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  1. It's catch up for everyone through round 41 now. I believe everyone can make their round 42 picks starting at 7 p.m. EDT in no order.
  2. Meant to add, I think these guys are from @simey's neck of the woods. And that Jeffrey Osborne was one of the great dual-threat vocalists of the late 70s
  3. I agree. For casual fans, a GH package would be better. I like a lot of their deeper cuts, but realize that ain't for everyone. I was just gonna add the two big hits to the playlist, and probably should have.
  4. 41.09 Togetherness - LTD (1978) They never had much of a pop radio presence - though you'll hear "(Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again" in dentist offices until the world is no more. That one's not on this LP, though. They had no big pop hits on it - I think "Holdin On" may have scraped into the Top 40, but that's about it. But I loved 'em and, especially, this album. Another that's miles more important to me than the general public. "Holdin On" "You Must Have Known I Needed Love"
  5. 40.33 Commodores - Commodores (1977) Even though it's self-titled, this wasn't their debut. They had already charted several songs on AT40 and a bunch more on the R&B lists. This is the one with "Brick House" and "Easy" on it. They were my favorite band for a long time, so it's kinda hard for me to step back and look at them critically. They were pretty derivative - most everything they did well, either (or both) EWF or the Ohio Players did better. But they were good musicians/singers and had a knack for (sometimes too many) hooks. They hit during my teenage years and must have done something right, because I still smile whenever I hear one of their records - especially one off of this album, since it came out during a pretty damned monumental year for me. "Funny Feeling" "Funky Situation"
  6. I heard an interview with her when this album came out. Rosanne didn't want to record this. She said there is this kind of DNA-embedded unwritten rule among country female artists that "You don't cover Patsy". Cash's husband, Jon Levanthal - himself a talented composer, musician, and producer - kept needling her until she finally did it. During the interview, the host played it. Rosanne said after the record was over (paraphrasing from memory) "Can't you hear how terrified I am?" I think it's fantastic. Rhiannon Giddens also had a nice cover a few years ago.
  7. If those songs were never released on albums (I have no idea if that's true or not), I don't see why it's an issue.
  8. Yeah, they are getting some airplay now on left-of-the-dial channels. I listen to WXPN a lot these days, and they are in semi-regular rotation.
  9. I've just found out about these guys. They recorded with Leon Bridges on "Texas Sun" (a cool song). I need to dive deeper into their stuff
  10. 39.08 Backstabbers - The O'Jays (1972) Done just before Gamble & Huff got REALLY full of themselves, this one's a little looser than what they'd produce in the future. Lots of great gospelly pop/R&B goodness here. Gotta go chalk here, though. Two stone classics "Backstabbers" "Love Train"
  11. 38.33 Something/Anything? - Todd Rundgren (1972) A double LP. The first three sides are full of lush balladry and love songs - you can tell he and Stevie Wonder were listening to each other.. The fourth side stretches out into some of what he'd do the next year on A Wizard...... "I Saw The Light" "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference"