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  1. Thanks much, K. I think that we are turning the corner here at home. Mom has been out of the hospital for a week now and seems to be on the road to better things. It's still a journey though. I'm doing a bit better as well, as I was a total mess during the ordeal. My blood sugar was all over the place, and I was having a real hard time eating without getting sick. Can't say that I'll have much free time to post anytime soon, but we are on the right path. When things get more normal, I will be back tho. 👍
  2. Decade - 1980s Tier 5 #16 - 1 point: Dirty Dancing #15 - 2 points: Top Gun #14 - 3 points: Mississippi Burning #13 - 4 points: Rain Man Tier 4 #12 - 5 points: On Golden Pond #11 - 6 points: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles #10 - 7 points: Ordinary People #9 - 8 points: Stand By Me Tier 3 #8 - 9 points: Scarface #7 - 10 points: Ghostbusters #6 - 11 points: Blue Velvet Tier 2 #5 - 12 points: The Elephant Man (1980) #4 - 13 points: Do the Right Thing #3 - 14 points: Hannah and Her Sisters Tier 1 #2 - 15 points: My Left Foot #1 - 16 points: Raiders of the Lost Ark
  3. Yeah, this entire list is super-top-notch. In a large part, that is why it was too much work for me to do a write up (on top of my current family commitments). I just don't have the skill to easily put to words the trip these movies took me on. I felt like any "summary" I contemplated was just far too inadequate. To do something worthy, would have maybe taken me a year.
  4. Alrighty ... 1st of all, I apologize for a lack of write-ups. I know that is a large part of the fun in this, but life isn't always fair. So, I will just get to the brass tacks. Decade - 1970s Tier 5 #16 - 1 point: Murder on the Orient Express (1974) #15 - 2 points: Norma Rae #14 - 3 points: Slap Shot #13 - 4 points: Midnight Express Tier 4 #12 - 5 points: Saturday Night Fever #11 - 6 points: Clockwork Orange #10 - 7 points: Deliverance #9 - 8 points: Enter the Dragon Tier 3 #8 - 9 points: Network #7 - 10 points: Dog Day Afternoon #6 - 11 points: Days of Heaven Tier 2 #5 - 12 points: Taxi Driver #4 - 13 points: The French Connection #3 - 14 points: The Last Picture Show Tier 1 #2 - 15 points: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest #1 - 16 points: Chinatown For reference, here is the original post I made irt to my judging plan: I welcome all comments, questions and complaints, but I can't promise a satisfactory response. 80's coming up a little later tonight.
  5. 70's and 80's results will be dropped today and tonight. I've got them placed, but no write-ups; just haven't had the time. However, I will gladly discuss my reasons for the rankings if anyone has questions. Back later.
  6. Ok y'all... Sorry that my last update was too long ago. (last week) I don't have the words to comment on me Mom, but it's OK. I can have rankings for the 70s and 80s by Saturday...if y'all can do without long write-ups. I planned to do a @Mrs. Rannous FULL watch, but...can't be done. Thus, I gotta rely on memory for some fliks. So, if that's OK, I'll do it this week.
  7. Harrison Bryant Surpasses David Njoku On Depth Chart - Browns Nation Cleveland Browns: 3 instant reactions to initial unofficial depth chart -
  8. I saw Neil at a Louisville Farm Aid - 90s - I can't remember a word he said. That was prolly my fault tho.
  9. MOCS ...wait, you're saying you have clear memories and emotions associated with the breaking of a Grateful Dead mirror you won at a HS fair? Nah. Sorry for the confusion. I won the mirror at a 6th grade fair; the day after John's death - described here: My experience was nearly identical, but I was in the 6th grade. At school that day, we already had scheduled a "celebration fair" as a reward for something or other - I can't remember what. Well, it turned into a mourning for John. But, the games and booths didn't feel exactly right - to even a young me. Watching the Wheels was the John song that touched me the most in my young life. I've got tons of fuzzy near-memories, just out of clarity's reach, that feature this song. I didn't do a good job of explain'n. And, my 6th grade years are kinda fuzzy ... but I always associated that mirror with John.