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  1. jhexel

    2018 Anarchy Super Team Contest

    QB: Philly and Green Bay RB: Gurley (LAR), Elliott (DAL), Kamara (NO) and Fournette (JAX) WR: A. Brown (PIT), Beckham Jr (NYG), Hopkins (HOU), K. Allen (LAC), M. Thomas (NO) Flex: McCaffrey (CAR) TE: Gronk (NE) and Kelce (KC) K: Elliott (PHI) and Gostkowski (NE) Def: JAX and LAR Thanks for hosting...
  2. jhexel

    2018 3 down LBs, who ya got?

    Is this allowed?
  3. Yep - this had better had been done before it got pulled.
  4. 12-team PPR QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex (RB/WR/TE) After Guice injury: Team A gives R. Freeman/D. Booker Team B gives D. Guice/P. Barber (to RoJo owner).
  5. "IN" again on 3 and 4...thanks for hosting.
  6. League 3 - in League 4 - in
  7. "IN" if they run...if not, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks in any case.
  8. jhexel

    dynasty trade

    Yep, I'd do that if I were you...
  9. jhexel

    dynasty trade

    Really depends on your League, roster and starting requirements...Cook is a good, young target whose value will be a bit higher in a PPR league. Thielen and a '19 1st might do it but to me that still seems a bit light (depending on where the 1st round pick may be slated - early, mid, late).
  10. 12-teamer - QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex- IDP J. McKinnon/AJG for JuJu/1.08/3.08
  11. jhexel

    2018 Playoff Contest've really got 2 Pats, 2 Falcons and 2 Saints???
  12. Dak over Brady/Winston qualify?
  13. jhexel

    2017 Anarchy Super Team Contest

    Thanks for setting this up... 2 QB's - New England Patriots; Green Bay Packers 4 RB's - Johnson, David (AZ); Bell, Le'Veon (PIT); McCoy, Lesean (BUF); Ajayi, Jay (MIA) 5 WR's - Brown, Antonio (PIT); Evans, Mike (TB); Jones, Julio (ATL); Nelson, Jordy (GB); Thomas, Michael (NO) 2 TE's - Gronk, Rob (NE); Kelce, Travis (KC) 1 Flex - Beckham, Odell (NYG) 2 PK's - Gostkowski, Stephen (NE); Crosby, Mason (GB) 2 Def - New England Pats; Pittsburgh Steelers
  14. jhexel

    Rookie IDP Sleepers

    Chad Greenway's career started the say way (IIRC)...hopefully the kid can bounce back.
  15. jhexel

    2017 ABLC League Thread

    ...and we're off.