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  1. Who's that #86 for Michigan? He's a tall drink of water
  2. The Mighty Terps are up 29-zip on traditional powerhouse Purdue.
  3. That's not good down there with all those pine trees and their shallow roots
  4. I DID know that. I was kidding (though I do think it would be awesome for all 24 to tee off and play the same hole at once)
  5. They should do that Monday if it's tied Thanks for the clarification, guys
  6. Of course. It was week one - that's what we do. Strong has gotta be gone, right? I mean, good for him parlaying his "moment" into a big assed payday from UT, but I can't imagine they'll bring him back.
  7. Sorry for another dumb question. I realize I can look this stuff up on Al Gore's internet, but I know I'll get a more concise answer here. Do tomorrow's matches all go off at once or do they go out one after another?
  8. Is tomorrow all singles matches? 12 matches?
  9. I actually was hoping they would run together on a ticket as independents in 2000
  10. What a crazy year. These are four things I never, ever thought I'd say back in April: 1. Up until mid-September, there wasn't one day where Baltimore didn't hold an "if the season ended today" playoff spot. 2. Adam Jones hit lead off for a good part of the season. 3. Jiminez may be the team MVP down the stretch. 4. They could weather O'Day missing substantial time. Buck won't win MOTY, but I wouldn't trade him for any other manager in baseball to coach the team I root for - especially one as flawed as the Orioles are.
  11. Is In-&-Out Burger a West Coast thing? I've heard of it (probably here), but have never seen one. By the way, Happy Weekend!
  12. I finished The Fireman. If you like Hill, you'll like this one. Also, Robert McCammon slipped out another Matthew Corbett novel when I wasn't looking (Freedom From The Mask), so I read that one next. I've liked the whole series, but the previous two I thought were a little weak. This one was better, though it ended on a - spoiler alert! - cliffhanger just like the rest. NOW, I'm on to the new Kortya book. I'm not sure what I'll try after that.
  13. It's hard to tell because the results have been putrid, but the blocking schemes don't look awful to me - Forsett & West have, though. There is no burst from either even when they get some room. That being said, I haven't seen a ton of commitment from the Ravens to establish any kind of running game on a consistent basis. I've seen too many 22-46/210 2/2 games from Flacco over the years to think Baltimore's offense can turn into New Orleans, just fling it all over the field, and score 40 points. If Perriman turns into Julio Jones, maybe, but he's not even 2016 Mike Wallace yet. Someone as dynamic as Dixon is supposed to be may change this and we'll be back to the late '90s Ravens.
  14. That was pretty