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  1. Hmmm...🤔 What's avocados gotta do with moles? Can ya catch 'em that way? My back lawn is overrun with at least 6.022 140 76 × 1023 F'n moles! ☚ī¸
  2. The Ring Cycle is one of my very favorite things ever written - from both music and literature. It also appears in Excalibur (not Ride tho) - one of my all time favorite films, though it often receives heavy criticism from the movie crowd. Great choice.
  3. Very nice, shuke. I'm glad that you and your son had a great time.
  4. 👍 I skipped this thread until now. Nice. Bran shocked me -- shocked me!
  5. Wow. That could explain the season chaos - if everything is tech. Is Bran Neo?
  6. Yeah. I laughed out loud - many times during that scene. Not to rush things, but I saw a whole lot of this as Malory's Divine Right & Absolute Monarchy romance vs. GRRM's disdain for absolutism. I bet you can see a lot more than I in this part.
  7. I can't argue. As far as I know, none of that was on screen. That sounds exactly like Tyrion, and...I don't think it interferes with any of my Arthur theories - thus, I like it. Finally, you know more about historical government than I do, and I was trying to use that piece. Thnx.
  8. As always, you nailed it - right in the highest point bull's eye. The Merlin on the Throne was my biggest shock - apparently I was the only one though, as all the odds makers had him as the favorite. I am not changing my view of Bran; I am changing my view of what GRRM is trying to say. On the second bold, I think that was necessary in order to keep Dany's ultimate fate unknow - just like Arthurs (in most versions). More below. Agreed, but I do not know for sure how much he is involved. I am woefully ignorant of most popular lit on this. However: 1) the Flying to Eastern Avalon by the Queen - unsure if she is dead or alive - like Arthur 2) The journey to North Avalon by the King - alive and well - unlike Arthur 3) The Sailing into West Avalon by Arya - who's fate was altered by Sandor while she stood upon The Three Sisters - The three who accompanied Arthur into the West in so many versions? It is too much for me to ignore, but...hey...I'm odd. Take your time - I am still reeling and trying to put pieces together. Thanks for the discussion.