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  1. The media does not get the breadth of Sanders' support, nor how much his supporters do not care what the media spin is on what is happening. They are not going to be swayed by a Hillary loving CNN or a dismissive Fox. The owners of the media may want Hillary, but last I saw the owners all get as many votes apiece as the college student who sent $25 to Sanders. The more the corporate media dismiss him, the more Hillary declares that it is a moral victory, the more Mud that gets slung at him by the remnants of what was once a Bill Clinton, the more his supporters will work to prove them all wrong.
  2. Commercials start at 8:42. End at 8:47. Greeny opens with an ad for 1-800-whatever. Then they talk about sports until 8:53. Commercials then run until 9:00. 5 minutes or so of sports talk in 18 minutes.
  3. Why? I assume there's a story/history behind it? Anagram of "infant". I really hope this isn't it. But you have a point. When he turns 3, following that logic, he should change his name to Terdlot.
  4. Expert says 100% of the responsibility lies with the employees at Michigan's DEQ.EPA had a chance to be a hero but blew it. Liberals understood months ago that the EPAs culpability in the matter was politically damaging to them, so they undertook a massive effort starting with Rachel Maddow to convince the low information public that the Republican Michigan governor was solely at fault. On this political front, they have been somewhat successful. But experts agree Governor Snyder was not the root cause of the problem. And the city manager who signed off on the use of the water supply was conveniently not in the room, as he refused the invitation to go in front of people to testify. They're considering serving him with a subpoena. Good. They should. And guess what? No Governor Rick Snyder either. Easy to lay the blame at the feet of those who actually had the guts to go in there and testify. Republicans? Personal responsibility? bwahahahaha...
  5. Congrats - she will be welcomed into a loving family. Happy for all of you!
  6. Been saying this for years - flat tax on profits with the only credits being for jobs created in the US and a penalty for jobs outsourced. End every single targeted loophole.
  7. It's never shocking to find out the guys who complain the most about big government are the biggest welfare babies.It would be wrong for the government to remove foster kids solely because of Finicum's presence at the protest.On the other hand.....if Finicum is using those kids as free slave labor........#### him. Supposedly, Finicum is the one who was killed.Somehow I do not find this at all surprising. RIP you tarp covered lawn chair im the middle of the road sitting misguided patriot.
  8. I don't disagree that there are plenty of vectors on the cause radar; believe me, we deal with it all the time here. It's a function of too many duties falling on too few people with a lot of involvement from the regulated entities, enviros, and elected officials. The realities of regulation in the 21st century. I am looking at it strictly from the engineering perspective; in a vacuum, with competent engineers and health department professionals making the decisions, this should never have happened. But... It did. Somehow a lot of outside influences or incompetency, perhaps both, perhaps related, entered the process. And that is where the screwups occur.