fun area called Tin City with breweries, wine tasting, cider etc. Barrelhouse Brewing Co up there makes my favorite IPA in the area, better than ones I've had from Firestone or Figueroa Mountain, in my opinion. Also, there are plenty of great wine tasting options in the Santa Ynez/Los Olivos/Solvang/Buellton area not far off the 101, as well as some good tasting rooms in Santa Barbara (Grassini and Au Bon Climat are my favorite two in SB and, conveniently enough, right next to each other).
  6. Heck of a run down the left from Nigeria - just a foot away from making this match very interesting.
  7. Another great pass from Mewis...wasted by utterly pedestrian finishing from Lloyd
  8. I thought it took a deflection off the defender which is why the keeper was basically flat-footed on it.
  9. Mewis' vision and long passing in the midfield has been excellent. Nearly picked Heath at the far post there, and had a slick pass to Morgan that would have had her in on goal if her first touch had been better.
  10. She's always in the right place - great run to the far post. Great pass as well.
  11. Pickup baseball/football/basketball games with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood.
  12. Their work rate in the second half has been fantastic. Just missed a header for the equalizer in injury time.