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    I also take pics of squirrels and hang'em on walls; after I done paint'em. If you want you paint'd squirrel on a wall, contact me.

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  1. I will post the vids of my experiment later today. Still trying to find a host that will not ban me for it.
  2. Thank you for the clarification. I just ran an experiment, in order to provide an accurate answer. Home Depot can ID semen. Both as a 100% pure sample and in a mixture with various other paints (that part was fun). I'll do anything for science and the FFA. 👍 Unfortunately, I am now required to get all of my building materials from Lowe's.
  3. Good stuff. I couldn't sleep (my ears were buzz'n) - so, I checked in. I have a question. I'm an avid outdoorsman, and for the most part, I just ignore bees and wasps that are native to my area. (KY) If I don't bother them, they don't bother me. Now, irt drilling and wall removal, while I don't fear "stinging things" in the wild, I have never interfered with their home. Thus, my main concern about drilling/etc is that it could agitate the hive and lead to more aggressive behavior. I have seen bee-keepers work with a smoke of sort to pacify them. Would this kind of thing be necessary before tampering with the area? Or, is increased aggression not very significant? Really curious. Thnx.
  4. Honey makes a good binder in watercolors. The sugar content helps - keeps things together; so to speak. It goes well with milk paint for breakfast. Casein is a good protein source and the honey will cover the carbs. I recommend sniffing toluene for dessert.
  5. Most definitely. A latex paint can leach surfactants that are similar to what was described here. An oil based paints can excrete oils that are similar, in certain circumstances. A milk based paint (old) can have its casein react. And, if it is a substrate, a test with various solvents can determine if it is structural residue. Lots of crap can be lernt.
  6. Heh. I was an Oiler fan from mid-70's (Earl Campbell baby!) until Teddy went to the Vikings. I then jumped onto the Viking sled. Mt teams now: 1) Ravens 2) Vikings (I still have Cook) 3) Titans 4) Saints (only if they keep TB - I'm not anyone's #####!)
  7. I will freely admit that I am a new Raven fan - jumping on the bandwagon. But, I'm a Louisville guy, so I got a good excuse. Pure homer love from me - to LJ! 😍
  8. You know the guy is good when they cut from Mahomey playing, to talk bout LJ.
  9. Keep a sample of the residue as well. A local paint shop can test it for you if it is paint related.