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  1. You have a license in MD/VA/NC? Our corporate guy is a little shaky
  2. I guess you missed the post-script: " As it happens, most of the top recruits in FLA & GA are vacationing in Rome at the same time. Coach Harbaugh was shocked upon hearing this, but later admitted he knew most of the vacationing 'kids' claim Italian ancestry dating back to 200 AD".
  3. I haven't heard from rockaction but I'm fine picking wherever in the order.
  4. I don't think I've seen an offense click like this since the '07 Patriots If I were GB, and they don't score here right quick, I'd get Rogers out of there
  5. Yep, though the only "10k" I'll be seeing today will be the aggregate calories of food & booze I consume while making the beer.
  6. It's crazy. I have to look at the standings at least once a week because I keep going "what a minute; remind me again: who is supposed to be good?"
  7. It's the first beer-making day of 2017 at Casa Uruk. First up will be a Belgian Tripel (my personal fave) with a projected ABV of 8.5 to 9.0%. Then we will move on to an American Amber, which has a much lower gravity (4.75 - 5.25%) for those times when you want a beer but don't wanna get smashed right away (like driving to work). By about 9 a.m., should have 5 gallons of each fermenting.
  8. Should I change my screen name to Ghan-buri-Ghan?
  9. I reckon so, but look at what they left behind!
  10. Potential Side Bets: when wikkid quits: O/U round 17 when Abrantes goes MIA: O/U round 22 when I first nake a pick that breaks the rules: O/U round 4
  11. I know - just funning ya. There are folks in these drafts that could actually get the US government to run efficiently based on how they keep things moving.
  12. Since JML open-ended it, I'll leave it up to you. You & I as a team would have the most schizoid Island playlist in history.
  13. You must be my Aussie doppelganger. "Here's 8 bazillion rules - y'all enforce them!"