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  1. OK. I fell behind - thus, I have not read any posts from this week. I will watch both this weekend, and catch up then. Sorry, but I'm super busy. Should get better soon.
  2. Heya - sorry - I've been away this week. I really - really - wanted to do this, but things are keeping me super busy right now. I am afraid that I would just hold everyone up. This seems to be a consistent thing, so if there is room next year, I will be ready on time. Thanks again - and have fun. I will follow and mock accordingly. 😁
  3. Alrighty, alrighty, alrighty! I am listening to #1 right now ... Eyes of the World. This has been a great experience, and I am now even more amazed that you completed this shuke. I did not crack the Shuke Code - but, I did find a nice merit badge set for your accomplishment. I made these in 2000 or so: The Bear Walking with the Bear Shuke indeed, Walks with the Bear. 🐻🚶‍♂️
  4. Shuffling?!?!?! Not me! But - no Judy or Frank. I can deal. I'm soooo close now. 26. George Harrison - What is Life
  5. I thought that I was getting close ... but ... I just hit: 78. Iron Butterfly - In a Gadda da Vida ... and discovered that it is the "full length" version. That may add a week to my listen ... but no worries; great listen.
  6. I am very sorry K. I understand. I have never had a friend die climbing, but I lost a few to motorcycle accidents. I felt similar to you afterward ... as some of those guys were way better riders than me ... and very careful. I sold me last bike in '16. I'm not advocating to quit climbing, but for me ... I had enough of the added risk. It was great fun tho. Anyways, I wish the best for her family, her community and you.
  7. With me, as soon as hit my desk, it's one of the discs from my Django Reinhart box set, as it has been for years. When does your music day start and do you have a morning music? How do you get Alexa to play your box set? Anyways, it has been the shuke 1000+ for me every morning lately. Not bad at all. Usually, I have nothing set for morning listening. For me, "morning" is relative anyway. I am eating "breakfast" right now and listening to Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky. Nice to know that when I die ...
  8. I am currently up to - eh ... down to? ... 741. Willie Nelson - On the Road Again One quarter of the way through. So far, it has been a great listen. I have only "fast forwarded" one song to date: Joy Division - Disorder - #795. It was late; I was stoned; It irritated me ... I like Wille.
  9. I dunno ... but I once puked on a drum circle at a Dead concert in early 90's - shrooms began to kick in and bathroom was out of the question. The drummers didn't mind too much ...
  10. Good news - I finally got a free Flickr account. I used it to follow you @snogger, but I have not uploaded any photos. I am still working on my SmugMug site, but I have a good ways to go. I have a decent amount of my older photos uploaded, but I am still tweaking them all. This has been much tougher for me than printing. I am using an i1Display Pro for calibration. 1) I have my monitors set at 100 cd/m3 luminance at the moment, but have gone as high as 120 and low as 90 for testing. Do you all have a preferred luminance to develop with for web viewing (in a well darkened room)? When I printed, it really did not matter, as long as I knew how it translated to ink. Here, I am having a hard time finding a good brightness/exposure. I'll let "auto" set it for reference ... and use my histogram for checking clipping ... but I always seem to adjust. 2) As far as white point, I am using CIE Illuminant D65 (Noon light). I set this because it seems to be in the middle - not too warm or cool - but I am not sure if another would be better. 3) Gamma 2.2 4) My Color profile has been Adobe Color (from my printing), and it has caused some issues when uploading to the JPG view files (and auto conversion to sRBG). I am now going to try and convert to sRBG before exporting. I think that is it for now.
  11. Alrighty. My listen begins. I will be doing a proper order play - no shuffle here. My goal: no other spotify playing until I complete the full list. Wish me luck in my endeavor.
  12. Finally ... 25) Sympathy for the Devil - Please allow me to introduce my list - this would have been much higher if not for the fact that I overplayed when I was younger. 24) Melody - it was her 2nd name ... and my 24th fav Stones song ... dead or alive. 23) Heaven - Nothing will stand in your way. Nothing. There's nothing. 22) Connection - The doctor wants to give me more injections ... 21) You Can't Always Get What You Want - ... so, I went down to the Chelsea drugstore. To get my prescription filled ... 20) Down In The Hole - ... hope this keeps me from sickness ... 19) I Got The Blues - ... but I'm feelin' low down, I'm blue ... 18) Hide Your Love - ... cause, sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down; sometimes I'm fallin' on the ground ... 17) In Another Land - ... then I awoke. Was this some kind of joke? Much to my surprise; I opened my eyes. 16) 2000 Man - So, now I'm growin' funny flowers in my little window sill. 15) Miss You - Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh! 14) 100 Years Ago - The buds were bursting and the air smelled sweet and strange. 13) Can't You Hear Me Knocking - Yeah, I've got flatted feet now, now, now, now. 12) You Gotta Move - You may be high; I am. 11) Midnight Rambler - I'm sighin' down the wind so sadly ... 10) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - But, he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke ... 9) What A Shame - What a shame. 8 ) Get Off Of My Cloud - "hi, it's me, who is there on the line?" 7) Play With Fire - Not in Knightsbridge anymore ... 6) ##### - Sometimes I'm sexy, move like a stud. 5) Gimme Shelter - Oh, a storm is threat'ning! 4) 2,000 Light Years From Home - We're setting off with soft explosion/ 🤔 3) Monkey Man - I'm a fleabit peanut monkey ... that's not really true. 2) Paint It Black - I have to turn my head until my darkness goes. 1) Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) - Doo Doo! He said doo doo! @otb_lifer - I know that you have issues with backwards counting - so, I pm'ed you a forward list that you can understand.