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  1. Hey Randall, Sorry for all you're going through, its just not fair GB. My father in law was just diagnosed with ALS about a year ago. Day to day he's using a rolling walker with a seat but can't get very far with it anymore, the electric scooter option sounds interesting. Last summer we did a family trip to a condo in OCMD because the high rise had an elevator but he had trouble getting out onto the beach with us and the kids and only made it out once with help. Last month we took another family trip with him to Siesta Key, FL near Sarasota. One of the reasons was we could rent a house with its own elevator and pool. When we got down to the beach we found the coolest thing though, there was a company renting basically motorized chairs with treads to get around on the beach... Tracked Mobility I don't know if its an option in many other places but it was a big help on the beach.
  2. Thanks for all the replies and advice so far! The personal experiences of ending up in a better job have me feeling a little more optimistic. I also just did some housekeeping and deleted some PM's for anyone who was trying to send me a message. Answers to a couple of questions: I'm located near Allentown, PA about an hour or so north of Philly. My wife has a good job at the same company for the same length of time and all of our medical coverage, etc is on her plan. (We had the option to put in my or her name and its in hers) Fortunately no impact to me for coverage when I'm done. But between this and some parents going through some medical issues, relocation probably doesn't make sense for us at this point. I was given 30 day notice on Tuesday so my last day will be 5/14. I'm finishing up some things and transitioning some projects (I don't want to leave my customers and coworkers hanging) but they generally also view this time as a courtesy to get your personal stuff settled and start lining up your next job. So I'm starting to look but going to keep working and collecting that paycheck until next month. Even though I worked at one company for 20 years, its a big company so I was able to experience some different areas / markets / positions. My time was split between a couple of different production areas and I had roles from design engineering, plant quality management, sales, applications / technical sales based on what I learned about the business and my interests. I almost left the company early when I was stuck at a desk all day in a design role. I started to get out and work with customers and enjoyed it and have stayed in customer facing roles since. I'm told I'm much more of a people person than what you'd expect from a typical engineer. "I deal with the ### #### customers so the engineers don't have to! I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people! Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?" My initial thought if I stay in the same general type of role is to try to continue that with a different company / product. Maybe technical sales with an equipment company, possibly in a field related to those I've worked with lately (chemicals, rubber and plastics, pharma, hemp / CBD is growing like crazy, etc), or possibly in something different (medical component sales?) if a company is willing to take someone with experience but little to no initial knowledge about their product. I'd like to update and polish my resume and LinkedIn page before I start contacting people or submitting my info for jobs. I haven''t heard back from Right Management yet. I think my alma mater offered some alumni career support but looks like some videos / webinars and then they refer you to a paid career coach type. Any suggestions for a person or service that you'd recommend for this type of help? Again, thanks so much for all your help and support guys!
  3. That's the thing, I haven't really looked for a job since 1997, just getting started and not sure what I'm going to find out there.
  4. Hey guys, Just found out at the end of the day yesterday that my company is doing some organizational realignment and my position is being eliminated. We had been going through several changes over the past few years but it was still a bit of a gut punch. I just hit 20 years last year and this was my first job out of college. It actually started with an internship and I received the offer before I graduated so I guess you could say even before I was out of college. I never really had to engage in a full scale job hunt before. I have questions both general and specific and just looking for some advice. I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer and have been working at an industrial gas company that supplies nitrogen, oxygen, argon, etc to different types of companies. Most recently I was an "Applications Engineer" that helped our existing customers improve their process or new prospects implement new processes (with the help of our products and expertise). Basically a problem solver / solutions provider. Generically I would say it could be called something like Technical Sales. My company offers outsourcing assistance through Right Management but looking at some reviews it looks like I shouldn't expect much help there. I contacted them anyway and I'm awaiting a response and I'll hope for the best. I've built up a LinkedIn profile with almost 800 contacts, I'm aware that recruiters use this but I'm not sure the best way to actively engage. I changed my status to "actively applying" so not sure if I'll start showing up in searches or will get more notice / requests. Any advice in moving from passive networking to active job seeking on LinkedIn? Are there other resources I should be investigating for conducting my own search? I don't know much about headhunters, recruiters, etc. Would appreciate any advice on the best way to engage or suggestions for firms I should contact. Although I enjoyed my job for the most part, it wasn't what I loved to do. I don't know if I should take this as an opportunity to reevaluate my career and future plans. I just turned 43 so I guess about the midpoint of what I planned for a career. My kids are just 13 and 11 and won't be long before we're discussing college and how to pay for it. But at least this didn't happen in the middle of paying those bills. We've kept a safety nest egg and also have some additional savings from planning on some home projects but they will be on hold until I know where I end up. So if I'm ever going to make a career change or try something new, this is the time. But hoping not to take too much of a hit to affect kids' college or retirement too much. But maybe if I find something I love, I won't be looking forward to retirement as much and can put it off. Sorry I'm all over the place, I guess I'm thinking through this as I'm typing too. I'm a pretty positive guy so I'm trying to look at this as an opportunity but I also veer back to feeling some low self worth at times since my company was fine moving on from me. Timing isn't too bad since we're getting into Spring and I have projects around the house that I'd like to do. Was looking into hiring people but may give them a shot myself now since I'm going to have some time on my hands. I was worried about my wife but she's been very supportive and also looking on the bright side of this as an opportunity since she knows I wasn't completely happy in my job. It also helps that she has a good job (a little better than mine) which takes some immediate pressure off. Plus we all have our health so what more can you ask for? We'll, I guess some advice, please let me know what you think. TIA!
  6. I think it might have been Escape from New York but not 100% sure. My older son turned 13 today and me and a couple dads had taken him and a couple friends to see a pre-Christmas showing of Die Hard at an old local theater with beers (for the parents, not the kids). They liked the movie and got a kick out of the differences they spotted in the 80's from the "old" movie.
  7. Either they don't know, don't show, or don't care about what's going on in the hood.
  8. Finally a pole I can get behind, death to pancakes!... Current Weighted Scores from 131 votes: (1st choice: 3pts, 2nd choice: 2pts, 3rd choice: 1pt) French Toast: 289 Waffles: 264 Pancakes: 233 The "Best Thing I Ever Ate" was the Bouchon French Toast in Las Vegas (when it was still on the menu).
  9. Ok, this too, but I didn't consider traveling solo for work. I'll drink at a restaurant or bar (usually sitting in the bar area) but I'm not taking a 1/5 back to my room or anything.
  10. Only when I'm alone with my grill.
  11. He's going on a double date for lunch on Saturday with Brie Larson and Flo from Progressive and isn't sure how to talk to them but wants to at least drive home the point that he's an extremist Nazi feminist.
  12. Just found out we're taking a family trip down to Siesta Key the first week of April. Will be my wife and I, our boys (12, 10) her sister and her boys (13, 11) and their parents. We've never been there, care to give any advice for restaurants, bars, activities? Worth renting bikes down there? Thanks!