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  1. I've followed the steps as described, yet it still only gives the top 60. Any ideas? I have a draft on Wed where I start 3 RB's, 3 WR's, 1 TE, 1 QB, 1K, and 1 D, so I could really use the additional player listings. Thanks fot the help! Also, do I do the steps prior to inputing my scoring or after. I've tried both ways with no success. Also for the last step when filling the series there are options for Series In-(Rows or columns), Type-(linear, growth, date, and Auto-fill), Step value, stop value, and a box for trend. How should these be filled? I have to ask this, why is it that the player pool - rankings and VBD are so different in the DD than the VBD spread sheet? One is trying to tell me to take Fitz as Mo. 1 the other MJD - 1.5 PPRI have been falling back to the VBD spread sheet for the last couple of years after trying to use the DD program (ditched it after it kept telling me to draft Kevin Jones I think in 2006 when I didn't want him)