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  1. I better start seeing some real data on Strava SOON...
  2. This guy is a POS. Sounds like he's gonna get DQ'd from LA. Apparently told his track club that he'd run Chicago to prove himself but then told his coaches he might be done running due to some mysterious medical condition he apparently has now. I think it's called "cheateritis." Marathon Investigations is digging into his other races now, too...
  3. Medals for next year are dope...if you're into that kind of thing # @tri-man 47
  4. My spring plans depend on how I do at Monumental in November and also whether or not I get into London. Should know by mid-next week about the latter.
  5. I did something very similar once, and then the toilet got clogged. No plunger. I just strolled out like nothing had happened. Never been back.
  6. Are non-poop-related posts allowed in here? We leave next Thursday for Sardinia (Sardegna to the Italians) for a little 10-day vacation, so I'm trying to pack in the miles before we leave. Got up early this morning and drove an hour to Madison to join a couple of buddies for an awesome 12-mile run along Lake Monona. Such an awesome route, and yet I've never done the race they do each May. Gonna need to change that. Tomorrow hoping to knock out 9-10 trail miles, and then I'm meeting another buddy for 13 on Sunday morning, giving me 60+ for the week. A couple shorties on Monday and Tuesday, and then I'll knock out another 15 on Wednesday. I'll run while I'm there and even connected with a local running group, but the lowest high temp while we're there is 86° (mostly low 90s), and the coolest it's gonna be (overnight) is 63°. Uff da!
  7. I've got 2 big running things that I kinda wanna do sooner rather than later, and I'm trying to figure out how to fit them in the schedule when (a) I don't do well running in heat, and (b) I still like running spring and fall goal marathons. 1. I want to run the 53-mile Glacial Drumlin trail end-to-end (at one time). 2. I want to do a 200-mile, maybe 10-day run across Wisconsin to raise money for this charity and also (less altruistic) to help create some brand awareness/name recognition for work. I tend to be slow and work over the holidays, so maybe I could do the 50-mile thing in late November (after racing Indy earlier in the month), and then parlay that fitness into a run across the state in December sometime. Any other (better) suggestions?
  8. Agreed, @MAC_32. That's stupid fast, especially given the circumstances. Wow.
  9. Sorry to hear that things didn't go the way you wanted, but also glad to hear that you're taking it in stride. My race wasn't good, either. Temps were in the low to mid 60s with 80% humidity when we started yesterday, and I foolishly decided to give it a shot despite the type of warm, humid conditions that have literally NEVER worked for me. First few miles were solid between 6:32-6:42, and I settled into fourth place, but that was obviously too fast given the heat, because I could feel it hit me the minute we hit the hills on the wide-open country roads in mile 5. When we came to the turnaround on the out-and-back section just short of 8 miles, I noted that the 3rd-place guy was 2-3 minutes in front of me, and the 5th-place guy was 2-3 minutes behind me. Unlike my sweat, my "why" quickly evaporated with nobody to push me, and miles 9-11 were my slowest of the race at 7:15/7:14/7:16. I got it back down under 7:10 for the last couple of miles and finished with a disappointing 1:31:14. So yeah, I know it's not racing season, and I know that temps were literally almost double my ideal, but it's still discouraging to think that I couldn't even manage marathon pace for a half. I feel like this type of race does more mental harm than good, and I really almost wish that I hadn't even done it.
  10. Wisconsinite here saying that unfortunately this is probably 10000% true. I guess kinda cool that they're still together though. He met her when he was here playing "A" ball in Appleton.
  11. Thanks, buddy. I'm a little nervous. Fast half marathons hurt...
  12. So, @JShare87, any point in wearing the VaporFlys tomorrow when over 60% of the race is on a crushed limestone bike trail?
  13. While we're feeling all warm and fuzzy this morning, take a minute to listen to "Keeping Score" by Dan + Shay. It shuffled on during my run this morning, and even if you're not a fan of country music, it's another good reminder of what's important...