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  1. Not yet. But I read somewhere yesterday that the carriers are gonna start offering entertainment (non-sports) skinny bundles.
  2. Yeah, there's the kicker. Food & booze would cost me what I spent on just the room per day. I like this AI - been there 9 times.
  3. I was at an AI south of Playa Del Carmen two weeks ago. I traveled by myself and so paid a single-occupancy premium. 7 nights cost me $1510, so about $215/night. I booked the flight separate and flew up front so it was about $750, but you can fly coach non-stop from Dulles to Cancun (about 3 hours in the air) for under $400. I then booked a private transport round trip to-and-from the airport for like $120, complete with a cooler of beer and no one else in the van but me. So, in total it was about $340/night. I can't go to OC, MD for that with food/booze included
  4. And even that's not what it used to be on Saturdays. Most of the marquee games are back on the broadcast networks.
  5. I'm saying that I think, if Lee had led the Union Army, many less people would have been killed/maimed/driven insane because the Confederacy would have folded by 1862 - Lee would have whipped their butts into submission right quick. Which means that the next 150 years would have played out a whole lot differently and the countless murders during Reconstruction and Jim Crow (which was driven by a bunch of Yankee #######s) wouldn't have happened the way they did.
  6. And would have been many times less had Lee done the right thing. That's not hindsight - Lee knew what he was getting into and knew the likely outcome.
  7. @proninja is doing the Lord's work in the confederate statue thread. I - as is my wont - became much too pedantic, much too quickly.
  8. Oh ####. You got a AAA membership?
  9. Nope. But they were fighting for something abhorrent nonetheless. We don't need statues built in their honor.
  10. I've made most of the dumbest posts in this board's history but, you sir, have me beat. Jesus....
  11. No one is talking about having "their feelings hurt". This was a systematic genocide that's been romanticized. Pick another hill to die on
  12. Not in my opinion - just get the likenesses (statues & portraits) out of government property.
  13. Of course they didn't - most of them at the time were racist #######s, too. Hence the revisionist history with a century of romanticizing the Antebellum South and d!ckheads like Stonewall Jackson & Beauregard