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  1. The SD chicken did have that fling with Morganna the kissing bandit....
  2. A point I'm surprised has NOT come consists of the following (as only a few examples): - I don't have a number for how many Chinese college engineering students -or- Indian college engineering students there currently are --versus-- that in the US, but this, in the long term, is a national security issue. Is this an issue that could really affect us in 10-years? 15? - With the opiod/addiction issues in general in such a bad place right now, wouldn't paying for a bunch of therapists now to turn junkies -to- productive members of society place us at a better future place? - We have a history being being the innovators of the world in countless fields --- how long are we going to stay that way when the continually rising costs of a college education will limit that opportunity to lesser and lesser of our long population? - Countries (like Germany) have long made tuition free and they continue to be one of the best innovating countries -- could that possible be an example for what we could do? - K-12 is free -- why do some of you believe there is something horrifically wrong in including college (at least in some fields)? I'm not even going to comment on what I perceive as griping about "not having kids, don't want to be taxed" - or- "I didn't get it". What I AM going to point out is that we need to think long-term investment in ourselves and we need to do it NOW.
  3. Jimmy Dore on the current Iran threat.