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  1. That was pathetic. I think anyone posting in this thread could've scored double digits in the paint against MD yesterday. Iowa beat the #### out of the Terps, and they didn't even need eye-poking to do it.
  2. I posted in the NCAA thread that this may well be the dumbest Duke team I've ever seen. They take horrible shots and their defense is awful. They are lucky Miami isn't good, or they'd be getting blown out right now.
  3. This may be the dumbest Duke team I've ever seen
  4. It is. And it's not like that conference has trash programs.
  5. "Getting paid" entails more than $15k checks
  6. I think we are around the same age. I read all those folks in the Post, too. Remember the Star? I was a YUGE Bullets fan back in the '70s and, thus, Steve Hershey was my fave.
  7. Condolences, sho.
  8. Beer-bottling Day in Casa Uruk. Gonna cap 5 gallons of a Russian Stout (my brewing buddy loves it; I'm "meh") and 5 gallons of some other damned thing I chose - some kind of ale, I think. Plus, the Belgian Tripel we bottled a couple of weeks ago should be ready to drink, so I'll likely be drunk by 9 (as opposed to 10 on a normal day).
  9. That's ok. I'm sure some here can translate for you.
  10. I gave away my golf clubs. I just didn't have time to play enough to not embarrass myself (& and hold everyone else up). A kid in my office was all gung-ho about playing, so I gave them to him. He's got young children and hasn't used them once.
  11. Do you have beer? Does Arkansas sell Sambuca? I know the music will be good
  12. Be glad it's not yours, because it looks awful. They cut it all wrong, and - to steal a line from Darrell Green - did it "many-fold over".
  13. Before I comment, is that yours?
  14. So, left-middle-middle-middle-right?
  15. It leveled the cheating field a bit, but there are many benefits high-level recruits receive besides $25k handshakes. Hookers, "tutors", and "free loan" cars are three of the most prevalent. I'm not too many years removed from having a direct pipeline into these things and, I can tell you straight up, your school breaks about 9,000 NCAA rules in regards to football & hoops during every recruiting season. Some, like the team I root for (Maryland), suck at it even so.