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  1. Basically the same thing I was thinking. Guaranteed money vs hypothetical as I have to live long enough to get it. Plus the upside of being able to access it at 59 1/2 if circumstances arise.
  2. 43 and planning on working 17 to 20 more years.
  3. Finally got some numbers. Cash offer is $21,488 If I wait till 65 I'd get $412.69 a month. It looks like I may be able to collect earlier than 65 but at a reduced rate. There are 2 spousal options as well. A 50% and a 75% benefit which reduces by half and so on if I die and wife lives she gets something. Pretty much already decided to take this and roll it into an ira but I'm going to run it by my finance guy before I pull the trigger.
  4. If you haven't had it yet give the diet cherry vanilla Dr Pepper a try. I prefer diet root beer to Dr Pepper but this one is damn good.
  5. Mine almost tasted like it was regular dew in a diet bottle. The orange juice thing does sound like a plausible explanation in my case.
  6. I've had the same thing but in a sixer of bottles. One tasted funny, almost like regular dew. All the others in the pack tasted normal. So no clue.
  7. Not yet. I reread the letter and they're going to be sending me an offer. So now I wait.
  8. If I'm not mistaken if I do the beneficiary benefit my payout is half of what I'd take if it was just myself. Also this is only one of 2 (maybe 3) pensions I'll get. I was bought out of my first one as I only worked for the company for like 2 years when it was bought out and they sent me a check for $2400. This will be pension #2 I would have collected. I will get another pension after this one because #2 was bought out and 9 years later was bought out again. So not sure if #3 is going to roll in or if I'll start with again with pension #4. Also the value of this pension will be roughly 13 years of value. I won't know anything concrete until I can call and the timeframe starts tomorrow.
  9. So I got a letter from one of the companies that I worked for before buyout #2 I think. They are offering to buy us out of our pensions. Currently I have 17 to 21 years of work left (depending on if I retire at 60 or 64 or somewhere in between). With my family history of cancer I'm going to entertain the offer because if I don't live long enough to retire I lose the pension. This way I collect the money without penalty and I roll it into an IRA I will get to invest it into what I want and am able to start drawing at 59 1/2. Anyone seeing a drawback to this scenario other than living long enough to where I could have drawn my set monthly amount of money?
  10. No clue. I just found this today and am passing along the info.
  11. Talking about radios I almost forgot something. The radios in the S10 are inferior to what Oneplus was using 3 years ago. In places at work where I'd get spotty service with my 3T I usually don't get any service with my S10.