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  1. Stenson has been a machine today. Fantastic golf. What a performance to get his first major.
  2. Stenson takes the lead...then promptly has a brain cramp to drop back to a tie with Phil, and follows it up with another one to drive into a fairway bunker on #7
  3. FYI, the RFEF just released their schedule today. If I am reading it correctly, Barcelona are home on the 16th and 30th of October.
  4. Barcelona doubles up on young French defenders, signing Lucas Digne. I always signed Digne for Barca on Football Manager , so I have to give this signing my full endorsement. It's nice to see Barcelona sign defenders with pace - hopefully they can stay fit, unlike Vermaelen or Mathieu
  5. So given that Cristiano Ronaldo has slipped to pretty much being only a goalscoring threat with his head, does he have to win today to be known as the 'male Abby Wambach' or does he already have that title? Asking for a friend. @gator
  6. Reggie Jackson sticking his fat ### in the way of Bill Russell's throw in Game 4 of the '78 World Series
  7. Yep. They had some decent opportunities today and didn't take them. They gifted France a few chances and were punished ruthlessly. Hopefully France can take care of business in the final.
  8. Don't forget Goran. That guy was the quintessential ace machine on grass. Tsonga is done. Dude is missing overheads, forehands with open courts. Too bad. The 4th set was really good tennis.
  9. Horse collar on Cristiano there
  10. This fourth set between Tsonga and Murray is pretty good stuff. ETA: 5th set coming up
  11. Nick Young almost gives the Lakers a way out of his contract in the dumbest thing off-court thing done by a Laker since Radmanovic hit the slopes
  12. I believe so. This is the third year of his self-imposed three-year plan where it is Western Conference Finals or quit. Hopefully Jeanie gives him the axe, but then doesn't hire Phil.
  13. Lebron played for the Cavs for seven years before heading to Miami. Durant played in OKC for nine. That doesn't seem like instant gratification to me, considering the average NBA career is just under five seasons.
  14. Another recommendation for visiting the Basilica Santa Maria del Mar - it's in the Barri Gotic and the times I visited, it was quiet and beautiful. Perhaps more tourists have found it now, but it was great. I liked the lighting in the late afternoon - a good place to sit and reflect quietly after a busy day of sightseeing. Also, visit the FC Barcelona museum. I visited it before the Messi era and was blown away by the history of the club - I imagine it is even more impressive now. Also, I remember Casa Mila (La Pedrera) being really cool to see from the outside, but kind of boring on the inside. Unless you are a big time architecture buff, you can probably skip the tour. Regarding flamenco, Catalunya is not really known for its flamenco (it's a much bigger thing in Andalucia), so if you go to see a show there, it will certainly geared for tourists and not as authentic as it would be in Sevilla or Granada. However, it probably would be a cool spectacle to see if you aren't planning on visiting the south of Spain in the future. I also really enjoyed the Fundacio Joan Miro museum, more so than the Museu Picasso. Also, while in Spain, buy saffron. Buy a lot of it. It was so much cheaper there than here in the US and if you like to cook with it, it's great to have, or if you have family/friends who like to cook, it makes a great gift. Also, I remember the Lladro figurines being much more affordable in Spain than in the US, so if someone close to you collects those or you are just looking for a really nice gift for them, you might look at those. Have a great time.
  15. Nice finish from Griezman - smooth. It was fun while it lasted Iceland ??