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  1. Shick should have converted to make it 2-0. Nice reaction by Lloris, but subpar finish wide open in front of goal.
  2. RB should have put that one away. Can't take three touches in the box.
  3. Spurs definitely on the back foot so far here. Leipzig has looked sharp with Tottenham hoping to hit on the counter.
  4. Justin Turner making sure he won't be on Manfred's Christmas card list There's a longer interview with Turner on The Athletic. He also brings up a good point about the dangers pitchers (unknowingly) face when hitters know what pitch is coming.
  5. I'm assuming you are planning on staying at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon for this itinerary to work. As far as Arches & Canyonlands in one day goes, I would say no. Arches gets pretty crowded, but there is a lot worth seeing. Canyonlands could be a fairly quick visit at Island in the Sky and looking at Mesa Arch, but it would make for a long day if you try to get out there after seeing some of the sights in Arches. I would pick one or the other.
  6. My dad went to LSU in the early 70's. Just talked with him and he was saying this was the most enjoyable season he's had watching the Tigers, even compared to the other championship teams. Such a force on offense and once the defense got healthier it was almost unfair. What a team.
  7. Dodgers Had to pass on Fernando Valenzuela, one of my personal favorites, in making this rotation, but I couldn't resist using the 1 game rule to get Pedro and Maddux in here. Sandy Koufax - the greatest Dodger ever, in my opinion Pedro Martinez - trading him away is the worst deal in team history Clayton Kershaw - a stud in his prime Don Drysdale - sidearm delivery and a willingness to pitch inside made it tough for righties to dig in on him Greg Maddux - tremendous stuff paired with a great pitching mind
  8. AD flat-out abused Towns and the T-Wolves, putting up 50 on 29 shots. Made it look easy.
  9. It was pretty hilarious to watch him complain to the ref after trying to take Davis to the hoop late and just get denied.
  10. I wonder what odds you could have gotten at the beginning of the season on Joe Burrow setting/tying SEC single season passing yardage and touchdown records. Still have a hard time wrapping my head around this new offensive reality at LSU.
  11. That stat line looks like something Larry Bird might have done in games when he was bored: "I wonder how many 11's I can get in different categories tonight."
  12. Watching Anthony Davis play defense has been such a pleasure this year. Just amazing at that end of the floor.