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  1. wow - great catch
  2. How often did poor Dennis Dixon get passed back and forth between Ravens/Stillers games?
  3. Damn. My exact works to my brother this morning: "The Steelers are gonna annihilate Jacksonville today"
  4. Thanks. Thy will be done
  5. You're just a little ray of sunshine in this thread, aren't you?
  6. Jeebus, you're 16-3. You had a lead at half. It's not like the team fell off of a cliff. They got smoked by a good team in the 2nd half. It happens. Though, it WOULD amuse me to read some "fire Izzo" hot takes about now.
  7. They weren't great today, the other team was better. There are good players and coaches all over the place. MSU isn't good enough, nor is any other team I've seen this year, to be shocked about losing to a rival. Sometimes, in a 30 game season and playing kids, you get your ### beat. The fan-think that "if only we had played/coached/recruited better then we'd never lose" never ceases to amaze me. Your team isn't playing in a vacuum and they don't have all of the best players.
  8. I don't think MSU played all that bad or didn't try. Sometimes, the other team just plays better. That was Michigan today. Fun game to watch, in any case.
  9. Good game between Michigan & State going right now.
  10. Yeah, it's starting to remind me of Gary's "flex offense" in that he won't change it to fit his personnel. I think that Williams' stubborness cost Maryland a win or two during the NCAAs in the mid-90s when he had Smith/Rhodes/et al (though no one was beating UCLA that night they dunked the Terps into oblivion). It also hurt his late 90s teams with Profit & Stevie Francis, though Francis had the good sense to say "#### it, I'm the best player on the floor" (the only time Francis showed good sense) and took over some games they needed to win badly. He FINALLY got off of it and - shocker! - won a national championship with the Dixon/Baxter/Blake group, though he caught lightening in a bottle there. To be honest, I don't even know what Turgeon's offense is supposed to BE. At least I could see Gary's "flex" when it was being run, as much as it made me puke sometimes. I was really excited for this year's squad. Losing Jackson hurt immensely; though he hadn't played well he got attention from opposing defenses. Bender also hurt more than his production would make one think. For this team, now, to be good they need Nickens & Wiley to shed whatever kryptonite has been messing with them the last two years.
  11. I tend to be attracted to duskier skin tones, but Maureen O'Hara was straight-up gorgeous. Hell, you'd see her on TV when she was in her 70s and she was still beautiful.
  12. He also runs a great Super Bowl pool
  13. When I get fired and lose my I Phone, I'm gonna get one of these. My brother has one and loves it.
  14. That's where I am, too. Of course, our IT department is worthless so I come here (I Phone thread already helped me out)