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  1. Well, ####
  2. But....but...he came and gave without taking!
  3. See? Racist slaveowners can't even write one good song. Barry Manilow, now - THAT guy could write a good anthem.
  4. Can we get to the root of the problem here? And that is - as a piece of music - the National Anthem sucks. It's almost as if some hack like Reznor or Cobain wrote it. The melody stinks and the lyrics feel like a round peg being shoved into a square hole.
  5. I love ya, Pack, but that's not fair.
  6. Sounds like you have anger issues. Grow up and stop projecting your short-comings on people you don't know. That may help you in making decisions for the 10 million (or whatever your claim was) people you are in charge of, because I reckon many of your indentured servants feel the same about you.
  7. Shady, if you haven't already, you may want to look into grief counselling for all three of you. Also, given where you live, there has to be a bazillion support groups for people going through the same thing you are. You're not alone.
  8. God, that is great on so many levels
  9. Has Lupicka weighed into this yet with his "Thurmon Munson would weep in shame" take? Albom write a book about it yet? Until then, we're still only in moderate-incineration mode. Some of that is because Kaepernick is a non-entity these days, but I have seen flash-flames about this on facebook - including one calling him a Muslim terrorist.
  10. RIP, Orioles' bullpen
  11. I've lost count, but I'm pretty sure pull-tabs are the 6th seal
  12. My mother had these two and I tried to read them when I was eight or nine. As I suspect it is with most who post here, I was fairly precocious and read well above my age level. But, holy crap, this stuff was waaaaay beyond me at the time and I finished neither of them. I haven't tried to read Vonnegut since, but I reckon I should give these another go since - even if I'm no more mature (& am probably less so) - at least I have a prayer of understanding them better now.
  13. I was in a house I rented in Beverly Beach (I know you know where I'm talking about). I remember my then-wife being there, plus my best friend and his wife and her son (he was probably nine), along with my brother and his girlfriend. The kid cried his eyes out when they lost. The rest of us were in shock because we didn't really think it could happen, but we had The Otter on the mound so we were all in.