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  1. What the eff is wrong with you? Seriously?!?!
  2. You didn't specifically ask what area to stay in but I'd suggest the area between Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown -- when I've gone for work travel I like to stay at the Sohotel specifically because (1) the variety of great ethnic restaurants to enjoy, (2) the ease of taking a few subway stops to where I needed to go for work (Southern tip of Manhattan) which is where you'll want to go for WTC and most tour "starts" (Statue of Liberty, etc.) -- also close to Broadway.
  3. Faust, I don't think you necessarily get the props for doing what you do -- just wanted to say that it's appreciated. Not only are you taking the time to do all this for this community, you go to the extent of pre-warning us when a link goes to a slideshow -- bravo!!!!
  4. Other than TC and Rick from Magnum PI, I'll go with the Chinese guy from Barney Miller.
  5. Sounds like you get annoyed by critiques of Bloomberg for much the same reason I get annoyed by critiques of my preferred candidate (Bernie).
  6. Email just sent to stating the above....
  7. @ 6:20 -- polls asking voters' preferences between Bernie / Trump going back to 2015 -- there has only been 1-week in 5-years where Trump has been the preference over Bernie. One week over the past 5-years (October, 2015)!!!!
  8. 1, 5, 5 No seeing colors in music or color-coding / letter-shaping. I'm a face-guy (recognize faces w/o context).
  9. Sorry, Tim -- I wish you and your family the absolute best given the unfortunate circumstances.
  10. I’ve gotta admit — I’m totally with Otis in (1) the way he sees things, and (2) the disbelief about these internal “conversations” some of you have — had absolutely no idea that’s the way it works for some people.
  11. Serious question — is there really that much of a Bernie historical video trail of pro-Castro, pro-whatever regime or is this simply people’s expectation? And from what some of you may have seen, was it really that bad? Or are you simply worried about optics/perception? Honestly asking....
  12. I think you should back up 20 yards, run full force, while screaming, and karate chop it to solve the problem.
  13. What the #### is wrong with you people? How old are you? Seriously?