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  1. Doug's right - it's service/market dependent. I have a Sling package and can get my local NBC & Fox stations. CBS & ABC have yet to get on board in my area. But I don't use Sling - at this point - for my locals; I still have a basic (just locals) cable package because I'm too far out to use an OTA antenna and I'm not giving those channels up. CBS seems to be loosening up a little for skinny bundles, so we'll see.
  2. I think what they did to Denethor was worse
  3. @krista4, I just started a biography of Otis called "An Unfinished Life" (I'm blanking on the author's name). So far, really good. The first chapter is about his Monterrey performance and, under the chapter heading, is a quote from Bob Weir: "I thought I had just seen God on stage".
  4. I'm going to see her Labor Day weekend at this place.
  5. I like pineapple on pizza but, other than tomatoes, I don't think I've ever had any other type of fruit on one. Love a good veggie pizza, though.
  6. I don't know enough of the correct golf terminology to explain it right, but he was against a creek and he hit it back-handed (& one-handed) behind him onto the green. It was like some Harlem Globetrotters' stuff.
  7. Ok, I'm 55 years old. I don't watch every tournament, but I've watched several every year since the early 1970s. I have NEVER seen anyone do what Rahm just did.
  8. Yep. I'm still trying to figure out what Day was thinking yesterday
  9. Nah, played it straight on that one. On a semi-related note, if any of you are ever in a mid-Atlantic state not named Maryland (I'm looking straight at you Pennsylvania) and see "Maryland-style crab cakes" on the menu do not go for them unless you talk to the owner and he/she has a Dundalk accent. 15 years ago, I moved north just over the Mason-Dixon Line and some place we went to eat advertised "MD crab cakes". It was late, I was hungry, and thought "how bad could they be?". They were ####### hush puppies smashed to patty-size
  10. My mother is visiting at Casa Uruk this weekend. She showed up with 2 lbs of fresh crab meat, her trademark German potato salad (which I never cared for as a kid, but love now), cole slaw from some deli she likes back in Annapolis, and tomatoes. Oh, and cukes from her sister's garden. Sweet baby Jebus..... I haven't had real crab cakes in TOO long.
  11. Years and years ago had a female GP who had to lance an ingrown hair(that grew into an unholy sac) in a place that rhymes with "saint". I could tell she wasn't happy about it. Nor was I. I specifically asked for a female therapist after Mata dumped me. I was ready for a tune-up anyway, but I wanted to know how I presented to women and what I'm blind to. This may all sound like bull#### to many of you, but it's definitely worked in how women relate to me.
  12. I like Steve Earle and this particular song.
  13. I've been there for game weeks and you nailed it. The number of campers alone gridlock State College and good luck getting into a restaurant without waiting.
  14. The middle book is called Finders Keepers. It kind of takes a tangent - though the main characters from books 1 & 3 are in it, they aren't the main characters in this one.