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  1. Is anyone really surprised that Amendola got hurt? This is Danny Amendola, correct?
  2. Reading this nonsense makes we kind of hope he fizzles. And I own him.
  3. Lacy is clearly the guy they want to get going.
  4. Bears can't wait to get Forte back on Thursday
  5. Does the fact that Langford has averaged 3.8 yards per carry in 2 1/2 games (since MIN) factor into your comparison? Where he has picked up yards is in the passing game, which I would argue Forte would be performing just as well. Do you really think Langford will keep up his 17+ yards per reception pace?I guess we'll have to wait and see what will happen, but it's my opinion that 18/12 split is a little optimistic. I would bet less than ten for Langford, maybe 18-20 for Forte and 6-8 for Langford. We're all just guessing, but to hear Forte talk, he's already resigned to the fact that he's not getting a huge amount anymore. Scroll up to read his quotes.This guy is not worth a reply. Just ignore him. He's probably like 14 and new to football.
  6. Fantasy football completely messes with people's perception of how real life football works. When Forte is healthy he will be back to his usual workload. To think otherwise is comical. Key word being "When". And yes. Carey looked better than Langford as a RUNNING back. A football fan would have noticed that. Not a fantasy fan.
  7. I'm back. Just to give you an idea. That's exactly what I was able to do. I had Rivers and hoping Ben returns. So traded Rivers for McFadden to a team with Peyton. I then flipped McFadden for Lacy to the guy who had Randle and his patience is growing thin with Lacy. I'll take my chances.
  8. Just traded him for Eddie Lacy. Excuse me while I make my way over to that thread.