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  1. Starting him over Ajayi and hoping for the best.
  2. He is... just so fast you can’t even see him.
  3. Waiting for the inevitable Winston pick now. Wipe out the 1 point he gave me tonight.
  4. Unfortunately so was Blount and White. Gonna be frustrating. Feel like hes gonna need to break one to have any kind of decent fantasy day.
  5. He's been killing me all year with his back and forth production. With Gronk out again figured this past Sunday was a no-brainer start. Now I gotta decide if I'm ready to roll the dice on him this week with Gronk reported to be out again. My other options are Witten and Gates.
  6. In a season with so much inconsistency at RB and so many injuries... if Miller is healthy... I gotta start him. My only other option would be picking up a guy like Robinson, Bryce or Bolden off waivers. I've road Miller all year and I can't see getting cute and replacing him with a waiver option in the semi-finals. His upside is too high and the matchup too good. I also think as banged up as the San Diego offense is, maybe Miami won't be in a hole the entire 2nd half and Miller will actually get a full game's worth of usage. Wouldn't that be nice.
  7. Miller's lack of usage IS frustrating to watch. But even with his limited touches, he's still the #4 RB in my PPR keeper league, so I've been pretty damn happy with him. Helped me lead the league in total points and get a 1st Round BYE. Maybe his limited number of touches has contributed to him being healthy going into week 15. If he was touching the ball 20 times a game all season, who knows if he would have made it this far. That being said... if he goes 8 carries for 48 yards this weekend, pretty sure I'll be ready to smash my televsion.
  8. As a Julio owner with a 1st Round Bye, I'm actually rooting for him to have a modest showing against Carolina on the road this week. Then the offense makes the proper adjustments so he can vindicate himself against Norman at home in Week 16... provided I'm fortunate enough to make it to the finals in Week 16. But hey that's just my selfish agenda. Doesn't help those teams who need him this week. Anyone else rolling with this thought process?
  9. Dude is #1 in my PPR league. Over 100 catches and over 1300 yards through 3/4 of a football season? That's pretty damn impressive. Basically almost matched his totals from 2014 already. There's a lot of guys whose production you can be disappointed in this year but Julio isn't one of them.
  10. Same boat. Fortunate to have a 1st Round Bye in the playoffs, so only need him for Weeks 15 and 16. Expecting him to shred the Jags in Week 15 and hopefully have a bounce back game against Carolina (assuming he's held in check in Week 14). Just glad that second matchup with Carolina is at least a home game. For those with a first round playoff game, I think if you can survive your Week 14 match, Julio will be fine for you the rest of the way.
  11. I don't think anyone is excited about the Carolina matchups in Weeks 14 and 16. But if you are fortunate enough to be IN the playoffs, chances are its in large part to what Julio has done this year. So the real question is... who actually has the guts to bench him in the playoffs?
  12. Good for you. A better name is "Got You're Under Rawls" I kinda like Rawls Deep.
  13. On board myself. Only because I don't have many other options on a team spiraling downward. Starting him over Pierre, Karlos and Matt Jones.