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  1. Tasker!!! HI!!!!!!
  2. I may have signed up for this, Im single though. I also never paid the hefty fee they wanted to actually talk to people.
  3. Im sticking with boobs, you guys can boat fight all you want
  4. This thread is all kinds of fantastic
  5. I dont see it so I assume youre not Keep looking. Ive been gone too long
  6. I dont see it so I assume youre not
  7. Sucks as always. If it wasnt for the kids Id blow that joint. How have you been eoMMAn I actually drove through Vineland and Millville a few weeks ago. Is there any part of that area that isn't a ####hole? Vineland yes, East Vineland is quite nice, lots of farms. I'm not in east vineland but plotting my move. Millville no, not a single area that Im aware of. Pretty good summary here. It gets nicer as you head west of Vineland towards Parvins State Park too. Lots of farms out that way. Im 10 min from Parvins, Id rather be in East Vineland, actually Id rather be in Philadelphia in the Rittenhouse area
  8. ####, sorry GB. Oh its not shtick, well she sucks. Youre better off without her.
  9. The #### is this, I see boobs, am I supposed to see boobs? It's a schooner, dumb###. Holy hell, youre no longer a black ice skeptic
  10. So, do you kids like to take drugs? Anyone know where I might find some? I'm not wearing a wire.PM Sent
  11. I believe they prefer the term "amply proportioned" to fat. I also heard that Otis is considering changing his screen name to Paunchy Pudding Pop. That sounds like a good screen name.