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  1. So there's an actual real-life 5K/10K down here on June 6. As much as I despite both distances, I might do it just to be around runners again:
  2. Sorry for your loss, Iggy. I can't imagine.
  3. I haven’t, but I definitely will! I’m a fan of all of it, starting around L.L. Cool J, Tone Loc, Digital Underground, and Hammer. ”What you gon’ do now, Hammer?” ”I’mma turn this motha out!”
  4. Was this a “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em” reference??
  5. Pretty sure she doesn’t use the dollar sign anymore. And you call yourself a fan...
  6. Team Grue off to a 🔥 start! Amazing work, @ChiefD and @gianmarco!
  7. I'll take "Things that don't sound fun" for $1,000, Alex.
  8. No. Also, what kind of sicko runs 13.1-mile tempo runs?!
  9. Yep, I'm on it. Also having him install the other outlets at regular height, not up on the wall further where people typically put outlets in unfinished basements because they're worried about water. We're up on a hill and have never had water issues. Again, to make it easier if/when we finish the basement.
  10. Other thoughts... 1. I don't see any way that Boston happens, except maybe Elite-only. That said, just in case, I'm probably not going to request a refund. Thankfully I'm fortunate enough to be in a position where the $250 isn't going to make or break me, and this way there's nothing to stress about it. That alone is worth $250. 2. Still have my fingers crossed that Indy can happen in November. They sent out an email this morning saying that's still the plan. Also still kinda considering the "Last Dot Standing" race in October, but so far there are only five people signed up. Not exactly an ideal time to launch a new event. 3. Still very much down for a traditional beer mile this summer. 4. Not really interested in a virtual half marathon race (despite what I might have said earlier). As much as the 5K and 10K sucked, at least they're over relatively quickly. I can't imagine pushing myself to run HMP for 13.1 miles outside an actual race environment. 5. 99.9% sure I'm buying the Matrix. I've got my cousin who's an electrician coming over in a couple of weeks to install a dedicated 20 AMP circuit in my (unfinished) basement and some additional outlets for a TV, fans, etc.
  11. If you're more fit than when you started, the time/effort isn't really wasted, is it? Worst-case scenario, you're at a better starting point for your next training cycle.