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  1. im rolling with TY over Pryor and JJ nelson. If that helps. Bitter cold in Chicago though
  2. You have some pretty solid options, no reason to consider Robinson. Thomas is probably the top option. Mitchell is hot but also has a tough matchup.Crowder, Gabriel and Watkins have the easiest matchups. I'd probably pass on Watkins due to weather( cold/wind) D.Thomas, Crowder, Mitchell and Gabriel , IFplaying matchups, bench Mitchell
  3. I'm facing similar dilemma I'm dropping Lambo. I have a gut feeling on Forbaith. He is fresh and on fire. Indy gave up 5 FGs to Novak last week Need every point we can get please see my question
  4. Lambo has really disappointed lately so I'm dropping him looking at Novak, Forbaith and Hopkins most rankings have Hopkins easily ahead of the rest. But I'm feeling Forbaith. In a dome and Minne has been kicking a ton and Indy is a great matchup for kickers. any thoughts or in sight?. We get 3 pts plus .1 per yard over 30 and minus on misses
  5. Im trying to move Miller, So far best offer is Miller and Snead for Allen Robinson, possibly TY Hilton straight up for Miller. I havent committed. no luck with Miller for Robinson straight up, our league values WRs over RBs
  6. So u are trading Langford for Olsen. Langford may not even stay as a starter. I'd shop around
  7. I would do it. I don't think it's a wash. Mathews should be a top 10-15 RB. No one you are giving is close to that. Wallace and Lockett are equal or better than Williams and Parker
  8. I have Leveon Bell, Lamar Miller and Melvin Gordon.1/2 ppr redraft league. we start 1 or 2 RBs and 3 or 4 WRs. My WRs are D Thomas, Snead, Jordan Matthews, Sharpe. I can trade Bell for ODB, or I can trade Miller or Gordon for Allen Robinson. Which do I pull the trigger on or none?
  9. try to get Ware, his value is dropping
  10. very fair. tough call, look at play off schedules to help you decide
  11. probably Burton, GB doesnt look right and Cook hasnt shown anything yet
  12. Atris Payne is in a RBBC, would you use him? I doubt he does much consistently. who are the best WR3s.. I like Brown and either Thomas or Smith but Enunwa is right there also
  13. If Rawls performs it is a winner. Robinson is upgrade and Rawls is on par with Murray potentially. not without risk by id do it