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  1. I can't think of too many currently active who are even close to Federer. Guys like Ernie Banks, Brooks Robinson, John Unitas, Julius Erving come to mind for past generations.
  2. Not a diss. Mick and Keith wanted to be provocative until it got uncomfortable for them when the world they helped create turned ugly. I don't blame them - they weren't equipped for that responsibility; nor should they have had it on them anyway. But they brought it upon themselves. They weren't the first or the last to think they were revolutionaries and figure out they didn't want to walk that walk.
  3. Problem with this is that The Stones were never backing you. They bailed as soon as things got hot.
  4. That was a straight butt-whippin' by Halep. I don't care how many errors Williams made (& she made way too many), no player in the world was beating Halep today.
  5. I'm glad you liked it. I don't know how you get better performances out of actors than that show did.
  6. To me, Exile is too much of the same thing. I think a lot of that has to do with how the album was mixed and arranged, but the songs tend to run together for me after a while. Which is why I'd rather listen to the songs - many of which are brilliant - on it individually instead of one after another for 90 minutes. But then, I'm in the minority among classic rock fans because I think the whole "concept album-made-as-an-album" is largely bunk made up by wishful-thinking Boomer critics and fans.
  7. Thanks for the ping. I'll do a Top 25 in a day or three. Warning that it'll be fairly top-heavy, though. I think the Stones are one of those acts where the cream rose to the top. Request from a lazy guy: finish the countdown in the initial post. Awesome job here, by the way.
  8. I agree - they seem to have gotten a lot better. Oh, they'll still have 19 reporters on the ground during an event like this and will go all-Barry all the time.....but, that's their raison d'etre. Cantore can still get hysterical, but even he has toned it down some.
  9. Not a major news event, but I can remember watching the 1966 World Series with my father. The earliest big news happening I can still recall is MLK getting murdered.
  10. I think it was Twenty Feet From Stardom that did a segment on Clayton. The film makers sat Jagger down and played Merry's isolated vocal on "Gimme Shelter". The look on his face is priceless - it was like "Jesus, how do you DO that?". Merry also was interviewed for the segment. Well worth checking out (the whole doc is, really).
  11. Nice! I live about 90 minutes away and have been meaning to get over there since pollard started his thread.
  12. "Let It Whip" was the greatest song The Cars never wrote (mainly because The Cars didn't have a singer who could pull this one off). The Dazz Band had a couple of other good songs, but they shot their wad pretty quick. That said, they deserve their place in history for making one ###-kicking record. Cameo was a whole 'nother ball of wax. They started out piggy-backing on hardcore '70s funk, then jumped into a Quiet Storm ballad phase, then popped up out of nowhere stealing from hip-hop and '80s phasing. In none of their iterations were they even remotely original - sorta like Yes did with prog, they just made inferior copies of what others were doing.