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  1. It was on their first album before they had ossified their sound. Once "Let It Ride" and (especially) "Takin' Care Of Business" hit and sold a bazillion records, they knew which side of the bread was buttered.
  2. Heard this by BTO? The lyrics ain't much (it IS BTO, after all), but I love the music on it and they get almost - gasp! - jazzy. Doesn't even sound like the same band as the one that did "Hey You".
  3. Good Lord, I haven't heard about (or thought of) these guys in at least 20 years. Nice one.
  4. In more ways than one - I've met several FBGs over the years 😉
  5. Disagree. It ain't hard to make an extra click (or even open 2 browsers!) to toggle from one to the other. For myself, I'm glad there aren't 14 bazillion toxic topics in the FFA anymore. Plus, I see a lot of the political-minded folks also posting in the FFA.
  6. Imagine the pastiest-white Franco-Brit mutt. That be me.
  7. This is one of the best records of the '70s. Everything from the production to the playing to the perfect vocal performance works. It all fits together like a hand in a glove. I bet I've heard this record a thousand times and it still works every time it comes on.
  8. To all of you who celebrate it, Happy Easter Weekend. Love you guys. I'm heading to Maryland tomorrow to spend my birthday with my mom, who's making me dinner. Then Easter brunch at my aunt's on Sunday. I reckon I'll add about 9 tons to my already-overweight self.
  9. Friend of mine and his wife were splitting up. She moved out and put an ad in the PennySaver (it was like Craig's List before the internet, for you young'uns) for "Free firewood, delivered and stacked. Only call between midnight and 4 a.m." She also somehow got some county government letterhead and sent him a letter from "Planning and Zoning" saying that the house he (they) built a couple of years before was 2 feet too close to the road and would have to be moved.
  10. Yeah, this may be the closest you've come to cheating (you didn't). Dottie West was a HOFer before she sang this.
  11. THAT'S how you know it? Lordy, this song was everywhere in the '70s