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  1. I'd talk to the teacher before making a decision.
  2. Crap. The owner can't even use the search function. There's no hope for the rest of us. There was one, Joe, and it's been posted in fairly recently (i.e., before the Purge a few years ago).
  3. I think Martin's making us think it will be Jaime and thematically (in a conventional sense) that would make the most sense. Sooooooo.....that probably won't happen Also, I wonder if there's not another Valeryian-to-Common-Speech mis-translation that would bring Arya and Sansa into play. Hell, if Aemon freaking Targaryean screwed up the Prince That Was Promised prophecy gender-wise, it's definite that Cersei could.
  4. Joe, I've used mine three times and I employed Pit Barrels' recipes. You light the charcoals and hang/lay in the meat for whatever time they recommend. At the end of that time you take it out and let it rest. I think the longest one of their recipes (that I've used) called for a 4 or 5 hour cook. The original charcoal held up for that long, but it was starting to whimper out. I'm not sure what you'd have to do for cooking 2-to-3 times that long (or if you even need to with this item). I'd guess you might have to refill with charcoal? For reference, I did a whole chicken, a full rack of beef ribs, and a brisket. This was last year, though, and my memory is failing me in my advanced age so I can't recall which two I did at the same time. There is a thread here for this and I'm sure I posted my results there. The only interim maintenance I did was for the ribs and that was to paint them 30 minutes before they were done. My best advice is to check out the FFA thread on this cooker. There are folks' postings in there that will be much more informative than mine. eta: this isn't a device to cook a couple of hamburgers on. Hell, I under-used it's capacity when I cooked two of the things I listed above.
  5. Yeah, I could see how the conceit - tight first-person, unreliable narrator - might wear thin, especially if it's the same narrator and the payoff sucks. I got a deal on all three through Amazon, so I'll probably soldier through to the end unless it gets Walking Dead stupid.
  6. I realize that you're asking ydoc, but the answer is basically "zero", Joe.
  7. 21? He looks 14. He played his butt off and was honest in the interview about his chances.
  8. I think it's just the disgust in Wormer's voice when addressing Blutarski that nails it for me, but I agree with you
  9. IMO, the Blues Brothers holds up better. Both are forerunners of comedies you're enjoying today. What sets the BB apart is the music.
  10. John Vernon telling Bluto his GPA is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Link
  11. I'd like to see Kuchar win. Nothing against Speith, but I could see Jordan winning more majors and I'm not sure Kuchar can get this close too many times again.
  12. Started Jeff Vandermeer's Southern Reach series. I'm half-way through the first book and I have no idea what the hell is going on, but I like it.
  13. Legacy is Blues Brothers Scene is the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor
  14. Bought a 1/4 of a steer last weekend. Out of that batch, I want to grill one of the sirloins. It's cut 1" thick and is about 8" in diameter. What should my grilling time be per side?