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  1. That's a myth. There is no ironworker that'll use "Daniel" as his name
  2. 😄 I was gonna say it was a great cocaine record, but I think we mean the same thing. Steely Dan and Earth, Wind, & Fire (ahem @timschochet) made the best, most consistent mellow-out or jam-a-little albums of the mid-to-late 70s. Both bands were filled to the gills with veteran, ringer musicians. Both knew how to compose/play music that sounded fantastic coming out of speakers or with headphones. Both bands were also full of themselves.
  3. Uruk-Hai

    Worst food ever?

    I have despised liver in every form but one all of my life. I would douse it in ketchup when I was a kid, which horrified my parents and relatives - but I guess they figured that was the only way I'd each that crap, so they let me do it. Liverwurst, however, I will eat the hell out of 😑
  4. Your thread, your rules. I'm sober right now, so my opinion is suspect Whatever you decide, thanks again for running this.
  5. I haven't analyzed it, but it seems to me you get a rush of posts in the first 6-8 hours after you throw a new record out there then it slows down. I think the one-a-day works well, at least on the weekdays.
  6. Maryland's worse. Don't forget their trump card of killing a kid last summer.
  7. Good Lord, that Badgers QB just made the worst throw in a game full of them. What the hell was he seeing?
  8. Wisconsin's D is mucho un-good. That Clay Matthews wannabe does nothing but look the other way when the play runs to him.
  9. I don't hold a SE degree, but I install deep foundations for a,living. Driven wood piles vs driven steel piles vs driven concrete piles won't make much of a difference, IMO. Neither has enough "wobble" to withstand what Michael threw at Mexico Beach. And, just going by the pictures I've seen, it wasn't the foundations alone that failed - you can't efficiently build against that much wind and moving water. The dramatic pics are the roofs flying away, but the surge was the real perp in Mexico Beach - the bottom got rocked beyond its ability to hold up.
  10. I've been listening to Zep for 50 years and I STILL get their song titles mixed up. It's like a blind spot I have specifically with them, since I don't have the same problem with any other major act. Gun to my head, I'd die if asked to name "Battle Of Evermore", "The Wanton Song", or "Misty Mountain Hop" when it comes on. I know the songs, but the titles #### me up. "Trampled Underfoot" is the greatest song Funkadelic never did. The studio version here is relatively tame, but there's a live version that'll damned near funk your house off its foundations.
  11. Uruk-Hai

    I Just Thought Of Something

    What happens if a song that has the word "Alexa" in it is playing on your Amazon Echo?