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  1. Planning on rolling Robinson out over Gurley tomorrow...hope its a shoot out because Minshew is my QB as well.
  2. The last thing I read stated Cook practiced in full on Friday and wasn't listed on the team's final injury report. I'm playing him over Hollister and will be forced to pick up Josh Hill if Cook doesn't play.
  3. Passing TD 6 pts, Int -2, .5 PPR: QB: Eli or Fitzmagic WR2: D Parker, Slayton, or AJ Brown Thanks!
  4. Josh Allen (vs. PIT and NE, no way kemosabe) is my QB, M Jones (IR), Parker (concussion), AJG (finally gave up right before week 13) are/were my WR2 options, Cook is my TE (another concussion) yes, the waiver wire will need to be my savior this week.
  5. My last remaining league is made up of buddies from college, something we've done for the past 15+ years. That nostalgia is the main reason I still play this game.
  6. Sugar Walls became popular around the time I hit puberty...a round of applause for you sir.
  7. Howard ruled out for Sunday per Bucs reporter Rick Stroud. What does that do for Brate? Is he a better choice than mid tier guys like Graham or Ebron? #GoBucs TE O.J. Howard is out for Sunday's game with a hamstring injury
  8. This is my question as well. Having a short bench of only 5 spots (and AJG already holding one of them) + bye weeks + an irrational fear of dropping OJ Howard = a decision needs to be made in the very near future.
  9. Josh Jacobs (elbow) questionable to return
  10. Is Montgomery still a buy low candidate? I'm considering offering Kerryon for Montgomery and Hooper to hedge against Howard's brutal performance at TE.
  11. How in the world are Goff and Rivers free agents? Both are great options in my opinion...
  12. This is my concern as well. Part of me wants to believe Ekeler won't be punished if he's still performing at a top level...the other part thinks they might run Gordon into the ground if/when he returns to the team. I guess the true answer depends on what you would receive in return should you try to trade Ekeler...
  13. .5 PPR...Fournette already hurt me this week and I'm going against a monster lineup: TE: Samuels or Gronk RB2 and FLEX: Drake, Edwards, or Wilson (or the other TE)