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  1. What a rocket to level the match! And it's always good when one of the Madrid teams drops points against one of the minnows.
  2. Saw this article and thought of you Kafka. Enjoy, if you haven't already seen it.
  3. It's so massive for them. As one of their prominent sports columnists wrote recently, 7-1 is eternal, but this victory not only fills a glaring hole in the trophy case, but also helps heal the wound from that disaster just a bit.
  5. These German PKs are textbook ETA: And yes, I wrote that just to jinx the shooter.
  6. Neymar plays a great through ball to Felipe Anderson, who does a nice Higuain impression and blows what should have been a clean chance
  7. Terrible giveaway leads to a German equalizer. Damn
  8. Looks like Claudio Bravo will be leaving Barcelona for Man City Sorry to see him go, as I thought he was the Blaugrana's best keeper, plus I liked Barcelona having a Chilean on the team
  9. The match has grown ragged - Germany hit the crossbar multiple times, Brazil losing composure, both teams fouling a lot.
  10. Gold medal match is underway. Brazil looking to win its first Olympic gold ever, which is crazy when you consider its history, while Germany looks to win both the men's and women's gold medals.
  11. Tess Wester - Netherlands team handball
  12. A match too late, though Sweden's win spared Brazil seeing another of their national teams lose to Germany.
  13. the cheering is deafening when someone finishes in just under 10 seconds
  14. Serbia is rolling the Aussies right now. Australia has only scored 25 points with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Teodosic is lighting them up at the other end.