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  1. last week it was good to see Brady move the ball around better, Dorsett and Hogan more involved. For the offense's sake, it was also a good game for Gordon with more selective use. Also good to see Gronk and Edelman get in the end zone and the running game was very good (with Bulkhead now back too). But dang, do they look bad at times on both sides of the ball, like for quarters at a time, and seem better in the 4th. I'm in the camp that come playoff time, things will be clicking. The Vikings and Steelers games should be telling.
  2. It's a real cluster around here, not good. You lose Dion Lewis, B Cooks, and Amendola, with the reigning MVP, and basically surround him with... nothing? And then there's the DEF but anyone with eyes could see a lot of these problems last year (just check the Super Bowl). If they lose to MIA it could get ugly. Teams can throw the ball with ease on these bums, yet Brady struggles to see anyone open. If they beat MIA and INDY, it could turn around as Edelman comes back. But McDaniels also needs to get his head out of his #### and not run slow Sony for 3 and outs. McDaniel has really sucked, getting the least out of whats tools he does have, zero creativity. Or at least realize that you damn need 35-40 points a game to compete and get a win! On a side note: local talk radio and tv is just terrible. All they want to talk about is BS, hardly any real football; Gronk trade, Gronk's brother, Brady upset... it's total dumpster, entertainment tonight level. They are basically an unbelievable collection of d-bags.
  3. What player did it..? Because I'd like to have Sir Brad show him a private tour of the pit of misery. blah, Brady will be fine and they should roll, dilly dilly!
  4. How does he look? Any last minute stuff? My other option is Make Davis.....
  5. We only start 2 so A Green is locked in a spot... B Cooks was good last week and hopefully again this week. I blew it not starting him this week but I still fear the Thursday night football dud factor....
  6. benched him again this week ,lol. But started B Cooks for him... we'll see. Every ranking had Cooks ahead of Keenan but that should end next week, he looks great.
  7. We have an 8 player keeper, .5 ppr...... I lost DJ so have survived with Ingram and Hyde. Offered Mckinnon and Baldwin and 6th pick in next years draft (we draft 8...) for my first pick next year. My 2 starting wr's have been AJ Green and Cooks, with a hurt Diggs on the side.....I'm 4-4 so on the edge..... thanks!
  8. I thought Bademosi sucked yesterday. Whatever "zone" coverage it was was just crap. LAC suck or it would've been a loss. They win games lately but you just sit there and feel kinda crappy about it because you know how they're really playing. A few break there and there, get the W. At least the D has been better the last 2 games. I think some of the play calling has been crap and McDaniels is to blame- lack of creativity, vanilla predictable stuff. There's a lot of 3rd and long, over and over. Cooks has been disappointing or underused, idk, but he's killing me fantasy wise! Where's this great separating speed? Brady forces it into triple coverage... he's lucky he doesn't have about 4 more picks. Amendola needs to get healthy. No news yet on Hogan but I thought his arm was broken by the looks of the hit.... fingers crossed! Trade for TY Hilton!!!!!
  9. Do you guys think MACLIN is a good play tonight? No Wallace/
  10. Wow, that sucks! McLellan coming back, Harris plays more, Flowers..? I'd like to see Bulkhead more involved but Lewis is looking good. Anarchy- you heard something about Mitchell? thx
  11. That is a dilemma. Are you saying you have Howard as a starter? I'd probably go Duke, catching a lot and looks better than Crowell. And I have to say.... Millohen. Fine with either guy, but Miller does get the touches. I see him getting a TD this week, at home. Cohen at home is good too, and they may feature him on MNF because of KC's D, rookie QB....... I expect he'll be more involved. It just stinks if you watch this kind of game and player and they're just not in there enough! It's maddening!