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  1. The UFC wants Joanna on the undercard for Rousey, and Gadelha is injured and won't be ready for Nov. 14th. UFC probably doesn't think Joanna is enough of a draw to put on the Jan 2nd cards as a co-main to Lawler-Condit.
  2. Some combination of Rubio or Bush and Walker stand the best chance to win the election. Guessing the party will start to push that combo at some point in the near future. However, I think the Republicans have really underestimated Trump. The networks love him because of ratings but they actually let him into the room and Trump actually thinks he has a chance. Trump isn't stupid, he very much saw Fox News turn on him. If he feels slighted by the Republican Party and is willing to go down swinging, that is a big problem for the GOP.
  3. What is the rumor?I don't remember the exact details, but it was something like:Foles + 2015 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2016 1st, 2nd 2017 1st traded to TB for #1 overall + WR Mike Evans. Think I saw that rumor on this board, but I'm not sure. Don't think that was a real rumor, more like someone guessing at a deal they thought made sense. I see a lot of people OK with moving multiple picks like this for a player, but IMO that represents a fantasy metality where he with the most studs usually wins. The NFL is not like that. Studs still matter, but positions 20-40 on the depth chart matter just as much, and moving multiple high picks in several straight years for just one or two players makes it awfully difficult to adequately stock the middle of the depth chart. DEPTH MATTERS IN THE NFL. The big problem with making moves like that is not so much that depth matters, it is that scouting generally sucks in the NFL and the bust rate is high for even top draft picks. There are very few actual difference makers in NFL and getting those guys is really important.
  4. Payton lies to reporters for the sake of lying to reporters. I'm pretty worried as a Graham owner as I was told by a friend of a friend, reliable I know, that Jimmy bought a bunch of beginner music equipment at a local shop and said that he'll "have a lot of free time now."
  5. Not sure about this. He was comparable, if not better than, Arian Foster the past few years in Houston. No he wasn't. Yeah, Tate was definitely not better than Foster the past few years. 2013: Foster with better YPC and Success Rate (4.5 vs 4.3, 38.5% vs 37.8) 2012: Tate with better YPC & Success Rate (4.2 vs 4.1 & 46.8% vs 38%) 2011: Tate with better YPC & Success Rate (5.3 vs 4.6 & 45.2& vs 41.8%)
  6. Not sure about this. He was comparable, if not better than, Arian Foster the past few years in Houston.
  7. Of course. I, any many other Sankey owners, hope that he'll eventually utilize him or that he'll be forced to use him due to injury. I'm a more than a little skeptical of someone's ability to assess a player's ability and progression based on a few carries in the preseason. Rare exceptions I can think of are cases where someone is comically bad or does things that are eye opening amazing and neither appears to be the case with Sankey.
  8. The Strawman argument yet again? Who is calling him a bust? Check the title of the thread. This was supposed to be a homage to the best RB in the 2014 draft. Early on we had numerous favorable comparisons of Sankey to McCoy, Rice, and a healthy Best. He was supposed to be a locked-in starter and bell cow RB. Some were assuring us he was a bonafide stud and that his 4th/5th round draft slot was a steal. Lately there have been direct comparisons to Murray.What has he shown in the NFL to date that supports any of that? And from what we have seen of him so far is spot on with the more objective scouting reports - he isn't good between the tackles, doesn't push the pile, goes down easily on first contact, doesn't have vision and imagination, and looks like part of a RBBC. That's not to say he can't play in the NFL. He has a place as a valuable cog. But stud bell cow? Not remotely close right now. . But you're doing exactly what you're trying to call out, right? He *can* be the best RB in the draft and not have an opportunity yet. . By that logic, any RB in this draft class "can" be the best RB in this draft. I'm basing my judgment from what we have seen so far in his play against NFL players, both on his team in how he gets an opportunity and opponents with what he does with the opportunity. It's not wishful thinking or imagination. We've seen him in 5 games against NFL caliber defenses so far. His weaknesses are real, just as his strengths are real. It's almost amusing hearing him compared to proven NFL prime RB1s by the same people who say Greene sucks - and yet Sankey can't carve out a meaningful role. How exactly does one rationalize that? Preseason numbers are quite meaningless. Determining that a guy sucks after less than 10 carries of regular season work is a stretch. It seems like you are deferring to the coaching staff, but I, and a lot of people in this thread, have little respect for the Wiz's intelligence and/or player evaluation skills.
  9. I can't see him having much value with the current coaching staff. He's a non-traditional NFL WR playing for an HC and OC who weren't innovative 15 years ago.
  10. Greene just isn't that good, and the Jets gave him every opportunity. Fantasy-wise you could pencil him in for 7 points every week, with an occasional big game that padded his year-end stats. He'll get snaps with the Titans, but if you start him on your fantasy team, don't expect much. so why should we own Sankey hoping that he will take Greene's job and not own Greene who has the job? Because Green is terrible and we are projecting Sankey to be better than terrible and for the coaching staff to actually figure this out in the near future.
  11. Having watched them both pllay I'd say Hill is an upgrade. He's not the LT solution, but when they find a way to get rid of the albatross that is Bradford's contract there should be much rejoicing in St Louis. It will be figuratively and literally liberating to take the cap hit and move forward.I doubt many Rams fans view it as such ATM, but this season ending injury has the potential to be a defining moment in the turnaround of the franchise. Rams fans are probably the most likely to see it as that.
  12. As your #3 RB I don't see a problem. He'll be a lot more involved as the season goes on. I agree. His situation is very similar to Doug Martin in his rookie year.
  13. He's not officially the starter now, but it seems unlikely that he won't start in a few weeks. Green and Mccluster are pretty poor runners, Green got dineged and fumbled in preseason, and the team did invest a 2nd rounder on him and took an tackle in the first on a good OL to begin with. Imo, RB in fantasy football is less about a players ability and more about situation. Sankey, if the starter, would go to one off the best situations in the league, good OL, mobile qb, and a coach who wants to run,throw to RBS, and prob doesn't trust his qb to throw in red zone.
  14. He better have a hard shell because while Philly loves him now, let him fail on a crucial/unconventional 4&1 and there will be bombs coming from every direction. Yes of course - that's one of the reasons so many coaches are wimps (they're not all just dumb I don't think). It'll be interesting to see how steadfast he is in his approach after that does happen. There are zero fans blaming Doug Marrone for punting on 4th&1 so the wrong/bad % play is definitely a good way to keep your job longer. There are however fans complaining about not huddling with 5:50 left and a 1pt lead because ya know, Tom Brady might've run out of time if he only had 3minutes to get in FG range. My God, football fans are the worst. It isn't because they would face criticism, they mostly make bad decisions because they really are just dumb, imo. Most coaches make similar, bad choices regularly in situations where they wouldn't face such criticism.
  15. The betting markets (Vegas) have his over/under on receptions set at 76. If he averages 10 a catch, low end of Percy Harvin & Welker types, that puts him at about 760 yards. Considering how likely a player of his size and on kick off/PR duties is to get hurt, that line could easily go to 85 if he had guaranteed health. So if healthy, a 850 yard season seems like the low end of the reasonable expectations for him.
  16. Fear with D Jax is that, even with an increased number of plays per game, Kelly is going to run the ball a lot more than under Reid. Eagles are also going to look to spread the field with more receivers so that when they do pass, run bubble screens, reverses, etc, there are going to be a lot of possible targets for Vick than just Jackson.
  17. Pretty sure Silva isn't retiring, but he wants bigger, higher paid fights and sees the title as a hindrance in getting those. As the MW champ, he has to defend ever so often vs lesser opponents. Now, he could move up to LHW or down to MW for Jones or GSP. Although, Dana seems to want a rematch. Silva probably comes in at 186+ for a title rematch with Weidman.
  18. He might have been but he was intelligibly defending himself. If he wanted to tap there fine.Pretty unbelievable that Sonnen may be a competent ref away from being the most undeserving champ ever.
  19. 1. Calorie restriction is most important. 2. The best diet is the one that you can stick to. Sure a person would lose weight faster if they never "cheated" but that hypothetical person never existed. If programming cheats is the lesser of two evils, then certainly program cheats into your diet.
  20. If it does gradually promote food allergies, you could just wean those foods back into your diet if necessary.
  21. If he gets a single all defensive team vote this season, I think you can pretty much ignore the award completely. He's been completely awful on that end all season. However, I really think going forward that this is appropriate how his career should end. Kobe work ethic and drive is amazing and admirable, but it comes with a stubbornness and selfishness that are ultimately his downfall. The injury pretty much an overuse injury and he desire to play over 40 minutes a night the past month are admirable, but it's just not smart. I'm pretty sure he tries to comeback and really hope he does, but this is pretty much the end for him playing at a level that isn't going to make him incredibly frustrated. edit: basically wanted to say that I think it is appropriate that kobe basically is the reverse of the mind will quit before the body does.
  22. Pro athletes is a big umbrella. Nutritional requirements will vary greatly by sport, For soccer players you are probably going to have to include more carbohydrates than are typical with a paleo diet.
  23. It would be impossible to come back from if judges kept the current system of basically only giving 10-9's. If figther A wins a single round by more than the combined output of fighter B in the the two rounds he wins, then it'd be wrong to award the fight to Fighter B, imo. Basically, I'm advocating using the tools available in the 10 point must system yield results closer to the scoring system of PRIDE or Fightmetric. There are fights where most people would agree that fighter A "won" the fight, but the they say fighter B should win because of the structure of the 10 pt must system, e.g. two close rounds that slightly favor fighter B and 1 round where fighter A is totally dominant. I'm saying those type of outcomes stem from a bad application of the 10 pt must system, not some inherit flaw in the system.Whatever happened to California trying out the .5 system? i haven't heard anything about it but that might be a solution too. I have heard a couple of good ideas, somebody recommended a 30 point system where it was something like 10 points for striking, 10 points for grappling, and i forget what the other 10 points but i am guessing some form of aggression/control/damage. i know somebody recommended a 100 point must system, but i can only imagine a judge deciding between 91 and 93 points for a roundI guess the 0.5 system in CA died, haven't heard anything about it either. I still think using the tools within the current system would basically be the same as the options you mentioned. A lot of people seems to advocate removing discretion from judges, but I'm not for it. Sure, Patrica Jarman or Cecil Peoples could royally screw up given more freedom to score 10-10's and 10-7's, but ultimately someone has to make the decision. The judge or the system creator. I'd rather it be on the judge, because they are more replaceable and burden more responsibility for their calls.