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  1. I haven't started yet, but most reviews I've seen specifically mention the lack of gore.
  2. Thanks for the invitation, but will have to post my regrets.
  3. What is wrong with you?
  4. Got it to OT, baby!! (I'm a Maryland fan, so take any minor victory you can find and relish it)
  5. I haven't followed along enough to know (and I don't really care enough to dig). You say those events happened and others here say they haven't. This doesn't seem to me to be a gray area - it either happened or it didn't. Or is there some kind of acrostic semantics happening here where the word "is" is being parsed?
  6. Lazy Saturday in Chez Uruk. Pedicure in a couple of hours, and already have a pot roast going (neither of these are euphemisms). I really should be working on a resume because I don't much like the tremors coming out of corporate these days, but I just can't care enough to do so.
  7. I don't know exactly what New Jack Swing was supposed to sound like, but that song had Prince's influence all over it. Killer record, with one of the last great funk chants to hit the Top 40.
  8. I went to High School in the 1970s. I don't have kids or grandkids, so I have no idea how things are done now. But here are some differences I imagine there are: As a few have already posted, there were smoking areas for kids. Both were right where the buses emptied. The teacher's lounge - holy crap, when one teacher would open the door it looked like the place was on fire. Open lunches. We were in the country, so it's not like we could go out to eat, but the guys with awesome stereos would move their cars to the front of the school and crank music. A dude brought a gun to school and showed it in the cafeteria. He got the crap beat out of him by other students. He was expelled but, as far as I can recall, no cops ever showed. I doubt he was actually gonna shoot anyone, as he was dumb as an oyster - he was driving in Junior High. A few that may be more specific to my school and my own experience: My grandmother taught English at my HS for 40 years and had retired a couple of years before I got there. I knew most of the teachers from before I got there because I would see them at parties she threw. I think that made things both easier and harder on me. I knew who the gay teachers were, and those who got high. Some were obvious and some were not. After my Junior year, I needed 1/2 a credit to graduate. I could have done that in summer school, but I wanted to play out my Senior year so I had one class in the Fall that meant something and all of the rest were either me being an aide or gym classes. I somehow procured a pad of early release forms and may have sold each for a buck while I signed an AP's name. I also had keys to the soda machine to count the change supporting the athletic department (no comment on the result).
  9. That's still there? Holy crap, I haven't been there since the early 80s.
  10. I'll defer. I honestly couldn't tell you which album a particular VU song came from. Everything I've heard from them sounds kinda similar. Whereas, the Gram Parsons era of the Byrds sounds like a completely different band than the "Mr Tambourine" Byrds. Maybe it's just because I've heard them more
  11. Didn't Ole Miss cal their defense Land Sharks a few years ago for those couple of weeks when they got in the Top 5?