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  1. As a Coen fan with the O Brother handle, I'll try to give you my biased perspective. I'm sure you recall our GoT discussions and my obsession with comparing it to the King Arthur stuff. With O Brother, it is the connection to the Odyssey that put it over the top for me. While I do love the technical aspects of it, I am not sure how high I would rate it without the connection. The Odyssey is a bigger love of mine than the Arthur stuff, and when I view the movie through the lens of the book ... well, you saw what it did to me in Thrones. LOL. I'll spare the thread that kind of answer. IRT Lebowski. I like it a lot, but it's not in my higher tier of movies. I just mostly enjoy the community that sprung up in the Lebowski Fest scene - discussed earlier in this thread. So, that's it. I don't think you're a weirdo or nuttin'. At least not for this.
  2. This month's picks are perfect. πŸ‘ Also, @Ilov80s, I did not vote in the last poll. (I've been tied up with some family stuff lately.) I would have given' em both a 4, if you want a better count of participation and opinion. Now, regarding this month ... Python has been my favorite comedy group since ??? - well - always. I also grew up a rabid fan of mythology. Anyone who followed the GoT thread, surely witnessed my nerdom irt to the Arthur mythos. So - Holy Grail is my wheelhouse. And, by coincidence, my college frat used this movie as an "official" source of "secret #### talk". I did not know this until after I was initiated, and it was quite a nice surprise, as it gave me a good head start in learning the "bro speak". So - what's the point? Even with all this crap weighing in favor of HG, Life of Brian is still my #1 Python movie. It is not because I have been over exposed to HG, as I've seen LoB just as much - LoB just speaks to me much more. I can't really put it into words now, but that's OK; I'll have some words by the new year. I'm really looking forward to the watch. IRT The Apartment, I honestly can't remember if I have seen it. I'll have to do a little research and remembering. But, if it is your fav, I highly suspect that I'll dig it.
  3. 2nd rounder for me. Rookie Draft tho. Got him after Baker, Kirk & Darnold were off the board. Rosen went 2 spots later. Owner laughed at me for passing. Hah.
  4. I dropped RGIII from my dyno roster earlier today. I do not regret it.
  5. Agreed. I am glad that we got the gift, but I would have overturned it.
  6. Well, that just gave me extra points. Nice delay, LJ. 😁
  7. Thnx. Saved me the post. Also, irt owning both LJ & Ravens def...we lose 1 point per point scored against. So, I just saved 3 points from the missed FG... BUT, also increased the odds that LJ sees limited or reduced action. It is a sort of hedge bet, but I like the imagine the best scenario. And, big Ingram gains ain't helpful. ☹️
  8. I have both as well. Too bad we didn't get the sack on Jets 3rd down - last series. Nice 1st drive for Balt.
  9. Nice! I've been tied up with family biz the past 2 weeks. But, I found time to watch this game with my pop. We Are in on the action.
  10. It also requires a coaching staff that is willing to tailor the offense to the QB, and that isn’t common. Great point. Also, if that were to become the "new paradigm" (tailoring the offense to the QB to the extent the Ravens did), rather than just looking for an LJ type, then I would agree the potential is there for other teams to emulate. Does anyone have a good comp to what Balt did here? What are some other examples of teams designing a system for a QB? Here, I am not referring to the "customizing" of an offense or play selection strategies; rather a full on redesign.
  11. I have not voted yet, but I am not going to go any lower than a 4/5 for each. The Killing is leaning slightly heavier towards a 5 at the moment, for little details that prolly should not matter. Example: Triumph Motorcycle Dealership in background. As a MC dude, I love Triumphs. I built 2 cafe racers back in the 90's. Sold the last one in '15. The things used to be the premier affordable sport bike. My "Harley only" biker pals even tolerated them. Getting to see them featured in old movies (even as a store) is always a great time. Note: Brando in The Wild One is a great watch for Triumph fans.
  12. LOL. Sorry to laugh at such noir, but ... Also, this is strong support for my, "Maurice for the WIN!" (MftW) campaign. I found a link to the script. So, at this point, it appears that Maurice is gonna get a cool 2.5K of Marvin's seed money before anything can go to hell. Does it play out that way? (script) So, according to my memory and the script, it never shows him getting paid, but I think that it is safe to assume that he got him money before things went bad. If that is the case, and Johnny was right about the punishment Mo would face, then, I say .... "Maurice for the WIN!" 😎 You go, Mo. πŸ‘ back for more l8r.
  13. Anyone that needs to consider the Miami backfield needs to note that the Dolphins claimed Zack Zenner earlier today: Rotoworld - Dec 3, 2019, 4:59 PM ET I carried Zenner for a few years while he played for the Lions. I believe he has talent, but I don't think I will pick him up - unless I make a trade to free up roster space.