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  1. You're in a brutal category, but this would have been my selection. A+ book/A+ adaptation
  2. There are people in this thread who have met me. I feel comfortable in saying "cool" is not a term they'd use to describe my pasty-white ###. That said, I do know a little about funk. What Oliver Humanzee said was right: the rhythm and beat is cut too short to plow the groove. (same happens with Queen chopping the bass line in half from Chic's "Good Times" on "Another One Bites The Dust"; the guitar line & studio tricks make up for some of their thievery and turn it into a much more exciting record) I blame Stevie for this, though it's Paul's parts that are the weakest on it.
  3. Ah, ok. As soon as I saw "The Big Hurt", I knew what it was. I've never heard it called flanging before.
  4. I was wondering where you'd have this one. I agree with you & OH in your criticisms. It's a better song when I think about it than when I hear it.
  5. I think it's telling that no team with a strong culture has been rumored to be sniffing around Thomas since Baltimore cut him. Hell, even Dallas wouldn't sign him and they'll sign anyone. He's still a useful & good player. The Ravens - who are thinking SB this year - chose to go with a former 6th round draft pick who'd played 40 snaps in 3 years.
  6. Gotcha, but you had mentioned that his on-field play was part of the problem. If it weren't for the off-the-field stuff, he'd probably still be in Baltimore. He didn't make many big plays, but opposing offenses were staying away from him on reputation if nothing else - which definitely helped the defense. And he seemed to settle in to the Ravens' scheme as the year went on (while still not making big plays).
  7. The Ravens didn't cut Thomas because of his play (though it was a problem at times). They cut him because he a) missed/was late to meetings, b) had a bad attitude when he did show up, and c) swung on Chuck Clark (defensive play-caller and maybe the most beloved player on the team). He got into it with another player last year and there was that weird episode with his wife last spring. According to reports, the Ravens leaders among the players all wanted him gone.
  8. rockaction is another Anyway, sorry to derail. Carry on and have fun!
  9. There were at least two who dropped out. And I notice the judging still isn't done there.
  10. It sucked a lot of fun out of the movie draft and it's starting earlier here. Hopefully, some of the fun drafters & judges won't feel the need to quit like they did in the movie draft.
  11. Honest question: Why would the NFL, in 2020, want to screw the Raiders? Las Vegas is part of their monopoly.
  12. Just remember who gave you 16 points for David Thompson