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  1. I had the exact same reaction to seeing Gruden and Mayocks reaction to the pick. I don't follow College ball at all, and my NFL draft 'preparation' is normally pretty light. Primarily reading up on the guys the Raiders could be targeting. So I'm not embarrassed to point out that the announcement of Arnette's name by Goddell was likely the very first time I heard his name. The immediate sense of "oh oh, I don't remember every hearing or reading this guys name" was washed away by the display of pure excitement by Mayock.
  2. A few random thoughts as I play catchup on a very active discussion (Love to see it! - Welcome back boys!) I'm a Carr believer. Maholmes and the KC Offence, as a whole is a very risky measuring stick. Outside of Lamar + Ravens who will push them if they can continue what they started last year, there are no other teams like them. They are the teams you need to beat, no question. But saying a player isn't good enough because he isn't Maholmes is basically instantly writing off 30+ QBs in the league. Same goes for the measurements against Brady in his prime. If Tua is there at 12 and Mayock has him as the Best Player Available then he must take him. Not a measurement of Carr, it's a measurement of Tua verse the next guy on the Raiders board.
  3. I hope the NFL makes considerations for the clock given the logistical changes required to deal with the covid situation. They absolutely will have flexibility in extending the clock and it not affecting viewership. Like already mentioned, we are starving for anything that isn't covid related, or a re-run from 3+ years ago. Although, admittedly I can watch any John Candy or Steve Martin movie over and over - am I right?! Maybe they could institute a pause type function - where each team can pause their clock for a specific period of time to allow final trade talks to occur? Give each team 3 to use for the full draft? I don't know, brainstorming here a bit. Or, maybe two teams needs to be in agreement to pause a clock, meaning that both teams are serious about making a trade work? It won't be like past years where there is a bat-phone in each room that can be muted and all the teams powers are centrally located to make a quick decision.
  4. This signing surprised me. Figured only one of Richard or Washington would be extended. The contract likely doesn't mean that Richard is a Raider over the next two years. Just figured that they'd keep Jacobs + FA + Washington + Crowell (?) + Ingold
  5. Of all the stuff we've been put through as fans, adding Brady would top the list of stupid.
  6. I love the new regime. Find talent, and extend them. Instead of waiting for a competitive FA market to risk losing a player or driving up the cost - both this deal and Waller's specifically. Treat the players like gentleman and move forward. It will only help bring talent to the table when FAs are evaluating offers from various clubs and they can look to Oakland to see they will be treated fairly.
  7. If you haven't seen the footage of the hail mary that passes through the hands of Ateman and off the face mask of Doss, go seek it out... That 6 second clip is the summary of this game and season; back up players pushed into a must win moment which passes through their hands and adds insult to injury. The only missing element from final moment in Oakland was not having the ref's call offence pass interference on Ateman for climbing on the back of Doss.
  8. I think it only becomes an issue if they weren't reporting his ability or inability to practice... But I'm far from an expert on that area.
  9. Great post. Can you find a means to shorten it and blast it all over the Raiders Twitter to quiet all the Carr talk? Thanks!
  10. For his 3 penalties a game? Joking/half-joking. I haven't been impressed with him, but maybe I had unfair expectations for that signing.
  11. Bang on by my tracking ... Pittsburgh/Oakland/Chicago all have the same record. Those 3 picks land in spots 11, 12, and 13. I don't recall the tie break rules before it gets to a coin toss. But that Pittsburgh pick is currently owned by Miami.
  12. If the Jets are serious about listening to offers for Williams, I hope that Mayock pushes the issue a bit and throws out an offer both both Robby Anderson and Leonard Williams... Anderson/Williams and a 2021 late pick for 2 2020 3rds! Do it!
  13. I think Mayock and Gruden really like Mullen and Lawson. And that they feel the delta in on the field production between current-Conley in a Guenther system vs. either of those two aren't worth a.) sticking with Conley, or b.) resigning him as this 5th year approaches. Pull a 3rd pick out instead of straight losing him. And open the roster spot. But... making a play for a bigger name and need the extra 3... well geez, now you have my mind racing on possibilities!
  14. So... Do you think he travels with Oakland to Houston this weekend, but just stays there? ha!
  15. I took a moment to look briefly into the schedule the Raiders have had so far this year, it hasn't been pretty! 2 'true' home games where they went 1-1 against KC and Denver. 3 North American road games where they went 1-2 against Minnesota, Indianapolis, and Green Bay 1 International game where they beat the Bears. Their opponents to date adjusted (removing all Raider games) collective record is 22-12 (0.647) The teams they have beat have a collective record of 9-10 (0.474) The teams they have lost to have a collective record of 16-5 (0.762) The remaining opponents have a current collective record of 24-42-1 (0.366). Houston and KC are the only teams remaining above .500. In comparison, the Buffalo Bills who currently sit at 5-1 have had a cake walk of a schedule: Opponents to date 12-26 (0.316) Teams they have beat have a collective record of 6-26 (0.188) The adjusted opponents record is 11-21 (0.344), which includes the 5 wins from NE.
  16. My random thoughts post-Green Bay... Ouch. That was a tough game to watch start to finish. Aaron Rodgers is so special. And after a decent nights sleep I'm putting this loss on the schedule more than the team itself. Traveling to Green Bay isn't going to be easy on any team this year. Rodgers and LeFluer have started to click. That throw to Aaron Jones, and the adjustment by Jones was amazing. But after given credit where credit is due to Rodgers and the Packers, the Raiders did little to show or justify the loss isn't on them as well. The injury to Tyrell Williams has me worried. Raiders really need him back in the line up. I think it's now been 2 weeks of no practices for him. I was disappointed to see Zay Jones as a healthy scratch. Even if he knows 5% of the playbook the Raiders needed the help and him on the field. At risk of starting an anti-Carr movement in this thread, he simply needs to play better. The fumble at the goal line (again!!!) cannot happen. I get that it is his competitive drive that makes him play that way, and his recognition that 7 points are needed at that point in the game. But come on. It wasn't 4th down. Get out of bounds and onto the next play. I do enjoy the game that Gruden calls, but I'm not sure it can win games or come back in games where the scoring needs to be dynamic and fast passed - against teams like Green Bay, KC, the Rams, or Vikings (when Cousins is on). Gruden is still better than any coach we've had in a loooooong time, but I'd like to see more explosion. Maybe this is a symptom of missing key pieces at WR. Never the less, until that changes the Raiders are at a disadvantage. The Raiders need a LB. Maybe 5. Conley played surprisingly poorly today. The OPI call on Trevor Davis was simply horrible. On the field, I think the ref got tricked by seeing the DB slip when attempting to cut back down the field. The review processes provided further proof that the League is measuring PI differently during the game than during a review. The continued lack of pass rush is concerning. Clelin is almost invisible, and seemingly following the short career path of Arden Key. Maxx Crosby has shown promise. (Spare me the Mack trade talk please. This is a bigger issue than one player). Even with a bunch of disappointment today, I'm still thrilled with the draft class and FA group that Gruden and Mayock have pulled together. On to the next one.
  17. Packers week! Good news, the Raiders won't face the same officiating crew the Packers had last night! Do we get Gabe back? Seems to be trending that way What kind of impact will Zay Jones be able to make? Sounds like T. Williams is still limited with his foot injury. Clelin has cleared the concussion protocol. Let's go!
  18. I had to google 'recidivist'... this is a FF forum, lets keep it to the lower levels of the English language please! A lengthy Burfict suspension was likely only a matter to time. I don't necessarily think the hit on Doyle was enough to get him ejected from the game, and definitely not enough to warrant a suspension. But the league seemed to have their finger on the button ready for the first hint of a misstep by him. As a Raider fan I'm not happy with the loss of his leadership and skill set on the field. The bigger issue I have is how the league hides behind the player safety argument when it is convenient for them to do so and their inconsistency of the applying rules across the board. There are plenty of examples already this season where a penalty should have been called in game, or a fine or suspension to the player. The lack of that consistency makes the Burfict situation stand out more than it likely should.
  19. And a draft selection from the previous GM before Beane stepped in days after that very draft... and then left in an offence that didn't suit his abilities. For the cost of a 5th round pick 2 drafts from now, I will call the trade a win he he helps extend a drive every 2nd or 3rd week. A week off for the players and the addition of (hopefully) Gabe, Lawson, and now Zay Jones as they head into week 7... exciting times!
  20. I've gone back and forth on the Burfict suspension a few times now. I'm ok with the league and it's stance on player safety. Burfict led with his helmet and the offensive player was on his knees, while trying to get up and make a move forward. The hit wasn't required, and exceeded what is written in the rule book. Penalty is acceptable... new rules in the NFL allow for New York to get involved to decide if an ejection is warranted, and they saw enough on the replay. Fine. No argument on it when looking at specific play from the league perspective. It does start to get dicey for me when there isn't an equal stance applied across the league. Sure Burfict is a repeat offender, ok. That can be used to validate the length of his suspension in this case. But if safety is important, then the hit on Rosen, Peters, and the physical chocking of OBJ from this week alone need to be addressed by the league office. 1 game, 2 games, 4... doesn't matter. But pure silence on worse acts and more violent hits which left other players actually injured is pretty poor behavior on the league side of things. Purely as a Raider fan, I'm worried by the loss of Burfict on the field. The LB core was thin to begin with after the loss of Lee. And Burfict had proved to be well worth the signing. A leader on the field and in control of the D as a whole. There is a definite gap there that will need to be addressed. Tahir Whitehead will need to step into that role quickly to limit the negative impact. But more importantly how about that win?! A Win on the road to get to 2-2 and the start of a long 10 day, 2 game, 2 continent, round trip is a great way to start!! I enjoyed the play calling, hard nosed running by Jacobs, the end around by Trevor Davis, and an amazing day by Erik Harris capped off by the pick 6. A full team win.
  21. Reading between the lines based on the press conference yesterday, the removal of Brown has forced Williams to play in a lot of different looks and spots then originally planned for him. I think this inconsistency will continue until a WR2 emerges in the Z and allows for Williams to be the WR he is more tailored for.
  22. LB Justin Phillips brought up from the practice squad.
  23. Ryan Grant has been released. No corresponding move announced yet, that I have seen.
  24. Cut Grant? .... replied to the message on page 17 before reading replies on page 18...