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  1. Yeah, I didn't get that either. I REALLY like your QB, though. That dude has a cannon attached to his shoulder. He just needs to harness it a bit.
  2. Just finished Jonathan Gould's Otis Redding: An Unfinished Life I saw a blurb touting this book a while ago and it occurred to me that, out of all of my generation's musical titans, less may be known about Redding's life than any of the others. Add in the fact that Otis is my favorite singer, and I was all-in. It's good. Really good, though I guess you could say I was preconditioned to like this book and am biased. There is a LOT of background - especially early on - but Gould does a good job of tying it back to Redding's own story. It's really well-researched, though I don't think Gould had much access to any current perspectives by Otis' close-folks (understandable, since most are dead now and those still alive don't come across as the nicest of people). It's been 50 years - 50! - since that plane went down in Wisconsin. I'd rank this book just a tad below Peter Guralnik's Elvis duology from a few years ago, but absolutely essential for anyone interested in Redding, social conditions in Georgia during Jim Crow, or rock fans in general. I have this in hard back and would be happy to send it to anyone interested.
  3. I've had a vacuum sealer for a few years. It's a game changer if you live alone, sous vide or no sous vide. I recent bought an immersion cooker that's still in the box. This thread reminded me to dig that sucker out of the closet this weekend and give it a try. I've got a 1/4 beef in the freezer just begging me to experiment with a cut or two.
  4. For me, it's not the quality of play or politics or length of games or number of ads. Frankly, I just got burned out - not just on the NFL, but pretty much all sports. And it happened gradually over about the last 10 years. In regards to the NFL specifically, I just realized that I didn't need (or want, really) to watch every game so I dropped the Ticket after years of paying for it and just watch whatever broadcast game is on. I also stepped down as commish of my FF league after 25 years and probably would have stopped playing altogether if my partner (my brother) didn't want to keep our team going. I long ago stopped watching night games on work nights. I'm a Ravens fan who only gets the DC local channels, so I get them most every Sunday they're scheduled unless the Skins are playing same time/same network. But more times than not, I'll mute the sound and turn music on.
  5. Once you get your schedule settled, drop me a line and we'll grab a beer.
  6. I think there are different categories (NOT levels because, as you say, they all are pathetic) of awfulness in owners. You have the Openly Vile, like Snyder and Jones who make no bones about what they are (they are probably the most honest of them all). Then there are The Misters: the Rooneys, the Maras, Jerry Richardson, Kraft who have somehow tricked their fans and the league into thinking they give a #### about fans or players with their genteel ways. They might be worse than the OVs. The Openly Criminal like the Vikings and Browns owners. I root for the Ravens, which brings me to another category: the Silent Assassins like Steve Bisciotti. He's probably the lowest-profile owner in the league from a media standpoint. Fans love him because "all he does is pump money into the team and let the football guys do their thing". Nope, no cover-ups here. He might be worse than The Misters, if that's possible.
  7. Sheesh...... A whole lot of folks need a break, but I'm throwing the wish of one directly to her
  8. "stinger" in his shoulder, whatever the hell that means
  9. Maclin hurt
  10. I read the book before seeing the movies (both the original and the US version are good), but - yeah, there's some ####ed up stuff in that book that the films stay away from (thank God). His other books are good, too, if you like this one.
  11. Let me know when you get settled and if you have some free time. Depending on where you're staying, I'm only about 20-30 minutes away.