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  1. Welcome back
  2. FYP
  3. Seriously. Chile is the back-to-back Copa America champs and they didn't even make the playoff. Can't even call my dad (Chilean citizen) to ##### about this. Going down to see him this weekend and I imagine we'll both be staring at the wall for much of the time, just wondering how this happened.
  4. If Pulisic can turn into an American version of Enzo Scifo, I will take that every day of the week.
  5. Absolutely agree. This group could barely be motivated to perform for most of qualifying. They probably figured they worked hard enough on Friday and that today would take care of itself.
  6. Seriously. I feel awful. And the worst part is this feeling won't go away for four years, at the earliest. I'm just stunned. One freaking point against the worst team in the Hex and the US just utterly craps the bed. How do they do from Friday's effort to that?
  7. Can't even draw with T&T to get in - what a bunch of chumps.
  8. I feel sick. Disgusting effort from the US. What a joke of a program.
  9. Fair enough. I was definitely speaking of how he is as a player. Your post made me look up his philanthropy and it was good to see how much he does for others less fortunate. The drawback is that I just might despise him less when I see him playing for Madrid.
  10. Woj is saying the deal is done
  11. What a clown. Great talent, no character.
  12. Love the calzones at Tommaso's. Actually all the stuff I've had there has been great.
  13. Wow, you're taking this Totti retirement even worse than I thought, @Kafka All kidding aside, get well soon and I look forward to your posts when you return. Take care.