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  1. That's the thing, though - they may have been billed as solo but they really weren't. Carole King worked with a lyricist. Simon wrote his stuff, but his best records featured full bands and back up singers (who he ripped off). James Taylor's best songs were covers (with a good band), which I think was a good thing but doesn't do much for his orthodox critical standing and he had nothing at all to say on the #### he wrote himself. And Joni was loopy as hell, but used a ton of respected jazzbos.
  2. Not a baiting question (well, maybe....) but, why when "singer-songwriters" of the '70s are discussed, is Wonder never in the conversation? We always get Joni, James Taylor, Paul freaking Simon, Carole King, various CSNY dudes......but never Stevie. He was more topical than all of them and at least AS personal as any. He outsold, out-Grammy'd, and got more critical respect than all of them combined. He was doing the same things they were, but better and more of it. Any thoughts?
  3. The drums and piano in this song kick every kind of ###. So does every other part of it, but I wanted to spotlight those two. Guess who played 'em......
  4. Yep, though I kinda think of Innervisions and FFF as a double album these days. (which makes zero sense, I guess, since Stevie was damned near killed in an accident between releases) I get the songs all confused, as far as which is on each album, except for "Living For The City". Wonder was working at a higher level than anyone has, before or since. Hell, he gave the world Chaka Khan just because he didn't have enough room on his own records for "Tell Me Something Good".
  5. So, how are you going to cut the pet door in the french door? How will you open the door if you do it offdee's way? You're either losing the seal and/or it's going to look like crap. You can replace it when you sell, but you're hurting yourself in the meantime.
  6. How does he open the door? Or am I misunderstanding your solution? @matttyl, no easy answer here. You're going to have to give up something to get something - it's either aesthetics or utility. If it's that important, I'd rather cut a hole in the masonry instead of wrecking a $1k french door.
  7. Enjoyed it. It felt to me like Vince Gilligan may have thought he left Jesse behind a bit in the 2nd half of S5 and wanted to make up for it. That said, anyone watching this who hadn't seen BB would have a hard time knowing what the hell was going on. _ _ _ _ was one messed up dude. (I don't know how to do spoilers)
  8. This is gonna be one whacky season. Is drafting pass rushers these days the new "we can't draft a WR if our lives depended on it" for the Ravens?
  9. Good luck, Stillers. I'm blocked from watching this by the stinking Skins' game. I'm guessing Pittsburgh 27, Baltimore 24
  10. Cream has a really weird legacy. Many hip rock critics of the time used them as a low bar when reviewing other bands. Then, I can recall in the '70s & '80s that they were in the pantheon of great Boomer bands. Then, they weren't..... then they were, etc..... I think, now with 50 years of hindsight and listening to their records, they were more influential than they were good. All three were insanely talented but their albums were wildly uneven (probably not the band's fault, but they are saddled with it). The 6 or 8 radio hits they had are, by far, their best. And some of their influence was done much better by acts that directly followed them (Hendrix, Allmans).