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  1. Definitely power, probably water. I'm in PA. Good point about the openings. I'm not as concerned about the door design but the swing up openings for the bar area will probably be interesting. Need something easy enough to move and open and get out of the way but heavy enough for wind / rain / critters.
  2. I'd like to build a dual use shed / bar for the backyard. Load it up with the outdoor furniture and lawn equipment in the winter and then bring all that stuff out and convert into a bar / entertainment area in the summer. My kids hit 14 and 12 and their swingset has fallen into disrepair so I started demo today. I had put it up in a nice back corner of our yard that I had leveled and planted some trees around it that have grown for some nice shade. I'd like to use that space for the shed / bar and an outdoor entertainment area. Thinking of a shed design but one or two sides can open up into a bar top and seating. Can set up a picnic table or two or put some posts in the ground for a long hightop and benches. My inspiration is the Tap Shack at Coastal Cravings in OBX but smaller. (Front Pic) In the initial planning stages here but do you guys know of any place that would have designs like this that I could check out or somewhere with plans? I've seen a few shed plans through Family Handyman, etc but thinking there must be better options out there. TIA! Oh yeah, also taking a stab at doing my own cabinet work for our master closet. Those custom cabinet places are crazy expensive. Got a table saw and a miter saw for Christmas and finally opened them up.
  3. Everything in Utah was closed by then, what else was he going to do? Make another pizza? 😉
  4. I've tried a few and my favorite is my Scosche, haven't had any problems. Just got a second one for my wife.
  5. Thank god (on both counts)
  6. I just discovered Pelofondo so that got me in the mindset of gearing up for longer rides. My longest road ride in the past was a 68 mile "Tour De Shore" from Philly to Atlantic City. Would like to get in shape to do some of the longer road events around here, centuries etc, once it gets nicer and things get back to normal a little. Maybe too much time inside is making me want to get out on the road for a while. If anyone is interested in Pelofondo, check out the link above and let me know what you think. Next event is July 25/26 so plenty of time to TRAIN.
  7. In week 7 of 8 of the Rhythm & Zones Challenge for the Power Zone Pack and today's the deadline for the week and I had to complete two of my rides for the week today so did 60 min PZ MW 04/13/19 and 90 min PZ Endurance MW 11/09/19 with just a lunch break in-between. 54.5 mi and 2,531 cal, ouch. If anyone wants to try out the next one "Major League Zones Challenge", you can sign up for a team at the link above. They will begin assigning teams around May 25th. The challenge begins June 1st. I'm probably going to skip the next one to do more riding outside now that the weather's getting nicer.
  8. Well it's been a couple years but now slowly working my way into things. I bought a bourbon that my BIL liked and had been giving that a shot. Didn't start with Jack and Cokes but instead have been doing Old Fashioneds. Sugar cube, angostino bitters, dash of water, muddle, bourbon, orange peel. Thought I was doing well with the Jefferson's but seems like its the equivalent of bourbon training wheels... Any suggestions for the next bourbon step in the progression?...
  9. Tried a couple others with varying results but then never had a problem with my Scosche.
  10. Just added myself to the group, HERE'S the direct link.
  11. For anyone that likes checking draft grades, HERE's a nice one page overview I found on Twitter.