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  1. I'd trade Jimenez for a bag of air at this point just to remove the temptation to put Ubaldo in an actual game. They're not gonna land a game-changer starter, so screw it - try to club the opposition into the dust. Upton's got some pop. I agree with The_Man - why the hell can't the Orioles develop (& keep & nurture) pitchers anymore? In the 60s/70s/80s there was a damned log-jam of guys waiting their turns. "McNally leaves for FA? That's ok, we have Wayne Garland" (or whoever). I don't know his contract situation, but Gausman is the first I can think of since Mussina 25 freaking years ago who they drafted, brought up and might have a lengthy, productive stay. So, if Bundy is more like he was in the most recent start than his first........is Tillman/Gausman/Bundy enough?
  2. Me, too. And I'd love a fair moderator. Because I think Johnson would then expose a lot of the garbage both parties spew.
  3. My voting for Trump or Clinton means not one damned thing, especially where I live. I'm not stupid - "Statement Voting" is basically tilting at windmills, but I sleep better regardless how futile my voting that way is in reality. Plus, I really, honestly believe some of the Libertarian tenets (others are way too unworkable, but that's not a problem right now).
  4. Depends on WHY you vote. I am not voting for Clinton or Trump because I think both are garbage (nothing personal meant to either). I like some of what the Libertarian Party puts forth, though some of it is really kooky. But Johnson has actually governed, and neither candidate from the major parties has. It won't matter in my precinct, as it'll go 80% Trump even though he doesn't give a flying #### about poor people
  5. Jesus. I mean, it's brutal here for what we're used to but I can't even imagine 111.
  6. So I'm not the only one? I found 12 small tubs of spackling, 11 of which would make bricks cry.
  7. Dunno. I've only had the caffeine-and-gluten free version mixed with Pappys. Can Coop throw cornhole bags without killing roof shingles or meat-purses?
  8. Bring Coop to the next coshole. Krista can show up out of the blue with a Nehi 1890 Reserve for him. I've seen it happen.
  9. Yeah, that may a bit of a shock if you're looking Vienna You'll get some good responses here, though, on what you're looking at from a commute standpoint. May I ask what you do? Do you like chili dogs? Vienna Inn has some that will clog every artery in your body.
  10. Just passing along with what I've seen. I personally think what you suggested is a fantastic idea.
  11. True, but they can be jumpers so be prepared for them to get out even if you have a 6' high fence.
  12. Nothing to do with your post, but how's your vermin problem? [not a euphemism or tribute band name, though "How's Your Vermin Problem" sounds like a lost Zappa song]