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  1. Cancelled directvnow today effective tomorrow after the last of the ten dollars a month discounts fell away. Also trialled YouTube tv the last few days and just didn't like ui compared to all the other services. Going to trial out Hulu with live tv tomorrow. If I don't care for that one I'll just have to learn to like Hulu or YouTube tv. If directvnow had more than a 20 hour dvr I'd probably have stuck with them. As slow and glitchy the software was I just liked the ui.
  2. I don't have a clue as I've never financed a phone before. I buy my phones through eBay or Oneplus and pay the bill when it comes due. You'd think they have some sort of credit check at least. Maybe bill payment history is a good enough indicator about credit worthiness for them.
  3. Not to mention the difference in weight. Roughly 1.7oz more for the 7 pro. Here's the actual difference in size.
  4. Finally found a good enough deal on the S10+. Bought brand new from eBay for $650 and will be delivered Tuesday. As much as I'm going to miss the software of the Oneplus devises I just didn't want a phone that was so tall. To go from the 3T to the 7 pro it would have been almost half an inch taller. By going with the 10+ I get an phone that's a hair taller with the same width. If I hate it hopefully they release a slightly smaller 7T pro.
  5. I totally agree about Nova prime. I've used it since I think the LG G2 days or shortly after. Less than 5 minutes and your new phone is set up just like your old one. Updates are something I'm gonna miss by not going the 1+ route. Hopefully Samsung has gotten better than they used to be, doubting it though. Good to know about battery life as that is one of requirements I'm looking for. 2.5 hours of screen time max just isn't gonna cut it anymore.
  6. That's like the best spec'd 10+ right? How's the battery life? One site was giving 12+ hours, which was 3 hours longer than the 7 pro.
  7. It does. But also doesn't have the same cameras, battery size, in screen fingerprint sensor, or screen size.
  8. Got to put my mitts on a 7 pro today and I'm thinking I may go 10+. Reason being that yes they're both curved screened phones but the 7 pro has bigger curves. Samsung has made the 10+ pretty flat compared to the old curved screens. Granted the screen refresh would have been nice along with faster storage but I gain waterproofing, wireless charging, and bigger and longer lasting battery. Now if only Samsung would put 1+ software on their phones I'd be in heaven.
  9. Ok, I'm jumping to a new phone soon due to my battery progressively crapping the bed. As much as I dislike curved screens I've decided on either a S10+ or the Oneplus 7 Pro due to screen real estate. I'd rather deal with a curved screen than a notch any day so no LG or giant bezels like the Pixels. So can anyone give the lowdown on either, what they like or dislike about them. I haven't owned a Samsung since the Note 2 and currently have a 3T so am familiar with Oneplus.
  10. I get to do this next month. It's for either a week or 1 trial. Gets me out of work for a week so win win for me.
  11. And still the milk jug ring is the best (and cheapest) toy you can give a cat. My youngest cat has them "buried" under the rugs all over the house.
  12. It wasn't today but I got to see my upper 60's neighbor in drag smoking a cigar outside his house. He was in an evening gown that night. My wife has seen him in a full baby outfit one time. Diaper, bib, swinging in a rocker, and smoking a cigar. She told me she had to swing back around the block to take another look it was so funny.
  13. The federal gov't has given the order that pretty much kills Huawei from using Google play services going forward. Nail in the coffin?
  14. Interesting as this still has a motorized camera but no curved screen, so yay. New contender to fill the space that Oneplus used to occupy? Stock Android and quality specs. Sounds like a winner. Only downside for me is lcd screen and rear mounted fingerprint sensor.