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  1. If raw-dogging a porn star while his wife was pregnant didn't bother them, I don't think they'll be clutching their rosary beads over this one.
  2. I just feel like whenever you have that many people on one team you have to go contrarian and hope for the knockouts. Even though there's a small chance of those bloodbaths happening, when they do you get a huge step closer to the money.
  3. Picks are in and posted for my pool: Indianapolis - 34 (57%) Arizona - 5 L.A. Chargers - 5 Cleveland - 4 Tampa Bay - 4 New England - 3 Philadelphia - 2 Jacksonville - 1 Pittsburgh - 1 Tennessee - 1 Let's go Jets!
  4. I signed up to vote by mail in PA because I was worried about lack of volunteers, fewer polling places, long lines and other general voter suppression tricks. Now I'm thinking I need to vote in person because Trump is going to try to invalidate my mail in vote. I'm a registered independent but I think we just can't allow this "administration" to go on for another four years.
  5. I thought this was just you guys buying a bunch of tickets until I finally opened the thread but this sounds more fun, in for the next one.
  6. Well, that was close. I don't think I want to pick against Minshew Magic anymore this season. Eight games with a spread of better that 5 and an EV of 1 or higher, not many (aside from SEA and TB) have much future value either: CLE vs WAS -7.5 (EV 1.09 / W% 73.7% / P% 6.5%) - Would be nice to burn CLE but I don't think I really trust either team here yet. LAC VS CAR -6.5 (EV 1.06 / W% 72.8% / P% 8.5%) - Without CMC how will CAR generate offense for the next 4-6 weeks? LAC vs NYJ W6 and JAX W8 (but see above). NE vs LV -6 (EV 1.05 / W% 70.1% / P% 3.1%) - I prefer picking against bad teams, and I generally don't trust Newton. SEA vs DAL -5 (EV 1.02 / W% 67.4% / P% 1.2%) - I prefer picking against bad teams. TB @ DEN -6 (EV 1.02 / W% 70.3% / P% 8.5%) - Away game but do those even matter as much with no fans? Denver 0-2 but two close ones. PHI vs CIN -6.5 (EV 1.01 / W% 68.4% / P% 5.5%) - I'm not picking my Eagles until they finally show me something, 0-2 as favorites this season. ARI vs DET -5.5 (EV 1.01 / W% 70.1% / P% 10.1%) - Murray seems like the kind of QB that can take over and win a close game. Play MIA W9. IND vs NYJ -10.5 (EV 0.99 / W% 80.7% / P% 44.1%) - Easily the most popular pick, but knocks out the most with an upset so EV is down. Play CIN W6. What are you guys thinking?
  7. I like both alot but Boys of Summer has a special place for me because I can't hear it without it taking me right back to my youth and the general angst when summer (freedom) was winding down and school (responsibility) was about the start back up. During my teens we spent alot of time at the Jersey shore... the good one down south though, no Snooky.
  8. Ding, ding, ding. I'm sure the success of "Beverly Hills Cop" helped. "The song became a major hit single, reaching No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in March 1985, behind "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon.[3] It was also popular internationally, reaching No. 2 on the Australian Singles Chart in 1985 and gaining peaks of No. 8 on the Canadian Singles Chart and No. 12 on the UK Singles Chart.[4] In the United States, it is the highest charting solo single by any member of the Eagles."
  9. "It reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US" There is another "Solo Eagles Song" that immediately came to mind that charted higher (in the US Billboard Hot 100), can you name it?... Hint #1: It was released the same year
  10. Any suggestions for a starting from (almost) zero workout schedule? I've been primarily a running / biking as exercise kind of guy in the past. Had a bum shoulder that sidelined me from weights for a year or so but after surgery and PT its almost back to normal. The problem is I'm pretty weak overall from lack of weight training. I'm back in the office five days a week and was thinking of joining a cheap gym and hitting it early on the way to work M-F. I'm thinking of just trying something cheap with basic weights I can use like the local Planet Fitness. I think the main benefit of that would be to schedule a set amount of time to workout and getting me out of the house to do it instead of always getting distracted at home. Any suggestions for a website or something for guidance in creating a 5 day weight training plan? NoXplod? TIA :flex:
  11. Our league has a Thursday noon deadline, here were the picks: (95 started, down to 61) Tennessee - 15 Pittsburgh - 11 Tampa Bay - 9 Green Bay - 7 Kansas City - 7 San Francisco - 6 Arizona - 3 Baltimore - 2 Cincinnati - 1
  12. Courtesy of the top 5 EV (combination of point spread and pick popularity) plays of the week are: KC @ LAC, TB vs CAR, BAL @ HOU, TEN vs JAX, PIT vs DEN SF@NYJ is most popular (20.6%) but 6th in W% (72.9%) and has better future value than TB, TEN, PIT ARI vs WAS, CLE vs CIN, and CHI vs NYJ also interesting because of little future value. Plotting ahead the two options that seems to fit the best for me are TB vs CAR and TEN vas JAX. Dodds Game Predictor has TB as 8.8 favorites and TEN as 9.7 point favorites. TB has a GOOD passing matchup and a GOOD rushing matchup. CAR has a GOOD passing matchup and a BAD rushing matchup (But CMC so ) TEN has a GOOD passing matchup and a GOOD rushing matchup. JAX has a NEUTRAL passing matchup and a NEUTRAL rushing matchup. Seems like a toss up so I'm going TEN because I may use TB vs LAC in week 4 (top 4 play that week with BAL, KC, LAR) but I don't see another spot where I'd use TEN. One thing that bothers me is I see all experts picking TB and TEN this week EXCEPT for Dan Graziano who picked JAX and went 12-4 in week 1.
  13. Sounds like I'm just going to have to set up a wall of my house with character pictures, pushpins and yarn.