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  1. Maybe he got punished for being a terrible RB.
  2. "Mixon looks terrific in pregame workouts. You have to think he's good to go for Miami"
  3. Sounds like Matthews might not play. Melvin could shadow Davis.
  4. why would you bench those guys unless your team is completely stacked? It's the Rams (and they're banged up), not Jacksonville.
  5. Any lawyers have any idea what he might be facing? Is this something that quietly goes away?
  6. He definitely hasn't performed like an elite fantasy WR1. A real life WR1? Different question and I think he has, but maybe nobody on this forum really cares. Saints suffered some injuries on defense (Okafor out for season and Lattimore hurt his ankle). If their D regresses a bit, that should help Thomas down the stretch. In most games (besides yesterday), he's been putting up his stats in 3 quarters of work as the Saints are playing with a big lead in the 4th quarter.
  7. Since he's barely rosterable, please cut Michael Thomas from your team so you can stop posting this nonsense in the Michael Thomas thread.
  8. Starting over Crowell. No Jones or TyMont for GB. Hoping GB has trouble making first downs and Baltimore dominates time of possession / hammers Collins.
  9. I agree, his routes were not crisp. I think it's possible he's still not fully healthy.
  10. Don't think so. When you block out all the hype, he's a rookie WR playing his 5th game. He needs to show he can produce.
  11. Wasn't a bad matchup. Mariota put up 300 yards and big plays were made downfield. Davis did not play well.
  12. Agreed. He's better in real life than for fantasy this season. In fantasy, his upside has been capped by the strength of the NO defense and running game. It seems like every week Thomas is playing for 3 quarters and they ice the game in the 4th. Brees is on pace for his worst statistical season since 2007.