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  1. That's cool. I was talking about individual songs but ,if we were going albums, my choice would be '75-'77
  2. Yeah, then I could see how it be kinda stupid to you. For people my age, we had never seen anything like it. I watched it again recently and I still found it funny, but maybe that was nostalgia.
  3. I think the early 60s get dissed too much, but a lot of that is because Rolling Stone has had a huge impact on the way people think about rock history. Anyway, I think 1965 - with the possible exception of '83 or '84 - was the banner year for the best records also being the most popular. My 3 year run would be '64-'66, just so I can catch the Beatles arriving and Motown hitting top-end speed.
  4. How old are you? I don't mean that in a condescending way. I was 16 and had just started driving when Animal House came out. Between having my own car and this film, it was like the shackles had come off.
  5. Tim, best music year of the 60s? Best 3 year run in the 60s?
  6. I think it deserves its own, GB. How you doing, by the way?
  7. I suspect he pilled up. He had a couple of bottles of stuff by his bed.
  8. Lame excuse: I never lived in a house that had central HVAC until I was 31 years old. Hell, I never even lived in one with window AC units until my mid-20s. So, when I got that #### at 31, I was a near-tyrant for about 15 years with it. Now, I kind of go with the flow. I'll never be cold or hot again like I was growing up, but I'll follow Mother Nature's lead as long as it's between 60 and 80 inside. Other than that, I keep both set on 74.
  9. I used to be one of those #######s who would keep the thermostat on 63 year-round and want to fight anyone to the death who wanted me to change it.
  10. There are guys on this board who could get you much more up to date, but you'll have plenty of choices of good places. Enjoy!
  11. For me, it's more about eating anything sweet with beer - no matter the order - than ice cream being dairy.
  12. Man, so much has changed since I hung out there a lot.... Rusty Scupper used to be really solid, though a tad touristy (hell, I guess anything downtown is touristy nowadays). Most of the hole-in-the-wall jewels I knew were in the outlying neighborhoods like Dundalk, Essex, and Arbutus. Hotel concierge ought to be able to steer krista right, as well as bartenders.