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  1. A little sour grapes here. I commented about this in the survey and directly to ffpc. Appreciate any input. I was number 1 seed. I noticed the arrangement for playoffs was 1 seed plays winner of 4/5 and 2 seed plays winner of 3/6. I commented that 1 seed should play the lowest seeded winner and not be assigned the winner of a specific game. As as it turned out 6 seed won and did 4 seed I played 4 seed while 2 seed played the 6 seed And of course I lost to 4 seed and I would have beat the 6 seed I would like to propose this change for next year. The 1 seed earned the bye and right to play lowest seed. Any coments or input? Is it too much work with so many leagues to manage this type of match up? comgrats to all the winners
  2. So what was the deal with Belichick not calling a time out in the last minute of the game? At the time, many were calling to allow Seattle the easy TD in order to get the ball back with as much time as possible. I doubt that was ever in NEs plans but why allow the seconds to waste away. It was like a game of chicken and which team could hold out the longest before calling the TO. Great game!
  3. I don't play dynasty but I don't buy Stewsrt as a big low long term. He is a situational start as long as he and Williams are both Panthers
  4. I have never heard of Phemoms. Guess I am glad of that. Good luck.
  5. I dont think Graham is giving less effort because he got paid. One game he wasnt targeted, thats on NO not graham. I think he is injured myself.
  6. Lord you are stupid. Must be pathetic to live around you. haha, the safety of the internet really emboldens peeps to speak their mind
  7. Well we know if Thomas finds the pot of gold he can't pick it up. That leaves Ball and Anderson. Moreno seems to be in the way of both. Of course as we have learned, all Moreno does is do his job in all phases very well, but for whatever reason the Broncos just keep looking for that "special" back. Ball has sown nothing so far. I think his time will come... in a year or so
  8. How can you say Moreno had an awful game? He had a pretty good game considering Fox kept force feeding Hillman the ball, Woulda have another TD had he been in there instead of Hillman
  9. As a Gordon owner.... Yuck. Will never happen. Insulting offer. ANYTHING is better than Campbell, I am really worried
  10. in one league where I have Vereen, I grabbed Bolden a couple weeks ago. Ready for him. In another league I traded Fitz away for Hartline and Ridley. I was desparate for a RB and deep at WR, hoping Ridley will turn it around. I am regretting that trade but at least hartline is serviceable
  11. Is the fat man running the show in Cleveland?
  12. I think the fantasy football winner here are those not involved with Bradshaw and TRich. I think it hurts both
  13. would any of you in the know drop Stepfan Taylor for him or is it too soon. both kinda in the same situation except Denver is awesome and Arizona is just above meh
  14. I grabbed Bolden , glad I did after last nites game... yuck. I will say though I think better times ahead, his value is really low, I will be puting out some buy low offers and see what I can get