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  1. Coming in from Wisco so summers are usually humid but not the South type humid. Also may swing the trip in May or June.
  2. I agree. I tried it the other day and thought this might be good if trying to cut out the sugar of regular dew but diet dew is still better.
  3. Let them do the legwork by giving me a few decent places then go online and book myself.
  4. Unsure of budget yet. I figured I'd head over to the travel agent in the next week to grab some resort info and see what I'm roughly going to be spending.
  5. Looking to possibly head down sometime this summer. How bad are the summer months? I have a free plane tix that expires the end of August and I figured I nor the wife have ever been there so might as well make it a go. Looking at roughly 4 nights type of trip so any advice I'll take it. Hopefully I can get through this thread within the next couple days so I don't ask any obvious or repeat questions.
  6. ⚫ for when I try and plan an Oktoberfest trip
  7. I talked to the wife this morning as we walked at the gym. I told her from everything I've read is that if you go to one of the islands be prepared to not leave the resort due to unsafe conditions. While the Riviera Maya in general is pretty safe, hell probably safer than some U.S.cities. She's gone a few times before but has never made it to the ruins and wants to definitely hit them. So the next question is. Where do we stay?
  8. Question for the people in this thread that have been to both Playa Del Carmen and Punta Cana. Which one did you prefer and would you go back again? Looking at early next year to get someplace warm and out of the Wisco winter.
  9. Lastpass and it's a lifesaver. Especially when trying to create original passwords for every site.
  10. At&t might as well just give up. No longer available on Roku
  11. For me it's if I don't want to I don't have to. I never said I wouldn't do anything but I can see myself spending most of my weekly free time volunteering in the local shelters. Usually not enough people hours to go around with most of them and the fact I love animals it's a win win.
  12. My goal is just not have to work. Where I can just sleep till whenever, grab a cup of coffee, and relax. Traveling is nice but it isn't the be all end all. Just having the means of not having to work is what some of us really crave.
  13. Going through this again. Currently at 372k in my 401k, 20k in my IRA, and the wife has roughly another 100k on her 401k and IRA's. This doesn't count value of my house, pension, social security, or any inheritance. I actually hope there isn't any inheritance from my mother because then it means my deadbeat brother has to grow the #### up. He's almost 41 with nothing to piss in other than his hands.
  14. Myself as well, currently sitting at 23.96% for the year.