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  1. Not sure about the second question, but I would lean towards Watson. I would have said Lindsay but you’re keeping 2 RBs.
  2. In a 4 or 5 keeper league and have the first overall pick. Currently kept Henry, Mack, Schuster, and JJones. Going RB with the first pick and Williams and Jacobs are there. Right now it’s a toss up in my head. Williams has more upside in that offense but health is a concern. What would you guys do?
  3. So is she or is she not the most qualified candidate in our lifetime, Tim??
  4. Welcome back! Most of your posts have been about 100% spot on. I don't post much but when I do I drink Dos Equis...
  5. I was raised in a trailer when I was younger. I had heated frozen fish sticks and mushroom soup as a kid every night. But my parents instilled upon me the best morals and values you could ever imagine. My father, god rest his soul, took two jobs to make ends meet and would later put three of us kids through college. It all begins at home. Everything I have today is due to my father. He did whoop our ### when we ####ed up though but I love him for that. We grew up in a white "ghetto" but we turned out just fine. I did stupid things too as a kid but I only messed up once every time because I had good parents.
  6. If Tim put forth half the effort in helping the black community as he does posting on a message board, I think he could end all poverty as we know it.
  7. It was probably Tim. I just got back from a week long ban cuz his butt hurt. It's wierd that this is the one thread he doesn't post in...
  8. This should be on first page, well forever!
  9. Pouring out one as we speak. As Hetfield said, Lemmy IS rock and roll and will forever be. This one really sucks....
  10. #### yeah and #### cancer!! Good for you and her!
  11. Not that anyone gives a ####, but just took him as a flier in the 21st round of a redraft and am starting him this week.
  12. Because being guilty of the pettiest of crimes should result in death. Chances are, you -- yes, you -- broke a law today, it just wasn't enforced. No, I have not and don't plan on ever committing a felony. Let alone many.... So now it's felonies? I thought it was just crimes. Okay, yes. Felonies. I know the difference between right and wrong. Have since I was about 5. So you never do anything wrong? Do I speed sometimes? Sure. Do I make a left turn without signaling? Sure. Do I have 20 drug charges against me or will I ever? Absolutely not. And will I ever run from the police? Absolutely not.