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  1. @krista4, what's the latest from Granada? There was a brief flare-up in the news several weeks ago about Nicaragua - NPR did a segment, which I only caught the tail end of and Daily Beast did an interview with Bianca Jagger about it (apparently, she was in the middle of some scary stuff down there) - but not much since.
  2. The Magnificent Seven Theme is as iconic as any in any genre, right? I always liked Silverado's, too
  3. This is like using round bricks for a fireplace.
  4. I read the book in jail. I had already seen the movie. I agree that the film is miles better, but the book was kind of a lifeline for me. I'll never read it again, though. Even then, I knew it wasn't good.
  5. Good Lord. This is the same kinda crap that causes people to screw up crab cakes. I ain't using brioche when making a grilled cheese sandwich. I don't give a damn about smoke points - my grilled cheese sandwiches don't burn. Butter works just fine for my bread flavor and I don't care about aesthetics.
  6. Me too! I have never heard of this in my 56 years stumbling across this planet until today. As for spreadability, am I the only person who keeps a stick of buttah a room temp?
  7. For me, too many people and eateries do this with crab cakes, too.
  8. Man, just the thought of mayo touching my beloved cast iron skillet gives me the willies. Did this incompatibility ever come of in one of our drunken chats? Things I'll willingly use mayo as a spread on: Tomato sandwiches Tuna sandwiches I realize that it's used as a base or enhancer in many things I love. I can whistle past the graveyard on those. I can't stand the thought of it being cooked or on a sandwich with meat on it. As I said earlier to the Backwards-Cap Mod, there's no logic to this. I think it's the only irrational dislike I have of any type of food product I'd consider normal (there's some stuff at Dim Sum that freak me out).
  9. Amazing that it's Isner - again
  10. Wait. You'll fry mayonnaise but won't eat cukes?
  11. Yeah, logic isn't gonna work with me on this one.
  12. If I ate one done that way without knowing, I'm sure it would taste fine. But I have a complicated relationship with mayo for some unknown reason. There are certain food types I don't want mayo anywhere near; just thinking about it makes me feel wrong. Same with cooking it. I have no idea where this came from - I'm usually down with most every normal combo of food/condiment.
  13. Was it a consensus? I've never even heard of doing something this vile.
  14. Apparently I did. That sounds truly awful.