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  1. Oh, man. You have to go to that. Right? That sounds like a blast. (snickering at your traffic worries)
  2. Both. Sort of like Parliament and Funkedelic. Contracts issues, man
  3. My Andrea True Connection cover band name (that's too esoteric, isn't it?)
  4. This, I think, is the best advice. Without knowing how they are dealing with this, you are best waiting to see which way the wind is blowing.
  5. You're probably right, but I bet there are way more new folks in the SP. Plus, a thread titled like this is like moths to a flame for the long-timers
  6. I'm rooting for NCSU in this game for family reasons, but man I love watching Lamar Jackson play
  7. It was probably Peak FFA, but didn't last very long. Very shortly he descended into joining music drafts. He did choose "Pac Man Fever" in a 1st round, though, IIRC.
  8. I'm not shrugging it off or playing coy, but I'm not sure what else I can say. I screwed two women while they were screwing each other. I don't get lucky much these days, so I had a blast. I'm sure it would make a pitiful pornhub video.
  9. Who was "boy of the year"? Whatever happened to Zippy?
  10. So, my boring threesome story. I have a friend who is an escort. I helped her out of a (non-escort-y) problem a few years ago. We never dated or did "business", but will hang out when convenient - meeting for meals, drinks, sex, whatever. It's a cool friendship, and one more honest than most. She felt the favor was worth bringing in a lady co-worker. I agreed because ............gonads. I have a feeling my friend is mentoring the co-worker, but the co-worker was really aggressive with my friend - there were toy disappearances to distances than Common Core math couldn't solve. Most of it was a show with those two (they like each other) with a fine finish.
  11. Cheatsheets. I don't think I wandered into the forums at first, then the SP, then here. The earliest FFA thread I can remember was titled something like "How do blind people know when they're done wiping?". And that about sums this place up
  12. Favorite angle on the letter K?
  13. I'm the last guy one of my friends dated. She went exclusively women after me