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  1. No issue here. Almost everything has been moved out or given away already. And we're moving everything else today so the wife can come back next week and clean. I actually can't wait till my wife shows her brother the text his wife sent. I'm sure that will go over like a wet shart in church. But then again my bil has no balls and she has walked all over him for the past twenty years.
  2. Kiddies gather all around and take a seat as story time is about to start. I'll try and keep this as short as possible, but trust me there was a much longer one brewing. My wife, my bil, and I met with the funeral home Tuesday. With everything we planned the price is roughly 4500 for the cremation and other goodies. After getting a small peak into her finances up to Tuesday is that there isn't squat to pay for this. The wife and I aren't happy that we will have to pay out (but more than willing to do it) that much to bury her mother, but her brother keeps railing on and on about these stocks mom got in the divorce.I think my wife feels that because mom couldn't pay for anything that people will look down on her. My bil is railing at us about where the stocks are that mom got on the divorce from fil. Well mother lived on her own in the house she got in the divorce all while not working. Not that she wasn't looking for work but at 50 most places won't hire you with no job experience and at your age. So common sense says she sold stocks to stay afloat. So Tuesday me trails on about the stocks and we again tell him she sold them. And tonight he brings them up again. But the kicker we get last night from bil's wife (she's a major c u next Tuesday) she sends my wife a text about this. I never liked your mom and how shameful and deceitful (about her finances and how she was much sicker than she let anyone know) she is and how she had no money. Well she had no money due to Medicaid taking over everything she had. The only thing up in the air is her $3000 life insurance policy. The items I was going to take I don't want them anymore, I'm only going Monday not for your mother but to support my husband. So Wednesday my wife went to her aunt to get a loan to cover the expenses until I can get some of my stock sold. She suggested talking to her aunt and mil's cousin who's a billionaire about covering everything because he mentioned earlier before #### hit the fan that he was offering. So he's covering it and the sil is still acting like a ####### nutjob. And another point is my bil had the money too. To me why the hell is the actual relative balking about paying and I who's only an in-law go to bat and say we have the money, I don't care, let us use what we got because this was your mom. It's like I'm acting the way her son should be, not the outsider looking in. God I hate people who assume that if a relative dies I'm getting something. I look at it like this, it's your money do whatever makes you happy as you earned, we didn't.
  3. RIP Barb. She passed a short time ago. Just shell shocked right now on how quick it went.
  4. I believe so due to her heart issues. She had a pacemaker installed about 8 years ago due to damage to the bottom part of the heart that pumps the blood. According to her doc the only reason she lived was the amount of walking she did basically strengthened her heart where the damage occurred.
  5. Now I'm very grateful not to bring kids into this world. Now both sides of our family has cancer diagnoses. My mom had breast, dad died of kidney which spread pretty much everywhere. Her dad had prostate, and her mom which we think started in her lungs and spread into her liver, colon, bones, and maybe brain.
  6. My mother in law is in her last hours. She went from not feeling well on Thanksgiving to my wife finding her on the floor of her apt 2 months ago. She's been in either the hospital or a rehabilitation center since then. It was only a month and a half ago that we found out about the cancer and now she's on death's door. Not looking for sympathy just needing to vent due to this ####ty disease. My wife is completely devastated as her mom was truly her best friend. They talked every day and she's in anguish because she will lose that, and lose it in a short amount of time. I'm not a true believer but ### #### does this disease suck.
  7. Philo. They have a $16 and a $20 package.
  8. He stated he used a backup of the app when switching phones. Sometimes that borks up the app and uninstall and reinstall will fix it.
  9. Clear the cache for the app then delete it and reinstall. If that doesn't work I'd try the factory reset route.
  10. God would have smited me years ago if that was true.
  11. Nope. No clue where I picked this up. Could have been at work or the gym or God knows where.
  12. Day 5 and I'm better but still off. Foods still make me a little nauseous, no energy and a bit of exhaustion, and I haven't had a solid bm in a week. I'm forcing myself to be out and about because I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired and sitting in the house doing nothing. Today the wife bleached the bathroom cause I'm sure that was pleasant and I just picked up around the house where stuff was laying because too sick to care. I'm just so over this.
  13. Started feeling a little better late yesterday and today as it went on. Tonight I'm back to yesterday morning levels. Mount Vesuvius coming outta my ### and just on the verge of puking again. Damn life is good.