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  1. North Carolina looks fantastic. Butler's gotta relax some - they're really good, but have a a panicked look about them
  2. I hear ya, ITZ. I'm just saying, if you go most anywhere in the country and say to a hoops fan "Carolina", they will think UNC. Butler's in trouble
  3. My rooting teams tonight: Butler. It probably won't happen, but PLEASE - I don't ask for much. South Carolina, though Baylor winning wouldn't bother me; mainly just rooting for the SC fans here. By the way, South Carolina fans, you calling your team "Carolina" doesn't register with most of the country. For better or worse, that name belongs to Satan's Spawn in Chapel Hill. UCLA. My (much) younger cousin grew up in the 90s/aughts in Maryland and decided to root for UNC because they won a lot and was insufferable. Then, when she got to choosing a college, she went to ####### Kentucky and got even WORSE. Wisconsin. This is (almost) only because I've watched them much more than FLA. I'd be fine with UF winning, but I think the old-white-guy media jumped on Hayes like a bunch of cowards when he expressed his opinion about Kaepernick's stuff last Autumn.
  4. I never thought much of Pelosi, but a lot of that may come from my perception of her father and her brother as reprehensible politicians
  5. I think Okla State almost had to stay inside with their former coach bailing after one year - just for some appearance of continuity.
  6. Are you traveling alone? And, how much an issue is budget?
  7. Isn't he the rich kid who stole a computer at Notre Dame while he was "playing" there?
  8. Oh, please share. I can not stand that blowhard.
  9. He kept trying to fit round pegs into square holes. Gary Williams did this ####, too. He was so hard-headed about his "system", he wasted a couple of good Maryland squads before finally changing to fit the guys he was recruiting. JT3, IMO, NEVER did that.
  10. Thompson recruited better players than his record would suggest, which is part of the reason so many fans were frustrated. I'm not talking about whether they became good NBA players or not down the road, but how they seemed to me to be regarded when they came in (which may be another criticism of him).
  11. Oh, I definitely think their names will allow them to recruit better players than your normal mid-major. I also think, in JT3's case at least (I haven't watched enough UW ball to know Romar), they WAY he coaches works better at a smaller school and without elite talent.
  12. Both those guys will land mid-major jobs (if they still want to coach) and do well, IMO.
  13. Yeah, I'm not sure I'd want to be the first coach in there unless Big John publicly supported me
  14. The only criticism I've seen is that some of the teams were having - gasp! - fun.