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  1. Some chatter BUF may release DE Mario Williams. Unhappy with Rex's system. May look to reunite with DC Schwartz, who he played for in BUF in 2014 and had 14.5 sacks. Great fit in Schwartz's 'fastball' system. Cost will be a factor, as well as the fact he's 31, but another interesting FA name along with Jahri Evans to add to the list.
  2. He did? better then it would have been with foles or sanchez running the show? Yes, he did. Yeah, they were 10-6 the two seasons before Bradford arrived and went 7-7 in games that he started. That doesn't seem "better" but maybe we define that word differently. Basing it solely on record is unfair. The record is more on an indication of team and coaching. Both were worse this year than the previous 2....hence shy Chip is now in SF Seeing Foles' final year here and seeing him in STL compared to watching Sam (especially in the second half) makes this deal without question better for us. A second round pick is being discussed as gold in here for some reason. Foles also signed a deal in STL too...they set their franchise back a decent amount of time by accepting this deal. In order to salvage ANYTHING they have to hit a HR with a second round pick....odd say it wont happen The Eagles clearly 'won' the trade, FWIW. They merely shot themselves in the foot, while the Rams cut their leg off giving Foles a $25M extension. IMO, looking at Foles and Sanchez going into 2015, they didn't have an 'average' starting QB on the roster. In a vacuum, Chip addressed this and acquired an average starting QB for a mid-2nd round pick. That's fair value. If Chip had stayed, Bradford would have as well. So it wasn't a rental in their minds, FWIW. New plans now, right? An average QB is worth ~$20M in 2016. Howie's call, along with DP. Let's see what they do, as IMO keeping him versus going with a cheap FA/Rookie is an arguable point. I lean towards letting him walk and using ~$20M elsewhere. That being said, they could very well keep him and do well.
  3. That's funny. His Eagles Valentines 'Hey Girl' card is not
  4. Philly native Jahri Evans released by NOLA. Malcolm Jenkins 'recruiting' him. 32 years old, had some recent injury issues. Played hurt in 2014/2015. Saints saved $3.2M by releasing him, but most beat writers there think he will be missed. If healthy, I love him over Tobin. Age and injuries, though. Wonder what he is looking for. Was set to make $8.2M before the cut, but no way he gets that. ETA: My ideal situation would be to use #13 on a G who can slide over to RT to replace Lane Johnson in a year or two when he moves to LT. Assuming Peters rebounds thanks to decreased tempo and DP giving him some rest days during the week - something Chip refused to do - he has another season in him. We need linemen. Especially G. Evans is worth kicking the tires on, along with Allen (KC). Maybe a FA and a pick, along with Gardner returning from injury.
  5. Read more at ok, I take it back, that sounds very bad... regardless of legal action - Goodell is going to bring the hammer for this. Sounds like 4 NFL players hospitalized two off-duty cops. Since it was in Philly, hoping that current Eagles are not involved. Suspect #1 - McCoy (27yrs old)
  6. $2.9M saved towards the cap. Cut on the first day they were able to cut him. See ya.
  7. Dunno why the numbers wouldn't work. Foles will cost less than Bradford, the Rams would have to eat 8 mill, but that's not a total dealbreaker. McClane Twitter saying approximately a $7.75M price tag on Philly's end if he were to be traded here. Dunno I want to pass on giving Sam ~$16M to give Foles ~$8M. Actually, not sure either option is desirable. Will be interesting to see what the de facto GM does. An $8.75M cap hit for STL. Lots for a backup QB. They can cut him by the 3rd day of the league year and be on the hook for $6M with the Eagles paying the diff. Is it worth a $6M cap hit to STL to clear him off the roster?
  8. Yep. Was marinating my wings in the kitchen and listening along on ESPN. I always liked Nick Foles. Tough kid. Good guy. Wouldn't be against it. Doesn't appear to be grounded in reality, though. As discussed, Chase Daniels may be a good cheap option and his Pederson ties are obvious. Lots of talk re: benching Alex Smith when they were 1-5.
  9. McLane has some interesting thoughts on Twitter re: Foles, Howie. I was not aware the impact Pederson had on Philly drafting Foles, and that does make for a more interesting link here, but the cap hit on STL would be huge. Looks like Foles name hasn't come up... and Howie using social media as intentional 'misdirection' is typical.
  10. Thank God. I doubt the Rams even want to bring him back.Shefter engaged in pure speculation, apparently "From what we're hearing, nothing has been decided regarding Bradford at this point. Meanwhile, the Foles talk is being labeled as speculation and a potential trade for him very unlikely because of salary cap/dead money issues. While we've confirmed that Pederson does like Foles, the numbers wouldn't work even if the Eagles did want to bring him back." Read more at in all, I am very glad we were not the team that gave Foles that money/contract.
  11. Geez what could possibly go wrong in FA and the draft? Well, it's apparently all on Howie right now. He is the only guy with any personnel power and has been acting as the GM. That said, I am not as worried about free agency as I am the draft. Roseman is good at managing the cap and retaining younger talent, and the recent extensions to Johnson, Ertz, Curry look good IMO. We've never really been sure who has been in charge during the draft process. Only recently, Howie admitted Marcus Smith III was his pick, etc. What has me baffled is the structure Lurie has set up here post-Kelly. Guess I'm not the only one: Adam Caplan Gives the Saddest Description of the Eagles Front Office "Adam Caplan: “When he made the decision to fire the head coach and the VP of football operations, he didn’t think ‘Okay if I do this, who is gonna be Ed Marynowitz’s replacement?’ He didn’t have anyone in mind, clearly, because they didn’t bring anyone in. Not only are they not hiring anyone … teams don’t let people out before the draft because they don’t want them to give information to another team …” Joe DeCamara: “What is in between Doug Pederson and Howie Roseman?” AC: “Nobody. There’s no one else left.” JD: “Who has the second most power behind Roseman, and besides Doug Pederson?” AC: “Tom Donahoe I guess… there’s no one else left. This is the only NFL team in recent history that doesn’t have a general manager, a VP of football operations, and a college scouting director. Their front office is in turmoil as far as I’m concerned. You can’t go forward – and you’re gonna have to because they made this decision and there’s nothing they can do about it right now – … after the draft, I don’t care whatever is on their mind, the number one thing is to fix this front office … Jeffrey and Roseman have a lot of work to do to fix the football operations.”
  12. Eagles Suspend Search For Personnel Head ------ The Eagles have temporarily halted their search for a new personnel exec and are not expected to make a hire until after the draft, a league source confirmed. Geoff Mosher was first with the report. The Eagles, who have no scouting chief after firing coach Chip Kelly and top personnel executive Ed Marynowitz, are looking for a high-ranking senior executive to lead the scouting department and determine the fate of current scouts, per sources, but they opened their search at a time when NFL teams are knee deep in the pre-draft process and would be reluctant to allow a top personnel executive to leave. Teams don’t normally allow an experienced, senior executive to walk out their doors about one month from free agency and less than three months from the draft. So the Eagles, who are marching forward with first-time head coach Doug Pederson, have temporarily suspended their search. Jeffrey Lurie announced at Doug Pederson‘s introductory press conference that they were about to begin their search for a new personnel head. Those efforts ramped up in Mobile, as the Eagles hoped to have someone in place around the time of the Super Bowl. Trending: Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Case For Franchising BradfordThe Eagles met with about six candidates in all, per a source, including Steelers pro personnel coordinator Brandon Hunt. They also had some level of interest in former Browns vice president of player personnel Morocco Brown. While it’s still possible one of the early candidates gets the gig, the Eagles are choosing to cast a wider net after the draft when scouting contracts typically expire. While that may be a smart move long-term, the Eagles find themselves short-handed as they head into some of the more critical months of the pre-draft process. They are also currently operating without a college scouting director, as Mosher notes. <a href=";tile=2;dcopt=ist;pos=;sz=300x250;!c=mercedes;ord=123456789?"target="_blank"><img src=";tile=2;sz=300x250;ord=123456789?" border="0" alt="" /></a> Right now, the team’s top talent evaluators are Roseman, Tom Donahoe and Pederson. Roseman went a year without having any say in personnel decisions after losing a power struggle to Kelly last January and Donahoe, promoted from senior adviser to senior player personnel director while the Eagles are without a personnel head, has mainly patrolled the northeast and hasn’t done much field scouting across the country. The highest-ranking college scout on the staff is Trey Brown, who was promoted by Marynowitz last June to assistant college scouting director. The team didn’t need an official director because Kelly was so heavily involved in scouting college prospects. Donahoe, still living in Pittsburgh, has been serving in a consultant role as opposed to full-time. Pederson is brand new head coach and has his hands full as-is. Lurie has been stressing the importance of having a "collaborative approach," but without a key personnel figure in place it appears the show will belong to Roseman, who was largely out of the scouting game this year himself. If Lurie is truthful about 'accountability' then this batch of signings and the upcoming draft are all on Howie, for better or worse. The collaborative effort seems to be Howie with the counsel of Tom Donahoe.
  13. The guy who really wanted Kaep in the draft was Hue Jackson. Now that he's in CLE, and they need a QB, my thought is that he may end up there.
  14. Front 7 under Schwartz is young and talented. Graham/Curry/Barwin off the edge in a 4-3, with Cox and Logan (and Allen) in the middle is one heck of a front 4. Kiko is a more natural WIL than an OLB and another year removed from injury should be improved. Hicks should man the MIKE and Kendricks the SAM. Seems like guys at their more natural fits. Like the front 7 and excited what they can do under Schwartz and a huge swing in TOP. One thing good about Howie is he can manage the cap and lock up guys to team friendly extensions. Like keeping Ertz/Celek/Johnson/Graham.
  15. Me too. I expect that the team freed up some room off his $5M 2016 cap and it keeps a good locker room guy and team leader in the fold. ETA 3 year, $13M. $6M guaranteed. Add on two more years. Still a productive player.