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  1. Yeah, and good move for him. He's nowhere near ready for the NBA - hell, he's nowhere near ready for the B1G - but use the system to see where you are. On another note, congrats & good luck to Juan Dixon for landing the Coppin State HC job. I have no idea if he'll be a good coach or not but, after what that dude has overcome, I'm not putting anything past him.
  2. I read for an hour or two or three in the evening if work is going normally, and some on the weekends (that can vary wildly from 2-3 hours to most of the weekend). I'm also going on vacation in a little over a week and will burn through a couple of books at least. But I live alone and am probably not typical. It also depends on WHAT I'm reading. If it's something I've really anticipated, I'll take a day off work just to read the book.
  3. I just finished "I, Ripper" by Stephen Hunter (the guy who writes the Bob Lee Swagger novels, among others). It's about - shocker! - Jack the Ripper. It's told in the form of diary entries and letters. I saw one big twist towards the end coming from way early (a big deal, as I usually miss a lot), and not another, smaller twist which seemed to me to make zero difference to the story. In any case, it was enjoyable but very violent (Ripper journalizes in great deal his murders). Next, an out-of-left-field review of a book called Desperation Road by an author named Michael Farris Smith has me wanting to try it. After that, I think I'll tackle Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach Trilogy which has been on my radar too long without trying it.
  4. Elmore used to be really good, but he turned into one bitter dude somewhere along the line. Stark was a shocker to me but, as has been mentioned, he'll land another good gig. Dilfer is a perfect fit for Fox.
  5. Beg to differ, my translucent friend. The Allmans were the furthest thing from a hippie band as was possible at the time. Maybe Bobby Sherman was more an outlier, but only him.
  6. I love you guys, but some of you really suck in these TV show threads.
  7. I'm betting two 9.25" deep beams sistered together will be more than enough. Make sure your buddy accounts for the point loads you now have on either end, too. You may have to double up on the joists below. Oh, and don't let anyone tell you different: you'll want to add two studs on each side of your opening to sit the beam on. Do not just toenail it to the existing studs on either end. You'll lose some opening, but your floor won't sag. Sorry if I sound all lecture-y. I've seen too many people #### this kind of stuff up. I'll lay out now, but PM me if you have any questions.
  8. No. He's right in putting LVLs up. A 6x6 horizontally won't carry ####. Plus it looks like his walls are 2x4s. @Dan Lambskin if you know the span between your next closest bearing walls (I think the entrance to the bathroom might be one and wherever the one is behind the photographer), you can figure the depth of LVL beam you'd need. You'll want to get two and nail or bolt them together - won't matter since two will just make the beam the width of your studs anyway and you'll be about to use a shallower beam. I don't have my span tables anymore from when I used to design beams, but I'm sure I could find one on-line or maybe your friend who's a contractor has that information.
  9. How wide is the unsupported span? And what's it supporting - just a 2nd floor?
  10. Yikes. If you need any help on how to fix it, let me know.
  11. What baseball game? I don't know what the weather is like in Lynchburg, but up here in Shenandoah County it's blue skies & sunny. When you say "pissing off vendors", do you mean just because you're buying less in volume (two shifts as opposed to three)? That sucks about the ex-employee. By your posts, it doesn't sound like you wronged her in any way.
  12. "You want your cut?" "Nah, I'd just blow it".
  13. I don't think I know any of those songs you posted, but I bet every single one is better than this
  14. Disagree to some extent. Nobody doing country or who - God forbid - was black could get a song on AOR. When white Boomer rock finally starting collapsing in the late 70s, programmers started playing EWF's "September" and stuff like Blondie and the Cars out of desperation. How the #### did this or this not get played on FM rock channels when programmers were so short of material that they had to play the last cut off of a Yes album to fill a shift?
  15. I dunno, guys. For me, at least, hearing some of the cheese that I may or may not have liked back then is part of the fun. I know which records are considered awesome - it's the others that interest me, even if I trash them.