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  1. what was the first song they put to this? cant remember now but it was a prefect track (a @Mister CIA kinda song) & an even better edit. we looked for it for months, i remember I remember looking for this this past year and never finding it. You originally turned me on to it. I'm not sure if it was the first tho.
  2. So, you are biter rather than a pecker? I see it. πŸ‘
  3. I'm pulling for an old school AD&D duel to the death here in KY. Dice would have to be carefully weighed tho.
  4. I'm smugly smoking a bowl. I feel good. I think I may get a dog too. Like Buddy.
  5. Well, it appears that we don't have the Tuvan throat-singing contingent on our team. πŸ™
  6. I forgot to get back to comment on this. Great stuff, πŸ‘. Thnx.
  7. Yeah. Tens raided Harrison after Tecumseh left Prophetstown (Tippecanoe) with instructions to NOT engage. Oops.
  8. πŸ‘ One of my very first screen names (2000 or so) was Tens Qua Ta Wa ( "The Open Door"); brother of Tecumseh. I am not sure if I used it at the old FBG forum tho, I can't find any of my older accounts.
  9. For my main man Mayor Pete. Shake, shake, shake... πŸ•Ί
  10. Currently playing "When I'm 64". Like.. Wat? Youngest attendee may be 84. Edit: Nice lead into Edelweiss. πŸ‘