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  1. As a Raider fan I'm equally excited about the opportunity to see more of my team this off-season as I am bothered by how much I will need to defend how they look on that side of the camera. Small silver lining is that Gruden has in-depth experience in a TV production situation.
  2. Seems very odd to me as well. Wonder if it wasn't a result of the delay and associated challenges with finding a 2019 home field? The NFL putting the screws to Oakland one final time? Issues with the facility?
  3. Rumors in Winnipeg is that the local football club will make the official announcement of hosting the Packers and Raiders preseason game. Thoughts are that it will be on Thursday August 22nd, making it the 3rd week game. Have also heard that the average ticket price for the game will be in the $200/ticket range. That's pretty steep. In comparison, we can buy Blue Bomber (the local CFL Team) season tickets for about $350. Not that I'd want to do that. I'm a pretty big Raider fan, and I'm going to have a hard time convincing myself to pay that kind of money to see a pre-season game. I'd rather put the money towards a trip to Minnesota to catch the Raiders in a state of the art facility in a game that will matter.
  4. I think it was 3 probowls in 5 seasons with the Bills. And he would have still been with them last season if he had been willing to take a pay cut.
  5. Mayock talked about the signing a bit and commented along the lines of 'we need to support him, so that he can be successful for us'. It's a one year deal to prove 'it' on and off the field. Age is getting up there. But maybe just maybe he can make Cable look good. PFFFT! (That was a crack at Cable, not Richie)
  6. Incognito is a Raider. I hope for him as a person (first and foremost), and the team in general, that he has his mental health challenges figured out. He could be a nice upgrade at a weak position on the oline, but I'd rather avoid the potential locker room and off the field distraction.
  7. Off the top of my head both are 1 year deals. I don't think either signing would prevent the Raiders from drafting White if they feel he was their guy at 4.
  8. Agreed One. Nothing of note in that report. But staple the Raiders org against it, put a slant in the story that it's an issue or different than any other team,... and BOOM.. headline!
  9. Ok. I'm locking in what I want for the draft. Two options, in order. 1. Trade back from 4. 2. If staying at 4. Then in this order, I prefer Nick Bosa (won't be there), Quinnen Williams, Josh Allen, Devin White. Bosa should by all accounts go second to the 49ers. Unless they balk at his Pro-Trump tweeting (kidding!) Williams has a shot at hitting 4. But could be snagged at 3 by the Jets. Allen and White should both be there at 4. However if the Raiders find a trade partner and move back a few spots (I haven't spent any amount of time looking at the validity of this) and still land White. I'm all for it.
  10. Listening to and watching the press conference, Mayock was answering a direct question. To me the answer was more to speak to the fact that you don't discount a prospect because of who is on the team. And he was speaking to the evaluation, due diligence and need to make the best decision for the team throughout the draft process. Unfortunately it happened the question and answer included the QB position... in already muddied media waters.
  11. The move we all saw coming has been made official. Seth Roberts has been released by the Raiders. That WR Group has undertaken a pretty aggressive makeover compared to where the team was this time last year.
  12. The Oakland troubles which threw uncertainty into the mix for where the Raiders would play in 2019 may lead to a direct benefit to ME! The Winnipeg Football Club (local organization here) is in talks to bring a NFL preseason game to Winnipeg... one that would feature the Packers and Raiders... The date they are looking at is August 23rd, which would be the 3rd week, and arguably the best preseason game to watch. Never the less, to be able to watch the Raiders in my hometown about 45 minutes away from my house is AWESOME!
  13. Agreed. They also find themselves in a unique situation where they can draft the rookie QB the HC covets and get the full 5 years with their new QB, with the added benefit of *maybe* getting a 1st round pick back for Rosen, or equal value. Thereby really offsetting any loss on previous investment. Not to many teams get that chance to do a full reset, IMO they'd be silly to not do this if they have any remote doubt that Rosen is not the guy.
  14. Had to look up the pick for the Bengals. They pick 11th overall. I'd imagine it would be quite a trade to get from 11 to 4. Using the Classic Jimmy Johnson Valuation chart: Pick 4 is valued at 1800 Pick 11 is valued at 1250, The bengals 2nd round pick is 42nd overall and is valued at 480. Maybe a swap of firsts, a 2020 First and a 2019 3rd? Just spit balling here.
  15. Oooh, I forgot about the Brown/Burfict back story... good call!