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  1. Maybe if we were playing XFL fantasy...
  2. At least it's just a tune-up race and not my goal marathon. That's why I'm running Indy on November 9. Very low chance of it being too hot to race.
  3. I know it's still a week away, but right now the forecast (upper 60s to lower 70s and humid) is NOT looking conducive to racing the Chicago Half Marathon next weekend. Gonna keep an eye on it, but I'm not super inclined to spend $135 race fee plus hotel, gas, etc., to struggle in the heat and humidity.
  4. 9-mile run this morning, and what should've felt like "la di da" pace was a grind pretty much the entire time. Thank God tomorrow is a rest least running-wise. I'm driving to Minneapolis for my sister's wedding on Saturday....parents in tow. Surviving the 5 hours of incessant backseat driving will be an endurance challenge in and of itself...
  5. Agreed. Super impressive performance, @JAA!
  6. Just snagged another free Bodyglide from Dick's with my $10 reward cert. Thanks again to whoever tipped us off to that program! (See what I did there?)
  7. @The Iguana - take this with a grain of salt. @BassNBrew is basically the patron saint of undertraining.
  8. Well said, @MAC_32. All I’ll add is that pretty much my entire life revolves around marathon training when I’m serious about a race. Not the other way around.
  9. I started training for Indy about 7 weeks ago. I haven’t felt fresh in, oh, about 7 weeks...
  10. I play for both teams. I can run long/easy in the morning, but for any kind of quality/speed workout it’s gotta be later in the day. No clue how the #### some of you freaks do track workouts at like 5am. I move like the damn Tin Man when I first get up.
  11. Already asked (Saints fan) @gianmarco offline, but since he doesn't play FF anymore, would you jabronis trade away Karama to get Dalvin Cook? Feels like the ultimate "sell low, buy high," which makes me nervous as an investments guy...
  12. I wish I had a good answer for you, but I don't. All I can say is that it happens to the best of us, and in my experience at least, it always gets better. Also, I'm like @Zasada. After dropping 30 pounds a couple of years ago and getting back into fighting weight, buying basically a whole new wardrobe, etc., I'm scared to death of falling out of my routine and gaining it back. That's a large part of my motivation.
  13. Agreed with @tri-man 47. It's always the sole that goes bad. Hell, if not for that, you wouldn't even know that I've run in most of my running shoes.
  14. @Juxtatarot's ####ty mile pace is basically my goal pace for my half later this month...