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  1. Yep. He had the rougher voice. He sang "We're An American Band".
  2. I have a Generac 17kw (small house). Works great. Check your local codes. You may need a (or multiple) shedder(s), which will roll brownouts through your generator.
  3. Remember what I told you when we had The Talk: wear protection. Seriously, enjoy and don't overthink it.
  4. Well, that was quite the whacky day. 3 of the top 4 go down. Kansas/Baylor was a friggin' war. I think Baylor was a little too hyped-up at the beginning, plus that big dude for Kansas was a wrecking machine.
  5. "Best of"........... what? There's really nothing else to compare it to - in ways both good and bad. I first read it as the books were released, maybe over a period of 25 years or so. With the gaps between books, I didn't notice the tonal shifts nearly as much as readers must today. The last 3 were written in a rush after King almost died and it shows plot-wise - they became almost autobiographical and his thesis on Creator-vs-Art. The plot suffered greatly, IMO, but those last 3 volumes also contain some of his best writing.
  6. Looking forward to this one. I'm not for or against either team; just hoping for an epic game.
  7. Be interested to hear your thoughts on the last 3 volumes when you're done.
  8. The bolded seems odd to me, as I think they had a much better sense of direction with Saul right off the bat than they did with Breaking Bad early on.
  9. I don't know that Maryland would string 4 wins in a row against increasingly good competition. They're pretty talented, but go through sleepwalks.
  10. I look forward to these each day. Really good series.
  11. It was the one with the coin-operated guy. Something like 'All I Ever Cared About Is You". I don't know why that one hit me like it did, but that twist at the end........
  12. There's one in there that messed me up more than anything King wrote. And I have no idea why.