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  1. MacMullen is great, though this particular format doesn't suit her (or anyone else ever born). I rarely watch anymore but, when I do, Spain seems to stand out to me.
  2. Should we talk best patterns to mow the lawn?
  3. Good Lord, that is brutal. I doubt I could get 1100 aggregate if I took it 4 times nowadays. I never took it in HS, because I thought my career wasn't college (I did go for one day), but smoking dope and cutting firewood. The girl I was dating was a year behind me and thought it would be romantic if we took it together. She had a ######, so I said yes. I think I scored like 1490 and she got somewhere around 1100. We broke up soon afterwards - she was pissed that I dusted her on the test, but the real reason is that her mom didn't want her dating a white guy. She ended up getting a high-level degree in chemistry or astronomy or something like that and, last I heard a few years ago, she's in some kind of government research thing.
  4. I, for one, love Mariachi in all of the forms I've heard. Especially when compared to one-note, emo-punk navel-gazing.
  5. Not saying Oregon wouldn't be a #1 if they won out, just that Gonzaga would be the #1 in the West.
  6. If Gonzaga is undefeated on Selection Sunday, they will be the #1 in the West
  7. This. So much this. Horse is out of the barn, though - even if there's a temporary re-entrenchment by this particular band of idiots.
  8. What the hell is going on with Wiley?
  9. I think Mata had break up sex with me, but I didn't know it at the time. Looking back, it's pretty clear she had checked out by then. In any case, when I left her house that day, it was the last time I saw her. I've had "ex sex" quite a few times, though.
  10. I have a landline, but no phone plugged into it. It was cheaper to get it in a bundle with cable/internet than to just get cable and internet.
  11. If that's their best defense, my estimate on how many runs the MLB team would score is way low.
  12. I see that. I'm trying to decide whether you're more masochist or sadist