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  1. I think there are many owners in the same spot here - burning 3 spots on QB is hard to do... I feel your pain.
  2. 12 team 1qb starter - sorry I should have mentioned.
  3. In that spirit - what are you thoughts on this? I think there are a bunch of owners in this spot. "The tough part is whether or not to roster him right now as a QB2. I see him getting dropped for Dalton and Carr.... I think you hold but it is hard."
  4. I agree on all levels ... yeash. The tough part is whether or not to roster him right now as a QB2. I see him getting dropped for Dalton and Carr.... I think you hold but it is hard.
  5. This is a tough situation - He is really hard to roster. I think he is a top 15 QB, because 1) the job is his and 2) he uses his legs to score points 3) I think he is more talented than the other usual QB2 suspects... I see him getting dropped for Andy Dalton.... ugh.
  6. I mostly agree Alex - It was closer, but I think they called it a low hit. I could be wrong on that. Either way - just like Clay, neither could hold up. I think they are both no calls. Agree on the offensive PI call. That made no sense. The game went the way it did because of failed blocking assignment on a punt and a field goal kicker who can't get it done. I agree the play calling at the end of the game was insane.... Two ties in two weeks must be some kinds of a record.
  7. I do not think the call was justified... but neither was the "low" or late hit on Rodgers at the end of the first half that kept that drive going and lead to a FG. He tackled him a the waist and did not hit him with his helmet. I think both calls stunk and NFL needs to figure this out. The officials are determining the outcome of games and that blows. Also - I thought they were going to blow plays dead when offsides/encroachment penalty takes place. The free play stuff blows - especially when it is specifically designed to pick up a pass interference penalty... seems cheap to me. Some will call it a "crafty" veteran plan. If a false start stops the play so should encroachment/offsides imho.
  8. I am surprised there was not forward progress quick whistle... seemed like he stopped for a bit. maybe I imagined it
  9. Thank you for this - I think you reasoning is solid and I agree. Probably confirmation bias on my part. I suspect most who draft Doyle in TE premium are looking for more than a flex option.
  10. I like this - I guess I would not feel great paying Doyle's adp price for top 12. I think most people are looking for more. You are spot on about Allen and Fleener. Thanks
  11. I just read Dodd's nice article on the Perfect 12 PPR draft. I always enjoy reading these to get another perspective. It seems to me that the opinions on Doyle and Ebron are among the most varied this year at any position among the prognosticators. David has Doyle ranked 3 rounds ahead of Ebron. I have seen Doyle to all over the place depending on format, in some as early as 5.... Ebron's ADP seems to float all over as well. Other sites have this same kind of almost 1,2 relationship between Doyle and Ebron. Other say Doyle has dominated 90% of the snap count in the preseason so Ebron is not a factor... I suppose that number has changed after his Week 3 performance. I suspect his ADP is climbing up - especially in TE premium. I guess my point, and what I don't get, how can they both be fantasy relevant? I am starting to believe it will be neither and a situation to avoid. I just think they are going to water each other down to the point where neither is valuable. At the very least - not valuable on any consistent starting basis. Perhaps they are both going to be on the field at the same time with Doyle filling the traditional TE. Perhaps they rob from the WR2 production. Is it possible Ebron will finish with better numbers than Doyle and be the real upside play here. Perhaps this is the reincarnation of Gronk and Hernandez.... Ebron is scaring me off Doyle as a TE1.... making wonder if this is a TE situation to avoid all together. Can somebody walk me off the ledge? I appreciate any responses.