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  1. LOTR fans (or anyone on acid) REALLY needs to watch this. It's a Finnish adaptation of LOTR done for TV in the early 90s. It's done in 9 parts and each episode is about 20-25 minutes long with English subtitles (don't worry - you won't miss anything reading them). The series budget couldn't have been more than a dollar and all involved must have been ingesting some serious chemicals. If you watch nothing else, please check out episode 4. Frodo looks like a Boy-era Bono. Sam twitches the entire time for no reason whatsoever. Tom Bombadil - yep, he's in there! - looks like a NA shaman. Gollum is fat and Merry is fatter. Legolas has ZERO lines of dialogue. I guess Gimli is still a dwarf, but he's as tall as the rest (so are the hobbits, for that matter) and he just sniffs everyone. Led Zeppelin is the Prancing Pony house band. The Shire looks like Stalingrad in 1943. Galadriel is basically Carrie Fisher drowned in a lake (literally). And Gandalf looks (& poses) like a male model. eta: Almost forgot - Boromir is an East Asian ninja!
  2. Really interested to hear your thoughts on Different Seasons. Just curious - have you seen the films made out of the stories in this book?
  3. It really depends on the details. I read the press release to say that Season One would be set between The Hobbit and LOTR. Then, they would Fargo/American Horror Story future seasons with completely different stories. I think that, based on Christopher Tolkien's resignation, more IP is in play either now or soon to come - like The Silmarillion.
  4. Here is an explainer with what is known or presumed about the deal. Amazon paid $250 million just for the rights, with production costs estimated to be $150 million per season (apparently the Tolkien folks got a spending floor included). Meaning, if it goes 5 years, Amazon will have spent $1 billion
  5. Damn, Sorry to hear this, Flop.
  6. Two guys I thought were headed that way at the beginnings of their careers were Randall Cunningham and Mike Vick.
  7. I think you should change the thread title, or just delete the thread.
  8. I think I mentioned in yesterday's AT40 thread that I saw Graham open for the Commodores back in the late 70s. He played "Earthquake" and I was afraid the roof of the Capitol Centre was going to collapse. He went absolutely crazy on his (it had to be at least) 10 minute solo, running across the stage screaming "Earthquake! I better learn to fly!" all the while just shredding his bass.
  9. I've drafted this one a few times here over the years and always caveat it with "say goodbye to your speakers".
  10. I use S&S. It takes some juggling to get certain items to hit your doorstep at the right times and still get the discount, but it looks like you have enough items that you can mix and match your shipments. I spot check the pricing because, as Grove says, they can vary wildly from shipment to shipment. I don't mind if it's a little more through Amazon sometimes, because I like the convenience. They will also run out of things sometimes, so you may need to switch brands. Also, make sure you check how the items are packed & sold and what size you're buying. Sometimes it's not plainly marked or pictured. It only takes a few seconds to check, but I've burned myself enough to not assume size/packaging.
  11. I thought this was one of the better countdowns I've posted in a good, long while
  12. 1. "MacArthur Park" - Donna Summer
  13. 2. "You Needed Me" - Anne Murray