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  1. I saw your hyperbole and raised you. You're the one who said "every show", not me. Now your desire is narrowed down by orders of magnitude into something more realistic than your original, bombastic post. All that said, I have a feeling your worst fears may come true. Or, at least, the "resolution" is going to be way messier than many people want it. Kinda like real life, if you can dig that. The Chandra/Naz kiss was just stupid and felt like a plot device to me. I've seen people on line trying to justify it, but I'm not buying where and when it happened.
  2. Unless every single character dies and the world explodes (or space itself, to include about 2 dozen TV shows), you've been tired of every TV series ever? Where's the line? Even if one of the main character(s) die, their kids, friends, coworkers, pool boys, etc..... go on.
  3. I think I'd give the upcoming first semester another run at evening hours then - if it doesn't pick up - shut that part down for a while.
  4. Link? And how long after the event was the question asked?
  5. Maybe, but you'll still beat yourself up for losing in the semis. Silver. eta: there's a reason the NCAA did away with the consolation game in hoops.
  6. Buenos dias, amigos y amigas
  7. Yep. This can be a lot of fun, especially if it's a bunch of people doing it at once. Plus, the host usually breaks out his/her own stash. Another thing you can do if you move into all grain and some of the more advanced techniques is co-op your materials if you don't want to fool with storing a bunch of stuff at home. Your local homebrew shop will dole it out as you need it.
  8. No clue, but I know this: A '76 team of Kareem, Elvin Hayes, Dr J, Tiny Archibald, Pistol Pete, the Ice Man, Bob Lanier, Havlicek, Clyde Frazier, Wes Unseld, and me playing the most minutes would have beaten the world's best all-star team by a bazillion no matter how many lines of coke we did. I suspect it would have been worse in '80 or '84 if they kicked me off of the team.
  9. Well, yeah. I was trying to put the ladies team today vs the world in contrast to where the world may have been against the men. The Dream Team was great, but the world was already starting - slowly - to catch up by '92. In, say, 1976 - had NBA players been eligible - they'd have won every game by 80 points.
  10. The US women are probably about where the men would have been in 1980 or 1984 in comparison to the rest of the world if the pros were allowed to play.
  11. Granted, I'm day-buzzed but is this an anagram?
  12. Saints, this is pretty much it. I cook in a freaking galley kitchen on an electric stove using a 5 gallon kettle and a few utensils (equipment start up for me? probably less than $130) with extract kits - probably the least efficient way ever to make beer, but it still turns out good. Average cost per bottle for extract kits (sans equipment) is about $1. Temp control is gonna be your biggest concern where you live. As someone said above, get a swamp cooler to start.
  13. I love you, kev, but this is ripickleous