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  1. I'd be more worried about that defense if I were a Dolphins fan.
  2. Best game the Ravens have played in three or four years.
  3. As a Ravens fan, I get annoyed that they don't try to run the ball enough. But if Miami keeps playing the same D in the 2nd half, I wouldn't blame Baltimore a bit if they kept attacking the middle 8 yards at a time.
  4. Baltimore is just brutalizing the middle of Miami's D
  5. Not possible, but I don't wanna see you try
  6. Well, I hope it happens soon so you'll go back to not being a ####
  7. Who are you including me with, my friend? I'm only offering my opinion.
  8. So every rematch will always be like the worst one people can remember? And, anyway, GM's example is sideways for a million reasons - the main, to me, being that artificially rigging the rankings to have no rematches in either the semis or the finals (which is it, by the way, that offends you guys so much?) is even worse than avoiding rematches.
  9. No, it doesn't. The first game really happened. I know, because I watched it. If they played a million times, it wouldn't change the result of the first. Some people are too locked into a single-elimination mindset and want to write it in stone. All this stuff is fluid.
  10. Why do you say that? I don't think the NCAA should avoid them at the cost of the best/most-deserving matchup. Who wouldn't want to watch OSU/UM again? Or, as it seemed a possibility earlier in the season, a Clemson/Louisville game? Those were two of the best games of the entire season. I hate when the NCAA goes out of their way to avoid conference match-ups in hoops, especially now that there are several 74-team conferences. Let the chips fall where they may. No one os going to avoid playing a ####### bracket on principle because Wake plays NC State in the 1st round.
  11. They already have. So has Oklahoma, whose possible win today would look a whole lot better against a 1-loss team. UW's win last night took a lot of the wind out each team's sails, but "fight to the last second" and all of that.
  12. I think I recall one of the committee members saying, right after the Ok State/CMU game, that they'd consider that result as bogus. Then, last week, another member said they aren't in the business of deciding wins & losses. It seems they want no part of that argument now.
  13. I think you're right. Ok State does have a bizarre argument, though, if they beat OU. They got screwed in one of their losses and, if they somehow smoke Oklahoma, in their eyes will have a legit beef. I'm wondering what's gonna happen with the G5 representation on New Year's Day if Navy wins today. Western Michigan is undefeated, but Navy has better wins.